Sulaimaan Ravat – Stories Of the Prophets – Adam (AS) Part 1

Sulaimaan Ravat
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the MBR Mo Salatu and the theory of evolution. The creation of Adam alay remodeling his former self is also discussed, along with the use of black clays in writing. The use of Salatu in the creation of the first human being and the banishment of rebellious events is also discussed. The "frustration of the beast" of the Jinn is also discussed, with the segment highlighting the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Bismillah Ar Rahman Al Rahim, Allah Allah Sahil karimabad

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yesterday we mentioned that a lot of articles Allah makes mention of the MBR mo Salatu was Salam in the Quran, their life story in the story of the people to whom they were sent. And the reason for this is Allah wants to highlight the good deeds, the evil deeds, that constant struggle between the men of Allah, the henchmen of Allah, and most importantly, allow oneself to take lesson from these stories. Nobody can have a puzzle see him Ableton Live in Alberta. Also, we can take a lot of consolation or cool and napoo soiree come in amber Russell man with a bit of He further, sometimes you go through a difficulty then you read about others who went through greater difficulty and how

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they dealt with it, it gives you great consolation. We also discussed yesterday about the theory of evolution, that they are those because of science that they believe that man was first found in mineral form, then botanic then he became a milk yielding mammal, and from there different phases of being an animal, large and small until he came into the present a form of a human being. And we said the Quran contradicts this Lakota holopainen in Santa Fe x Anita Karim. Allah says we have created men in the best of form. So that form was there from the onset. And then Allah says woollacott Khurana Benny Adam, we honored the son of Adam and Eve Serato Sora, meaning the human. So we wanted

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the human being by making him distinct from the rest of illustration. In nature, I don't feel sorry for Allah says I'm making a man is my vice chair on Earth. Obviously a vise student could not have been originally in a mammal form or in a mineral form. And we also discussed the first yesterday that this Amana of being the vice chairman of a law was granted to the heavens and the earth and they declined, and man took it to harmala * insane. And then we concluded yesterday by saying that the main focus should not be what we were like when we were created, but the main focus should be what is the purpose of our creation? How should we live our lives while we are here on earth? And

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what does Allah want from us? We then commenced by mentioning that other Mali Salatu was Salam is the first human and the first Prophet, and hence, he's the first to be mentioned in the Quran. And his name is mentioned at 25 different junctions. So other money is Salatu was Salam. His name is mentioned 25 times in the Quran. Now, taking the discussion further from there today I want to focus on the creation of Adam alayhis salam. In the Quran Allah says Allah Kahala panel inserta means Saul Solomon hammer image noon. That man meaning other Mali Salaam was created from clay of molded mud clay of molded mud. Well, john Hakuna, whom in nerissa moon and the jinn were created from a

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smokeless fire. The scholars have given the explanation they say that other money salam, Allah created him from dust. And first Allah created a moat, you know the shape of the body of Adam it is Salatu was Salam. And when the mode was ready, Allah indicated to the angels and said, this is going to be my vice chair on Earth. In nature I don't fill out before halifa and then when that mode which was made out of clay from molded mud, when it began to sound like an expanded urban way, and when it became to keep the crackling sound that mud and clay normally gives, that is when a lot of Baraka with Allah blew life into other Malini Serato Sonam and scholars right there in Allah blue life into

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other monies salatu salam, suddenly, he became a fully functional human, with flesh with bone with a muscular human body and he possessed intention, consciousness and intelligence. So we started from soil minha Kala kanakam Wolfie Han are you to come to dust into soil? Will we return woman hanok Ritu kuntala and okra and from dust and soil will we be resurrected once again? Now interestingly Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah has made mention of this narration. He says that when the clay was taken when the earth was taken to create the mode of other malstrom, it was not taken from one place it was taken from various spots on Earth. So you had different colors in different shapes. And that's

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why the human being has different colors. You have those who are lighting complex and those who are dark in complexion. And the characteristic of the soil was different on different parts of this. So therefore the humans that came from the progeny of families from they also have different characteristics. They have variances in their temperament. We are all the children of Adam, but we all don't look the same and we all don't act the same because of the variances in the soil that was taken from various parts. So if Nick Ethier has made mention of this on the earth

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Mr. Mohammed. Now, after Allah created the mode, you know, the outer shape of other money Salatu was salam, before Allah blew life into him, the angels were very curious that what is going to be this new creation of Allah. So he believes, who was in the company of the angels, he entered, he entered this mode. So he went in from the mouth, and he came out from the posterior. And when he came out, he came out smiling, he said that you don't have to worry about this creation, because it is hollow inside, it is empty inside, he knew that man would be given desires, the desire of the stomach, and the desire of the private organ. And those those would be the two primary desires that would lead

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men astray. So so please went in from the mouth of the mode of other money Salaam and came out from the back and he said, No, you don't have to fear you don't have to worry about this creation of Allah. Now when Allah said to the angels in Ninja Island, fill out the halifa that I'm going to create this creation of minds who is going to become my vice tenant on Earth. The angels asked the question at the geography her my UFC do that are you going to create such a creation that will create fitna that will create corruption, who is free could demo and they will spill blood? Now the question may arise How did they know what was going to be the condition of the progeny of Adam and

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Eve from and if they live in Amara de la Han Omar says perhaps they had seen the Djinn the behavior of the jinn who are already on earth before the humans. The jinn were created. According to Abdullah bin Amaro the Allahumma, 2000 years before man was created, and Jin was sent to planet earth, but they were creating a lot of mischief. So at some point, Allah sent the angels to banish the rebellious Jonathan the mysterious did not go to the jungles and to the islands in the oceans. And when the angels came, they started banishing the rebellious gymnasts. And they fought for one gin, he believes Can I mean as gin, he was extremely pious. He was extremely devoted to Ibadan worship,

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and they were so impressed by him that the angels made according to Allah, Shri Rama das money, the angels made the eye and said, Oh Allah, let him come with us back to the heavens. So when we see him and I bother, we will get motivated. So that is how a police ended up in the heavens, but the angels saw what the jinn were doing on earth. And when Allah said that I will send this man as my vice didn't to Earth. That's when the jinn asked the question that would he also be spilling blood and creating corruption. So Allah said in the Alamo Allah tala moon I know that which you don't know, the angels are objecting the angels were querying they were curious. But later on when other money

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salatu salam was created, that Allah says while lama usma akula from mahratta, whom Allah melodica we taught other money, salam, the names of all things, all things, there's two opinions. Some say Allah taught him the name of all things that was in existence at that time. And others say Allah taught him the names of all things that will come into existence until the day of karma. And then Allah said to the angels for call me only be a smart you however, in consolidating you had doubts about his caliber, now question him so obviously at the money Salaam knew all the answers because Allah had distinguished him with knowledge will help the estherville leadin Allah moon will lead in

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Allah, Allah moon, those who know can never be equal to those who don't know. And because Adam alayhis salatu salam was superior to the angels by virtue of the knowledge which a lot of articles Allah gave him. That is why Allah then instructed the angels that all of you should prostrate in front of him. Now this was a prostration of respect. What is the whole natural manner it is to do the Adam for sogetsu illa police all of them frustrated because it was the commander of Allah Allah wanted them not to prostrate before them that the same one you doubted he's actually better than you because he's been granted intellect and he's been granted knowledge, the old frustrated except the

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police as we know now tomorrow inshallah, in the next discussion will take it further as to the frustration and the rulings pertaining to prostrations and why a police didn't prostrate and the different details from flow that flow from there were a lot of articles Allah grant us the understanding so Hanna law he will become the law

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