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Is it obvious from the verses we recited the story of God own

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story of Quran is a very specific story and the client, I don't think there's another one that's even remotely close to it.

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It's interesting because a lot of the stories of find the Quran there are others that are, perhaps have heavy similarities to them. Some difference in context or difference and basic

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purpose, but caught on is just very different.

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The context behind his story is just very unique. I don't I don't have anything else that's similar to it. Now, in order for the story to make any sense, I have to comment on the back piece which is which is pointed out in the in the beginning of the verses and sort of castles, where he says in the corona, Khurana Pomi, Musa

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that on his own tells us a huge piece of what the story is going to be about. Because if you take the name Paulo and you follow it in the Quran, outside of the story, it's only there twice and to other parts of Corona if you're in our home and what after the jell O Musa will begin at first tech bubble Philately American wasabi Athena for cooling and Airbnb for minimum and I was telling them I don't eat healthy but I mean how many are harder to fly to a minimum and has definitely been a lot I mean, how many Laconia?

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Magnolia Lima, and what I can count on was on the moon, so in another versus Allah Subhanallah clumps up caught on if you're out in hammock

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once again is suited to vice versa to say well, Musa Tina was born in Mubin if you're out with our Coronavirus around our harmonica call sir headlong Khattab. So when you add up these pieces,

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if you look at those two, then it seems as if it was just another

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servant Fatone. Seems like it. But then in the Cardona Academy call me Musa. And oh Musa when he says Call me Musa that he's not referring to him just being a blood relative? No, no, he's referring to this man being a follower of Musashi he set up and he was his cousin, Musa Ibrahim, Milan.

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Call him new Lowry and Cara when you're when you're sort of knuckleheaded, Malawi. So he was the he was the most it Instagrams first cousin, very similar to him in age a little bit younger than him. And he was a strong follower of Messiah. He said, I'm back in Egypt.

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A very strong follower as someone who

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was associated with Musa as a person, as for example, hold on Ali Instagram was another many other venues Swati were associated with Musa as followers as people of knowledge as people who had a certain degree of followship or or piety. There were good people. And he was at the beginning, or was at the beginning of Kowloon was a true follower of Musa alayhis salam he truly he was a Moorhead and he was someone who fought for the for the freedom of Bani Israel. He knew someone who, who accepted the commandments that Allah gave me was at least some of the teachings and he had some. So he was actually one of the core group that moves on Instagram had. But then things changed a little

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bit. She caught on was very, very talented. It was extremely, it was intelligent, very, very intelligent man. And he comes from extremely simple backgrounds, like all of Bani Israel, he did.

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Now, as a disclaimer, if you're going to study Corona story from the books of Tafseer, meaning depending on which book you read, you may find a little bit of discrepancy in terms of how when they think karoon actually, his story took place. Some other minority of scholars think that it happened after after they walked through the seat that happened during the time of a tea. Now, it doesn't seem to be the case. That seems to be a misguided opinion for a number of reasons because the clumping of auto and story in the Quran is always with around in my mind, not after, it's just I don't have any evidence that it happened after it's just not there. If anything, any for closer, how

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long because all three of them. And in order for that story to be accepted to be correct, then this had to happen before they went through the sea, which actually makes more sense in general if you're to see the story, but you may find that discrepancy in certain books of 50 it just so if you've read it, you're not too surprised, because the Quran does not specifically pointed out we're just we're just reading this, I'm interpreting this from context and the scholars interpret this from the context.

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But what we do know in the story, regardless of anything is that thought on was very ambitious, coming from very simple backgrounds. And he was able to grow a certain

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fortune, he was able to make money he he was he was business oriented and he made a good one of wealth in comparison to others and but he is slightly who did not know he did for sure us but he is like users connected us the people who supported him. They were very happy to have a person amongst them who had made it financially who had the money. So they bought from him and they and they helped him become who he became.

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But then things got out of hand in the corner.

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Academy on call me Musa

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Fogarty. And then he he turned on them. He turned on them.

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How did he turn on them? Well

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as all corrupt political regimes are, they look for opportunity. Musa alayhis salam had grown his name as he as a messenger as a prophet had grown can become quite powerful I think people loved him or respected him but it was so it all the filter for hola y'all basically came together they were an unindicted or they were a divided group of people that found unity in the in the in the person of Mousavi stood up, it was it was his character. This happens a lot. The prophet Isaiah thought was very similar story. And it's not unheard of, honestly, honestly, societies and nations without leaders, they have nowhere to go, you need people that groups can, can come together for and around

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and learn from and be with and follow. If you don't have that in society, then, or any movement, if any movement lacks leadership, or personalities or characters. It doesn't go far. But most times I've grown for hours problem was how do I get I need to weaken Musa so we played on the right chord with Barun. Because karoun was his follower of me. So but also Colin was very ambitious and he had wealth. As Ron had the ability to take away some of that wealth, because of the political restrictions he could have put on God when He made a deal with them. Instead of I can take it all away, basically I can I can sabotage your business. Or maybe you've outgrown, you've outgrown the

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person whom you once followed, maybe but it was late is following the wrong person, you know, the person who takes the horn and blows slowly into your your ear, so your head gets bigger. And so if you were to ask, when I when I teach the concept of Teskey, and

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we talk about the four major diseases of the heart, we start with low job

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and then the optical border, then you have hustling every and each of them have a story in the Quran that is specific to hazard, you talk about the sons of DeMonte. So after a couple of years, you talk about the bliss. But then you talk about a job and it's called one hands down the story that it talks about our job vanity, talks about vanity, it's called he's he is the example of this. But it was just

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he had that weakness. And that weakness, he wasn't able to figure out exactly what exactly where he fits. You couldn't you couldn't see himself for the reality of what he was as a human being as a follower of Musa Ali Salaam. So once he was given that piece, no, no, you can. Why? Why continue to follow this guy? Look at him.

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He's already made so many mistakes. He's already he's failing. He can't. You can't he's not a financial mind. What Why look at you, you're able you were able to make this fortune out of nothing, basically.

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So Frauen was able to pull Todd on over to his side. And it was a huge blow to Musala yesterday, him and his group. It was a huge blow the shift the slow shift of balloons narrative.

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Like like today, when he when he watch what's happening to people, and you have Muslim

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individuals are leaders and then you hope that they at least have some narrative that is reasonable that supports and then they don't they say something very neutral or something that is as watered down and washed down and doesn't have any there's no there's no teeth to it. There's nothing to it doesn't harm anyone. It doesn't offend anyone. It doesn't point out anything that needs to be pointed out that an auto and slowly started to shift Padawans adherence to most artists that I was teaching changed cartoons.

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Attendance changed, his narrative changed. That's where the clients is that you know, following over on our hermana for Colusa Hill and get them and then call them and start to question a little bit, maybe a Mussolini's that I miss bringing what he's doing. So you start to change. And I think the story of Godwin which is quite complex, it talks about vanity for sure. But it also talks about, about about change.

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Can does wealth, does anything change you? Are you are you subject to being a different person if you're dealt a different hand? This is an epic question. It's an epic questions. It will never ever stop being asked and will be asked for the Day of Judgment. Are your values and ethics and morals and principles constant? Where are the variables? Are they things that can change if your status if your position the scenario that dictates your life change as well? Are you the same person you were 1015 years ago? I'm not no one should be exactly the same person you should definitely definitely grow. That's a given. But I'm talking about the ethics I'm talking about the morals I'm talking

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about the principles I'm talking about the the basic DCE

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To see the good aspects are you the same person you were 15 or 20 years ago, 25 years ago or has things changed you

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write that you find that in sort of embedded, so it's a little bit it basically basically explained explained to talks about for Dr. Hamill aka. Aka malapa For Karaca retirement vo Mindy Mosca Bahia team and then October Myskina the Metro Alba, can you overcome the obstacle, he was being told out of his salatu salam after he was kicked out of

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he wasn't allowed back into into Mecca. If you're going to live, he was told, are you able to overcome the obstacle? What obstacle are you talking about your job for you to continue to be the good person you've always been * Karaca will find when they're able to continue to do this, or it now because you're you have less you won't do it as much. Because if you do it less when you have less, you may change when you have more, did money change you can status change you This is the beauty of this character out of your salon to us and one of the most beautiful pieces is that he's the same person. You can take any any bird view from any point of his of his prophecy out as well as

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I'm in life for that matter for his entire life and fall and can't come down and see how he's speaking to people or how he's dealing with them or how you views himself or you speaks of him himself or how he exactly the same during the times of persecution when he had nothing. And the times when he was the undisputed ruler of Arabia, same guy, same guy, same way, same thought process, same perspective, same vision and view of himself. The same thing. He was the same humble, simple personality software. So nothing changed him. Barun was set up against this one test and he failed. Money changed him. When he became wealthy and Fabella led him he changed the way he spoke to

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them changed the way he thought about them changed what he viewed them. It was It was devastating. To see a hero to see a great man and fall. It hurts by the way it especially when when that person has a role model or when was one of the people who was with Moses, his cousin, his first cousin, he was there with them every step of the way. But then he fell

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he fell money changed the way he thought

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you know, you know, who knows we gave him so many treasures, man in MFR to who retinue will be lost but it will over the keys of the treasures not the treasures, the keys that open the chests that have all the wealth and the money in them to know who will prosper meaning barely can be carried by us boss for 10 to 20 people enough, three to 910 to 20 Osma they couldn't put it over with you know, muscular 10 to 20 muscular men they can't carry the keys. The keys are so heavy that so much wealthy and put together

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is calling her home.

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Because Musa couldn't speak to him anymore. He wouldn't listen to Musa alayhis salam and Musa if you went and spoke to him he felt if he spoke to him then maybe from CARDONE will flick think Musa is envious of other wealthy men. So we didn't go and talk to him himself. So he's so he put together a group to go speak to him to figure out why is he doing this? And why did he change? So they went because most artists that I'm you know, he's losing, he wasn't listening to him anymore. He did not respect him the way he did before. He did not speak to him the way he did before there was something that's changed. So he sent over, sent a group of people to speak to calm

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and they gave this beautiful advice.

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Beautiful, beautiful advice in the Quran. It's called Allahu Pomo has nothing to do with happiness.

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There's nothing It's not saying don't be happy. In the Quran Farah is used in the context of vanity. That's the meaning of it. Mother and father are used as words that describe someone who behaves in a vain manner. That's what this it's actually that's the usage of it linguistically, as well. The actual the usage of photo for happiness is Musa This is a new one. It's something that came years years later, it did not exist in the original understanding of the auto book this word. Why because out of the culture of the auto is a very harsh one. So words that describe happiness were very scarse use a lot of them. So the concept of Faraj was always used to describe someone who's becoming

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McGrew coming a little bit vain fool of himself, someone who was not the not the acceptable, the good time of joy Bacala Kurata in Allah, Allah, you're able for the end, the law does not love the vain. You're becoming vain. You're allowing this money to go to your head, whether it's LD FEMA, duck, Allah who Donald asked us what Allah subhanaw taala gave you so that you may bank it on the Day of Judgment you've been given a lot use it for what's coming for the, for the hereafter. And yeah, Allah Subhan Allah gives you something you must use it to make sure that your status on the Day of Judgment is is sealed. You make it to where you want to go.

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What I tend to see becoming a dunya and we're not saying that you need to live poor

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Live Well your your life have you know enjoy your wealth enjoy what you have no one's telling you that you need to sit around and he was nothing at all. We're not good commanding you for as long as you want to enjoy your wealth, enjoy your wealth to you. That's fine. Well I think I'm accent Allah who either you can just Allah, Allah has shown you excellence show excellence to others as well. Show excellence towards the people who you Oh, I need to show excellence as Allah did. When I tell him facade and don't don't become corrupt. You have to become allowed is you had low why because now his wealth was attacked was connected with the grounds. There was my problem now in his in his

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wealth. His wealth was not it's not as pure he built it on the on the hopes and dreams of Bani Israel. And then he connected it with the with the wealth of Iran. And this is cropped now when I tell him I said don't don't pursue the corrupt on this earth. In Allah Allah to him when we've seen indeed Allah does not love. You're gonna hear these people talking to them saying this is what Allah loves what he doesn't love twice now in Allah Allah, He doesn't love Allah subhanaw taala did this for his own sake do this for you. What was his response? Bala India, he through his response, let us into His inside of him. He gave us a glimpse to what's happening on the inside had he not answered I

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would have just have to speculate for you. I would be forced to speculate why it is that for God when did this he was meant for me Musa why Baba Ali him why he sold out that way? Why he gave in to the I would have to speculate but he gave me a glimpse into his heart when he answered the question. He helped he helped us understand why it is that he gave gave up so much why it is that he was no longer adhering to the teachings of Musa Ali's and and why he Pino kind of sided he was seen he was he was seeing the narrative of the politicians of the time. He was understanding that no, the leaders here have a point and you need the people need to be controlled and people have to know

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their place in it we give them quite a bit I don't understand why it is that they always want more. You know that narrative that sick, disgusting, any vomit inducing narrative that comes from people who have a lot of money and look at everyone else as if they're just a flock of sheep, human beings who have really no actual value and speak to about them that way behind doors, behind billion dollar doors basically. And this narrative as will continue to grow exists everywhere it exists here as well. It's not just a Middle Eastern problem, it exists here as well, here, they just give you enough so that you're not

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the piece of bread they throw is big enough for you not to you know, carry too much. But back home, you don't throw a big enough piece of bread. So people Yeah, I need to start asking a bit more questions and listening to it. But that's the same narrative that existed they're the same one that exists here. And I thought one has the same problem he he was put into that group. And it felt nice being in that group for once felt nice not being a part of the lower upper middle class being a part of that 1% that people actually have the money to actually make the decisions not the not the not the puppets that we have to deal with on a daily basis. But the actual human beings were making

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stuff he was now a part of this inner circle. And in an inner circles, they're like religion and Musen I don't know what it is. Can you can you deal with this cartoon? Can you can you do something about this? Can you keep them down? Quiet him a little bit? Maybe he's giving us a headache and you understand how this works? Yes, I can do that. We'll give you our support. So he was given his support and now cartoon aspire to outgrow Musa alayhis salam

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he gave you a glimpse scholar in Nima ot two who Allah al Menindee. I exclusively have all of what I have. I know you are here to tell me what we've done the female Turk Allah, you're using these terms? My talk Allah who doubted him, but at the end. Hola. Hola, yo hipbone. Hola. This has not stopped acting like we are equal. So I'm acting like Allah just gave this to me. I worked hard for this money. I work day in day out. I still stayed up when you were all sleeping. I was up all night planning. I was working. I was putting my effort into this. Now he ain't lyin.

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He's not lying.

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All right. This is the piece I need you to contemplate and reflect upon, or else you won't learn from this story. He wasn't lying. He worked hard for his money. He was an intelligent, ambitious person who worked hard to make the wealth that he made. So he made that money. But that narrative is ill. There's something wrong with that narrative. That's the narrative that I have a view when you go when you make something of yourself. That's how I look at you. I see that person who worked hard. He worked hard he put in the hours. I appreciate that. I acknowledged that Barack Allah like you worked hard. That's important. I will respect that. That's not how you see yourself. It's not how

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you see yourself. You see yourself like that you are Oh, see karoun When he said that he was already

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you were so far you couldn't save him. A loss he was lost, lost in the in the in the vicinity of his own mind. His ego is so big he was lost somewhere in his ego he couldn't find you can't find them anymore. He's not their father in them OTT who either element nd it's my knowledge is exclusively my hard work and the knowledge that I have

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coming here and talking to me about as if I was just given this I was given this. They didn't say that. By the way, if you listen to the, to the example of the pieces of advice, they didn't say that at all, how we heard that, that's how the neffs hears it. You give the neffs the ability to filter through things it will filter that piece and

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then that's what filtering was being said and taken all the negatives because it wants to wants to protect the wealth wants to protect that doesn't mean don't touch my wealth, don't touch my money, but that's what I have.

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So that's what he heard. Because that's what he heard. That's what he answered in mot to eliminate nd where's the Peace this is Allah subhanaw taala

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even Yanni go for right head on in from the lobby, at least right even the crooks

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even the crooks All right on their large stolen money hotels have them in the lobby, this is from my Lord it because

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even even the person who stole their wealth from the front and the food from the mouths of the poor people will write that at least he didn't even say that was his answer. Where's his answer? Where's it hamdulillah didn't didn't come out of his mouth in nama who in Nama is for exclusivity? It's not to emphasize it's not to emphasize he's not emphasizing he's he's excluded as a exclusively settlement nd is knowledge that I possess?

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is something I possess nd something I have. See I'm different. I'm special. And that's why I where I am where I am. Are you within the inner circle? Do you have all the money? Did you work out? You didn't? Why are you acting the Why are you giving me advice based on what are you giving me advice you know nothing, you have nothing

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in them ot to or element nd I exclusively this is this is where I got it from.

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Because no one hamdulillah there was no see 100 as a word that we say there is every time I see you give how to come. Then we went to second gear give it

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give hamdulillah Don't Don't get excited because it's the word you know, we do this we asked each other this question a lot because that's the word you want to I want to invoke provoke that word to come out of you. You want to do the same thing for me. So I said Hamdulillah. So I take what I have attributed to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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You got you got somewhere in life, academically, financially, socially, politically. You got somewhere you achieved something, the way you look at it is this is what Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed upon me in his blessings he could have taken you could have, you could have failed me every step of the way. I only am only here because Allah subhanaw taala allowed me to be here and he can take it away anytime he wants. So my full gratitude is for Allah subhanho wa taala. I worked hard, but let him be the judge of how hard I worked. I put in the effort. But let Allah if I'm going to be the judge of the effort that I put in and what I get for it, instead of me being the judge of that.

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That's vanity. Vanity is where you make you start judging. I know I did. Well, I did. Well, really? You did? Who told you? Who told you to do I want to know who's one who gave you that certificate that who's you're patting yourself on the back now, who patted you on the back that Allah subhanaw taala pat you on the back and say good job. He didn't then maybe hold off a little bit just for your own sake because you want to pay homage to his that's how you know it's your male family go to Allah. How did I do? Well, I did well, hamdulillah I'm headed well. So he'll, he'll praise you. He'll praise you'll say yes, this is you. This is how hard you worked

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is how hard you worked. He'll tell you that to your face and hamdulillah but I'm telling it to my to my restaurant, what I'm giving myself credit for something. Whatever effort I had, he created whatever intelligence I have to achieve it he gave it to me. Whatever grit I was able to muster to actually get this done. He's the one who How do I how do I take anything I do and disassociate it from Allah subhanaw taala it's insane. If you have a basic understanding of theology, a basic understanding of dough heed your honest it's impossible for you to attribute anything you do to yourself really you have to attribute to Allah subhanaw taala it's impossible. But he gave us a

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glimpse into sight his heart Allah in nama or due to Allah eliminate nd

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Yeah, that's what got him lost. Then he sold out and

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he lost his way with me Allah and Allah Allah Allah Camille, probably hymnal karoun Manu, Aisha do Minho. Wharton works. Hello, Gemma. While he doesn't know that Allah subhanaw taala has been for the longest time

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taking and punishing those who have more strength than him and have more wealth than him. What I used to begin with was Judy Morton and criminals won't be questioned about what they know what they did. And they don't need to be questioned about it. You're milking them. He'll know what he did. The Corolla for me if he's in it in his attempt to overthrow Musa alayhi salatu salam.

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So the Prophet Allah your slides and I will see you and your sobre moussaka every time he will be in a different difficult position. Now I will say Latvia Musa Aki X Rahman Haida for Sauber, and of course he didn't but that's what the Prophet alayhi salam would consult himself he was a Musa, my brother, he had to deal with worst and this was Benny Leyland and he and he was patient. But there's a point there that was it. He said, I'm just not enough. Yes, but I own and her money he's dealing with people who are murdering, federal and by

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The way I continued to accept the murdering of the children obey it's alive

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it's lawful you can you can read it for God OSA headlong because and then they continue the verses continue to talk about how God was one of the people well accepted

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stuck unis the

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Latina Ahmed OMA who was talking when he sat at home. So he just how far he went. He completely sold out tikka, he became a part of the other group. He's now solid there. He was a seller of their narrative for Harada homie he feels either too. So he comes out to the his people. I don't owe me that's why this word is so important in the huddle and Academy told me Musa is Carla who Oh, who

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told me he. So this is Yatra connecting this store he he was targeting he's from he's from the followers of Musa he was spoken to by the followers of Musa and he's going back and trying to target with his actions to followers of most artists and to see if maybe you can get them on for how Rajala Comey if you've seen it came out with an all of His grace, all of his beauty, came out all his cards on the table. He looked amazing. He showed the strength, the money, the power, the control, he showed it to people, and it was mesmerizing.

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And for a moment there. Those who had a little bit of weakness caved fall in the vena you really do not hire to dunya those who their goals are always somewhere inside of them. The dunya

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are people who claim that they look for us and deep down inside they're still following dunya by Allah Dena Yuri do not hire the dunya those who just want the dunya with Yoda, it's Elena Mithila oto Coleman, I wish we wish, how we wish that we were given that which Kowloon was given in Naboo that will help when I leave indeed he has a great, he was given a great help with Ignacy Sudoku puzzles, as I explained a few times before, is the first suitor in a cluster that talks about relationships and puzzles talks about relationships with people. Each story shows you shows you a story and it shows you a scenario where when you look at it, you misjudge it. And you see a lady

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throwing her son into the Neil denial I also believe you criminal You heartless? No, not at all. Not at all. You see most arrested I'm beating the living bejesus out of one person. No, that's not why it's not May I tell you Musa upon someone, you see two women holding back the holding back the sheep while men are working. And you think Well, no, it's not what you think the Buddha share. One could be if they had no every story in this in causes. When you look at it, you judge it and ignore it. That's not actual reality. There's a problem with judgment, stop judging people's stories. Stop looking at people and acting like you understand. No, I know what this is. So again, why following

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stories specifically here, he talks about vanity of course, is because they looked at him and then they were envious. We wished we had what we had when he didn't know what to do when Aleem. No he wasn't no he didn't have health Alim he would have been better off if he made no money in his life, because at least he would have said stood by Musa alayhis salam he would have continued to be one of Musa histograms home could have continued down on Musa FOMA who said the algebra linear cartina column he chose, he chose the best of the people he had, he would have we will he was at that core group had he not made the wealth, he would have still been that money polluted him, it ruined him,

00:28:26--> 00:29:03

it ruined him. This story is for all those who may be able to look back in their lives and say, I've changed. I'm not the same person I was anymore. I've allowed things to change me. I've allowed wealth, I've allowed status. I've allowed something, don't let anything change who you ask, nothing should change you. You have to stay the same person. The good person is talking with the baddest of the good human being the humble, confident human being that you always were don't let things take that away from you vote on it know what other will have? And I think look what he has no, no, that's not what he has. No, he has been given dunya dunya has been opened up to him and he's lost himself

00:29:03--> 00:29:28

somewhere in his large ego. And very soon it's not going to end well. According to Dina O'Toole and those who are acknowledged. Well, you look them, beware, what are you saying? So I would like you to Lehman and AMILO sada he's sold out. What are you talking about? You're talking about envying his wealth and envying his position, that the love of Allah is better for those who believe and stand their ground when I go to find love. So I've been when only those who are persevering are given the ability to do this, by the way.

00:29:30--> 00:29:35

These are people who have knowledge. Are you able to stand your ground and do what is correct? Yes, only the Swabian woman can do that.

00:29:36--> 00:29:38

For herself, no be you will be dirty he loved.

00:29:40--> 00:29:49

He lost everything. Some scholars and the majority say that an actual event occurred where the earth opened and swallowed him. Some other scholars

00:29:50--> 00:29:50

amongst them

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

referred to by email, they've been offshored and his tafsir say look at this event as not something that happened immediately. But something that happened slowly

00:30:00--> 00:30:25

for herself, maybe he will be there. It didn't happen all at once, but happened with time with time. The earth swallowed everything, meaning he lost it all. He lost his wealth, he lost his status. He lost his respect and he ended up with nothing for America and no human future to Soluna human doing that one American elementary no one was there left to stand by him by the end of it and he found no one to to help him and to to aid him

00:30:27--> 00:31:06

delicate down there was Bala dean at a man no McKenna who believes in the people who the day before this before were were envying him and hoping they wishing that they were in his position to start saying Wait Can Allah see wake up and there's only one sun for us in this story? Don't find it anywhere else wake and Allah in way is a word of have died job well, hard to hold off. Wait can wait. Wow, that would have been very similar thing and that would have been I don't know what happened there. I don't know what you're thinking their way. Kind of Hola, yo Bucha Teresa Lehman Yasha Allah subhanaw taala it's obvious he gives wells and holds back well to whomever he wants,

00:31:06--> 00:31:39

that has nothing to do with his love for people. And it could be it could be a job. We had this we had computers completely misread this. Lola and men, Allahu Allah, you know, the hustle for beginner. If it wasn't for the Allah subhanaw taala its bounty upon us, he would have done the same to us. He would have done to him what he done to us what he did to him and take everything away from us. Because we thought for a moment that that was the right thing. Dunya played in their eyes. And for a moment, some of them those who want to dunya start to feel maybe maybe put on his right maybe moves on Instagram is full of it. Maybe more says just been telling us to miss it. Look at this guy.

00:31:39--> 00:31:59

Look at him. Look, what he is. He's he he makes things happen. He can shake or move or they start to lose a little bit of where you can know that you can have your own way you can know the highs dischargeable. You know, it's obvious that he doesn't, that's not the case, we were completely wrong. They were taken aback by what they observed. They came to a realization. They'll cut down all

00:32:00--> 00:32:23

the law you read and fill out the facade, that hereafter the pleasure of it is given for the people who do not want to be vain, and do not want corruption. They don't want. They don't want control. They're not trying to control people. They're not trying to corrupt the world they're living in so the status quo change, it stays so they can make their money. Now you read the aluminum facade, we'll ask people to

00:32:25--> 00:32:29

you know, the end will be further for the pious. And that's the story of Caitlyn.

00:32:30--> 00:32:56

Baldwin who had aspired to the wrong thing, allowed money to change him became vain and lost his way. So much was set up for him he could have been so much more, you could have been one of the people who crossed the sea with Musa who stood by Moses and supported him during the difficult times. They're one of the people who you could have been one of the people who will push to enter the holy land when Musa found no one to stand by him when he gave the command to enter the holy land. But he didn't

00:32:58--> 00:33:19

money took them away from himself and I think that's something any story that's worthy of sharing with you I hope that was of a benefit Subhanallah behind the end and just don't forget to break also Allahu wa salam O Allah kind of you know Muhammad earlier Socrates main, so I can locate about a couple of people in sha Allah the the breakfast the men is in the main hall and the sisters and Charlaine the extension will aim in sha Allah to

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finish around 845 or up drawing