Akram Nadwi – Time to change inheritance laws

Akram Nadwi
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Yeah I know this question also keeps coming that inheritance law people's okay you explained properly it makes more sense that you know if somebody's got son or daughter and son gets double as a share of the daughter because son is going to marry him he brings another woman to half of his property will go to this woman anyway to if you take double reason is because you know he spent half of it on him and a half and his wife and when a woman gets married her expenses will be on the husband so she basically just get an inheritance next but no expense or it makes more sense when the society like Islam when our time when the men don't take responsibility and women also share the

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expenses then the law should change to I will safely this this I don't agree with it. Loss of in addition nurse genic with this changing we men should not take responsibility because this is correct because you know people don't understand any rule of Islam is that not in isolation it connected the whole thing. Once you have this disrupted one at one place, it will disrupt everything the right thing really women should insist you should not marry unless because of motherhood either the whole purpose or the family thing is motherhood we many will have some type property it's not easy for them all the time to earn money you know we allow them men should take responsibility even

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if women have more money they can give as a gift some time sometimes they can give the debt you know like I've done a lot on who pay the wife she was I didn't Masuda very poor

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didn't even have money to she said to him Can I pay my car to you?

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It will look good for you. Your family she has so much money she could expand the family but she did not have to get the money she wanted to give the car the many her money as much as that is I don't know she said okay. She said okay ask the Prophet he said no you're gonna ask profit any with the promise that you're going to spend money on your husband and your family and you've got double reward she's giving the car not her money her money only is the cash you can give the women some money the women some money that should actually keep it they can spend for charity they can do so many things. Sometimes they can give gifted like they can't i can't give loan but the men should

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take responsibility and they should spend money on the house has a much more advantage in many many benefits really in their chronically mentioned this benefit we should not take away in this matter. Men should take responsibility they should be responsible for the forest spending money and women not a women should learn what they can get that what is important many men don't notice that many women don't know Islamic law is that marriage happen women have a right of an independent accommodation. Men have no right to bring the wife to the house of their parents know they need a house where they can take off their clothes when they don't need to put on a scarf.

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If you have in your parents house, then all the time they're like slave because everybody said they got the favor husband has to provide them independent accommodation. Firstly, second thing is all the expensive cloth and the food properly there should be given to the woman and look really in the details of the books or the fact those details which really are written by written by the automa even before more time in the air 37th century lucky but also

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in Alba Riot and the commentary I really salute selected all those things amazing what it says that you know how much the women you know when a woman comes to the house

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husband can say to her there's a food raw material you can cook what would like

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fun she can take anything that she wants. Second thing she allows her she said no I don't want to eat what you have, I want to buy my food from the market I can then the mine has to be her money

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mine cannot say whatever if she wants money, she can take money money will decide by the court looking you know, engineer Come on all the stuff properly. If you had to give the food that they mentioned the details of the food, the food should be sometime mute sometime downstream as the monster dish once the meal should be also food and some fruits as well. You know an oil should be given to her as well. And about the water this detailed and disabled growth, this detail some clothes for the house for the outside. And every six months they should have nuclear at the cloth and some sick cloth and all this going to deter you and and the vendor. Men have their guests, they

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are not allowed to use their wives bears now harder, you know harder sheets too far for the guests, you know that they should provide for the guest separately. They should not do this all the time. Then the author writes that I've been happy with thinking why I've tried these dishes, because there's some men so mean that when the guest comes in, they use the cloth or they use the heat of their wife for their guests that they should not do read this the issue really how much does preferred actually you people many we love to become women.

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What is better than this Really? That is somebody who looks after you provides you all the details. How's that? How's it

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Islam is always in, relate to the women. A lot a lot of ratio one member you

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don't take out the women from their houses houses men's house, but Quran course a women's house a lot of Regina members within biotin Islamic always related to the women. The professor did not have any house. He died he had no house. there when nobody can hear it. House where his house one day then I said how to win this out his own house is nowhere. He did not have his own house.

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He did not need to nobody need to hate him because there's no house of the profit or the house that belonged to his device. And he said

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geologica Nobu talking all the time, the karate kids missioning this how much respected man buys the house, under the woman because owner of the house. You see, this is so much respect. If people follow this properly, all the women in the world will love to become Muslim. But there's so many respect for them.

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But we don't say cassava is about to change, no, this not changing the other way we men should get whatever they deserve. Nobody can change because we want to start earning money we must have money, their money and they should not give as a gift. You take because your money. Your Money gives you more respect, money or if you have so much money, take it keep it you can sometimes you know your husband can take a loan from you. Sometimes you can spend your parents sometimes charities or you can build a house we can buy but also you can build somewhere

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but don't spend your money on the family.

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