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Bismillah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Asha Colombia with mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah He while he was over Salam Steven cathedral cathedra.

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Well, my sister's Ramadan is the ninth month in the lunar Hijri calendar.

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In this month fasting Muslims don't eat or drink or do what the birds and bees do during daylight hours, in obedience to the Command of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala the glorious and the magnificent.

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They also don't lie, cheat, slander, backbite course use profanity and so on. I mean, they try never to do these things, but in all of them they are particularly careful.

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obeying Allah subhanaw taala and denying ourselves things which are permissible or Halal reinforces the spirit of Islam or submission to Allah subhanaw taala and reminds us to always obey him and leave everything that he probably did.

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We do this because we know Allah, and we love him and know that he loves us. At the end of Allah is Angel feather, which begins with charity and a congregational prayer, and ends with eating great food, and meeting family and friends.

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You should always be kind to a Muslim, but particularly Northern, because no food no drink and no birds and bees deserves kindness. The best way to find out what all that is to have a Muslim friend and get them to invite you to their mosque and home.

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number that is a behavior change bootcamp to help us to revamp our lives to make them a source of blessing to all those we touch. This can happen if we become Moutoku God conscious conscious of Allah subhanaw taala in our lives.

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That's why I say to people factor aligned to the equation, because he is in it anyway.

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Ramada is their opportunity. A lot of antenna said yeah, you will Lavina Avenue cootie rally who will see I will come up with the right company boom La La Quinta taco. He said oh, you will believe fasting is prescribed for you as it was fat prescribed for those before you so that you will become an otaku. People who are conscious of Allah in their lives God conscious Dakwah is a state where the person loves Allah subhanaw taala more than anyone and anything else

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and makes every decision based on whether it pleases Allah subhanaw taala or not? What pleases Allah subhanaw taala

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is what is most beneficial for his creatures. And that is the secret of becoming

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a source of blessing to all those we touch.

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But how do you love someone you don't know? That is why it is essential to know Allah we recognize the loss of an Altera through his science to his creation

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He encouraged us to study

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the creation and recognize his had in it

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he said

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interview healthy somehow even on the walk the lovely lady one I heard Allah

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Allah the Quran Allah pm over oh the wider you know we might have a good room with Africa for us and to some our

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Obadiah Hala quota haha.

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So had a GFI. Now there are

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a lot of anatella told us to look for his side,

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to look for signs in his creation.

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He said which means

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very early in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation are night and day, there are indeed signs for people who are understanding.

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Those who remember Allah subhanaw taala, standing, sitting and lying down on their sides, and think deeply about the creation of the heavens and the earth, saying, our, our Lord, our Master, creator, protector, maintainer, sustain

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our you have not created all of this without purpose not created all this in vain. Glory beat you unique and without partners are you. Your salvation from the punishment of the higher

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education in Islam is to first know Allah and then researching his creation so that we recognize him through his science until we love Him and submit to him with joy.

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That is why there is no conflict between theology and science in Islam. Let me show you some glimpses of what Allah subhanaw taala created. I will strongly suggest that to understand this ayat of the Quran, you should watch two films. One is called one strange rock and this

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Second one is called, is an excellent BBC series called Blue planets.

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It is hypothesized that about four and a half billion years ago, a planet called Thea, about the same size of Mars was on an intersecting orbit with the earth, and they met. That is called the giant impact hypothesis. That must have been some bang.

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This did three things, it knock the Earth's axis to a tilt of exactly 23.5 degrees.

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This is what gives us our seasons.

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The impact drove tear into the earth, such that its core and mantle drove deep into the earth and accreted with our core.

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Geologists believe that is the reason the earth's core is larger than what could be expected in a body of our size. That gave us among other things, iron. Finally, some of the resulting debris got rejected and formed the moon, which gives us tides, and for the Muslims an opportunity to dispute about when Ramadan starts and ends. How dull life would be without that.

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But before we can talk about tides, let's ask what is water? Water is one of the most ancient things on this planet, about four and a half billion years old, which makes it far older than any mountain range. Yes, that thing in that bottle, which in a few minutes from now, we will think

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when you do, please reflect that you are drinking water. You're drinking what a Tyrannosaurus Rex drank, and was there billions of years before the T Rex. The very same water, though I don't think he drank it out of a plastic bottle

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is what you and I are drinking today.

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Plastic, which is such an incredible reflection of our lifetimes as humans, convenience for us, and death for everything else.

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Water is literally an out of this world substance that came to the earth in meteorites and perhaps huge storms. Thanks to the distance of the Earth from the Sun, our gravity and our atmospheric state.

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It is constantly recycled and purified in the evaporation precipitation cycle, so that we have a constant supply of fresh drinkable water. Around 60% of our body is made up of water. And we can only live from three to five days without fluids.

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We need water for critical critical body functions including flushing wastes from the body regulating temperature, transportation, nutrients, and digestion. Water has a very interesting properties that are unlike any other substance. For example, water is a universal solvent and exists simultaneously in three states liquid solid and gas. Unlike any other substance, it expands when it solidifies and becomes less dense.

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This is called the anomalous expansion of water

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where it expands instead of contracting, when the temperature goes from four degrees to zero degrees, but it falls from 40 to zero degrees.

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It becomes less dense.

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And that is why ice floats on the surface of rivers and lakes. Ice is an insulator which ensures that the water beneath the ice remains liquid. And so fish and other creatures who live in it can survive the coldest winters. If this were not the case, and lakes and rivers flow solid all the way to the bottom, everything would die. That is why if you are doing a pond in your garden make sure that it is more than three feet deep. So that the eyes the eyes can follow the top and keep the bottom liquid. The main properties of water are its polarity, the the molecules are

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slightly positive or negative.

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Negatively charged

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polarity cohesion, adhesion, surface tension, high specific heat and evaporative cooling these coils even adhesive the cohesive and adhesive properties are essential for fluid transport. In

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in many forms of life, for example, they allow nutrients to be transported to the top of a tree against the force of gravity, the xylem and phloem vessels they work the way

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starch is transported and she was a transport is to water.

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high specific heat we all know about evaporative cooling from personal experience of getting out of a pool

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will hold because you

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body's wet, and the breeze cools the body. And this is the principle behind evaporative coolers. Air Coolers in hot dry countries are far more efficient than air conditioning and costs a fraction of the of the electricity that they consume. Surface Tension enables the flooding of ships. On a global scale, the amount of water evaporating is about the same as the amount of water delivered to the earth as precipitation. Without that the oceans will be going to

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give you an idea Lamido where we are now has an A has a land area of 9.7 square square miles say 10 square miles. That is 35,200 acres. One inch of rain on one acre weighs 113 tons Longmeadow has had 5.5 inches of rain this year. That is 3,977,600 tons of water. Think about this. All this water came in the form of individual drops or snowflakes. What if 3,977,600 tons of water had dropped from the sky from an average height of 10,000 feet in one colossal sheet?

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Quite simply, there will be no ramen.

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How therefore should we thank Allah subhanaw taala will not only sends us what we need, but sends it in a way that reflects his love and mercy.

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There let's talk about dog about life on Earth. We used to believe that random carbon molecules joined together to form amino acids, which in turn joined together to form simple proteins. The sequences in which these amino acids connect to each other with peptide bonds shape the protein, these eventually form the first life forms. Now, there are two major problems with this hypothesis one, the period that it would take this to happen to get to the first shapeless microscopic creature would be a few billion years longer than the Earth has been around.

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Secondly, it doesn't explain the livestock without which it will still be at that chemical. Then came the discovery. Then life on earth did not emerge on its own by the conditions needed for life or provided by the planet. The primordial ingredients needed for life came from deep space analysis of samples of asteroid called called a right view

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has confirmed

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that life came to Earth from space. Now we we make the statements because we see space because we have nothing else to say. Life to Earth came from somewhere else. scientists detected uracil and niacin in rocks obtained by the Japanese Space Agency's Hayabusa two spacecraft from two sides on Raju.

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Indra in 2019.

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your acid is one of the chemical building blocks for RNA, a molecule carrying directions for building and operating living organisms. Niacin, also called vitamin d3 or nicotinic acid is vital for their metabolism. Scientists have found that the samples are the most primitive material ever study in the lab and date back to even before the planets formed four and a half billion years ago.

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When Allah decided to create the earth and its inhabitants, he planned and created conditions for it and seeded it with what with what was needed and created the spark to animate it. Islam teaches us to see that hand and not be confused with the creation. No matter how beautiful and complex it may be.

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how long these creatures have is there is infinite unending variety. He created the octopus.

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A soft bodied creature that is on everyone's menu and has no defense except magic. What is the magic camouflage? One minute it is there and next minute. It's a piece of rock or coral or green waving kelp. The Predator leaves confused when the danger is past. The coral the rock of the kelp turns back into the octopus and he leaves using water and the same principle as jet propulsion engine uses air.

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Next time you're eating calamari, think about that calamari is chopped up octopus tentacles have said

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the camouflage is totally perfect in color and texture.

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It says that the animal disappears literally before your eyes. Let me ask you, if you want to match texture, what is the sense you need texture right to buy cloth? I see it is ripped by touching it.

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If you want to match color, red to red, pink to pink and all kinds of shades, that is onto what sense do you need full color vision, right?

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But octopi are colorblind, they see only black and white, and the match texture without touching by sight. Now, if you go into the theory of natural selection,

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meaning qualities that are best suited for survival will multiply and the others will disappear. Because animals who don't have those qualities, or the or the creatures don't have these qualities will die.

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So this is the theory of natural selection. Now, if you do the activity and look at it here and say, What chance does a colorblind octopus have? Who strives to match color and texture without touching

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to survive? And the answer is nothing. Such an octopus would just die, and would not be able to propagate it Skyn.

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being colorblind is not an asset for something that needs to match color with another object. Or not only do they survive, they don't even develop the capacity to see color in successive generations, yet they can camouflage perfectly. Why?

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Ask why? There's only one answer,

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so that we can recognize the hand of the Creator in his creation. Why does Allah create something which needs camouflage to survive, and then does not give it the basic senses that it needs to calculate. Yet it is able to come up like perfectly without the senses, who is directing, it was guiding it.

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This is the purpose of Allah to recognize Allah, the little animal, the glorious and the magnificent. To know that he created a system for us to live in this world, so that our lives will be harmonious, tranquil, fulfilling, and highly successful.

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Like he created biological life forms. He also created a way of life called Islam, the purpose of which is to help us to become a blessing for all those we share the earth with. So rather, we learn to appreciate Allah subhanaw taala His blessings, to love him more than we love anyone else and to OBEY HIM joyfully, and succeed in this life and the hereafter. I wish all of you our work. Hula mundum the head eight Baba Mubarak in advance. Salam alikoum to my work