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Alaa Elsayed
AI: Summary © The title of the Quran is a reference to a woman named Zagan who was allamese and killed a woman named Zagan. The importance of gear and gear in purifying one's body and mind is emphasized, along with the need to prepare before the event. The clap and the use of the symbol hamoni for good character are also discussed, with a focus on the importance of not being too busy to avoid trouble and not being associated with a certain social group. The segment also touches on the importance of not being associated with a certain culture and the difficulty of maintaining it.
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Oh subhanaw taala couples that with the character in the Quran, so look at the Quran with a different lens from now on. I don't want you to be a parent. Don't just mimic those just read not knowing what it is or what

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why the Sahaba Diaz main, he says to eliminate Elmo anomala man, we learn knowledge in action together. So they used to memorize 10 of the Quran, then when they derive the

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the rules on what the shutter says to do, what not to do, if

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and the V hill of Himalaya do or don't and your permissible zone uses after we implemented then we remember lies in the women rise another tonight.

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So Will Allah subhana Jillibean talked about the Salah, what did he say? In salata, 10 fascia, you will Mancha.

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Indeed, the salah will ward off evil and transgression act, he did not say that he's going to give you flexibility.

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No, no. He says in tow, he'd

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indeed the salah will ward off evil. How does that work? Well, you don't come in this masjid. And you pray though, and say, man, let's go pick up some girls between now and come back catch us. We'll make it and you don't come here to pray? And you say no, Let's rob a bank we'll make back to Asia. It doesn't thou insalata who said leave them the salah will warn him off even those that used to drink alcohol. And that's why when you receive the complaint chief I don't feel it man. I pray that I don't have the for sure.

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What do I have to do? Well, you don't get it, my man. The idea behind it is you have to understand what the case is all about. What you pray in for who you're standing in front of how you prepare for it. And what do you get out of it? And when you need what you asked for.

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So when Allah Allah Subhana Allah says in the Salah, 10 handle pressure, I will Moncure instilling you, the Salah is very bad. What is the fruit of the Riba insistent and in fact I will mancora words of evil to transgression that that means you rebelled, that you act of worship, the consequences and the proof that you are doing the right thing was actually not consequences of what you did. If it doesn't ward off evil and transgression art you were just doing exercises. You're coming here because your father says if you don't come to the masjid no fruit for you met no sue for you do you're out there narratives lifts. No, you don't get it. Let's go to another one.

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Who is when I'm calling him sadaqa. Why? To talk to him what is the key him take among the wealth and some of the scholars say this is hoodman ammonium sadaqa this is as a cup.

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Take the wealth, why? It purifies them from what the illness of greed, the illness of the heart. They also have hoarding a being miser being stingy and that's why the brothers were talking to you this afternoon. They're telling you about to give the upper hand is better than the lower hand and Allah says not just purify you, it will multiply it for you you know what this gear is about? Not just as gear to knifes does gear to Mal what is the Gamin Believe it or not most people get it wrong. They think that I'm gonna Oh my god, I'm losing money man. No, no, no, this gear Habib is multiplied it purifies it and multiplies it for you. Why do you think that people will give and keep

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giving? Because they've seen it. The more you give the more you get some amazing shift because you're never going to be more generous ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla Yoda, the treasure is infinite.

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So Hosemann Ahmadi himself a total hero much as a game. Take the wolf as Oka is to purify you to tell you that we are Muslim, how could maloom that is this. How can we say doom and gloom is sadaqa she's talking about Zakat and Sadaqah. To give because it comes from Allah and there's Huck there's rights in it purifies you again zakah is purifies you from illness of the greed and the heart and noise and all of that is the fruit of the Ibadah it's linked again, there together. Soon enough you'll be fighting whether it's moon sighting or moon fighting.

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So we have to prepare you before Ramadan.

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So when you hear the I all the time, yeah, you Alladhina amanu quotevalet como si I'm Kamakoti Bala Dyneema public homage lagoon, the tycoon.

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So Siyam is what directly involved and linked to Taqwa how? You see if you don't eat and drink in front of people, and you go home, you close all the doors and the only door he opens the door. The fridge. Do you have Taqwa? No. So you're conscious that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah can see you can hear you

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maraca Bahasa is the supervision is there accountability is there, not just fasting, and that's why Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam says you know what, some of the people will be fasting What did he get? Hunger, thirst

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Have them sleep that's it. But when you really get it that you know that you don't need a boss over your head to do your job. And you will only notice why we'll talk about it one shot in Java. You only know when you have Taqwa when you're all alone that's exactly what CF teaches you so you understand that has a lot to do with the Aflac

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if you've been to had finally May Allah accept from you if you haven't May Allah grant in invitation your army

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and uh, you know if you've been to Hajj I don't need to explain to you.

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You know when Allah Allah subhanaw taala said,

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Al Hajj a short amount of time and time again that * fella Rafa for suka wala Judah level Hajj.

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When you go to perform hajj, Allah says Allah Firth this control of the whims and desires internal and external, the limbs, whims and desires? Not even beginning of an intimate or nothing? No, I'm here for a reason.

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Not here to play around.

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Well, I presume you know, at first because I've had very low button. When it comes to linguistics. When the seed comes out of the cover, let's call for soup. But Cherie, how does your anto Atilla Islamically when you come to the jurisprudence, we're talking about you to come out of the disobedience of Allah that is called foo crisp.

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So when you go to Hajj, not beginning of anything, not even start no forsook don't come out of the desert, the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala what as you that that is the most difficult part.

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Don't call don't even talk about how much money you need to spend. Same, same agent, but you give him the how much don't don't talk about it. When the person promises you. You didn't have breakfast lunch and dinner buffet open buffet. And he's not even there.

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And he promised you five stars and seven diamonds all that only stars you count as the stars when you lay on your back end was delivered.

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And you want to choke somebody, you can't do that. Control. It teaches you when the people go around, step on your foot and knock you and push you and try to get all of that stuff. No luck

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in the part where you really very difficult to maintain it.

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So you understand now where the dilemma is. And that's why even Josie Rahmatullah and he used to say,

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Man, Saba kaka will flop. Saba COVID-19

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The one that is better in the lab and the character and Demeter into behavior. He is surely a better Muslim than you. I don't care how long your beard is. I don't care how short your soap is. I don't care how many miswak you have in your pocket.

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Well, Allah He, according to the atom, that hadith you're not a good Muslim. love Allah He may be Muslim by name had me down Muslim, a cultural Muslim, but a true believer will heed to the Quran and Sunnah know that your behavior is all about and I'll tell you what the orange theory is all about.

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You know, if you have an orange he squeezed it really hard. You will not get mangled ice out of it.

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You will get orange juice out of it.

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So when you squeezed really hard you will see your true color

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so remember who you are I ask Allah Subhana Allah Villa to make us among those who the speech and follow the rest of it according matters my own was stuff a lot equals to Hulu forever so Mr. Free

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and ham Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala manana yerba Amma but brothers the sisters let's take it home. So you're asking me to do this man, how can I attain it and why?

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Let me tell you why. First, so you'll understand how important this is.

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We all want to be with Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, we actually would have given anything just to live with him or defend them or put their hand in front of a sword like that lady, that woman that did appear seated part of her to the gentleman. We would have loved to hear from him. Listen to him, defended him. We're doing our best to defend his honor 1400 years ago now. Like the masjid is doing May Allah bless them for the effort that they're trying to do with a documentary that we're doing it.

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You would have loved to just be in Medina. Walk in his footsteps. You would do anything to die in Medina.

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You cry when you leave Medina.

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You would give anything justice even though you're in a vision.

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You will do anything to be resurrected with him. or Allah Allah subhanaw taala grant him to allow him to intercede for you. But could you imagine being with him in Jannah Allahu Akbar.

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Well, the Hadith stated

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in a heartbeat comme la

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Yeoman cuyama What did he say a Sawan? Well Kawamata unity is really your word, the most beloved to my heart and close to me in the hereafter which one man the praise your inner night and fast during the day and gives his money away and all of that stuff? No, no one guy that was mentioned, the o'clock was the one that mission said has in a coma flattop, the best of you and character.

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Let me give you another proof

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when the Hadith that was mentioned in Brah, cannot throw her off. She was famous but were in Medina. You understand if you're famous among the people, because why? She used to do a lot of CRM lot of Salah Nosaka.

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But what does he say? Well, I can Can I took the Iranian, but she used to harm her neighbor.

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The Prophet Mohammed Salah might say it's okay. She used to do lots of CRM and CRM and sadaqa

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noses. One, there's his left if he had an elder nursing says he have enough

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why? She's in the Hellfire after all that list is given? Yes. Because she didn't taste it. She didn't act accordingly. Remember, you just do an exercises? You know walking the clock. It just lip service again. No, we can't. It's impossible. Everybody's watching us as Muslims.

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Now understand, he says the other nation says but she used to just do he says he had an agenda. The opposite is true. Of course not eternally because she still says that, you know, lava scholars is not eternal. It just do purifier.

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Now, what exactly do I have to tell you? You have some homework today, especially for the brothers will leave you with the homework and job.

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And understand that that the clap is the heaviest thing on the scale, by the way on Judgement Day.

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Because it's exactly who you truly are.

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So Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says the best of you hi Eurocom

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hydrocone Ali.

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The best of you. The best is family. Some of the scholars said if you really want to know who you are, again, ask your mother. Ask your father. Ask your spouse and ask your children. These four are direct contact with you. Because you can fool people outside. You can come in this Masjid pray five times a day. CONGREGATION firstline you could be a half of you could memorize the Quran. You could be the more than you could be the imam

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in the masjid Masha, Allah, Allah you act like Claudia Lohan.

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At home, you act like Abuja well you

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understand I know some of the brothers are smiling because I know it's true. I know some of these brothers have Hola Hola. Hola ofc. When I speak of my horse Wallah, he shaved

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this poor slave of Allah scared just like you. Because we cannot tell people to do something and don't do it. And we can tell people don't do it and we do it. So becomes more a burden for this poor slave of Allah than anybody else. So your homework for today?

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Because salah

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inand narration used to walk with his wife, so let's take that mocha yet mom would look. We'll take that restricted, not general. But we'll take it as specific.

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When you go home today, brothers.

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I want you to buy some flowers for your wife.

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But if she passes out and says who are you and what have you with my husband, that's bad news.

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But if she looks at you and smiles gives you a hug me to offer me

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by now you should know her favorite chocolate. So not just flowers, some chocolate and a poem.

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And don't go to Hallmark

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by and get the easy way out by a guard. No, no, no. I want you to speak from the heart.

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You tell her how much you love her.

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Like Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to declare it to the world a

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little zip to her. I was blessed by her love. And that's how to start by yourself first. Yeah, you're Latina Monaco. And while you can protect yourself and your family from the hellfire. That's how you start brothers and sisters in sha Allah. The feeling's mutual for both of you Bucha Allah, we ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to grant us the best of luck, the best of character and walk in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, so people can want to be come a Muslim because of us not to want to stay away from Islam because of us. We ask Allah Allah subhana wa Jalla Villa de gathers you today. The guy that was a prophet muhammad sallallahu Sallam and walk in His

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footsteps after long healthy which is life. I mean hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salam ala saffioti living prophet Mohammed Al Salam, by the way, used to make the best of

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the best of the Creation used to make this dot Allahumma O Allah grant me the best of character laryea de la Sunni inland. Oh Allah Medina ADA has no hook, the best of character the by the testimony of Allah he used to make dua supplication Oh Allah grant me the best of character do you believe it? And he says oh Allah that oh the vicar I seek production in you to grant it to keep me away from that evil character the L character. No one would protect me from the illness of the character except of you, you understand brothers and that's why we're doing this May Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of us I mean, welcome on hamdulillah but I mean no Soleimani it was

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your opener to him to congratulate you as you call the Masonic Allah masala Some have already known actually number LM Allah monster Islam or Islam was limited while he felt like you can even tell Hector Nene was electrical Mushrikeen either Dean alcohol Catherine Africa three now I will put a volume in of a volume in our region. I mean by names I mean, Allah Muhammad Islamic law I mean, Islamic cloudiness Islamic wrockwardine What are two Schmid binder other our hazard in Allah maharatna Mabini Idina when when convenient on demand in our answer Marina when Filipino and the bottom article no tournament Athena Allah machina Asha Madonna Madonna Muslimeen why have we never

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asked him to tell them tell us made Warhammer Warhammer tonometers mean hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salam ala it was heavier terrain kuruma this mountain McKenna famous terminal command, what kind of hardness and I mean even a shirt on Walla Walla su Nova, wherever they will handle can be once a while to masala Alaikum

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