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Salam aleikum, everyone. Welcome back to our weekly q&a with Jeff aka Murray. Every Thursday from now, at 6pm GMT. I know we've had a extremely long break. I last q&a, if I'm not mistaken was probably beginning of December. So it's been about around one and a half months, but we're very excited to be back and inshallah from now we are hoping to continue this

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from every Thursday onwards at 6pm GMT inshallah. And in the meantime, we've had some very exciting things been happening, we've got a short course happening with this Sunday. So maybe we'll see about that at the end of the session at 630 in sha Allah. And we also had our first ever on site, I mean, our first ever student retreat, and I first on site event, probably for two years. So that was very exciting. We also had some of our q&a viewers, so some of you guys that have been watching us every week, join us to hamdulillah and we have next time that can continue. Without any further ado, we've got quite a few questions. So let's get started. Inshallah we'll start with Sister tap as she her

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question which is on the screen now, in Surah doneness there is 34 Does Allah really allow men to be its woman, if it is permitted, then in which situation and to which and to what extent is it allowed?

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So, this question actually, I answered it, so many times, and I taught him my course, I think the best thing is, if you can refer to some of those videos, actually, I once I taught a course tell me more detail, but simple matter is it is not actually beating in that sense. It is a you know, one of the last resort, just once you know if because, you know, in order to save the family, some time could be possible that, you know, somebody's just thinking about because my wife does not realize the problem. And if this you know, striking little bit, they say let me survive or something like that kind of help. Then only once if it doesn't work, then the process of separation. Depression can

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happen before that, by does not mean that no man should start beating their wives. The profits will last and never hit a woman who who follows the Quran more than him. But I share the Latin on his wife said mother about Mr. Ratan Tata, the prophets Allah son never hit any woman, he never hit anybody. And the prophets of Siliguri the pious people among you will never hit their wives. See if the Quran commands to hit why the prophets let them say the pious people should not eat. So that is the issue because some people are like that. So and God the family is very important. It both of them feel if they don't feel even then before that, in a family meeting, the separation can happen.

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So anyway, if you know I have, you know, responded to this question many times and once in a course.

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I'm writing also as well, on this potential chef, just from the top of your head. Can you remember? Was it the high desert course? That was? Yeah, I think so. Yeah. Okay. So Takashi Inshallah, if you head on to on demand that amsterdam.ac.uk And that courses available, and it's, it's a two day course that we held the beginning of 2021. If I'm not mistaken, I recommend everyone take that course as one shoulder. Okay, let's go on to the next question, which is how can we understand Muhammad Muhammad? And as mentioned in certain Esra? And then the second part of the question is, is this

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station achievable in this world?

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More the minister prayed over the place. So that will be given to the professor from the day after he met.

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got too many people that actually eat the place? Are the profits a lot less in the Day of Judgment when the people will be raised? And there's no you know, the Justice thing waiting in a farm in a day which in 50,000, year long and good no judgment, nothing. Then they will go to the mall Islami, Brahim, Melissa, our the prophets and asking them to ask their lord to start the judgment, nobody will do and then they will come to the professor listen, and he will say I will do and then he will bow in sight for a long time, until I will ask him to raise his head, so that a praiseworthy place meaning everybody in the world will know the whole universe will know that the judgment is starting

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God of the intercession of the Prophet masala listen to allow me to respect him and give him honor. But certainly, you know that has come in the context of night prayer. If people do night prayer, they will get some part of that Inshallah, no doubt, you know, we can't be like the prophets of Islam, but we can get something even in this world people get praiseworthy. You know MACOM because when people are preying on love their Lord and obeying Allah subhanaw taala puts their love and you know and respect in the heart everybody can see this all the time.

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Okay, just not gonna Harsha. Let's take a question from ferrocene.

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Okay, I live in India. So if I go to a restaurant owned by a Hindu, how do I know if me to tell her? Is it sufficient for me to ask them? Or should I investigate further?

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You know, in the matter of the halala follow her on food. You know, you can ask even unbelievers as long as you know that they're trustworthy and they don't lie and they know what haram means. You can rely on them you don't need to have a Muslim so if the restaurant owner they know what Halal means, and and you know that they're trustworthy people that you can rely on them but if you have a doubt, then don't do you don't need to investigate further. And it would be supplier of my Rahim.

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Okay, perfect. Let's go on to a question from Sharia. I want to know the difference in similarities between peripherals on and fiscal, I want to know is if it is based on the last parts of certain monitor I 4445 and 47.

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I'm not sure if that's clear. What's our Arabic language word? You know, Quran did not come to define any meaning. But Quran is used you can see how run is used. Let people use any word in language. So, go for a muse hiding, you know, it is used generally, when people hide the favor. And especially, first of all, you know, so abundant, the somebody does not recognize the fear of Allah and are not believe in him. There's a verse Cofer. It is a dirty gopher Lloyd is a Naurang meaning when people don't want to relate things, either they are they put in the wrong place to go for ourselves or shirk is, you know, anything which people put something in the wrong place, that will

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be just sort of an injustice. And that's also unofficially the when people break the covenant, you make a covenant, and you break it, a religion, the covenant between law when people are disobeying openly to get a fist, like you know, don't pray, you know, don't care about prayer don't care about fasting. During the day of Ramadan, people eat openly to the fiscal because they owe the burqa sometime fiscal be worse than poofer so you know that to do the words are dealing with the word you know, the Quran has used them in the same meaning. But certainly in the within the contest, you can you know, see the miracle more specific so in the Quran when Allah started Mamma Mia Kawartha love I

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would like

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Mufasa Boon sometimes say Homer cough don't sometimes move on the moon. So in this reminder by does not mean the fiscal is less than the proof of note or very very, very severe thing. It is different aspect of it when people don't judge a chi to command they are fasting they are also silent they also coffee two or three or they're not that you know, some people think of as many for Muslims and as it is for Christians or coffee only for Jews know it all three for everybody. Anybody who does not adjust your chi to commodify their fossil their volume and their coffee

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Okay, let's go on to adults question which is as a student to finance the only reason why companies take that is to benefits from taxes. I saw reports where the highest taxes in the world is in the UAE Don't you think that this violates Islamic principles and in a way it forces companies to take that in order to save on taxes.

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You know, thing, Allah subhanaw taala has commanded believers, you know,

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something which are you know, everybody can do like you know, believe in Allah subhanaw taala, prayers, love of Allah, kindness, all those things. There are some commands of Allah subhanaw taala which are connected to the space that you live in. Sometimes you don't control the space to then you have to accommodate yourself, adjust yourself to life will have wildly living up so I don't control the British law and all those things. So but at the same time, I'm not allowed to rebel against British law. So I have to adjust myself around that. If you live in UAE. So whatever the law is there, you have to adjust yourself. You can't come out from that low

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So last month I will forgive you but the rest of the team to properly do your prayers properly fasting love Allah kindness helping the people being a nice to there are hundreds of the things that people can do easily but they become worried about where they don't have you know easiness possibility to do so you know all of his look really what is good for you what easily you can do do that, what you can't do, involve, do as best as possible under refer to Allah, Allah will forgive you inshallah.

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Okay, Junaid is also asking

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Okay, I'm looking into women in Islam and found that so many scholars are negative about women. His question is

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Is the Hadith about the husband being heaven in hell for the wife authentic or not?

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I don't know but that hadith actually, you know many of the Hadith about the women you have to be very very careful really find out the reference stating Buhari or Muslim or where were the references I looked at I don't remember that that has my my head

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Okay, so our next question is from for him

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due to working night shifts and getting to bed around 7:30am Most of the time I find it difficult to get up and pray the sun micador for the hustler is this simple me

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it could be sin if it is just out of laziness. I don't understand how is it possible that you do further but you can't do sooner? If you do the same time sooner will take only five more minutes and if you can't do for a customer account to most jurist lucky Masha FEMA, Malecon humble or Mo has nothing you can do to the customer the to lock has never taken the two minutes to I don't understand what what is the problem in things sooner in just two you can't have it two minutes even if you come to house at 730 You sleep until until it's over and you press over so just make two more aka Can you say more do nothing was said to you know be in a serious in this matter and understand the reward

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how much reward is there

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if somebody offers you money that time indebted if you do something for me in two minutes I'm going to give this amount of money you will be it will be easy for you to you never want to complain or ask anybody to I don't understand why to Docker so nice so hurry for for anybody so easy.

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Sorry chef. So if someone and this is just out of laziness leaves us in a marketer is this then simple yeah for the lever sometime no maybe not but if they insist on that our other that cuts disrespect to the guidance of the professor lawless and then it could be severe matter we don't know the interest of the people but agree sooner is good for you because you can't do forth properly to it. You know, whatever is you know, a shortcoming in Allah subhanaw taala will pay from from your sooner prayers you know, and it's always rewarding to sunnah. So I don't understand why people will insist not to do some

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okay, we've got an interesting question from for us here. Which is what does the breaking of the skies mean in the Koran

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meaning with the whole universal being in disorder you know, whether they have the limited will come you know, the skies will be no more sky is and all the diversity you know, you can see the all the stars and all the planets, they will finish you know, the new world will be put to nothing really there. You know, now people see that, like, it looks people can't see sky anyway. But you know, it is a sort of thing.

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But one day will come not only skies, everything that you see are our sun, moon, stars, everything will be in disorder, flying like, like, like cotton in the world. We cannot imagine really, people cannot imagine what the Day of Judgment will be. You know, it's such a big discretion the whole universe will be in disorder. You know, a lot to put in order, but one day He will bring the order or they will start a new order.

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Okay, let's take a question from

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Cheban. For the fart for the past few years, I found it difficult to fast in yours in the years gone by it was easy for me but now trivial things seem to prevent me from passing. I'm assuming this is voluntary paths. Are you aware of any deeds which make fasting hard?

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For fasting actually, I don't know maybe some people find very difficult, but especially if it is further fasting then you have to make effort to do it.

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You know, certainly people sinner sin a lot disobeyed Lhasa Mata

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Allah, then fasting convert difficult but if you obey Allah subhanaw taala properly just love him. And then it will be easier. And you see, even the children are fast. I don't understand why somebody, somebody Medina was not fasting to Omar Omar was very angry, said even the children in Medina they fast? How can you fast? Ask many, many women, they will tell you, they have children seven year old, eight year old, nine year old, and they want to fast. Some of the first few days some of the first whole month to even the children faster. And elaborate work. I remember when we were children, we used to compete too fast and more and more. So you know, if there's a medical

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reason, then you can consult your doctor and ask them, then you can get 50 for every first but then no medical reason your health is fine. So it could be just because your mind does not know the importance of the fasting. You know, it is a problem. You have to learn from it. So I don't know your case really properly. So I can't be further away. But generally, I would encourage you that you make a force yourself.

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Chef, some good deeds are easy to do and some good deeds are maybe harder than than others. What would you say to someone who is fasting? I'm not just talking about the fasting in Ramadan, maybe they're making up their far south side of Ramadan. And they genuinely just finding it hard and they don't enjoy it, but they're still doing it because they know it's an obligation. What do you say to that person are they like missing out and reward because they're not necessarily enjoying it, they are struggling, but they're doing it because they know that's obligation, the good reward Okay, they're forced into the good the good reward. There no need to enjoy that other people have got

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wrong idea. The need is to obey Allah. If time for the prayer comes on you make effort to obey, learn, pray, even if you don't like it, it's still fine. You get all the rewards, because it's the heart and mind for many reasons they can't be accepting something and sometimes that's what our test to you that you don't like something by still you have to do it. You know, main thing is OBL you know, unmute yourself, force yourself to Obelisco Motala whether you like don't like enjoy don't enjoy. It doesn't matter. Either love you or not coffee. You know you don't hate don't dislike him. You want to obey Him? That's enough. Sometimes you get the reward because you're forcing yourself

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okay, exactly.

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Amina is asking I said I want a coochie I have a reverse friend who wanted to know if it's okay to shave the excessive hair around the eyebrows rather than plucking as plucking is considered haram

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Thank you either you know whatever is considered as a part of beauty there's even if one or two hears you know if they are here and there and you can take them out there's no problem anyway but don't share but if there's something you know a small thing in the around just because sometimes couldn't be the some years are very long. And people don't find if we find it not not really a guest beauty Yeah, to add that you do to beautify your face and generally fine. But anything which will look like you're changing your your your face, or changing the pre shuffle, that will not be allowed. But one or two here's a few few things here and there. They don't matter.

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Okay, let's move on to the next question.

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What is the ruling regarding living in non Muslim lands especially as a Muslim who moved to the UK recently from a Muslim country and his workplace is surrounded by LGBT posters and propaganda and propaganda.

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You know, in our time really, it doesn't matter whether you're Muslim country, Rumson party all the same, and also in all the evils everywhere the same.

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So being a lot smarter not easy. Anytime you have to force you know, Luke, Ybarra hemolysin,

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he lives in a house where everybody idols, not only is the I just sold, his father makes I just sell them, the whole nation like that is still he is one of the best person in the world, leaving the house House of idols, you know, so people could be in the worst place by still they could be the parser you know, depends how strong your mind is. So don't worry if the in your office and our workplace everywhere else, there are things which are evils, but you Allah has given people my mind which very strong, your mind is still can make you pure, keep you pure. So what can that read the Quran, think and understand this properly, Allah will help you to save some time people could be

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living in a pie society,

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but the evils Musa Khilafah in the time of modern Latina who, and Muslims are the one who came and killed him unjustly and some of them are some of the

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one of the son of oxidic, the people who killed off man, the great people, but they killed him unjustly wrongly, they come and kill and the philosopher at this time, you know, you know of mine is one of the more beloved Sahabi to the proselytism is still the killed him. So it actually at the end of the day, what matters is you know, the society you know, society could be the best but you are not the best society could be worse but you are not worse you are this person to force yourself Allah subhanaw taala will gather in the death dammit, everybody individually, you will come to him and we'll be cautious on your own. So make effort don't worry about which society you live in every

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society you have ability to be the best person

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okay, just talking to

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John Cox is asking a question to say while I can share what should one do if they fairy calamity or tribulation about to befall them, for example, repeatedly seen bad dreams? And are there any deeds a slave of Allah subhanaw taala can do to stave off a feared calamity.

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You know, think there are lots of Hautala Taala has made it very clear, nobody says you from any problem or any calamity or anything other than Allah, you know, to turn a turn to him from for everything taped refuse to him, that what Mr. Altavilla initiate my regime, that in for everything, nobody can save you, nobody can help you. But sometimes some people get some of these feelings more than other people. Because Allah likes them. Because when you have these three, you can't enjoy worldly life as people enjoy, you always worried about you're in a fear of dream. And this thing, I remember once I had, you know, very severe fear of the death as a student, so many, many months,

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really, I could not sleep well, all the time worried. But in those days, I could not get any since could not endure back button all the time worried about the death. So it was very bad time for me all that, you know, but at the same time, it's actually helpful, because, you know, it teaches you the reality of the life. So don't worry, if you get something like that, it could be a lot smarter was to choose you that you know, to that, you know, reveal to you you know how the life is

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as always asking to help you the best to really the distance have come to you to make you to turn to him to make the ask him. And if that's not good, don't worry, it is and these things are very helpful to make a pious sometime

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Okay, let's move on to the next question. Is it Is there a Corolla or Herma is associated with taking some of their power or sponsorship from the people if you don't necessarily need it? What constitutes need, I'm aware of students of knowledge studying abroad and they can afford to fund themselves but rather take from the people to either make their own life easier or to give themselves a higher standard of living whilst they're abroad.

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First thing if people really are rich, and they can afford something they are not allowed to take any sort of any charity like that anyway, so people who never should go to like haram he knows he can't because there's a right or the poor people. You can't do.

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Excuse me, sir, not father, which people by the help of any gift or something like that. So that a different matter by still actually, you know, if you can afford something, don't ask people begging people and asking them for help when you don't need help it all male characters low and then you don't Cranleigh then your life all your life, we could remain like that, you know, right good people to have are those who have some self respect, in honor. You know, they don't want anybody helping, but if they are really needed to then they take help that much, which needed not more than that. So especially young people, I would not like them to be unnecessarily, you know, involved in something

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like that. But those students who are poor, their family does not help them, men or women under studying anywhere. And they think if they spend time to earn money, they can't learn properly, yet they can take you know, charities are the top

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zakat money because learning is very important. But if they can afford themselves, their family cannot support them, then they should not take anything.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's see if we can take maybe two more questions.

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Okay, let's take a question from this person. I said I'm Aleykum I'm a Uber driver.

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Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest times for me that I end up carrying passengers to and from pubs and nightclubs. Does this constitute as haram income know nothing to do because the you don't know really where people go? Why do they go to an address? You know, you just arrive and you take your fare. You know, you talk to the you can't change people. You can't change

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The country can change anything, you know, your job, your job, you can't be selective and nobody will hire you, you

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will lose your job. If you do something like that. Don't worry, repent to Allah ask him to help you. But, you know, taxi drivers, I advise them that you know, whatever job you got to do it and then do your Alibaba properly Allah will have finished

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okay, just

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Okay, let's take another question. Someone is doing a job and he's willing to get a promotion, I'm assuming he's been offered a promotion with some fake experience certificates. He does have the self experience in the topic but not the exact papers. If he's selected, this is all his earnings Hallel

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thing either anything like that really is not allowed. But we don't make all our money haram you know, once he got the job, you know, what he is getting his you know, he's becoming haram, but what he had done is not right, that he should repent for that. And if you think if he revealed to the people and they will, you know, remove for him, he should tell really cut if he did not deserve, you know, something like that all the time, it will be hurting your heart or other feeling guilt. So living a life of you know, full of guilt is not right for a believer. So I'll ask you that, you know, you know, your management that you have done, this mistake is still on to kill the sun is

00:26:33--> 00:26:43

going to kick and remove you from that position, and to bring the bring you where you were before. And that's fine. But cheating and dishonesty never brings any Baraka in life.

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Okay, we're going to try and take one last question in sha Allah. And the question is worded a bit strangely, a bit strangely, so I'm not going to put it on the screen. This question is from an F.

00:26:58--> 00:27:10

With regards to enjoying the good and forbidding the evil. He says I can't forbid evil with their elderly people. But can I insert just hate the evil inside my heart without saying something to them.

00:27:13--> 00:27:51

Slowly, maybe somebody is doing something wrong. There are many ways to advise the people sometime you can make earlier this evil or you know, sometimes just you know, invite them two good things to follow up or if somebody's doing something haram drinking or something like that. Instead of asking they don't drink ask them to start the prayer in a love of Allah kindness because good deeds to bring you know, they're very helpful to remove the bad deeds. So, in the beginning, once people get trust, when people start trusting you, then you can make very career but in the beginning, don't start with the forbidding guy forbid, nobody would like you

00:27:52--> 00:28:08

to start off with the good thing or teach people something good, which people have no dispute to what they start that and they get more trust in you, then you No wonder you can do differently nice with the people. So I hope inshallah when in the future, you forbid them, they will listen to you.

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Okay, I think we will end it there and Sharla

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we've tried to answer as many questions as possible because I can appreciate your time. And just talking with her and everyone else for joining us as usual 100 Ella, just quickly at the beginning of the session, I did mention that she hakomi is starting his new short course this Sunday in sha Allah. This is our first new short course of the and this course is called quite them up in Uppsala. This course is a 3d course it's starting on 23rd of January. The second day is the 30th of January and then the 20th of February inshallah. So for any students who are familiar with Arabic language, who have studied some kind of Hadith method or methodology or solid Hadith, potentially some

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beginners texts, This course provides an excellent opportunity to further your understanding of the Hadith sciences. Again, this course is on this Sunday in sha Allah so if you're interested, I'll put the URL on the screen it's epsilon.ac.uk forward slash mo Kadima with a hinge at the end of sha Allah. Other than that, if you wherever you're joining from, please follow us on all of our social media platforms, especially Instagram, we're having a bit of fun with it. We are quite active, we're doing some new things. So inshallah if you do want to be kept up to date with our videos, our courses our reflections. Do follow us on all of our social media platforms. Also Twitter our Twitter

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handle is official ASI and Shala. We will see you next week Thursday 6pm GMT SNL Malaika