Omar Suleiman – The Powerful Prayer of a Mother

In the midst of a major battle, the prophet notices a bird distressed about her baby. The prophet instructed it’s child be returned to the mother. This is position that Islam gives a mother. Even when the mother bears no resemblance to us, it’s status remains the highest in Islam.

Imam Omar provides insight into this status in his khutbah and explains by providing examples of mothers of great Muslim leaders.

In a time when the word ‘mother’ is used to belittle women and circumstances, our beloved Imam illuminates her role in our lives in the dunya and the Aakhirah.

This khutbah is insightful in elucidating Muslims  failure to stand up and defend mothers across the globe who are bleeding tears and blood for the children of their wombs.

It is time to increase our knowledge of our responsibility towards womankind and to expedite our efforts to protect and support all mothers of the world.