How do we have free will if everything is predestined? – Q&A

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You know, things are really easy. And not you'll give your child many, many gifts, you know, money and all those things, that

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they'll be happy forever. Now if they misuse it,

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you know and the harm of people with the money harnesses, certainly you're going to have to look at the money by the men to help him to to happen good. It has rewarded price. Nobody can help them to get a prize, or award or money, or whatever. Allah samatar. When he created the humanity, he created as a favor, possibly going to hell, fire is not a result of creation. It is a result of not thanking the favor, not taking the fear seriously. So don't relate to that. A lack of a Father gives it to her son, a son 100,000 pounds. And then he uses that money to kill people or to do all that then he happened to be in the prison. And then he accused his father in the prison because you gave me the

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money. No, the father did not give you my to be in the prison. He gave you money to enjoy the life to use properly. It is your problem. So Allah subhanaw taala gave the people immunity. He created them with a favor a big a big favor emoji really, with this life you can get even eternal life in paradise.

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When you get Hellfire don't blame Allah it is you, you misused in the same life you can use it here to cause paradise, same ability, you could use it to become good. Your being a nurse is nothing to do. It is you because Allah subhanaw taala wanted to give you guidance he created to foster. He said, You know Allah subhanaw taala has returned Rama upon him, whatever they're called upon, and he only created the mercy. The reason he create a samosa Rama, Rama seems to benefit with the love and kind that I sell $100 bill I mean, Rahmani Raheem the creation the mercy Rama, people's about to Hellfire is it not Rama? It basically misuse our dharma. Allah gave you Rama became kind but you

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misusing so not you know you give somebody a knife in order to power the fruits on some leather. And then he kills himself. And he said because you gave me a knife. We gave you a knife and forgotten good pepper you misuse it. So Allah Mrs. Creation is a lot of mercy, Allah Rama and then thereby he gave all abilities, the years and the eye and the mind and all the relation and the space and the water and everything. They get everything which can help us to become good. Now when we go astray, we miss you what Allah has given to satella we are going to be responsible. Allah did not make like that. It's our responsibility. He testing us but creation itself is not you know something around or

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something curse. It touches Rama mercy from Allah subhanaw taala