My Beloved Dad Reveals A 40 Year Long Secret

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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim I came across a very profound poem in the Urdu language in which the poet pays tribute to fathers. Coincidentally, my respected dad just turned 79 And I asked you the listener and the viewer to keep him in your prayers. Okay, the poet says, what Mr. Harun Mata Salim said Magara mudra Cooper, hi yah here, though my dad himself was uneducated, but he made every attempt to provide me with wholesome education. Subhanallah Furthermore, the poet says, But Sina had the say burger, Ruby, Mary Hartley, Reba. Hi, yah here. My dad labored and toiled relentlessly to provide me with a better quality of life. Cara, Tao who shall go home and draw upon us are darker.

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Today I stand tall in society, and I rub shoulders with the humble and the elite, the common man and the prominent man, the uneducated and the erudite Why merriwa Lead the module, Istanbul Benaiah here, thanks and credit goes to my father. Amongst the signs of the Yama the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, at the Nile Saudi have no upside above that a person will take pride in being identified through his spear, his colleague, and he'll feel ashamed and embarrassed to be identified through his father, by Allah, I refer to my dad as my hero. And Wallah, he is my hero. And I want to share with you just one advice from the hundreds of advisors that he has given us. It was probably

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three years back, he gathered myself and my siblings, and he said, My children today I want to divulge something to you people. And we said, Dad, go for it. And then he teared and just seen him tearing we did. He said, Alhamdulillah it's now 40 years, I have not must tahajjud for one single night, and we all were in tech bead, and we all were, you know, just embracing him. But then he said, Wait, wait, I'm not here to trumpet myself or to count my accolades. I need to tell you something else. He said by Allah. The sweetness that I enjoyed intellectual was amazing for 40 years, but the proximity of my creator that I enjoy when touching, helping, assisting and empowering

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someone in need and difficulty is far more greater. And then he concluded and I leave you with this message. He said the formula to happiness is to bring happiness to others.