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AI: Summary © The importance of strong character for Islam is discussed, including the use of a chip and a chip, as well as protecting oneself from the virus and healthy eating. The speakers emphasize the need for strong personal character and the importance of protecting oneself from the virus. The importance of weight loss, using the word "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep" in the context of "arep"
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mija de la who Fela muda Houma you live further ahead, yella wash Hello hola ilaha illallah wa The whole ESRI color wash had one more Hamedan Abu who was Zulu. National we are rasool Allah and Naka detail Amana of a lotta rissalah will soften uma will cache of Allah who vehicle Houma what you had the villa Hey How could you heard he had a tackle your pain, but your circle Allahu Ana Hi Rama Nebia nanometric Rasulullah Nerissa Letty? Am I bad? Yeah. Johan Lavina tabula Hatha Ducati while termo tune in to Muslim moon. Yeah Johanna Sutopo Rebecca moolah, the Holika come in I've seen Wahida wahala come in has

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Wahba thermen Hammadi Jana Kathy and one is

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WhatsApp Allah haliaeetus Luna be evil or harm in hola haka Ana La Cumbre teba. Yeah, you're Latina mo tabula Kulu colons de vida, you will slash locum Amala calm while your filler calm the Nuba calm where my Yota Allah rasool Allah who forgot the 1000 I'll be

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back for inner circle, Hadith Kitab Allah will hydrate had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shahrul Ohmori Mahathir to her Wakulla Magetta team Vida Wakulla without in Bala Wakulla Allah let him win now. Simba My bad.

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My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam today we're going to start a new series, asking Allah Subhana Allah Allah to make a purely for his sake. And they become a plea for us. Not against us. Indeed. An L Mahajan, Luca modric knowledge will be a plea for you or against you on judgment day.

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Why we're doing it you will understand how to obtain it and the fruit of it and your GPS your roadmap to be able to be the best is the topic of this today in sha Allah and it's all about character of luck. Why? Because the best of creation

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that was given it was salmon shot of a Medal of Honor by ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla the order not the best of anything else. Not at formada Raja

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Le he said we're in Nicaragua hola canal lien? Allah Allah subhana wa jal live Yoda. We wanted to give an attribute to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and tell him what you're all about the best of what he says the best of character. So today we're gonna talk about this character what is all about and why should we do it? And how to obtain it.

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When Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before received the revelation public beta.

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He was also known for his character, he was known that he was solid. I mean, he was truthful, trustworthy.

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What does that tell you brothers and sisters. If you want to give that up in the West, I don't want you to shove anything in people's face. You will be wasting your time and your money if you just pass out some booklets and you do the exact opposite of Islam teaches because we are all walking pulpits.

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If you think that people are just watching you because your name is Mohammed or Fatima, think again. This is slammed through you. They don't know anything else.

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Let me give you another mission stick. If you move from your place now and go somewhere else. Your neighbors will cry over you who said Hamdulillah this man moved out well

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no, we're supposed to be the exact opposite.

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Why? Because Allah Allah subhana wa Jalla villa in the Quran to give you the proof Why is a fluff is important.

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He couple of very bad with the fluff in the Quran. So I want you to look at the coin now with different lenses.

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purify your hearts from any illnesses

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and walk in the footsteps of the best of creation.

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Since he was attributed to the best of character, he was known for that and was supposed to follow Lacan Canada, goofy Rasulullah Hasina, who's your who's your role model? Somebody else? Those famous on social media or whatever it is? No

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Our Oosa is the one that Allah subhanaw taala our hardest. Our Creator Sustainer

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is the one who says Allah, Allah will help

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us in either one that created us. Of course, he's the one that created us. So he says, well am I. So if I created you follow my command.

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And he said, he's your OSA, he's your role model, not Emily Post and pinky up a boss fashion. You know, Avi name, the tradition cultural, with the culture before it's now love Allah He were Muslims first. So let's walk in the footsteps of the best steps have ever walked upon this earth.

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And when Allah subhanaw taala told them that you're the best of character, we have to be the best of character. Let's now go to the Quran to give you the proof of what I'm saying.

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When Allah couple Derrida attached de vida with the flock and the character for a reason.

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The reason is, if you're just doing rabada with no proof that you're a bad as working, you're wasting your time. I'll give you the proof in sha Allah. When Allah says regarding the slot in the salada 10 handed fascia

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he says in Tokyo

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he says for sure burly indeed your Salah what does it do give you more flexibility?

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Nope. He says then ha ha You will monka awards are evil and transgression Acts how

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you see if you come to this Masjid pray

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and you say to the brother Hey Bro, are you doing holy? Let's go pick up some girls man and come back for us. We'll make it

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and you come back from madlib say man how you doing boy let's go rob a bank and come back we'll make it for Ischinger Allah

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you think it's gonna happen? It will never happen

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because there are in the Soweto certain that even when some of the resources this used to be drinking alcohol versus leave them this Allah will warn him off

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now if you go to use the cap has been Amalia himself data severe alarm to command verb take from the wealth. And some of the scholars says there is the chip says well VM What impact could maloom let's say you want to go home this is the guy will hear more impact. There's no value they say this is sadaqa take from the wealth a percentage that is known which is aka hounds obligatory take from the wealth what is known to be right but it's not specific. It's mclubbe mocha yet it's not restricted, so unrestricted that is sadaqa. But when Allah Allah Subhana Allah says Holdeman Ambala him sadaqa why

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take among the wealth to the hero whom what is the key him to the hero? What is the purification here being here shift

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to the hero coming up rather bloob middle Bogle

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well my you has your hand up say you know there you have it, but a miser I'm holding back man. I can't give it.

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So Allah says if you protect yourself from your own self,

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your miser the greed the illness of the heart hoarding back I don't want to give that's an illness. Why? Because the person that is rich, that doesn't give he will live in this life as a poor person, but on Judgment Day they will be judged as a rich person.

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So you lose both ways.

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So when Allah Allah subhana wa Jalla take them because of the wealth the purifying them that says what is the use as a game you know, what is this gear, this gear to knifes you o'clock, what else this gear means multiply. The more you give, the more you get. And that's why people give enough donations. They will keep giving you know why? Because you can see the fruit.

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They can see what happened after they give. So now they want to give some more math because you know what Allah is the most generous.

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So the purpose of it is your flock.

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soon enough we'll be having either Moon sighting or moon fighting.

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So we will talk about it to prepare the community for Amazon. And you hear the eye all the time. Yeah, you are Latina, Amano katiba la Coliseum. Kamakoti Bala Dyneema publikum why chef lagoon, the tacos.

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Oh, you will believe fasting was prescribed upon you as it was big nations before you because because of what's the Allah you have Taqwa piety consciousness of Allah and how you see if you eat and drink in front. If you don't eat and drink in front of people and you go home.

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Righteous will do it. Masha Allah righteous do that. And you go home. You close all the doors and the only door you open is the door the fridge.

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Do you have Taqwa? No. So what do you learn from Ramadan? Just losing weight saving on your grocery bill.

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as well the Hadith says if you don't get the duck Wha What did you do? You just went through hunger and thirst and sleep deprivation.

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But if you don't get the taco from the month of Ramadan, what did you get you?

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Do you need a boss over your head to do your job?

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You do need a teacher over your head for the students not to cheat on the test. You don't need anything because you know Allah Subhana Allah Allah sees you.

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That is you conscious and maraca with Maha Sabha you supervision accountability has to be with you all the time. And that's why the Sahaba did one Allah it was mainly used to teach your children before they receive Allah Allah.

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Allah welcome Allah may. Allah is with me, Allah sees me. He can see me he's holding me accountable.

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Now once we get that, we'll understand why.

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If you've been through Hajj May Allah accept from you if you haven't, may Allah grant you an invitation.

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When Allah Allah Subhana Allah Allah said in the Quran regarding Hajj, Al Hajj azumarill Mad Men follow the VI in the hajj. Fela Rafa wala for soup well as you dal, Phil hajj when you go to Hajj and if you've been to Howard, you know exactly I'm talking about

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very difficult indeed.

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Even when you espouse no beginning of intense religions control, you're not a slave to any whims and desires. No.

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You Dan,

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for soup, you know for soup? Lower than hydrogenated hubba. And then we'll have you know, for for soup and Arabic. Linguistic means it means the seed comes out of the shell. But Sharon when it comes to that Islamic jurisprudence is Harada Anta Atilla you cannot do any act of disobedience. And that's why some of the Hubbardton animes used to have to have two tents.

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One is one to talk about. duniya don't talk here do well somewhere else outside. Haram can't do it.

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And now you know that person that took you to Hajj and promised you breakfast lunch and dinner, open buffets, five stars, seven diamonds and the only stars you can count is the stars when you count in was deliver when you're on your back on the street come the stars that guy is not gonna even see

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no you can't grow can fight.

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Isn't that amazing? That people who step on your foot and give you an elbow on the fight over in the pool this and they want to get you all these people can do it. Control. Isn't that amazing? So you see the bad that the acts of worship when it comes to Salah when it comes to use the car when it comes to your CRM when it comes to your hedge? It has to be linked to your you have luck.

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That's it. Isn't that amazing? That's why Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim says the reason I will send you a long list of things he says Lieutenant Mikhailova I complete and perfect your character. So we're supposed to be the best of character around the Earth. Not anybody else as Muslims were supposed to be the best of character. Isn't that amazing chef. So we have to have a reason to do it. We want people to become Muslims because they seem humble and Fatima when people talk about Islam said no no I know Muslims. What you speaking is not true. These people walked the talk I see them walking pulpits and Muslims I know what Islam is all about not what the media is telling prevailing No, not

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at all. As opposed of you people don't want to become Muslims because of you. Could you imagine?

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Oh Allah don't make a sweetener for Latina cough. No, no don't want to be fitna for people not to become a Muslim the other way around. And that's why I've been Josie Rahmatullah. It says Men, Saba taka Fil A flower. Saba kaka Dean,

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the one that is better for in you than you in Atlanta and character, he is surely a better Muslim than you. I don't care how short your syllabus Schiff, I don't care how long your beard is, I don't care how many miswak you have, and how many movies

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you understand. That's not it's all good and Hamdulillah we don't belittle that.

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But the proof of it is your lap and I'll give you the proof of that in a second hold Pachala asking Allah Subhana Allah Allah to make us among those who listen speech and follow the best of it and grant us the best of luck. I mean, Hold on What is Marilyn what's the follow up is the video variables and Mustafi

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam o Allah may Allah be about the AMA but

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let me tell you another proof now from that the Quran but the hadith is too long. But your budget cut some time. We'll give you some tangible examples. There's something called the orange theory.

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You know, when you take an orange and squeeze it really hard. What comes out of it mango lassi

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No, it has to be orange juice. What does that mean? That means when you're squeezed really hard,

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the True Colors a true who you are will come out. Your true colors will show when you're pushed against the wall when you're pressured when you're under the gun when you want to choke someone and you smile, deal with them with their salad we'll talk about inshallah.

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But that's what it's all about.

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And the fruit of it is one Hadith. When Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam was told about a woman cannot turn off.

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This woman wants to make lots of CRM, lots of external like, extra

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extra sadaqa extra so yeah, I'm extra Salah pm Elaine Nia Malay we'll talk about that today.

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But Ghana took the de Rania but used to harm her neighbors. What the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam say

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they say

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it's okay libres she used to do all this good stuff. What did you say when there is his love Haida via the other narration strongest does he have enough?

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There's no good in there and when there isn't, but the other stronger nation says she's in the Hellfire but the scholar says not eternally because she still uses c'est la vie de la hombre, Salah, but she had to be purified, pay the dues.

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And the opposite is true. According to Hadith, the woman who just does the obligations, but she doesn't harm her neighbors good to her neighbors because they have an agenda. She's announced she's in heaven. Imagine could you imagine doing all this work? staying up at night, giving your money away, doing your sadaqa doing your CRM, doing your Salah lowering, you're doing all of that stuff and in the end, you end up in a bad place for what man? What's it worth for a temporary anger? For sure don't beat you for not remembering the Quran and Sunnah.

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Yes, you have the right to be angry, but Allah Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah, Allah will be showered with details with you. Allah does not hold you accountable for that will leave you but how you act accordingly. We are human beings.

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But how you deal with it is what we're all about here.

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Now, who does not want to be with Prophet Mohammed Salah and we would love to have lived with him at the time in Medina. We would like to have listened to Quran from him or learn from him

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or defend them in wars or stick our hand out in us in a sword fight to protect him or have an ad three arrows in my back to cover him in the hole or not. How do you do all of that the Sahaba don't ask us to do we'd love to be among them. Allahu Akbar. The best people after prophets and messengers.

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Could you imagine?

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So understanding that

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to see him in a vision row here we would slaughter a lamb Ian

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to go to Medina we would give anything when you leave Medina you cry.

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We would love to be buried in here in math and die in Medina. We would love to be resurrected with him. We would love Allah Allah subhanaw taala would grant him a permission to intercede for us but could you imagine being with him in Jannah Allah

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Allahu Allah Jana, I mean, Allah. Oh Allah grant us the honor to be with him in general.

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So what did he say? What did he say brothers and sisters?

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It says in Habakkuk in a yellow acaba Camila yarmulke Yama

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the most beloved amongst you to me, and the closest to me in hereafter 50,000 years when you need him the most.

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What did he say as the yml Kawamata you nothing is real Jawad. Did he say the one that prays and fast and all of that act of worship? Well, the Hadith says, there has been a clock

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the one that is most beloved to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam his heart and closest to him on the hereafter is the best of character if that's not good enough reason for you. I don't know what else Yes, you.

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You know Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the best of character, the best of creation.

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He used to make a DUA, you know what the DAR is? Among the plenty of them. So Loma Donita has not followed

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Allah give him that medal of honor that he's the best of character. He's still making the DUA. Oh Allah. Give me the best of luck. Lady elaphus Nicola Finland that's an island. Oh Allah grant me the best of character. No one will be able to guide me to the best of character except you. Were Oh my god. Oh Allah, I seek reduction in that worst of character. No one will protect me from that evil of the character except you.

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Let me give you the final example and the homework will finish

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than Java,

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you know brothers,

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you can come in this masjid and pray five times a day in congregation.

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You can be half of the Quran.

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You could be the Imam.

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In the Masjid. You act like Abu Bakr, Allah, Allah, masha Allah.

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But at home, you act like a Buddha actually.

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And that's why the Scholars say, When Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem says, Hi Eurocom the best of you who What did he say? Again, so I'm not sure whether he says Hi, welcome.

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He says that best of you the best to their family. So the scholars say if you really want to know who you are, ask your mother, the one that you put in the senior home.

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The one that you forget about after you get married. Ask her brothers.

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Ask your father. Remember the one that put food on the table goes on your back roof over your head. You've forgotten him after he got old. Ask your father

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and ask your wife ask your spouse. She knows who you are. Ask your children. Why the scholars ask because they're the closest people to you. You can fool everyone you can fool them. They know who you are. That's why Prophet Muhammad was the best Did you the best is family. And you get a Miranda be emboldened by the FEMA NFC is I am the best of the family. So your homework will finish with that. Your homework brothers, especially for you. Because some of the scholars is McLaughlin client, Sara Lee walked with his family says his wife.

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So your homework for today is you're gonna buy some flowers

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to your wife

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and you by now you should know her favorite chocolate.

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And you're going to write a poem. I don't want you to go to Hallmark and get a card as the easy way out. No, no, no. I want you to write what's in your heart. prophet Mohamed Salah Salem used to say your visit to hug Baja. I was blessed by her love by Allah give me that is that means what if you close to each other, close to Allah.

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So if your wife passes out and says who are you on? What have you done with my husband? That's bad news.

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But if she doesn't just make dua for this

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that's the best way to start by changing yourself. looking after yourself and your family and walk in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad wa salam to be the best of luck the best of character. I mean, everyone hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salam ala Yosef, do tell me you're not gonna call him to congratulate you by the Masonic Allah masala ASAN Avila Lena would actually know Flamel Allah Allah Naomi de la monster Islam or Islam Muslim in Hollywood public Experimentelle have to deal with Illustrator commercially kina Dean alcohol Catherine Africa phenol Dalemain of autonomy Northridge Namibian so let me Allah my phone level Islamic law I mean, Islamia clara de la la mirada Dean wala

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to she'd been an other Allah Cassadine Allah Muhammad Mabini Idina among Calvino Armanino angioma e&m When folks in our department kind of tournament attina Oh my god a few minutes from the height from Allah who also were kind of immature women even switched on Walla Walla Walla Walla Walla Walla, or the level that couldn't be one so how can masala