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You know what I mentioned that you know, don't follow people blindly don't do lean. So, somebody is asking you somebody to orchard How can do his own thing understanding, you know, you know, that does not mean that you know people cannot learn to follow somebody else's simple meaning with from very beginning, you need to ask question, not everybody can become medical doctor, but you open your eyes, if doctor actually does something, which is very clearly not you can you can think of it and you have to find, you can at least you can decide, then you can put on a doctor says this doctor has said didn't really make sense or something like that to people, then you know, but in the layer

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without care if we learn something, there's no

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we don't make effort really to understand what is it How much could we have done properly from the Quran soon. And what really other people have been saying is really any problem or not, we don't make any it just, it does really, really contain a virus in front of us tonight has got something else as well from their culture and tradition. And so many people really do they know really, that very little from the classroom. Now, there are many different that culture the people and cultures change, it does change, but people keep changing same thing, which actually doesn't make any sense for the people. So we are not saying that your child from the beginning will become Ibrahim attended

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even him became Prime after 8090 years.

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To be when you were 12 years old, you become like 12 year old that we want people to be don't want to become nine year old at the time, that is when you will have one easy question to ask everything that what it basically means that you will your mother and father you love them. But that is something that have questions to use your mind that really make sense. When I said to you

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that in I have read a new leader in one of the healthcare texts, and in the prayer there are 52 Sooners

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to dentistry should come to your mind The first thing to ask me what do you mean by sooner? So I'll say I mean, what the prophet has done the messenger, can you really? Do you really know all these 15 minutes and the Prophet? Then I'll be careful, I'll say okay, because I'd never read the 50 stuff of the Prophet. I read in this book disconnect, then I'd be careful. This word should be to your church. You know, to me as towards church church should know this thing. They should think really what when I assume they should ask what's the means? And parish should ask really what the source of some nice word coming from God people prove that? Then you will know. But people saying Hanafi

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mother, therefore a castle before a software? I've been asked so many people all over the map, do one and another one, everybody. I said Do you know what I mean by this? Yeah, but it's under international workers in the labor market. He did something, too. I said okay. Can you show me if you did any time? Do some time? Once you did?

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that no single proof in any book of Hadith that the Prophet did for Raka differentia. And no call sooner or not? Don't assume it was never sometime never tell me that what I mean Rashid

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asked the question, there are people that will say Well, yeah, you're right. You know, we have been teaching somebody is can come from somewhere, but we do not know. The last question we will not ask these people's invertibility Jamaat first in the tissue when you come for the food, not about the food. There's the wash your hand. So night to wash the hand before the food. Then I have question, okay. The professors used to eat every day. Something did he wash hands before eating? You have no single hobbies. When the food came he went washing the hand but you find every say when the food comes they go and wash their hands they bring into force for every second you know, the sooner but

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the profit and I assume many all of my teaching Tell me really where it has come that the food came into profit what washing the hands of food came and he complained? Yes Gary. So first of all 100 refund is another no single thing. And the people who know the most Mr. Maliki the best expert of this would not have

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had this

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theory the best expert the hadith of both or both of them say washing the hand before the food is soon after none other people.

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If not are not other people's culture. Industry not the person did not come from another tradition.

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Ask the question when people teach you something, ask a question. People use the same template when I used to go that you know you want us to cover your head. I asked him where the sun has come from covering the head before eating. What is worth covering coming to any sign had this anywhere. Where it is that you before each you have to cover the head when it comes like that. Just people make up tend to other people to follow they will say the sundial it with the three fingers were to come up with the three fingers in the sooner so not to sit in this position will come from that how do you hold the position that this person is sitting but whatever yesterday they don't teach you because

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that difficult soon I don't eat until you're hungry and you don't want to leave one party stomach that

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nobody teaches because if the teeth that have that problem, that other person is really soon I eat only one therapist told me that is so nice to circle your authentic or this in Bahar everywhere is so much in the life of the person he used to eat let me there was some nice but that notices sooner is not so many food on the table like we are going to have so many food This is a guest sooner you think I know you you don't like but with the writers of consumer national that you know people teach meditator a culture you have developed etc culture like one of my teacher Marcia was very clever.

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He mentioned on his tour is really opened my eyes for so many things. He was director, one of mothers in India janitor fella he was the darkness of the mother to his he said measure to the story that you know every year a mother said you know they are meeting of Trustees he said trustees meeting my race I want to show that one other trustees, you know everything mothers are students, they used to they were having their breakfast in the morning you know on the table clock in always they eat dirty, not very clean. So he saw that. And then after that we start the breakfast for the trustees. To father trustees, we met nice new Co Op know that the distrust he said to me, You have

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shot him in the morning and the students were eating and dirty o'clock and for us you have done this, I cannot accept this. I want to see you the same one with the students. They said My teacher said that I wouldn't do anything. I just remove it and about the same clock. And they started when they started eating I said to him you look in the clock Did you see what the food they were eating the food was so simple about the food you're eating in that essential destructive or liquid see the clock He did not say this to the food or the student was just you know very smart, very simple. And you eat all these eggs and so many different types of food don't see that. This all the time you can

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see people already teach you sooner which will be very simple. You know people will fabricate the hottest, the neighbor Fabrica, this is about understanding the Quran ethically the Quran, all the fabrication is about you read this surah you get this reward, this word just because easy. What religion is no fabrication because fabrication does not work. If you fabricate that it will problem. No fabricator will fabricate it. If you think what's over LaHood music you can paradise but they will fabricate that if you read this surah this time you care so much about religion think never had any Had this been invented to make thinking about the Quran, the Quran, the Quran, or the Hadith

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about autostrada virtue of reading that Allah said it then hardly any virtue or the surah occurred or the fabricated, cut just the mirror. But anyway, so this understanding that you know, to me or or child or anybody, they can ask the question, they can understand it, they just want to give it enough. You don't know but you can learn. You can ask people to when people say something or ask a question. What you said was you asked the question, that you know how to watch what is missing? And how do you know this

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universe? People sub 100 people will say something was like with revising very difficult really to prove it is

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too easy to say to you. But even if

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they don't say to it the sooner they are not convinced as the teacher teacher said was you but it's true to say it is sooner because it is very difficult to prove it is was actually very difficult to make distinction between valuable sooner, not easy. So you know, these are things if you are clever, you can ask when you question more avant garde more and more that no limit for question thinking. But people don't understand really is what thinking means. Thinking a means to understand him and believe in him. Once you surrender to Him that think you said they'll do what He commands. Lucky Brahim O'Brien could question about worship the moon sun star idols. But when he got his Lord in new

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Sinatra, the hanifa then now his daughter said to him, slaughter your son, he would have done nothing Does that make sense? It makes sense because if you say the way you load, then to be accepted to obey Him to Max's nothing. This is the thinking. When we start thinking the thinking, once you put your capacity of your Lord, then whatever commands that is a sense if he said do we'll do it he says, you know people not like somebody came in who might first time I used to when I was younger, to go into VR so much do I love so many stories? to somebody came their stories they say somebody first time came to the mosque, and you know, they taught him how to do sitting the most.

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And he passed the window was broken. So they Musa do a good one again, and he went to toilet came back. No sign of any vote with that Mr. Bravo, bravo. But you did not do he said no. I joined the from the where I broke it from the same place. I mean he went I'll just washing you know his his blessing did not renew the history. You know you have to do from the same place where you break the mold. You have to repair from the simplest. You do not have access to but enough that Alaska ODU

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from somewhere data from servers, these are ecommerce, this is what you have to do. You cannot use your reasoning. This is the reasoning if he said this how to do that.

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And if you don't have water you wipe your face and in hindsight in that what makes sense to people that are not an expert at what makes sense. If you make him your rubber, you're a lot that what makes sense that we're thinking thinking is ob, learn how to be there are thinking music, to thinking is to find out really e commerce. If some people say this is sooner now thinking reality sooner, but what is sooner then you do it there are thinking but he after knowing that he said and still you don't do it not thinking it is to PhD, there are a variety of ways, you know, and people who don't follow graduate advisor suffer. Or Russell manyara one military rahima illa man Sofia

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nafsa the one who turns away from the right way the stupid people are on hinting about Jews, because Jews question but Allah camels, Allah commercial can't question. Allah septon your face to Scribbler juicy, no, it doesn't make sense to Allah say a guru. So for her openness, ma alone on Tibetan is stupid people will say why the gender Tabler is stupidity if Allah commerce then you question for ourselves or on my phone.

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When e commerce you can't question him, you will question you can ask me what the proof I believe you soon but what is notice so now you should do it. That means there were thinking means

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the thinking has no limit.