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A man describes a woman who was killed by a Muslim confident in her story, and how she was given a job as a teacher to translate her words into English. He describes her emotional story, which made him cry and throw sand on her. He also talks about the importance of history and freedom in bringing people back to their natural forms.

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Salam Alaikum everyone, I'm back with history bytes again, I'm in a library and someone came to my mind. I was looking at books, and I looked at one of the books and it was titled Saladin, amazing personality. Such an amazing personality that people are writing books on him to this day in the 21st century. He lived almost 800 years ago, he fought the Crusaders took back the land of Palestine from the Crusaders who had come from many, many European territory territories such as Germany, France and Britain, and he was admired even by his enemies. Even the Crusaders paid tributes to him. Not only Muslims admired him, the Crusaders who had fought him, they respected him. How do we know

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that? I want to share a story very quickly on that very point, once he was with his companions, and this story is by the way, narrated by his personal chef, his teacher, so tan Salahuddin Allah UB had a teacher called bow Dini when I shut down, bow Dini, a bunch of dad, he authored a biography of Sultan Salahuddin Allah UB, titled underwater Soltani, and no other Sultani was translated into the English language. And it was published by Ashgate. Press. OK, that particular biography was published by ash gray ash get press translated into English on page 37 of that particular print. You see the story? What is the story? Baldini. Bicha da narrates that once we were with the Sultan, a

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woman came a crusader woman, a Frankish woman came, and she was complaining about something the Sultan got the translators to translate her words, and she said her daughter was stolen by some Muslim thieves from the crusading camp and she said she went to the Crusaders, and they said, there is only one person who can help you. The king of the Muslim is the merciful man, he will help you. So I came to you also tan helped me. And when Sultan heard her story, her emotional story, filled with emotions, he started to cry, his tears roll down. And he sent his men to find the girl the girl was found and regenerated with the mother. This story is so moving, that even today, the story makes

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you think of a person who didn't have to help this woman he was he was in the middle of his business. He didn't have to pay attention to this woman. And she came from the enemy camp. But even the Crusaders told her go to the Muslim King, the Sultan, he will help you. He's a merciful man. And bow the individual daughter was an eyewitness saw how the woman when she was reunited with the child, he became so emotional that she started to throw sand on her on herself out of you know, happiness. And everyone became emotional. They're all the Muslims who were around the Sudan and so find himself. This is an example of mercy and justice. Okay. And the prophets had Malaya Humla your

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hand the one who does not your mercy will not be shown mercy. This was the message of the story. Thank you so much for listening as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. History bytes, support the channel by subscribing and follow the links. If you want to support this research and history related work, slavery going to law