4 Steps To Stop A Tantrum Instantly

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four steps, four steps to stop a tantrum instantly. You know, that is one of the biggest issues that parents face when their children are younger their toddlers is, you know, what do you do about all the tantrums and if you don't do it the right way, those tantrums are just going to increase Bismillah was Salam ala rasulillah. This is Tyler banani. ins, empowering you with psychological tips and spiritual support. So there are four steps you can take to make sure that these tantrums don't increase and they stop. Okay, so one, you have to acknowledge what that child is feeling. So they may be, you know, falling on the ground at the toy store, I want this toy, I want this doll

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house, I want this gun and you just say, am I getting it? You I know you want it. I know that this is you know, the you really like it. And maybe we can think about earning get. But right now I'm not getting it. But I understand that you really really want this and you really like it. So you're acknowledging that what they're feeling or I really I get the fact you you know, you're really sad that I'm not letting you have this bag of candy in the morning, I get that. And maybe you know, after after lunch, you can have a few. So you're acknowledging the feeling. Second, you do not engage. Okay, so at that point, when the child is yelling, screaming, it's basically best to remain

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calm, not react, because any kind of reaction is going to reinforce the behavior so you stay calm. Third thing is you do not give in a lot of times, parents, they feel the pressure, they get frustrated, they're like oh my god, just take it and leave me alone. And many of my clients will tell me that this is you know, the pattern of behavior, not the worst thing you can do, because they learn that if they annoy you enough, then you're gonna you know, you're going to give in and so you you got to be consistent and not given and fourth is to distract them, right. So, you know, when you have like, some sad news or something is happening and, and a friend comes and visits you or you go

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out and that distraction kind of takes your mind off of things. So the same thing happens with kids. So if you're able to distract them, if you're able to get them to focus on something else after they've calmed down, that will be the best way to deal with tantrums. So no more you know, no more tantrums. inshallah, the next time you have your kids have any kind of tantrum. And this is you know, talking about toddlers is that one you acknowledge their feeling to you, you know, you don't engage you don't sit there and battle with them and go back and forth. Stop yelling, don't cry, this, just you know, don't engage third, don't give in, stick to what you've said. And