What should you do when an opportunity comes your way

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses two reasons why people should not hesitate to give opportunities to others. The first one is that if they are a successful individual, they should grab these opportunities. The second one is that if they are a poor individual, they should not hesitate to give them. The speaker emphasizes that if one gives an opportunity, it will enable 48 unsubullible B Atechs to do good.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I want to share with you today a very small thought nothing big. Okay, really quick one, I read something saying what today, a thought for us. For either they asserted like a da 10 m hat, meaning what a thought or acts of worship or acts of obedience are acts of doing good. If you find that Allah subhanaw taala has facilitated for you an act of doing good, it's an opportunity, then grab it, the Nima pound on it. If you are somebody, mashallah who's healthy, and you feel you're capable of going and helping, maybe somebody who's elderly, go and help them, don't hesitate. If you feel you're capable of waking up in the middle of

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the night and praying to rock as tahajjud get up and pray, don't say, Oh, I'm going to be so tired in the morning, I have to go to work, I have to take the kids to school, no excuses. If you're capable. Get up and pray. If you're someone who's wealthy, and you have the ability to give those who are in need, do not hesitate in giving. Or maybe you're someone who people listen to, and you're able to respond for those in need. Go ahead and help those in need in whichever way you can. Right. And I'm saying this because there are two reasons that might make us really regret if we don't grab these opportunities. The first one, Allah subhanaw taala might not throw this opportunity back in

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your way again, that's the first one. The second thing which is even worse, Allah subhanaw taala might send you the same opportunity, right? And you want to do it now. But you're not capable anymore. You might feel that you want to help those in need, but you don't have the wealth anymore. And you know that you had the wealth before, but you want walked away from an opportunity, right? Or you want to get up and pray fresh, but you're not able to, or you want to help someone who's needy but you can't or you can't go and visit those you don't have the health or the wealth. Don't ever let an act of goodness pass by you. If Allah put something in your way, Allah Subhana Allah says

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what the stebic will Hyatts enable 48 unsubtle Bacara raised to doing good pound on that opportunity. Do good pray, help those around you and make dua for me in sha Allah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.