Excessive Wudhu and Bleeding

Akram Nadwi


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Yeah, sometimes people's orders broken because they were in this in the past they you know went very quickly or you relate that you need to keep coming. So the rule for that is that once you do do then that one will do will continue until the end of the time of the prayer. Even if you keep having the same thing again, again, doesn't matter if a new can happen to an amateur without somebody has got you know, trouble urinating urine drops, keep coming, you did not have a horse or prayer. When the time comes dunu that will continue on to multiplayer, then you can pray as much as you'd like whatever you can do, like the difficulties excuse like nosebleed, somebody knows grizzly bears keep

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coming. They do what to do that we will continue until let's say more women will be will have accessibility is harder. After the distribution, they have some time mobility in that building you do once and then if stability continues, is still your order is varied until the end of the time. The next time comes then do another all you need to do to find the time up every new prayer