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He is pleased to announce the return of the quote on intensive in the summer of 2012. That's 30 days of Arabic and Tafseer studies go to beta summer.com for more information.

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Lee, let

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be now for the lobby, why john a.

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Second, now, go Me, me,

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me, me,

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lovely town

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show today we'll be selling items 26 through 20.

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Just a brief translation of the

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item returns, or loss, as it was said, entered into the garden, meaning paradise agenda. He said,

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If only my people they could know

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we might offer the rugby. That how or the fact that my lord has forgiven me, which

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has made me from the very honored, respected people, respected individuals. What happens

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in June in Minnesota,

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we did not send down upon his people right after him any army from the sky or mapping them to me, nor were we going ever going to. in Canada.

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It was nothing but one screen, one loud sound. But he doesn't know how to do that all of a sudden, they were completely silenced.

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So these are the four I am currently studying in Sharla. And to connect them as to what we were talking about. This has been telling us the narrative we discussed yesterday, the great amount of detail about the men who came from the outskirts of town, for the for this part of the town, the city. And he came to give advice to the people that talk to these people, and try to talk some sense into these people that listen, listen to what these messengers are saying to you, it's of your own. They don't ask you for any reward any compensation.

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And these are rightly guided individuals. And then he continued to give them advice or money allow for money, why would I not? What would be wrong with me? If I did not worship the one who gave me existence originated the

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zone and we all have to return back to him exclusively?

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To the idea Should I take or how unfortunate would it be for me to take other than Him and in deities or gods or objects of worship? in return?

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If the most Abundantly Merciful was to attend some harm, some difficulty for me, led to

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these other deities and false gods that I would be worshiping their intercession, their intervention would not help me in the least bit what I knew about safety in the event of a robot intervene in that case, I would be in most open, clear error in the item to

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listen up. I have definitely believed in your Lord at your best. This is now where it picks up. There is a consensus amongst scholars here that sometimes Let me explain one thing about the beauty of the

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window for us sometimes tells us a narrative describes a situation, something that's occurred in the past. It doesn't tell you step by step, every little thing that happened along the way. Just like when you're reading a novel, or reading a book, or you're watching a movie or something.

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It shows the child playing. It shows the child he's playing, he's running around, and then all of a sudden in the next scene and shows this young man going off to college.

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And you automatically made the connection that all of the child what happened to him. He grew up he went off to college now, you understand that? You don't have to see every single little step of him growing up and maturing and where do we apply to college? It's it's understood it's transition within the storyline.

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So similarly upper arm is the ultimate narrative, but for others the most amazing literature. And so the problem is he has this feature in the most excellent and beautiful fashion. So the scholars of the sheer professional, they tell us when this man spoke up and proclaimed his faith in front of these people, and stood up on behalf of these messengers, the people were so outraged, because remember, you said, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, me, oh, my people, he was from amongst them. Now one of our own has turned on us. He's up there. So because remember, they had rejected them in a telepathy when you're just lying to us. So they have rejected refuse disbelief. Now one of their own is standing up

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and just in confronting them, and proclaiming his faith openly and drop the legacy in front of them, and doesn't care what they think or what they have to say about it. These people responded, as people in that situation usually do. And they ended up killing this individual.

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They ended up killing him. So now that alone, there's a transition in the storyline. They killed this man. Now we're finding out what is happening with this man, that man that came from the farthest part of town to support the messengers. All right, nowadays telling us what's happening with this man in the afterlife, in the hereafter. Please, in a second. It was set, meaning it was announcing and he was told.

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entered into the garden superiors. So he's being entered. And this is very significant. He's being commanded to

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enter into

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meaning that's it. No reckoning, no questioning, no Hassan okitama nothing. This is the ultimate status and lots of people will agenda but we know that the Huggies tells us that there are going to be special groups of people who will no reckoning no question nothing will happen alone. We'll just enter them before everybody else into the gardens of Paradise. Without any questioning or reckoning. This man is one of those people who entered he says that

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he wishes

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if only

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like one last wish what is that last wish? Yeah made for me. I wish they could know this. So how about issue system security have this man and this individual?

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shows the sincerity in this man, this video is true concern for these people, even in the afterlife isn't fully these people can know what's happening with me right now. Maybe this would help them turn turn around. Maybe this would make them realize this shows when we give Dawa remember yesterday I was talking about how we get lessons on connecting data from this passage how we should engage in giving our teachers another thing that wasn't just done to simply just establish the job against somebody. That's if I deliver the message you don't want to believe that to hellfire. But that was not done with that type of a sentiment. That mentality. I'm just letting you know if you don't do

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As I did my job.

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It's not like a wet floor. You know, the floor is wet, the little sign you put there.

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Yeah, hopefully you're doing it so nobody hurts himself. But a lot of times it's being done. I don't care. If somebody slips they slip or they fall sideways.

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That's why a lot of people put the workforce out there so that they can get sued.

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But for that reason, I give you messages your problem now

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that was done because we care about and

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he cried for people he felt their pain.

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He cried he bled sweat.

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live this life, to improve to help other people to improve their condition. So this man sincerity shows that his agenda, his agenda,

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but even in general when he said he later told me

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what what do I want them to know

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how my lord has forgiven me past that you forgetting me? wipe my slate clean.

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What the man might have done before that we don't know. That's the whole point. The Quran doesn't tell us what to simplement before was he a pious man before? Was he a righteous man was he doesn't tell us. But that's the whole point. He could have been anything. Think about that for a second. He could have been martial law. pious, nothing solid. He could have been absolutely. But he could have also been a thief and a liar or a crook. It's completely possible. That's the whole point.

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Didn't matter what he did before when he made such an amazing sacrifice. And he was willing to stand up for the truth. And he was willing to support the message of the truth.

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completely wipe the slate clean completely free. And in fact some of our other scholars mentioned the beauty the wisdom of the law literally needs to come

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For up something that just to forgive somebody simply to cover it up. Nobody ever knows why nobody ever says we don't know what he has designed before that that's the whole beauty and the significance of it. We don't know anything about this man before this. That's the whole significance alighted from us. We don't always remember for me what I need from him. And he made me from a

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to honor someone to honor someone.

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So mean are those who are honored, he made me from amongst that group of people who are honored. There's a very interesting kind of a sentence structure here. It's interesting way in which a lot of saying this, he didn't say that the man says, Well, I'll throw money

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at the law honored, you know, what do you mean, he made me from an economy, why you can look it up in the novel form, because the significance of the album over the verb is that the noun is not bound by time verbs are bound by time, nouns are timeless, that he didn't just grab me on her right now and right here, or in the past tense, or right here right now. But he granted me honor for all of eternity.

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Within the life of the year after we were given an honor, that's for all of eternity in this world. So have a look at this one, Your Honor. Today, what can happen tomorrow?

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Like that?

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I mean, we see they are politicians,

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wealthy people, religious leaders,

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honored to disgrace tomorrow,

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just in terms of situation, but in the Hereafter, what's your honor, that's it. It's a lifetime of

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elections forever, all of eternity. That's one thing. The second thing is is medical coming from me, meaning he just isn't honored. But he's in a group of people. He's amongst others, who are also equally honored. That's another thing, right? The company that you keep,

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it reflects on you. You feel a sense of distinction and honor based on who you keep company with? If your best friend is a really famous person? Does it make you feel a little bit more special? Absolutely. If you have all these politicians and friends, as friends, you're kind of a cool battery. When everyone comes to when they have some trouble.

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Right? You're the one guy with the inside information all the time, what's going on. So

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you say not only my honor, but allow me the group of people, my neighbors, my friends, my the people that I mingle with, they're all equally honorable people.

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So I'm, I'm an amazing I was give me an amazing status, and put me amongst the most amazing, awesome type of people

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know it must be

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now a less power than the man was speaking before. A lot allow him to speak of his experience. What happened with what transpired with him, but now is addressing the situation of those people. The people who killed the people who refuse the messengers, disbelieved in them and ended up killing the one man that would speak on their behalf that would support them, believe them.

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alone that speaks directly to shows the anger The Wrath of Allah. While mantella omaheke ami badie

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Allah says that we did not sit down. Remember, Allah call me upon his people.

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right after him. bad omens after him mean

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the increase the addition of the word mean adds the meaning of immediately after right after that, meaning the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala. And the last decision about these people wasn't much later when they committed such an egregious act. When they did something so bad

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when he did something so so horrible as persecuting and killing a man would speak on behalf of the truth. teller says that it wasn't that the punishment came on in just a little while later, immediately the punishment

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bad he mentioned it last minutes at any time.

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Once again the addition that he says when he adds them in again, the addition of the main here means anytime. That being that smaller angels, people no no type of audio sentence

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and are mentioned to army because when the melodica interest will be sent down to punish the people. It would be literally the angels even in bad The weather was so we mean one of the thing they came down literally in the form of an army very organized second Battalion, they can go

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and even if with a lot of flex people sometimes with a punishment from other people. He gives he hands him defeat at the end of

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People, you can still save me necessarily from the sky. Because where does the command originate from? It originally is from the sky from us.

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So unless we did not send down upon these people, immediately after him anytime from an army from the sky, what up analogy? nor would we ever sit down with teen girls, would we ever sit down? What does that mean? nor would we ever sit down? So there's a few different ways to understand the statements kind of like a figure of speech and a few ways you can understand it, it can either mean that we then sent an army down upon them, nor would we know, are we ever going to. It could also be we did not send down an army upon them. And it wasn't really even appropriate to send out an army upon them, because these people were not deserving of such attention.

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I mean, a last round went out if he wants to destroy people to understand what I'm talking about. If Elon decides destruction for a group of people,

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there's a lesson that I have to send an army to come down and destroy them. Because I have to send that angels to read the punishment. Does he have to do that? We don't either.

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Whenever intense, anything happened? What does he say? be

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unlucky just instantaneously just like that.

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But when I was hands down in army, or something, is to deliver a message is to make some type of appointment is to feed some type of a lesson, allegedly simply saying that these people were not deserving of any type of special attention. There was no point to be made with these people. We weren't going to get anything done.

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So either they're just saying we were not we did not nor will we ever going to or would this could also mean is that these people are not deserving of such attention. And it can also mean that there was no benefit in sending anything like an arm. rather a loss of our services, what transpired what happened. In Ghana, it was nothing but in law, except for it was nothing but slay had done. So in other words they had done in the Arabic language, it means a very, very loud sound, like a screen.

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A screen. Like when somebody when they say he's yelling his head off.

00:17:28--> 00:17:32

A finger speech, Hussein's yelling his head off, like that type of allows

00:17:33--> 00:17:37

such a loud scream, and it's disturbing to people, it shapes you it disturbs

00:17:39--> 00:17:51

such a loud scream. And as a punishment of a loved one is used to describe the punishment. The law refers to like a huge, like a piercings out, that will literally make people's heads explode.

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I wasn't in Canada, nothing happened. Except for, say,

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one second,

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one screen,

00:18:05--> 00:18:09

one screaming piercing sound that literally made these people's heads explode.

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instance, all of a sudden, they were either

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infected for

00:18:23--> 00:18:24

me, all of a sudden,

00:18:26--> 00:18:28

immediately, all of a sudden, it came without warning.

00:18:29--> 00:18:32

What did they end up being called me to?

00:18:33--> 00:18:37

The root of this word, how are we doing? It means to put out a fire.

00:18:38--> 00:18:43

Like if there's a blazing fire, there's a fire in flames like a full fire and you put it out.

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You put the fire out all of a sudden, immediately. That's what the word means. How we do it was like as if they had been put out the way you put a fire out. Imagine the visual when you put something up.

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You just take like something and just

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put up the fire. I

00:19:02--> 00:19:05

just put it up. These people put out like that.

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And it can refer to many many things that they were very arrogant. They will proudly boast. They were oppressive. They're arrogant still, their their their stubbornness was just put out like that. It could also refer to how they died. Walking around one minute, next minute, you see them on the ground dead. Put up like that, like you put a candle out and somebody will put out one loud scream

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and just completely they were just destroyed. Their heads exploded they were dead instantaneous. So by subscribing the punishment that came upon these people. So what we learn today is a very profound lesson.

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The person we talked about the our industry, and of course this is that same message being given to the prophets, a lot of the followers of the Prophet saws and the Muslims dealing with the atrocities and and also the the

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The bridge that these believers in Makkah, who are committing this oppression, who are oppressing the Muslims, that it's a message being sent to all of these people, all different groups of people on different levels, that when somebody stands up for what's right, and what's the truth, like we talked about yesterday, like this man, silicon is our responsibility to stand up and speak the truth, that sometimes you won't see the fruits of your effort in this world. This man stood up for the truth. Did he see the fruits of his labor? Did all of a sudden everybody said okay, watch what you say makes sense, have the loved ones all have a stake Chava, let's all become Muslim.

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they received, they became even more stubborn, they became even more ignorant and arrogant, either killing it.

00:20:51--> 00:21:02

But the message here is, sometimes we invest something, it doesn't show the returns immediately. You don't get an immediate return on your investment. Sometimes it's a long term investment.

00:21:04--> 00:21:06

And especially in the case of Islam, in

00:21:08--> 00:21:18

the long term investment is a beautiful investment. Maybe in this life, you want immediate results for your efforts, but that's okay. But look what happens with them in the hereafter.

00:21:20--> 00:21:24

Just walk right into paradise. free pass like an unlimited pass.

00:21:25--> 00:21:28

Unlimited pass, just why don't you

00:21:30--> 00:21:31

do whatever you feel like

00:21:33--> 00:21:42

maccarone use forgiving, honored, given distinction. These people dishonored him, they abused them, they oppress them they killed and murdered.

00:21:44--> 00:21:50

People, people who were left behind must have been thinking of himself, he ruined himself. But it became

00:21:51--> 00:21:59

the kind of shameful situation was allies showing us in the life of the year after he was honored. amongst the most honorable of people.

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Like I

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mean, in the beginning was in the green was what our

00:22:05--> 00:22:13

messengers, people who gave their life for Islam, truthful, righteous, pious people to be in the company of such. That's where

00:22:15--> 00:22:28

and then it finally tells us that at the same time, people who oppose the truth should not be deluded by what they perceive to be a victory.

00:22:29--> 00:23:06

Immediate short term victory, upper hand, they shouldn't be diluted by that. Because sometimes that's just another trap. That's just a part of that trap. It's a part of their delusions. They ended up killing this man. Those people must have been very proud of themselves. Yeah, see. Anybody else talk out? Look what happens in safety. What happened to you? Yeah. And imagine how people talk amongst each other afterwards, we showed them, we put him in this place. Nobody else ever speak out against us ever again. You feel proud Eric is more arrogant on top of their arrogance, delusions, on top of

00:23:08--> 00:23:10

layer upon layers of darkness.

00:23:11--> 00:23:14

But a lot helps us reset the reality of it.

00:23:15--> 00:23:18

Look what happened to them. Imagine what a horrible way to.

00:23:20--> 00:23:31

Now Allah says Allah did not even trouble it was they were not worth the trouble of even sending out angels to come and bring destruction upon the punishment of just one. So you have

00:23:32--> 00:23:40

one one loud piercing sound who has exploded people that finish End of story as if they know recovering.

00:23:43--> 00:24:11

So this is a very, very powerful lesson from today's passage. inshallah. Just another reminder, please try to keep up with the memorization inshallah, while also started doing so to kind of reinforce that memorizing, inshallah we can pray prayer, we'll start reciting parts of the scene, and that'll help us kind of reinforce some of the memorization and we'll make a phone number 30. Tomorrow, children may have lost the ability to practice everything that's been said and heard. So how do we

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make this happen?