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Now we go into the book of tarawih. We're going to summarize this section over here. So Auto tarawih

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chapter 42.

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Fantastic desikan LaHood

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fantastic. So whoever died and he ought to have observed a song, can somebody else observed fast for him instead, Allison said, If 30 men observed fast one day on his behalf, then it will be sufficient. Narrated Mashallah the Allahu Allah messenger, someone said, Whoever died and he ought to have observed fast, then Mr. Foster Ramadan and his guardians must observe fasting on his behalf, his guardians must observe fasting on his behalf. So that was what we were talking about. Now we get into the book of Yes. So whatever the secret like my mom, she noticed that she forgot to take our medicine. Yeah, so during the Ramadan, like if she's

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so faithful people are Monday. So is it like after Ramadan? Did you catch the discussion? Or did you just walk in? No, no, I heard that. Okay. So is that people like how I calculate the poor people like one day, like one male or females know, it's one meal per day, one meal per day? So what I would actually advise is that find a machine that is if thought, and just you know, sponsor like, when if dollar day. So the I mean, you only have to feed 30 people.

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No, it's not necessary to be from the poor. It's not necessary to be from the poor, it can be anyone, would you just have to defeat 30? People? Yeah. It's better to be if it is from the poor, obviously, but it doesn't have to be from the poor. And Allah subhanaw taala knows best. They've the book of thoroughly. Let's summarize this section over here. telawi is a synonym for tahajjud. It is a synonym for tm only, right? Certain weather have to differentiate between the three. However, from the aspect of the sooner they generally seem to be the same. The only difference being, do you actually sleep before or not? But does it affect the prayer itself? It does not. So now, the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In the month of Ramadan. He prayed with his companions for two nights. And then on the third night, he did not pray with them. They asked him out of sort of law, why did you not pray with us? He said, I fear that it will become an obligation upon you. During the time of the law. I know what is authentically established, he appointed obey, we don't care but to lead the people in Salah. What is different over is the actual number of records that they prayed. You find some of the scholars of Hadith argue that they prayed 811 or 13, you find the scholars of the Medina they argue that they preach 20 or more. What is the foundation in terms of Salatu tarawih? Ramadan

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tahajjud eyeshadow maharana she says, The professor said I've never prayed 11 or 13 more than 11 or 13 guys inside Ramadan or outside of Ramadan. What is the point over here? Is it the number that is focused on or is it the quality that is focused on it is the quality that is focused on Abdullah busca de la vie, sorry, for the for the amount of the Allahu anhu he said I prayed with the processor. I'm pm we're late. We've read SoTL dakara. We read Certainly, sir, we read through to Adam Braun. Another narration after pseudo algebra, we read a murder and an arm as well. That's like eight Jews in one night. Right? So that's like the type of prayer that the prophet SAW Selim is

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praying. So now, what should we do, we should do what we are actually capable of. So if you're praying by yourself, elongate it as much as you can elongate it as much as you can. If you're praying in the congregation, pray with the congregation as long as you can. There is this big misconception in the community that you know what I can leave after eight o'clock as this misconception is based upon misunderstanding of the hadith of Isola della Han Han, the process of unpaid long Good luck, guys. That's why they were few in number. There is an extra budget of praying with the man from the beginning to the end. The prophets Allah saw them he says that whoever prays

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with the Imam from the beginning to the end, he will get the reward of praying the whole night. So if your Imam is praying, eight prayed with them, if your mom is praying 11 pray 11 when your mom is spring 2020 with him, realistically, if you're from like, Tunisia, or Libya, or a Maliki country, where they may even been praying, 36 pray 36 with them, you want to get the idea of praying the whole entire night. That is what you get with praying with your email. Now can a person be selective? So for example, I know over here, they're praying 11 but if I go to the northwest masala they're praying 20 so what I would suggest is be selective only on certain days, it is encouraged to

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pray in your local mosque. So pray in your local mosque as much as you can, or you have a reason to be somewhere else. You can pray there. Yet you'll notice on certain days, you're extremely tired, you have to go to work early. Then you can take the concession go to another Masjid but they also should be that you're praying in your local mesh the DSL should be that you're praying in your local Masjid last point I want to mention over here

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is something that is worth fighting over. I hope you understood No, it's not even better.

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topic of discussion. So God wants to pray 20 I want to pray eight, he wants to pray 36 we're all within the realm of acceptability. There's nothing wrong with that. The only issue that comes into play is the issue of the width of prayer. And that's a bit of a separate issue. The witr prayer should be the last prayer of the night. So if you want to put your with their prayer in congregation, you should not be praying any more prayers after that you sleep all the way until fudger add to that time. However, if you happen to wake up and there's a lot of time and you want to pray, then you have to make up that witr prayer again, at the end, you have to make up that with

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your prayer. At the end again, some of the scholars even mentioned that you have to pray in other one Raka to make it even first, then you pray your priamo nail and then you pray your wizard on top of that, to avoid all of this if they laugh, make it very easy upon yourself. Leave your with their prayer, to literally just before your support, same prayer with your heart, your support, the call for budget, that is the best thing to do if you're able to if you want to or if you know that you're not going to pray anywhere at night prayer with your congregation, and there's nothing wrong with that as well. One second, the last thing I'll mention is the vicar that is said after the width of

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prayer. A lot of people after they finished praying there will be or they will say I stuck for the last for the less than for Allah. This is only said after the fourth period. It's not said after the width of the Muslims specifically taught us to say Subhanallah medical coders Subhanallah medical coder Subhana medical coders, labelling mother equals zero, you'll find this in history. Most of that is what should be said after the waiter. Go ahead.

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All right, well, the first thing of advice and like, yeah, whatever it is just so much that just feels like a chore. You know what I mean? You have no right to recommend stainless steel, because the headache is explicit that we're pleased with the amount from beginning to end. Yes, it would have been the whole night.

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But that is a valid excuse not to put in that muscle anymore, by the way. So if you find a place that place that prays better, and you have more for sure, it's better for you to go there. Go ahead.

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During the night, yes.

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Can I hold the Quran and recite? Fantastic question? Yes. Because I haven't memorized all of it. Very good question. Yes, the answer to that is in your fourth prayers, you're not allowed holding the Quran or the must have to recite from it. However, in your center and your knuffle prayers which tarawih has from you can hold the most half and read from it. So what should you do, you can hold it in your hands, there's nothing wrong with it. You can put the bookmark in it when you have to close it when you're going down for a coin for such that you can fold the page you can keep your finger inside the most of whatever is easier for you. People think what if I'm going down for such that and

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the Koran touches the floor, your intention over here is not to disrespect to the Koran. However, if you have one of those folding tables in front of you, like we have over there, it is better to put the most half on that when you go down for surgery so that the Quran does not touch the floor. And this would be considered the theme of the Shire Illa, which is very, very good. So it's a very good question. There's like a look at Yeah. Is there a specific amount of a job or? versus like, for example,

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when I used to live in the northeast, some of the massages there when they prayed?

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Oh, yeah, was maybe like two or three items. Right? Right. It was very rushed. You know, and then

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everything is up over an hour. So other massages, they they're very slow and their paws, you know, they might just are just going to have a night. Obviously, not everyone can stay for a half. All right, you know, and some people once they more than two or three, I get for

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what is there, you establish your own congregation where you establish the middle.

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So I am being serious. No one says you have to be thorough in JAMA. No one says you have to do that. But let me explain this. So now we have the hadith of gibreel or the Allahu anhu, the hadith of gibreel where the Prophet seldom used to complete the Quran with jabril every Ramadan. So the scholars use this as a proof that the Koran should be completed every Ramadan. Some of the scholars took this heading and said that the Koran should be completed in Salatu tala which is this mandatory to do no one has ever said that it is mandatory, it is a good thing to do. Yes, it is a very good thing to do. However, the allsole in salado, Jama is that it should be easy for the people. So now

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where do people get the three verses? The three is from that you know the minimum that you should read is three it naraka they said that the shortest surah in the Quran is three verses and therefore the least amount of Quran you should recite after Fatiha if you're going to say is the three ayat that is why they have the three iron that's where it comes from. Is there a recommended amount there's no particular recommended amount, but you should know your congregation and you should know your circumstance. Know to try to finish a juice and a half every single night.

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In the summertime, I think is abusive from two aspects. Number one, you're going to abuse the people and greater than that you're going to abuse the Koran. Because the only way you're going to read a juice and a half every single night is Ramadan. insalata tarawih as if you're literally zooming through it, as well, there's so many videos that would like you will have the Turkish email if for those of you that thought, they literally beat him up for how fast he was reciting right. That's how bad it was. There's another video I have a sub sub content to them. I'm not gonna mention the country because someone might find offensive. But literally, this guy is reciting so fast that even

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in slow motion, I couldn't make out what Sula he was reading. And only when he said well of barley at the end, that's what I forgot is the circle fatty. It shouldn't be like that, right? You shouldn't abuse the Quran. The point of taraweeh is not to finish the Quran, the point of taraweeh is closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. So if a person reads one page, and errata, that's perfectly fine, half a page, that's perfectly fine. If your congregation can do more than that, that's perfectly fine. But keep the congregation in mind we should not be keeping them up all night, so that they're unable to pray for God and they're not able to fast properly. And they're skipping work

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in the Alexa physical hard work. But Ramadan is a way of life. It's not just, you know, an activity by the window itself, right. So it shouldn't change the way that you act. In fact, Ramadan was the month that the companions fought battles, and it was the month that they strive extra hard in, right, you're not meant to become lazy in Ramadan. So if you're staying up extra late and it's preventing you then you shouldn't do it. So now, if you find a place that prays accommodating to your schedule, that's perfectly fine. I don't see anything wrong with that. But the Quran and the people should not be abused the Quran the people should not be abused. The last section of tawi is

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the night of powder laser cutter. laser cutter is obviously a topic that is different upon what we know for a fact that it is in the last 10 nights, the majority of the predecessors they assumed it to be on the 27th night. However, there is a valid difference of opinion on two things. Number one is the line is later to Qatar the same night, every single year. And number two is the fact that later to Qatar, it can be any of the last 10 nights of Ramadan, and any of the last 10 odd nights of Ramadan and not necessarily the 27th. So what you want to focus on is that yes, focus on the 27th night paid a little bit extra attention, but should be given that extra attention to all of the odd

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last 10 nights, particularly in the last 10 nights. pay extra attention to your bladder and reading code and making the Arduino thicker than you would in the first 20 days of Ramadan. Now the last section we will be covering and please excuse me, I know we've gone over our time is the book of IATSE curve, the book of scqf. itself is something that is recommended to do so. The professor seldom used to keep the last 10 nights as it's a calf in the masjid. And in the last year before his death, he kept 20 nights of its a calf in the masjid. So what this shows us is that you can keep it's a calf outside of the last 10 nights of Ramadan it is permissible to do so. So how do you

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decide where you can keep it's a calf? It's a calf can be kept in any Masjid that offers the Juma prayers it's a calf is kept in any Masjid that offers the Juma prayers. In our day and age. The machine is more than a Masjid. So you will find a machete will have a kitchen, it will have an office it'll have a library you'll have a whole bunch of things. So the part where you want to stay at is the part where the Salah is actually prayed the Salah was actually prayed. You can go to other places, if there is a need for you to do so for example, you need to take a shower, then yes, you can go take a shower, whether it be in the masjid or somewhere else, but you need to come back right

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away. You're in the masjid. There's no food whatsoever. You're really hungry, you can leave the masjid go and get some food and come back you can go and get some more food and come back.

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What should not be done is that it's a calf cannot be made in one's houses. So there's an opinion from one of them or that hip. And I feel bad that we like really abused this method is final. But it's the reality of the fact that the Hanafi madhhab did allow women to make a calf in their in their in their houses. But there's no proof for this. That's not something that should be left. I know it's a natural laugh. But it's not something that should be done. There's no proof for this whatsoever. The horses have allowed the calf in the masjid only. Likewise, how about if you're making a calf in a place that doesn't have Juma prayer, you cannot make it to calf in that prayer

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place either. Now there's a difference of opinion. What if that property is not owned and is only rented? Does that still qualify as a Masjid? As a modern day circumstance? I believe Yes, it still applies as a Masjid in the past masajid were Oh cough they were considered a walk, walk for the community in this day and age. As long as there is Juma prayer and the five daily prayers, then it will be considered a Masjid and it is permissible to make it decaf.

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And yes, it can be done at any length of Ramadan. It should particularly be done in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And what if you cannot do the whole of the last 10 nights? Can you just do some of the nights? Yes, you can do just some of the nights. What if you can only do a portion of the night. Can you do just a portion of that

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Night. Yes, you just do a portion of the night. But it should be done properly that that portion of the night you show off your cell phone, you're not checking your emails you're not checking your internet no text messages, completely getting a dedicated to a by the reading call on making Vicar praying, learning attending halaqaat whatever is going on, that is what you should be doing. In the book of ETS Acuff wonders it starts from it starts from the night of the 21st. It starts from the night of the 21st all the way till the end of Ramadan till the announcement of aid is made. A lot of other now questions on the take off, or do we go ahead?

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To work?

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Just eight to six. Yes. Did you go for work? after work? Go back to my system. Again. This would not be considered a completed to Kathy's we consider partial. That's it.

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That's still valid.

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Yeah, like I said, you can even keep a portion of it together. That's perfectly fine. But the special reward you get for keeping it after the last 10 nights. It wouldn't apply to this person. So would you

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like someone to have a flexible schedule that they take?

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If they're planning on meeting at a coffee house? They should do that. Aloha. Go ahead.

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it's overnight but still like between two salons? Something like that Listerine stainless. where that is okay. Like, yeah, that's perfectly fine. There's nothing wrong with that. That's perfectly fine.

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Yeah, like when the mountains done is prayer. Yeah.

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You can get up and like, do another workout. And then you can play later on in the medicine. Yes, you can do that. That's perfectly fine. That's a very good point. So we were talking about the winter prayer. So if a person knows that he's going to pray after the Imam has finished his with their prayer, then he does not make salaams with the Imam in the winter prayer, but rather he gets up and does one more worker makes his own Salah, and then he can continue praying, does that work out for that? Also, I heard there's an opinion that it actually does not have to be the lesson. Well, if you pray, like, let's say like a publican used to pray with him before, before going to

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sleep and then used to wake up because he knew like sometimes he didn't like physically to get the

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edge of the brain

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or something like that. So he used to play with it, and then he would wake up he would, he was pretty late for six hours. So it is not prohibited. It's not prohibited to do so but it's not recommended to do so the person clearly said make the with their period the last pair of the night. That's an explicit text.

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As far as I know, there is no difference of opinion so with the action of Ahmed macabre The other one is that he feared that he wouldn't be able to wake up and that is why he prayed is with their prayer. He woke up and then he prayed other prayers but then he would praise with their prayer again. So that's the the exception to our discussion. It's not the general rule Allah Allah anything else you're stretching

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you can create with the two times

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Yeah, so you're going to play with it a second time. But like I said, the scholars actually said you have to cancel out your first with their prayer by praying an extra to make it even and then you pray the without prayer at the end of the night. Allah

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said go ahead for

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still head scratcher to me like so pretty much accurate on everything. I think it's the most we get up does that if you know you're going to pray again. Okay, only if you know you want to pray again. If you're not sure then you mix the lambs with the Imam that's sufficient perfectly fine.

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Go ahead.

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So I mean, that's an interesting discussion, the shuffling with over the considered it only in the last 15 nights only in the last 10 nights and it wasn't every single night. Something that we know for sure is that keynote should not be made every single night for the purpose of seldom did skip keynote on certain nights. So it is a part of the with their prayer, but it shouldn't be done every single night, just so that people don't think it's obligatory. Number two, is that the verses are used to keep the dwarf connote very very short you know from Allah Medina Freeman headed all the way till the end, and that's the physical went to Lake that was the dwarf connote adding on everything

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extra is permissible to do so. But it should not be prolonged. Like you know, certainly who knows the answer like 30 minutes long. Yeah, that is very excessive. Keep it short and simple to the point and it shouldn't be done every single night. Allah Juana good.

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Yes, yeah.

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like playing behind them. That's perfectly fine. It says a difference of luck. It's not a major issue.

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Going once, going twice, a lot walk about two three hands.

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These are the last three questions and start off from here. So raising the hand before cannot

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Before going to know I'm talking about raising

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like how the degrees oh so they okay so how should the with a prayer be prayed let's do that quickly let's do that quickly so according to the center we there's two ways that the person taught us to pray with the way number one is that you will pray to lock eyes by to lock eyes and you'll make Salaam with after each of the two lock eyes so for example with there can be prayed 1357 911 as much as you want right. So in that situation you pray to lock eyes by two lockers by two lock eyes, main salon after each of them. The other way of doing it is that you will

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pray all those prayers, meaning 357 and not have the gel sat in them except for the last one so you won't sit for the shower you will not sit for the shout. Those are the two ways that we've been taught according to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the process of explicitly told us Do not make your with their prayers like Muslims do not make your with their prayers like Muslim or so Muslim generally is sort of Muslim is the rockers and with their generally speaking will also be through luck as the process of Mr. Pray Subhan Allah because Allah Konya El Capitan and kololo ahead in the three lockers so you can either do way number one or way number two in the

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Hanafi madhhab. They do it a bit differently in order to be different from salado mogilev. What they do is, after the second knockout, when they get up, they will recite shortall Fatiha, they will do the tequila, and then they will do their own keynote at that time, which is a silent keynote. Right? So that is how the Hanafi madhhab prays this prayer while it may be valid is not according to the center. So if you're going to be praying, tried to pray the according to the first two ways, if you're going in congregation that is how your Imam is Frank, then that's perfectly fine. And Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best but that extra tequila is not from the Sunnah, but it is justified

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because you want to make a difference from Allah because they want to make a difference from Allah. Allahu sujet

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Yes, I would relieve the defeats the purpose if you have internet on it so if you're checking your emails you're checking Facebook and Twitter and all that stuff. It defeats the purpose of it isn't meant to be seclusion How are you using your phone to recite Quran using it as an alarm clock then for that purpose is perfectly fine. Allah Allah

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Yeah, that's fine if that's what you're using it for.

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And that's perfectly fine. But that literally is what you should be using it for. Like nothing else. Last question for the night.

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Yes, if you want to make a car

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Yes, it should be

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sufficient. No, it doesn't have to be successful it can be made up anyway that is easy for her inshallah.

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We'll conclude with that panic alone will become the Casa de Wanda in Highland stock Furukawa to be naked look waiting for your attention, inshallah The halaqaat will resume after Ramadan. You guys have any suggestions in terms of what you would like to see at the holidays? Please let me know, some short announcements.

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Friday, Hanukkah this week at Edmonton trail is going to be how to have a nutritious and healthy Ramadan with myself and professional doctor general practitioner. So if you're interested in getting more guidelines on that you attend Friday night, it's at 830 at Edmonton trail. Saturday is a jam packed day that we have a lot of events going on. From 12 to two we have the domestic violence workshop which is at the Sheraton Cavalier hotel with myself and sister Nigella Melbourne, registered psychologist and a social worker. Then from 5pm to 7pm. We have the drop in center we will be serving food to the homeless.

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You need to register for that because we can't take more people than we're allowed. So if you're interested, he drop me an email or drop us an email. Then from 7pm to 9pm. We have the Zika workshop which is essentially Bonnie at Edmonton trail there 7pm to 9pm so it's a jam packed Saturday. Try to make the most of it as you can inshallah, this will probably be the last Saturday before I move on, I believe, possibly probably the last Saturday before I move on to

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17th or 18th. So anything you need to get done grocery shopping all that stuff. Sunday is your day to do it. Don't wait too long. Hold on starts. One everything will be gone too. You don't want to spend it on hold on like that, particularly the first couple of days. me I'll accept our prayer in our fasting and our doulas and make us those people that attend taco and Ramadan. And because of those people that Allah accepts from Allah huzzah Adam was Salallahu Salam Alaikum in the Vienna Mohammed Wanda and he was happy with Salaam Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh