Zakir Naik – Response to Periyar’s Suggestion, “Kick Muslims out to Pakistan or Kabrastan (Graveyard)”

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The title "Goodly man" in the Bible is used to describe individuals and their actions, causing harm and causing chaos. The term "verbal man" in the Bible is misused to describe negative emotions or thoughts, and is used to describe individuals and their actions. The history of the term "G bills" is discussed, including misunderstandings of the word " airplane" and the promotion of peace only for the Lord. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following scripture and not taking advantage of political advantage, while also criticizes politicians for promoting peace and causing chaos in the country. The potential for a "medicals versus Muslims" war is also discussed, with the speaker suggesting that men and Muslims should read the Bible and agree to follow what is common in their religion.
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The first question asked on the WhatsApp

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by petyarre alum Shah from Tamil Nadu, India

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and brother period is asking the question, how can Muslims coexist peacefully with Hindus? While Allah hates scaffolds and commands Muslims in the Quran to do jihad against their faith?

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Quran is indeed a terror manual against Hinduism.

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Muslims want to abolish Hinduism and convert Hindustan into Islam Stan,

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they want to fulfill the command of Allah.

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I fully support Modi Ji and Amit Shah. Ji for a Muslim free Hindu rashtra kick Muslims out to Pakistan akubra Stan Jehan.

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How Hindu Brother, brother Perrier have asked a very important question.

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And asking the question that how can Muslims and Hindus coexist peacefully while Allah subhanho wa Taala. He said that hate scaffolds and commands Muslims in the Quran to do jihad against their faith. There are about five, six questions in this one wrong question. The first is that how can Muslims and Hindus coexist? When Allah hates the Prophet? What is the meaning of the Arabic word cafe? directly called cafe will come from the root word cafe. Which means to reject

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which means to hide. So cafe means those who reject I would like to ask a simple question to the carrier, that if you have a company and the hundreds of employees that you have, and if your employee rejects the commandment that you have given him, all the work you have given what will you do? Will you praise it? Will you love it?

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Or will it is like him.

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And mind you they are only employed here Allah subhanho wa Taala is the creator. He's Almighty God, He has created all the human beings. More than seven and a half billion human beings today in the world that are then all that came in the past He is the Creator. And then after He is the Creator, he asked you to follow few of his commandments and you do not follow. What do you expect him to love you? But natural, so he will not like you. So Allah subhanho wa Taala you rightly said that he hates the coffee cafe means those who reject the commandment of Almighty God. So anyone who obeyed the commandment of Almighty God, he loves them. Those who reject his commandment who disobeyed Him, He

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will not like them the supernatural so what is wrong in it?

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And the second part of your first question is that Quran says that we should do jihad with discovered. You're right. If you read the Quran, the Quran says in Surah Furqan chapter number 25 was number 52, that

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do jihad with the Quran, against the unbelievers, with the Prophet, your ally that way advising us that jihad is the Arabic word which means to strive, which means to struggle. Unfortunately, the media has promoted that Jihad means something to kill, or Jihad only means that you go for a war. This is not the right concept, the real meaning of the Arabic word Jihad comes from the Arabic word Giada. Which means to strive, which means to struggle. To Jihad basically means to strive and struggle, your alleged daily that you strive and struggle against the unbelievers, those who reject the Quran, you strive and struggle with the Koran, that means a ledger telling us to convey the

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message of the Quran of Allah subhanaw taala of Almighty God to the unbelievers. What is wrong in that?

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This is good, that alleged failing to strive and struggle to convey the message, the commandment of the Creator, then the question asked, Quran is indeed a terror manual against Hinduism.

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Let me give you an example, that every country has a police force, and they have laws in the country, what you should do what you should not do. And if you go against the law, there are punishments which are mentioned, every country has a law that if you rob there'll be a punishment if you murder someone so and so as a punishment, and if you cheat for further punishment, if you do fraud, similarly Quran is the future world constitution.

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It is a law book of our Creator how a human being should lead his life. If you allow me to call a human being a machine. It is the most complicated machine on the face of the earth. The glorious Koran if the instruction manual for human beings, the

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do's and don'ts. And if this instruction manual to prevent people committing crimes, have given a punishment for robbing, or for murdering innocent human being, or for cheating, then why do you call Tara manual, if you call it a terror manual that means all the countries, the court of law, which has the Constitution, and where it fails in the law book, The punishment for the crimes that every country will have a terror menu. So it's a misunderstanding. It is the guidance given by Allah subhanaw taala, to the human beings, about the do's and don'ts. And if you do not do certain things which are commandments of Almighty God, like how you have rules in the country, if you break a

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signal, there are punishment for it. So similarly, this is a book to prevent the wrongdoing by the human beings. It is a misconception that it is a Tara manual. Actually, it's a manual for peace. If someone calls the law of the country as a terror manual, that means the person hasn't understood the law of the country, it is actually a peaceful manual, so that peace prevails in that country. If this law wasn't there in the country, the country would have been in chaos. So because of this law piece is maintained. Similarly, this is the law book of accrete Allah subhanaw taala to let peace prevail throughout the world. In the next part, I will read the period faith that Muslims want to

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abolish Hinduism and convert Hindustan into Islamic pan. They want to fulfill the command of Allah

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regarding a question that Muslims want to convert Hindustan into Islam istan First, let me tell you that the word Hindu is a misnomer. Where did it come from? Who gave this word Hindu? According to historical books, we come to know that the word Hindu is not present in any of the Scripture of Hinduism.

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According to Jawaharlal Nehru, in his book, discover India, he says, the first time this word was used was in the eighth century, it is never found in any of the Hindu scriptures. It was first used in the eighth century when the person when the Muslim Arabs came to India.

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And even they stored in fear that this word was given by the Muslims. So the word Hindu is given by the Muslims for the people living in the land of the Indus Valley.

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The real name of the religion those who follow the way that should be within

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this Hinduism is a misnomer.

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And, really, if you come to know that Allah subhana wa Taala, Almighty God has only sent down one religion for the whole of humankind. It is later on that human beings kept on manipulating it. And the moment the message got changed, Allah sent a new messenger with the new message, to get the people to the straight path. So all the messengers of Almighty God, Allah subhanaw, taala, they taught nothing but submitting your will to Almighty God, and the religion of submitting your will. In Arabic, we say Islam, Islam comes from the root word salam, which means peace. It's also derived from the Arabic word film, which means submitting a will to God. So Islam means peace acquired by

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submitting a will to Almighty God, and anyone who acquires peace, by submitting evil to Almighty God is called as a Muslim. So here Muslims want all the human beings in the world, not only in India, the Muslims want all the human means in the world, that they should follow the commandment of Almighty God, they should worship only Almighty God and no one is because we love our brother, human beings, and we want them to follow the commandment of the Creator,

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Almighty God, which all the major religions, if you read the scriptures, all the major religions, the scriptures basic messages, that you worship only one God, do not make images of God and worship Him alone and follow his command. The brother further says that I fully support Modi Ji and Amit Shah Ji for a Muslim free, Hindu rashtra.

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Regarding as far as our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and our Home Minister, Amit Shah is concerned, according to me, both these people they do not follow the Hindu scriptures. They don't follow the Vedas. They are breaking the rules of their own scripture. What they're promoting is not Hinduism of adventism. They're promoting hindutva their own brand.

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And if you read the Vedas, there are many things that our Prime Minister whom minister not following from the Hindu scriptures.

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They're killing people, that torturing people all this is against the scriptures.

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If you analyze and read the teachings of the way that I can

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proudly say that I follow more of the tissues of the way that then Amit Shah and Modi Ji put together.

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Because I've read in the scriptures I doubt whether Narendra Modi has read the way that I doubt whether Amit Shah has read the VEDA and even if they have read the VEDA, I doubt whether they have understood and I don't see for the practice, there are so many things that the toilet there is so much of anatomy going for much of operation going on in India and so much of innocent people are being killed on the advice. So much of cheating is there so much of corruption is there all these against the teaching of a class. So if you want to judge a person, only on the teachings of VEDA, then a Hamdulillah, I doctors actually naiku the Muslim can proudly say that I follow more of the

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teachings of Vedas than Narendra Modi or Amit Shah.

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So what they're doing is they are teaching the people away from the true teachings of Hinduism. And regarding your last statement, that you said, that kick Muslims out to Pakistan, aka Pakistan.

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Let us understand what is the meaning of the word Pakistan, Pakistan Park means sacred, holy stand means land, holy land, I'm not referring to the Pakistan country or neighboring country. I'm not talking about that. But if you literally say that the Muslim should be kicked to Pakistan, to a holy land, that means you don't consider India to be holy. You don't consider India to be sacred, you don't consider India to be a good country. I consider India to be a good country. It is few politicians who are changing the atmosphere and causing chaos in the country but as a country, India was a very good country for many years. It is a yet a good country. There are some politicians who

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for the ulterior motives, they are spoiling the name of the country and they are causing chaos and violence in the country. So if you say that Muslims should be kicked out to a holy land again, Pakistan back with sacred RP or something we just got to a pure land. You're not considering that to be pure.

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I'm not talking about our neighboring country, Pakistan, and

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take the Muslims to Cobra Stan, it is every human being has to die. Allah says in the Quran he gave life and he will cause you to die. Every human being no one can save you know, Modi Ji na Misha Ji can save any human being. When Allah has the stand you the day you will die, you will die No one can save you. If Allah wants to keep you alive, no one can kill you. So every human being is born in this world and yesterday.

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So every human meet, whether Muslim or non Muslim day after day. So my aim is to make the whole world a secret place the whole world, apart place, whole world so all human beings in the world should follow the commandments of Almighty God. And if you truly regarding a first part of the question, that how can Muslims and Hindus coexist the best way they can coexist, that both of them should read the scriptures with understanding and at least agree to follow what is common, if the Hindus read the Vedas with understanding, if they understand Sanskrit, and if they read and the Muslims read the Quran, with understanding and let us agree to follow what is common, what is

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different. We'll discuss tomorrow at least let us agree to follow what is common. The Hindus believe that whether the Word of God, the Muslim belief that the Quran is the word of God, let us come to common terms. Let us agree to follow what is common in both the sacred scriptures. And when we do a comparative study, I have given a lecture on the topic similarities between Islam and Hinduism. And I've given various similarities. Number one is both religion says that we should worship only one God. Both diligent say that it should not make any idols and images of Almighty God. Buddha religion say that the last and final messenger to come as Prophet Muhammad peace be upon both religion faith

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that when we pray, we should do sudo we should do prostration both religions say that which will give charity both religion say that we should fast. There are many similarities. So why don't we agree to follow what is common? Why are we creating fictitious

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animosity. So those people who believe in getting the human beings together on the common platform or the real good human beings, those who for their ulterior motives, want for the personal benefit? They create the animosity so that they can get a benefit in this world, but in the Hereafter, surely they will be amongst the losers. So I request men and Muslim Brothers of India that read the Scripture, and let us at least agree to follow what is coming

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What is different we can discuss tomorrow and inshallah if the Hindus and Muslims in India united there will be a superpower India was a superpower a few centuries ago India was a superpower it was number one country in the world. If we go back and unite go back to Scripture and unite and follow it in shall login will be superpower hope damsons question

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