Yasir Qadhi – Surah Ya Sin – Surely We Will Write What They Have Sent Forward and What They Leave Behind

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of Surah Yaseen in the Bible is discussed, with various examples and stories highlighting its significance. The verse "has been over" in the Bible is also discussed, with a focus on the importance of belief in the hero and its relation to morality. The church's third interpretation of the statement suggests that people should not forget the Prophet's legacy and that the woman is a legacy that will be left behind. The speaker emphasizes the importance of creating a positive legacy and mentions sponsorizing a charity.
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SMIL Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was a happy woman while I'm a bad

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I recited surah he has seen today the beginning and last verses of Surah scene. So a brief reminder of some of the lessons and in particular, one particular lesson of Surah Yaseen, of course, what is seen as we know, it is one of the most beloved sutras are those that OMA and it is true to say and there's nothing wrong with this, that indeed the Quran is the all of it is the majestic column of Allah. But some portions of the Quran are more blessed than other portions. All of the Quran is blessed it but is the Quran equally blessed it? Our scholars have said the Hadith clearly indicate that some Ayat have more blessings than other ayat, Ayat UL kursi is the most blessed I have the

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Quran Surah Al Fatiha is sub Alma Thani, who Allah who is 1/3 of the Quran. So some Quran is more blessed than other Quran. An all of the Quran is infinitely more blessed than any other speech. So out of the suitors of the Quran surah scene has always occupied a special status in the Muslim ummah. And this is something that goes back to the time of the Sahaba themselves a number of traditions about this and one of the more authentic ones that isn't a Buddha would and Timothy and it is authentically narrated from the Sahaba as well that Surya seen was to be reciting over the dead if CRO Allah Moutoku. Surya seen this hadith is in Abu Dhabi and also in Tirmidhi. Some

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scholars have made it slightly weak but it is authentic from the Sahaba that they would recite Surah scene at the time of death. The reason why this is the case is that the entire Surya scene the main thrust and theme of it is the revival is the fact that Allah shall revive the dead that Allah will bring the dead back to life this is the central theme from the beginning from the first page in no no he'll Mota we shall indeed resurrect the dead all the way to the last page as I just recited While Robert Anna method was the haka all the manual at Obama yummy, cool. Yo, he Hillary and her well, Amara, the One who created the body in the first place short resurrected again. And if you

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look at the stories within the Quran, so for example, the three people who came to the city for answers NaVi found it and they ended up killing one of them what happens that's all IRA to Camilla and a moon Bhima for Ali Robbie where Jelani Mina minimal crummy and I wish my people knew that trailer full agenda. He it was said to him enter agenda. Some of our scholars say it is because of this verse that we should recite Surah Yaseen, please let the Holy Jana over the one who's about to die, it was said to him enter agenda all day to Komiya in the moon. When he entered Jenna, he said, How I wish my people could see that my Lord has forgiven me and my Lord has honored me. So this

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entire surah is about the reality of reviving from the dead. And if you look at all of the examples given and the stories given and the passages, it is all over this and today's brief Hatha, I wanted to go back to the first I that I just quoted, which is on the first page of Surah, Yaseen in nanohole. Mota, we're now back to Buma a demo wa sallahu. Wa kulesza In Islay now houfy Imam and moving let us understand this beautiful and powerful verse. This verse occurs after the first pages who are seen is a very deep theological page. It proves and discusses all of the account of Eman belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala and rissalah and the sending of the Quran down and the prophets

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ism as a prophet in neck aluminum or saline. Allah Serrata Mr. Team Tenzin and Aziza Rahim, so Allah talks about him and Allah talks about the Salah, and Allah talks about the day of judgment. And Allah talks about the resurrection. And Allah talks about other as well. This is all in the first page of Surah, Yaseen, all of the Arcann are mentioned in the beginning angels are mentioned later on the first page ventures although the icon minus the angels then Allah says, in NO NO ONE Mota, we shall resurrect the dead, one knock to Omaka demo a thorough home and we shall write down what they send forward, and we shall also write down their thought, why is Allah linking resurrecting the dead

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with writing down of the deeds? Why is Allah mentioning this linked together? Because belief in the akhira

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belief in resurrection is one of the main motivational factors for living an ethical and pure life. Those who don't believe in the hero don't believe in accountability. When you deny the hero, when you deny resurrection, and you say in here, Illa, Hatena, dunya and Mutanda. Here, we only have one life to live, you only live once YOLO they say right car pay dem live for the day, when you deny the akhira then there is no meaning to morality, there is no meaning to a higher purpose. This is your life, enjoy it harmless. But when you believe in an arc hero, everything changes. And that is why belief in the hero is such a fundamental pillar, it changes your entire psyche, you have a different

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perspective on life. Life is not the end, it is the beginning of an eternal life. And you have to live this life in a good manner. And that's why Allah links it in No, no, your Moto Wanaque to Buma demo, we are going to write down all that they do, because that is when the hisab and the judgment will take place. And it also gives us an indication that in this life, there is something we are preparing for my demo. We're sending it forward, every wise person amongst us, we plan for tomorrow, we all know where we're living tomorrow. We all have enough money in our bank account for tomorrow. The next week, the next month, the intelligent people amongst us have a retirement plan. We are

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making taxodium of the Dounia that's how we live our lives. And Allah is saying we're going to resurrect to prepare for that life. One Act Two Buma demo, you have sent your 401 ks of the Acura, you have sent your Hessonite forward and you will meet them together. What are Thara home and there are thought What does it mean? I thought there are a number of opinions. I'll summarize three of them. Beautiful idea. By the way, this one, the first opinion what I thought a home in a bus said that thought here is the footsteps, footsteps in the sand of the desert as they disappear, that Allah will write everything that they have done. Even the footsteps in the sand as they disappeared,

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they are written down that what they have done. So this is one opinion of the thought that the point of mentioning our thought is the detailed notes that the angels are taking. So the point of mentioning our thought here that as it been above said, if the angels would have overlooked anything, they would have overlooked your footprints in the sand, you see because that is temporary. You know when you're walking in the desert, it goes away in a few minutes. So even our bus said if the angels were to ignore anything, they would have ignored those footsteps in the sand but they're not going to ignore it. So here what I thought our home becomes in Arabic is called Tokyo and

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emphases. We shall write down everything they do even their transient footsteps in the desert. That is one interpretation all these are valid by the way so beauty of the Quran, multilayered. The second interpretation, we shall write down all of their good deeds even if those good deeds mean they have walked to do a good deed. So both opinion one and two involve walking but opinion one the walking is basically the footsteps and is going away. Opinion two is that even when you're doing something good and you're walking to do that good, Allah will count it as a hacer una and they base this interpretation on the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari beautiful Hadith that the famous tribe of the

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Bonnaroo Salama that they gathered together one day the Balu cinema lived around Masjid quibell attain and you have all gone to Medina many of you have gone to Medina you have seen Masjid Tripolitania where the two quibblers were transferred in the salata Lhasa, it happened to the Bonnaroo selama tribe. That's where the balloon cinema lived. It was the tribe that they prayed after facing Jerusalem while they were praying somebody said hey, the Qibla has changed. It is now Makkah so Jerusalem from Medina, Jerusalem is due north, and Makkah is due south literally 180 degrees. So the Buddha was sent them a try. They were praying towards Jerusalem, somebody shouted to

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them, I just came and prayed Lord, from the Prophet systems, masjid and he prayed facing Makkah, the prophet system himself did not switch in the, in the template that's a common misconception, the process and prayed Fudger facing Jerusalem and he prayed over facing Makkah, somebody from the tribal self bersama prayed door in the prophecies in the masjid and he realized the Qibla has changed. He went back to the blue Selma tribe, and he said, Well, Qibla has changed. That's where the button was sent him over. One day they came together and they said, we are not able to pray every single Salah with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what if we were to sell all of our

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property and our houses and move to the town center of Medina and live so that we can see the prophecies and regularly so they're willing to take a huge pay cut, they had massive lands, they had agriculture so they're willing to give give up all of that and move to the city center. The bonus

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Alabama we're a hour and 20 minutes walk from Medina, right these days is a 15 minute drive, there's a highway, but back to them, they have to go through on foot, hour, 15 minutes every single time back and forth, and they're coming as many times as they can. They said why don't we give up everything, sell it, and then we will just live next to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So they went happily to the Prophet system. And they said, Yeah, Rasul Allah, we've decided we're going to sell everything and we're going to come live with you. So the prophets Allah sent him said, Allah revealed in the Quran, why not to Buddha demo artha, whom the Prophet system said, Yeah, Benny

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sedima Dr. Okun took the outcome, the outcome took Tabitha calm. Our scholars say the surah is mucky. This incident is Madani, not the surah Yaseen came down again. But sometimes a verse was used by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to apply to a particular situation. So they are seeing came down in early MCCA. It's an early makansutra. There was nobody who sent him by then. But the Profit System understood this idea can apply to them. And so he recited the verse to them, that one up to Buma could demo Earth our home. So Allah said, We shall write down everything they do, even the footsteps they take. So the Prophet system said, Oh, boo selama stay at your houses, your

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footsteps to my masjid, are being monitored by Allah, every footstep you take, you shall get a reward for that the outcome took to Earth outcome. So the second interpretation of our thought here is even the smallest good deed, don't trivialize it, and Allah is recording it, and Allah will bless you for it. The third interpretation of athome is it is the opposite is opposite of koderma. One up to Buma demo was a thorough home, we shall write down what they send forward and what they leave behind. This is the third interpretation, because our thought is a trace. That's why your footsteps are called a thought, because it's the trace you leave behind when you walk away. When you walk

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away, what's behind you in the desert, it is your Athar, you are not there your authority are there, okay. So I thought means that what you have left behind, so one up tomorrow, a demo was our home, we shall write down the good deeds that they have sent forward, and the good deeds that they have left as a legacy in this dunya. This implies there's two types of good deeds, the first good deed you do it and it's a one off Colossus done, such as your Salah, such as your vicar, such as any good deed that you do that is in transit one off, that is going to be sent forward. The other type of good deed you might not actually see much in this dunya but the remnants the legacy remains here. This is

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the author, you taught a new Muslim how to read, and then holla Salah and holla see went his way you went your way you forgot all about him. But that person the rest of his life, his Salah is one of your authority. His Salah is one of your authority, you have forgotten, but Allah azza wa jal has monitored the legacy that you are left behind. You created an endowment you gave walk fund charity, you helped sponsor your team. And for 510 years you paid the money Hello as the team grows up and moves on. But Allah has remembered this your team, you were the one who helped raised him and now his legacy shall also be yours legacy, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man, send Neff

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in Islam is Sunette and Hassan and whoever Institute's a new policy while being a Muslim, whoever does something son assume that and here means to start something that wasn't happening. So to sponsor an orphan, or to start a legacy that wasn't being done before. Whoever follows in that legacy, the one who started shall get the reward of every single person, and then the Profit System added, while the rewards of those who do the deed are not going to be diminished. Why did he say this? Because unfortunately, brothers and sisters, I am stingy and you're stingy. We're all stingy. So if I were to discover that if I listen to you, you get 10% of my good deeds. I'm like, Ah, you

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know what, I'm not gonna do it. But see in Islam, there is no Ponzi scheme or with a biller, there is no Ponzi scheme. Allah is Karim and Allah is generous, and Allah rewards everybody 100% But some might get 150 or 200. So when you teach somebody how to pray, the guy who prays will get 100% of every dollar he prays, that's his reward. But guess what, you get double. You get the reward of him and the reward of teaching. And the one who taught you another one who taught you so it is a chain link. And wherever you are in the chain, there is no deficiency you get the full amount. But if you caused another chain if you

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influence somebody positively that is your avatar. And there are so many people that have gone from this world, but there are thoughts are still around. There are so many people, their bones have decayed and gone hair loss, but their names are mentioned in every single gathering in every single Masjid Imam and Buhari is one who always mentioned he lived for 60 years. That's it, but it is as if he lived millions of lifetimes. There is hardly a hotbed that is given hardly a haircut that is mentioned except that such as a hadith reported by Behati in his sahih, he has long gone holla it's 1300 years he has gone windows 200 years, but the legacy he created is still around to this day.

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This is a thought so we conclude by reminding ourselves, why not to put them on Earth our home, what will be my legacy and your legacy. What are we sending forward and what really we leaving behind? In nanohole moto? Allah shall resurrect the dead, I shall be resurrected, you shall be resurrected, let us have a positive legacy. Let us meet our retirement account in this world that we have. We meet it in the era by establishing both the 401k that's going to be sent forward and the 401 K that is going to be left behind May Allah subhana wa Tada bless all of us for that which is righteous, which is our Kamala Harris and I'm not going to lie to you about otaku.

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