Mirza Yawar Baig – Tazkiyya wa Tarbiyya #22

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of kn Crédit in shaping one's life and achieving success is discussed, including the benefits of Islam, praising actions, and the importance of fasting. The speakers stress the importance of being aware of one's actions and doing the right thing to avoid evil behavior. The conversation also touches on the negative consequences of hesitation, the negative impact of warhead, and the need for vaccinated and boostered coverage. The speakers stress the importance of constantly reminding oneself to be vaccinated and boostered against COVID-19, and the need for fearless behavior to avoid disappointing others.
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On other Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Showfield MBA will mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Haile, who it was Abu Salam to Sleeman, Kathira and cathedra. From abajo my brothers and sisters, if someone were to ask me

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in one word, what is the object of the skills? knifes? What is the goal? Why must I purify my heart? I would say the object of the skill to knifes is to become aware of Allah subhanaw taala in my life,

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and without the shields and nerves without purifying my heart, without freeing my heart from all misguidance from sheer from Cofer from rebelliousness of any kind, and without making my heart, submissive and obedient to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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The awareness of Allah subhanaw taala in my life cannot happen.

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So the whole purpose of this youth enough is to develop this awareness of Allah subhanaw taala in our lives, I remind myself in you that in sort of the Zoomer Allah subhanaw taala asked a question,

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I raise Allah because if in Abda,

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which means is Allah subhanaw taala? not sufficient for his slave?

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Is Allah not sufficient for you?

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answer Bella Bella, I mean, why not? Yes, of course. Allah subhanaw taala is sufficient for me. Allah Who coffee? But that is not the it's not a question of answering something.

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The question is, when asked, and I verbally answer the question, that is not the

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the purpose and the idea behind the idea and the purpose behind it is to ask myself this question and say, Allah is asking me, am I not sufficient for you? What is my answer to Allah? And to remember and remind ourselves that our answer is not what we say without?

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Our answer is visible and should be visible and will be visible in our actions in our decisions. Our answer will be visible in the fears in our heart, or the lack of those fears.

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A person who feel who really and sincerely believes that Allah is sufficient for them, will not fear anything in creation, whatsoever. Because the one who has Allah, who else does he need? Nobody?

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The one who has Allah, who can who else can he fear? Nobody? The one who has Allah, the only one he needs is Allah, the One who has Allah, the only one who displeasure if he who fears the only one who's pleasured he is seeking? Is Allah subhanaw taala? No, nobody's

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one of the most beautiful examples of the Sierra vs. Salaam is his dua, after his experience in life.

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And what does he do at the end of the day, what does he say? He said, Allah, if you are pleased with me, then I do not care if anybody else is displeased with me.

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And if you are not this, if you are not pleased with me that I will work and do my best and I will continue to work until you are priest have tatata.

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Now this is in essence and in a

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in a line, the whole purpose of Islam which is to please Allah subhanaw taala.

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Whatever we do in our lives must result in the Rebbe of Allah

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must result in the pleasure of Allah. If Allah Jalla Jalla was pleased, then my life is successful. If Allah is not pleased, then my life is unsuccessful, no matter anything else, right, this is where the problem comes, because we have set for ourselves standards of success and failure, which are now free from Allah.

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Right? We have removed Allah subhanaw taala from the equation. And that is why I remind myself always until you that factor Allah into the equation, because he is in it anyway. Whether we want to deny that whether we want to now will remove Allah from the equation or not. That doesn't happen Allah is in the equation.

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And what's that equation? The equation is the equation leading to success or failure.

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If that equation is in a way where Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with me. If I live my life in a way where Allah is pleased with me then that equals

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should result in success and if it is the opposite, then it results in failure, I am the one responsible.

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having been I said, having Allah in my life, this awareness this is a function of awareness, right? Allah is there in the equation, but do we know this?

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Do we know this because if we know this, then our lives will be characterized by two things. One is complete confidence and tranquility and a lack of fear of anything other than Allah. And the second one is our lives will be characterized by a conscious

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consciousness never to displease Allah subhanaw taala. No matter what

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the, the the

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wealth, of awareness of Allah subhanaw taala is in two parts, one as a protection from sin.

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When I'm aware that Allah is with me, when I'm aware that Allah is in my life, then I will never consciously and deliberately do anything to displease him jealous.

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This is a proof and evidence that I am aware of the presence of Allah Jalla Jalla in my life,

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that I will never consciously commit a sin,

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I will fulfill all my duties and I will not do anything which Allah has prohibited.

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This is the evidence, first one, which is protection from sin. And the second one is freedom from fear.

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Because if Allah is in my life, then who do I feel? Why should I fear anybody, whether it is external conditions, economy, politics, weather, whether you knew it, or whether it is people, this one in power, that one in power, this may happen that may happen, or it is non people issue. For example, one of the big things today is COVID.

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To fear I might get COVID, I might die I might be sick.

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And if it is not COVID Something else, I mean, there's no shortage of you know, diseases and stuff. complete lack of fear of any of these things and say Alhamdulillah kuliah, all plays and all thanks to Allah subhanho wa Taala no matter what condition I might be in.

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And I have this complete faith and trust that my Rajala DeLallo will protect me from anything which is harmful to me.

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Because this is the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala said if you do my work,

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Allah Who ASIMO Camilla does, Allah will protect you from the people this is what the mydala Smetana said no Mr. Seller,

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and he ordered him to do the work of Islam to preach and he said, Allah will protect you.

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So when we have this awareness of ALLAH SubhanA wa geladeira, who immediately an instant D there are two major benefits in this life itself, protection from sin and protection from fear that is right here in this life. And then of course, if a person lives a life, which is free from sin, and by free from sin, I mean that the person is is not going to deliberately commit anything wrong. And because we are humans, sometimes we may forget sometimes out of something or the other. If we do something wrong, then immediately we make is the far we repent we seek ALLAH subhanaw taala is pardon and we know that our hamdulillah insha Allah as long as we are seeking pardon Allah subhanaw taala will

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pardon us and will forgive us we know this.

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So when a person lives a life like this, then automatically in the ACARA Inshallah, this person will not be humiliated, Allah subhanaw taala will protect this person from humiliation and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us Jana Allah inshallah will guard Jana to a person like that.

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Now, one of the one of those beautiful ayat with regard to the awareness of Allah in our lives, is where Allah subhanaw taala said what he does I like everybody and need for in need. Karim Wu Ji Buddha dari Eva da fall yesterday really well you mean OB, Allah whom y'all should own

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these items or the baccarat comes in the middle of the ayat relating to

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the fasting or whatever this is either 186 This set of IR begins where Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, you Alladhina amanu quotevalet colloseum Kamakoti Valentina in COVID de como la la quinta taco, Allah says, Oh, you who believe fasting has been prescribed upon you, as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may become the court. I remind myself I knew that all the Avada of Allah subhanaw taala all the acts of worship are not acts of worship

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The goal is not the act itself. Every act of worship has a goal we do this in order to achieve that. This is the goal for example, as far as Salah is concerned, unless a man has told us that in a salada tan handle fascia that the salah separates us from the Fauja and macara the salah makes us obedient to Allah and the salah separates us from all forms of sin, and all forms of disobedience of ALLAH SubhanA so the purpose of Salah is to

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free our lives from sin and the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala the Salah is not for itself. Similarly fasting, the purpose of fasting is the Allah Poom taco, so that you may become Moutoku that is the reason why fasting is prescribed where during a specified period of time, from sunrise to sunset, we

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do not eat or drink or do something which is halal for us which Allah has permitted. But during that period of time, we don't do that for no reason other than that Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered that we should behave in this way. Right there's no need to be we don't we don't fast for to lose weight or, you know, to control our sugar or something. The reason for fasting is because Allah said so and why do we do that to reinforce the fact that obedience to Allah subhana wa Tada is the reason for for our existence, we have been created for obedience, we must obey and this obedience is something which is

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critical for our success in this life and the next. That is the reason we are asked to become motorhome who is a mata ki Amata is somebody who is constantly concerned about the pleasure of Allah who constantly fears the displeasure of Allah. Therefore, his whole life, every action of his every speech of his every condition that he is in or she is in, they are conscious of this and they do their best to ensure that Allah subhanaw taala is not displeased with them in any way at any point in time.

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This is the purpose of fasting is not for anything else. Now lagoon Tato so that you become bias, we give zakat for what so that our wealth is purified. All the above that in Islam are in order to achieve a higher goal. Now in the middle of these ayat of fasting comes this ayah which I decided for you

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where Allah subhanaw taala

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Said we're either sai like Eva Danny, for India, curry, Fuji Buddha diaries are the icon for yesterday really well. You mean we lie low years ago, when Allah subhanaw taala said that, when my slave asked about me,

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I am close to him.

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And I'm near to him when he asked about me, Obama So Salah, then I'm indeed nearly and obviously if I'm near to him, What does he do I respond to the draw of the supplicant when he calls upon me. So then let him obey me and have faith in me believe in me, so that they may be rightly guided. That seems beautiful, right? Unless rather is saying just by asking just the question of asking about Allah's manners and asking about his greatness asking for what he wants, asking about what pleases Him, this itself is an act act or rather, and draws us closer to Allah subhanaw taala smarter saying that I am I become close to my slave. Obviously if the slave is close to his robe What will he do he

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will ask if you are you make do and he said all like give me this all I need this I'm your I'm your slave. So the action itself the of asking, draws him close to his robe jealous. And then he makes DUA and Clos Martha is the beauty of this thing. Allah say I listened to his do I accept this obligation. So this dua insha, Allah is is accepted whenever we make dua to Allah Martha, this is accepted. Now the idea is it is in the middle of the earth of Ramadan, but the meaning of that is not restricted Ramadan anytime. So Allah is saying you are, even when my slave asked me, I will, I will accept this da I will give him what he wants. But Allah, Allah said, Let him obey me. And let

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him have faith in me. Let him Let him have faith in me. So the the, what is the what is the, the issue of obedience and faith is that we never do anything to displease Allah Subhana Allah

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and then as therefore they will be rightly guided. So this is the benefit of the awareness of Allah subhanaw taala in our life that our do us become acceptable to

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Allah subhanaw taala so let me therefore give you an assignment and that is to identify actions and speech what we say what we do in our daily lives and to ask about the quote out

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There are consequences in this life? And what is the result of the of these things in the occur? And what do we think we need to change in our lives? Just to give you a very simple example.

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As soon as I said, I'm set a smiley Sokka, right see the see the connection between the material and the spiritual this something which is, we seem to have completely lost track of it. We don't be forget the fact that every action of ours there has a spiritual reflection, it reflects on the spirit, and it either does something good for it, or it does something bad for it. So it's up to us. What do we want to happen with regard to our spirit? So here Allah

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says that a smile is Solokha what is sockeyes charity? Meaning that charity has a reward?

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And or what did I do? All I did was smile. So if I just smile if I just have a cheerful countenance if I if I just meet people, and I greet people, I'm actually doing a bad I'm worshiping Allah.

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And doing actions, which are actions of Riba and these actions are actions which will gain for me, reward before Allah.

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So I'm giving you the example of only one thing, but think about all that we do in our lives.

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Every single thing has a consequence,

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right, everything has a consequence. So, keep that in mind and say, How can we do things, which will give us positive consequences. Now, take again, the same smile example, asked you to reflect on the effect of, of our actions in this life and the next, what is the effect of of smiling, if it was Miley's make friends effect of smiling is it just makes people around us happier. Right? So this bile has a positive effect right here. And then of course, it has a positive effect also in the, in the hereafter. So it's something that is so simple. And then of course, you know, anything else that we talked about, which has a

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defect in this life as well as the next slide. So do give this some thought and think about what this means. Another diagnostic tool. If you think about this and say,

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we are talking about the sense of awareness of Allah subhanaw taala in our lives, in total on fire Allah subhanaw taala said in our Divina, either Luca Allah Who would you let Kulu what is that Juliet la Maya to zada to me mana while Allah will be him yet our Curlew Allah Veena up Muna salata when we might have the Konami code hula aka humble aka Lahoma Raja tuna in darabi him or mouth Farah to what is called Karim. Allah said which means the believers are only those who when Allah subhanho wa Taala is mentioned they feel of fear, they feel a sense of awe and glory and majesty and their hearts Shiva

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with the glory and majesty and all of Allah subhanaw taala. When he is just mentioned when they are for example, Allah Akbar in the other dimension of Allah has an effect on the heart.

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And when is ayat are recited unto them that is the Quran curry or the see the eyes of Allah smatter around them. These eyes increase their Eman increase their faith, as others will be man. And what Allah Bohemia Dawa cologne and they put their trust and our call on Allah subhanaw taala alone. And then Allah Subhana Allah so three things that Allah mentioned which are internal, the heart shivers with the glory and majesty of Allah, the mind increases because of the recitation of Quran and be seeing the signs of Allah around them. And as a result of these two things, they have faith in Allah subhanaw taala and they have the Acropolis marathoner and they rely on Allah subhanaw taala for

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everything then, these are the people who establish a salah not just pray when they feel like praying, established the salah, and spend out of what We have provided them to to actions in the external external world, which is the established salah they pay Zakat and they give more in terms of Sakata and charity, unless they are the one it is these people who are the true believers. So Allah Matera gives the stamp of approval of being a believer to people who do these five things three internal and two external and then Allah says they were the true believers. For them our grades and stages of honor with Arab and forgiveness and an honorable provision risk and Karim

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dutiful risk in this dunya and in the current Jana, Jana. Now. Question is

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Are we there?

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Are we at least on the journey there

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That is the thing to ask

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that I'm not sitting here doing for the Quran. I'm just I just decided for the ayat and the translation. The question is to reflect on this and then say, if these are the five things that Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned.

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And then those people who have those five things Allah said hula ikaho Moolman una haka. Truly these are the people who are the true believers. This is Allah Subhana Allah Tara's certifying the Eman of people.

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Am I among them?

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Can I be counted on them?

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Right, this is the question to ask ourselves.

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Do I think I am among those people? Who Allah Jalla Jalla? Who mentioned in this I?

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Do I have these qualities?

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Do I have these qualities? Because if I don't have these qualities, then

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what's happening to me?

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If I do have these qualities, or Hamdulillah, I'm very pleased. And if I do not have these qualities, then I should work to get these qualities. What do I need to do? Therefore the question to ask myself is what do I need to do to be somebody whose heart is connected to Allah subhana wa Tada? And whose heart beats for Allah subhanaw taala? And who

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is who's whose heart is responsive to the Ryda of Allah? subhanaw taala to what Allah subhanaw taala likes?

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And if that is if the answer is well, I would like to be there but I'm not there yet then I need to work to make sure that happens. Now,

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what are the things that would work against this? One is useless talk. Ignore other anima narrated from ressourcer salaamu said, Do not talk excessively without remembering Allah. Because such excessive talk without the mention of Allah causes the heart to harder, and the bird and the person furthest from Allah is a person with a hard heart. And this is in

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Imam i Let me repeat that Abdul I've never have the llama narrated from Rasulullah sallallahu said Do not talk excessively without remembering Allah. So two things here. One is Don't talk too much. And secondly, whenever you talk make sure that you mentioned Allah smarter and to remember Allah Subhana Allah and your talk today think about our social lives almost entirely we talk about things which are really used to stick politics with them one of the one of our big

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topics of discussion is politics.

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Most of us have absolutely no no influence in that area. But we will talk we talk about what discipline should have done that we should run so on so on, so on, useless talk, right. So also economy, nowadays it's COVID continuously day and night we are talking about COVID So many people died. So many people are infected the in this state that happened that state this happened this country that country, what is the use of the stock? All there it does it feel it makes you feel depressed, it makes you feel as if this is great possible, this great calamity that is happening. And you know, one day it will catch me what what is the point of that? Take your precautions, get

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your get yourself vaccinated, take your booster shots or whatever it is, and then get on with your life. I mean, this this continuously talking about this thing over and over again is very stupid. It's something that has no value whatsoever. As soon as I said and said do not do all this excessive talking. If you have to talk them also make sure that you continuously remember Allah smarter meaning in your talk, to talk about the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala because he said otherwise, your hard will become hard. Your heart will become hard. And he said Salah Salem that the person furthest away from Allah subhanho data is a person with a hard heart. May Allah protect us from

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having hard hearts.

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Second cause is forgetfulness. Again, this is a

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result of useless talk because I'm talking all kinds of users things that I'm forgetting a lot smarter than narrated, Sabah and Nadella. Know that as soon as I said, the people will soon summon one another to attack you as people when eating invite others to share their dish. Someone asked Will that be because of our small numbers of the time your solo? Solo solo? He replied, sir, no, sir. No, you will be numerous at that time. But you will be scum and rubbish like that carried down on a torrent on the top of the flood. And Allah will

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remove fear and respect of you from the breast of your enemy, Allah will remove the your fear from the heart of your enemy.

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And he will put one into your hearts. They asked him what is Vihaan Yasser Allah salah, and he said love of the world and dislike of death, hobo dunya Bokhara here to remote and this is in addition, a Buddha would

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see this hadith

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Allah knows that sort of thing, even though you will be

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massive in numbers, you will have no respect, you will not be respected, you will not be feared, people will not have no fear in harming you people will have no fear in putting you down and oppressing you. And we sing this electronic things all the time.

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Right. And the reason I've said this is because of how you behave what you do. So Allah will remove your fear from the hearts of your enemies so your enemy will feel free to attack you and to destroy you to try to destroy and he will put fear into your hearts he put this thing called why and what is behind his love of dunya and fear of death. Hobo dunya aka heathen not seriously we need to look in the mirror ask ourselves what is the condition of my heart?

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Right. Now what is the cause of warhead?

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Which is a lack of Yochanan Dhaka

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hobo dunya. And Kira has, both are because of a lack of yaki in India. Because when we know if we have this complete certainty, that the real life everlasting life in the ACA, then we will work to

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beautify the refer to our charity theory by that to our good living, pious living, we will try our best to make sure that the akhirah my my life in the hereafter is very beautiful. Is very, very nice. If I don't do that, then it means I don't have faith in that.

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You know Alwaleed bin

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arbitrable Walid bin

00:27:25 --> 00:27:30

Malik Abdul Malik Minh miroir Alwaleed bin Abdul Malik bin Marwan he came to

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to Makkah for Amara. And he asked people if any of the baboon were there in Makkah, and they took him to one of the Fabien

00:27:46 --> 00:27:46

have the land

00:27:47 --> 00:27:54

to lolly. So I'm really worried was the Manomaya Khalifa immediately after

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our abilities. Right. So I already asked him, he said, I, why do I fear death? He said, I'm afraid of death. Why am I why do I fear death, Kara has a moat.

00:28:08 --> 00:28:32

This person told him he said, because your palaces here in this dunya and you have not done anything to build your rocker. So naturally, you are afraid because you don't want to go to a place which you have done nothing for. So you don't want to go and this is the love of dunya. So you love to be here. And the more you love to be here, the more you will beautify this place. And that means to that extent, the other place will be left abandoned.

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And this love will increase your fear of going there.

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so humble, dunya and Khorasan mouth are related.

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The more hobo dunya we have the more Cara hater mode, we will have because the two are related. They're both the same thing, that if you look at it in one way. I remember I was sitting in the doctor's office once many years, but maybe 25 years ago

00:29:02 --> 00:29:08

when an old man he came and he

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you know, I when he came and he entered the doctor's office, I got a very strong smell of urine. So obviously it means that he was incontinent. And

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he was bent almost double,

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almost like in a state of local. And he was using a walker and walking with great difficulty. So he's obviously somebody in whose life couldn't have been pleasant, right? Because he's bent over with pain with arthritis and he's walking with a walker and he's incontinent. So he came in he said, I want to see the doctor immediately. So the nurse said would you know do you have an appointment is no.

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So she said, why? Well, because you can't just seem like that because you have to get an appointment. It's an emergency. She said what's happening. So he shows

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The top of his head, there's some kind of discoloration. He said, I think this is skin cancer,

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with with the exposure to the sun, so I have to see if there is an emergency. I'm thinking to myself, What is this man living for? We look at his look at his life. He is He is in a mess. He is old, he is weak, he is got arthritis in pain. He's got incontinence, he can hardly walk and he wants to live. That he's his love for life is such that despite all that he wants to live. He's not saying well, you know what, let me cancel it be anything I mean, to * with this life is enough. I am I'm ready to go No.

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Oh Buddha gonna have the more we love this dunya runs faster, the more you're going to fear death. The way to get out of this is take this thing and throw it right throw the ball, just the ball. What's the ball the ball is your wealth, converted to charity, your wealth converted to actions of goodness, which will be for us waiting for us when we meet a loss manager. And just the one. So when we do that, then we have no handler. Remember, when we say we don't love this dunya doesn't mean we are ungrateful. hamdulillah very grateful to Allah Samaritan. For all that he gave us this is part of gratitude is part of sugar, which Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hamdulillah. But we don't love that

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we don't want to grab on to that we don't want to, you know sacrifice anything for this. Today's look at the look at life and people our brothers and sisters are fighting each other people are fighting the parents for for property, one house one, you know piece of land or whatever it is imagine that now you are destroying your relationships. You're destroying your relationships, blood relationships are so important in Islam, you are building up ill feeling about each other.

00:31:42 --> 00:32:22

You hate each other, to own brother, you're your own blood brother, you hate him because of money and this and that in the other light, what kind of life is this? And then when we go on on the Day of Judgment, what is going to happen? We will answer all of this. So seriously, let us look at this and say if if I'm aware of Allah in my life, what must I do? I must act according to that. Meaning I must act in ways which show that I want to meet Allah's manager in a state when he's pleased with me. This is the meaning of awareness of Allah subhanaw taala. In our lives, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to clean our hearts from everything except his no accept everything except his cashier,

00:32:23 --> 00:32:44

everything except his glory and majesty. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to put the love of His Habib Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in our hearts so that we live our lives in a way that he lived his life and set left for us this beautiful example that we should emulate even following once Allah Allah will carry while Ali he was a member of Tikka Masala Baraka Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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