Tom Facchine – 99 Names of Allah #42 Al-Hakeem

Tom Facchine
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Salam Alaikum tonight's name is Al Hakim, Allah subhanaw taala is Al Hakim al Hakim is one of my favorite names, it means that Allah is the most wise.

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Wisdom is something really important to have in life. Wisdom is like putting everything in its proper place.

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And so when it comes to our lives,

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the things that happen to us, the people we meet, the friends that we have the family that we have,

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it's not just chaos. It's not just random, or by chance, Allah has actually specifically placed everything where it should be.

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Okay, you might say, but then, why are some things so hard in life? Right? Maybe you've lost a parent or you know, someone who has lost a parent.

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Maybe they moved, they fled their homeland. And they're in a new place where they, the weather's completely different, and they don't speak the language and things are very strange. How could this be the proper place? How could this be an example of Allah being al Hakim?

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Well, similarly to what we said before, Allah gives us what we need. Not always what we want.

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When Allah gives us something hard in our lives, whether it's a loss, or emotions, sadness, anger,

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Allah gives it to us for a reason.

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See, Allah has a plan for every single one of us. He knows that best version of you that He wants you to be maybe in five years, maybe in 10 years, maybe in 20 years, however long.

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How are you going to get there?

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You're not gonna magically wake up one day and suddenly turn into that person that Allah wants you to be. You have to go through things. You have to have experiences, you have to have good times, and you have to have bad

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Allah's power to audit, even in the hard things that come your way. He's giving you every single one. Specifically, each one has a purpose, to shape you into the person that Allah wants you to become.

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That's a really hard thing to accept. Because some of those things are so hard it just makes us feel like crying. Just makes us feel like giving up.

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But we have to trust Allah, because ALLAH knows more than we do. And Allah sees farther along our paths than we do.

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And the law is attacking the most wise. That's all for tonight. I sit down like and what happens a lot

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