Akram Nadwi – Al-Muqaddimah fi Usul al-Tafsir

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning from the Quran and not giving to the Qwatch. They also mention the use of the "monocha" in the language and how it can help people understand the meaning of words and communicate with people. The speaker emphasizes the need for deep understanding of the language to convey a new meaning.
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So mocha democracy was the third attempt at the one of the really very important Optima is very small. But it really teaches you properly how to come to the Quran on how to learn from the Quran. And it's so nicely done it became this makes very clear, come to the Quran as a beggar come to the Quran, to take from the Quran, not to give to the Quran. Many people they come to the Quran to give to the Quran. But Quran is his book of Allah you don't get to the Quran you take from the Quran, that why the masala Mir the process refers to me who me means not a philosopher He told me to now he's he will he will take from the Quran if Coronavirus bement two hours total are to you know, to

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take the car for RV, they will not take from the ground they will give to the corner like Malibu because one important things come to the Quran either someone to take. So, this mocha demand this material very important also, I spent a lot of time you know to write a commentary on this mocha Dhamma. And you know, I was really amazed after material understanding of the human language, how it works. Many people have empirical have no idea how the language works, they express it so nicely to when you understand this. It will help you not only you know your understanding of the Quran, general understanding of the language and interpreting that the human communication how people

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communicate, what really happens, what the role of the words in the meaning and what the role of the meanings is to convey a new understanding of the relative to the people. So this thing people need to understand proper, it's really very deep, deep work.

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