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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Everyone, welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a with Chef Akram nadwi. On every Thursday at 6pm BST, without further ado, we'll begin. Sure, we have one private question that has just come in. The question is, is it permissible for cousins who are teenagers to spend time together doing activities without adult supervision?

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since Monday,

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the people

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have the agenda, you know, they are not allowed either to have to be together

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in a private space,

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if they are not related by blood and minigrid, they are not in full brothers or sisters of you know, like, mother and sons. So, those progression without a buy bread or buy buy milk, doesn't say they are not one of those people. So, if there is

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just, you know, one, two cousins, one male and one female, and they are somewhere playing together in battery space, that will not be enough. Because there are shaitan telecom anytime and create, you know, any, any evil thought internet creative people should be

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careful about these matters. So, if there are more than one people, you know, few people and, you know, and trustworthy, reliable,

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you know, and not really privacy, then couldn't be allowed to behave properly. And, you know, the, the pious

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is not located. The next question is by

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voice enough, so, it's fun. Sorry, chef, is that better now? Now, typically, yeah, yeah. Okay. The next question is by a man who asks, Is it permissible for lawyers to represent clients who have been accused of wrongdoing? Or are found guilty?

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Or not further them to return them, but only speak the truth? You know, say exactly what you know, they have done what to say, you know, don't teach them how to cheat and how to push the statements. Sometimes the lawyers they, you know, they

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direct their clients

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to Mr. Watson. So to change something, you know, taught in teaching doesn't matter without, by their honest Yeah, you can, anybody can be sometimes grimace, you know, they also have, they have a right to defend. And, you know, if you can defend them in the right way, there's a love, there's no hunger, as long as you don't lie, and don't cheat.

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Because o'clock literature. The next question also about the Roman is, what is your opinion on Muslims in the West, not prioritizing concerns regarding LGBTQ activism?

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You know, the thing is, there are so many things in the western US all over the world, that actually Muslims

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are lacking proper attention. So it's very important to understand the purchase properly, the most important thing the wallet leaves Tawheed, to worship Allah alone, and to avoid anything that can, you know,

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anywhere nearer to the ship. And that's the most important thing. If Muslims live with

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unbelievers, and either worshipers or people who are worship, gods or anything, and don't mind that so much, deep in their heart, they don't understand disco friendship, which again, just because one day discuss respecting them insanely, severely, all those things are haram in Islam, unlawful, if Muslims make them normal, that are very dangerous, because they should not be considered dangerous.

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So in in the West, and even even the one of Muslims have to understand that they have cut a message from the board and agenda to be careful, you know, and they should not make something Kitahara

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lawful, but the problem really is in our district, LGBTQ, all those together very early stages, and my theory that the world had not understood

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this properly and I think that people who are secular they

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They will be in more than Sunday, about the impact of distancing more than Muslims. So, they still have to wait to buy anyway, while waiting, it does not mean that we become inactive in the tissue of children.

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So, hold on mozzarella, and the fifth or the nature that Allah has given to everybody, what it means to you how to understand it, to use the mind that you know or whatever is made, what the purpose behind that

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to nature should be understood it and also reason should apply to understand even what is the secret behind the wisdom behind many of the conditions for this hotel, let's say Tom has said that he will make effort to make people to change the photograph and to change the help of ALLAH. So he will do this, you know he has been doing this will make effort, but we have to be aware, and we have to be careful.

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Ly like a chef. The next question is by MOBA, who asks A salaam aleikum, Chef, is it permissible to draw the pictures of trees and mountains as trees are living creatures? Also, would it be helpful if we earn money by selling these paintings, without animal and human images?

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No trees and mountains you know, you can draw them consider the picture simple there's no harm in that, you know, when we say leading to it does not mean really, you know, potentially grow in your life in English could mean include things which have growth, like plants, they grow, to people can say they have life, too they have life and once one meaning, what

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is drying the pictures are the physics of life and life here means those which have gotten or sold the spirit of proper meaning that like animals, animals and human beings, to people are not allowed to make pictures, draw the pictures of animals for human beings, but if they make pictures of trees, mountains, water, Sky, star, Moon, sun, all those things that know how that you can make an awesome consultant.

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Just have glow man. And the next question is by Anwar, who asks a Salam aleikum share can I do dhikr of Allah silently in my mind not using my tongue? Also can I make dua like this? And is that the same reward?

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You know, the real thing really real decree is to remember in your mind that

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you know that Russian people do the Trinitarian bruh lend their mind in their heart to the hush, they ask Allah from the heart and mind, but why we want a tongue because

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language is very helpful to make your thoughts right.

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Very often people think in their mind they know something, they understand something, but when you ask them to write it down to say to articulate it, then you consider an inability their thoughts are not complete fourth up not rightly, to follow up for some time I write an article

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and the minister was sent to me this hallway that what I used to think even look at this is FDA I used to think like

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to work on they have some ideas, but if I asked them okay, if you thought like that, can you write them, when they arrived, they will realize really did nothing like that somebody thought of water than you think, to learn which actually the language is not the only means to convey the message and your,

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your foster people learn

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to make your thoughts and ideas right to mind. So it's not enough that you have in mind you know, because unless you get it right with your tongue, it will not be so that way the real thing no doubt the mind. But when you express with your turn, then it is very clear that how what was up, the people don't Subhanallah they have meaning in their mind. You know, it's not necessarily clear. So by saying those words, you know, the mind and tongue become correlative, is always very important. Most people don't understand what

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people tell them which is only for communication does not right. primary function of language is to think language or to think to whenever you

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think if you don't have language, imagine people have known him was can you think of snow and those who have returning with the better thinkers? You can find all the thinkers, they are the ones who are able to articulate it

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The ideas are better more eloquently. If somebody had deficiency in the language he will have deficiency thinking always the language is very very important so vicar door in mind it we know really important but you should say when you say didn't didn't clear what you're thinking to yourself or to not to anybody else not to show up in the You mean you are known but to by saying that it was clear to your mind what was thinking anything really just just thinking you know what you think what your parent and then write down then you will know really that what you have been thinking before lighting that was incomplete after watching this become much more complete, like a

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ball speed or highest point because your mother everybody who is when I read this point to many many people just said that what they feel about their mothers but they're not able to ride them if you ask him to give him not to be able you know somebody was able to ride them because he had an anguish to where he put it out his torso, it will cause more more effective it was just having an ambiguous idea in the mind. That's not actually a real thing you when you are able to explicitly state that way the Kurata Brockman Oliver Quran Hierapolis Asana i lemahieu Breon by on different music by on a news idea that force in the mind that national carrier when they are expressed by the tongue then

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they become clearer to biologists to create to make something clear be honest you know clarification to that what language does that mean we next it's clear

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to Zack located on channel The next question is by Mohammed who asks, chef, I want to study anecdotally Alama but my father is not financially stable. He wants from me to do a job what will i What should What should I do please share guide me

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ya know, if financially there's a problem, there's a 30 year go there

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do too you know to help your parrot so what I'm advising you to find

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and make yourself financially stronger. And if you earn enough money, which can help support you while you're a little taller, my fat fingers that fun if you don't have dentistry, you know, some that online that people like me and read the books up, people have melodrama. So you will learn from them. And sometime maybe holidays, you go there and spend one on one

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with some teachers and decorative armor that can be helpful but I will not lie to you to give your private financial data in a week for the unit to pick them

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up low energy the next question is by unknown to ask a Salam Alikum shell in fact there are different divisions of Salatin and furrows being what is the evidence of these divisions What if someone argues that Salah is Salah is for soul and not for

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every thing in this world really there is something fundamental something or broad and everybody knows this, but something could be sometimes it will differ in differences in everything in this life you know when you pay people no really raising the hand and putting the hand on the chest or on the distance or in a wonder branch Realty live in prayer to remember that the seller penisula clinically. So in every single chapter there are things which are fundamental or something which are actually not so important but they are important somehow. Similarly for dumbleton lesson in the Quran that he had

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made the fasting of the month of Ramadan obligatory on the people. Then he said I looked at the pool, so then you get your agenda from hell we know really alternate that was the main part of Ramadan that's it that way

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and Ramadan they used to that to severely Kurata Alchemist salata decreed the prayer you establish so you're on permit to now we know the address of Elijah Realty and salah is a means to that so that how we differentiate between full and full rock but Salah is one of those things which are very near to those who can't say Arsalan makes it very clear to the to the to us because Salah actually is suffering.

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So you know, and you must have Deen so it is very, very close with also. So you know, somebody said to us who didn't Don't argue them in one way. They could be right, though. Not absolutely right because there could be occasions where you

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Have a vicar with Asana. Sometimes people cannot play while standing while sitting while but it still decreases obligatory. So you could have declined with the hot sauna. So not necessarily all the time in the surveys, exactly same article, but sometimes could be anywhere in on all these for over a select the nearest one to those who the

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exact local internship. The next question is by Halima, who asks, In Islam, are women discouraged in pursuing a career, when it is not necessary, or not another profession, I want to be a programmer, and I'm working hard for that, should I feel guilty for that?

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Similarly, evil life is very short, it has nothing to do with a male or female, for men or women in Islamic law, that same for everybody. So there are things which are very important, you know, they help you in this world and after in the Hereafter, you know,

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people should not busy themselves, with those sciences, like Islamic sciences, or those scientists have been efficient crusnik community, less and less medicine, engineering, and some of those things, you know, like computer science, it information, technology, all those things are very useful for community and they can be helpful for the billion. So these are the things that people should make them super busy, always studying the history. But there are some things in this world, people have mirrored them, either in a proper discipline, and people pursue them and remote people got the job in that in those kinds of guests. And that there are people who study in

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political science, our international relations,

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you know, journalism, you know, something like that.

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people do all those things. But if you go deep, really, you know, how they're reported, in many of these things are made up, no, definitely don't help you to make you potent the iPhone, so Motorola.

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But if you don't get any other job, other than, you know, these things, here, so, you know, fine, but, you know, I would advise to the Java, which can make you not only money, that means after that you think you are more loving, more qualified, as a person, you become a better person. So, like, for example, if you study history, and you teach history, so even if you got a job, being a historian is simply the big thing. But if you become a journalist, still figuring out what not to do in the courtroom here and there and just ask a question, to steal the information. And, you know, I the end of the day, sometimes you feel guilty, the way you know, journalism works. So anyway,

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but if you don't have a job, the attending should have to do to

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collect money for you and support your family. But in this matter, I don't make a distinction between men and women, and for men say for women.

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Political fiction, the next question is, is by for us, who asks, if people don't have money to do hudge, but have the money to perform Umrah so should they save more money for going to Hajj or can they just go for on the rocks? Yeah, Cobra is not only the Father memorize on the Sunnah. So if you can save more money and go for hydrous better, because then you also can do more. Once you have done hygiene, you can do morale, you can do top dog Ebro faster then you can do a team. But otherwise you save more money and look for a doctor we had more expensive, much more expensive. But anyway, thank you can earn more money and conservative figures. And otherwise, you have to wait until you've got

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more money and then you do because the higher you can go rise

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is outflow later and shift. The next question is, says salam, is it permissible for a father to prevent his daughter from moving away for university? He gave me his word I could do so before but now he has said now, what's your opinion on this?

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I don't know really? What is the reason of your father to stop you from the news?

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You know, so that we can understand at some time could it be genuine comes from from your father, so I can't say anything unless I understand what you're thinking. But generally, I would advise all the parents, they should support their children in studying an interview with a male or female

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you know, at the same time, you know, making sure that they study in a safe environment, and that does not harm their religion and piety.

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That's a very important thing that people move to the new state and does not rely on parents think, aid or get a lot of sois funding personality. And anybody can deceive them. No. Anybody can shoot them or somehow shut down corrupted by their mind. So they have to make

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sure to take a step, because it's very important to save your children's life and get on. You know how old they are. Because sometimes people do this take, which remains to get them stuck for their life, and then they blame their parents. What you know, my father, you were wise enough? Why didn't you stop me? Why let me do something. So anyway, I'm not saying this is what happened in your family, I don't know anything about your family, while your father stopped. Saying that, you know, when your father stops, you don't know is not necessary. That is wrong. It could be something genuine to find out what he was talking and didn't say doesn't compromise I study, but I still where

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you want me to stay on, but I want to know, so you don't, not not likely to stop your study and study in industry. But at the same time, you know, be careful and find out the concern of your father. And, you know, keep that in your mind that it's very important that you study and also you build your personality properly, with either pious person.

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As an ally in a crescendo, the next question is by unknown who asks a Salam Alikum shared in Pakistan, the Nica has the close close 18 asks whether the husband has granted his wife, the right to divorce? And if so, what are the terms decided for it? Some scholars delete this clause some allow it, what is the correct thing to do regarding this clause? Is it a valid clause

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I don't really think it is an eighth or something like that, you know, that you do the right to your wife to divorce, because the wife does still have many vaccines, they can go to the court, if the husbands run their wives, I know and then don't behave properly Yeah, then the court will cancel the marriage or they can do it properly, but if you give right to your wife to divorce you

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So, what happens now both parties have a right to divorce the thing really anything goes anger only thing one or one of them will use this in our life and this will be a big problem for the whole family and then after that, they will like you know this death many many cases come to me where the husband had divorced his wife three times. And now the husband and wife both come to me and say that we regret and we had a problem we should not have done and

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we want to live together

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to where her husband has this right still he Can you know go wrong. We both have this right what will happen when an event is destroyed is certainly not wrong. It can people can give right? To husband can give right and the divorced his wife does, right. But I don't want this to become you know, part of the culture altered into marriage that sometime could be some cases could be important. But generally I go to Device and Tinder

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is a glow cleaner chip. The next question is by Halima, who asks, is it considered sinful for a woman to dislike her husband to take a second wife? What rights does a woman have? If she is not comfortable with her husband? Taking a second Why'd you have to dislike that your husband has second wife, that's not a problem. It has naturally you know, people don't want your husband to be shunted to the show by the people. So that's not probably not seen that really, by you, you don't have a right to stop if your husband provides accommodation expensive to both wives. So all your three wives all them equally properly, then he loves food, but I don't really understand it. In this in

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this time, especially in the rescue, you know, hardly there could be anybody who can do this to properly most people don't have enough money even to look after one wife to provide our accommodation and expensive then provides a for each one of them independent house with the list, and then they're expensive and the children, you know, look after them. You know, most of us cannot do this very. If your husband can afford to provide a condition to both wives equally, and they're expensive, and he can be just then Islamically he's allowed to have survived.

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Does that glow credit shift the next question is by another who asks chef is taking a car or home loan permissible in Islam?

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loan debt

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loan for that new foreign banks is allowed when the necessity of needs that people have some need for some time.

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This time, in the rest, presumably, if you don't have a car, your life is very difficult, because you have to take your filter to the disputes, maybe you need a car for your work, somebody needs and halfway house is also more important. Because even if you're not, you don't own a house, you can empty house people can ask you to leave. And also you don't get the house in a place where you really want it. But if you buy a house, you can buy where you choose. So sometimes you need to take a loan

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to the needy, you're allowed to take a note No, but to make so that you pay as soon as possible. Because interest, I mean, just we don't allow, you know, it's a foreign to you shouldn't it should be paid as soon as possible.

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Without low credit and check. The next question says in Surah Noor Allah mentions there is no blame on you eating together or separately. Please, if you could explain the context, and would this mean combined gathering during marriages are allowed, as in mixed gathering? Yeah, you know, it's Islamically really, you know, men or women, you know,

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they are in a space, which is used by everybody, not every space they eat together, in the front of the seat on the same table, you know, without physically touching each other. So that's how I can most

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parties are like that people sit on their chairs, and then, you know, different families together and eat and drink. You know, and even Malik was asked, Can men and women eat together recently I've been eating together.

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So a woman asked my wife, Milan, tada, I'm eating with my husband. And my ex husband comes, can I ask him to join the food? Mama, why not? In the women had been eating together. And they used to eat from the same plate to the same plate. She's eating her husband and the ex husband or three people in the same flip. So eating together is not a problem. Problem is invented desire and you know, default that is our that is the problem. But otherwise, you know, people can eat together they can travel in the same bus or train or there's so many traveling, you can use the road and you can be in the same mosquito, the same house. What would not allow you the privacy you're not allowed to have

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privacy with a man or woman who don't have a proper relation?

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Is that low, clean and cheap? The last question we'll take for today is by Shahab who says a salam Wa alaykum chef Could you explain why the motto of Imam Malik isn't considered to be part of this

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but why not okay

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even miles a month that's really one of the best

00:28:10--> 00:28:21

if not the most important book in minimum grades they only work on Monday to do the very carefully so in order to really book you got a sound

00:28:22--> 00:28:26

and sound flip it also teaches people what was the

00:28:27--> 00:28:33

actual practice under the pillow Medina the time on Monday for that and even very early in Islam

00:28:35--> 00:29:18

this important book really in Malmo shopping is just say the third book was on the top Malik on the face of that but that was before him hundreds of people were written that way in the same now the question is when the people got these books it's for hiring Muslim Abu Dhabi in Vienna st Maria did not also say sorry I believe disabled are a muslim without in Venus at market they are not also some of them most of these are some are Hassan, some are weaker to some are even are fabricated the moon so they're not also the Sufi Hana tools only Baba Buhari machine. So you can say you know, what type it up to that category.

00:29:19--> 00:29:59

When the people made the six books in the first day of other four books, Buhari Muslim, Timothy Abu down, then the I did not say then very, very rare that it matters that people used to add more, or that there have been differences of opinion. But later on, it's still to be the sixth book. Why not? They're not part of that because they wanted to make those books I the fundamentals book office Anon, which have got all these other parts a lot of water has got a decent personality. But at the same time, many, many reports from the companions that we do

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

First of all, it is a book mix between these are the personalities and between the sayings and digital Sahaba and Targaryen and human teachers I'm American, so his footwork is to just mix up everything to divide the people did not like to give them what they know this because they wanted you know, major source of Islam to contain will lead the Hadith of the prophets Allah and Islam and whatnot like that was the highest Hadith, but it also has something to not say there are other words in the hadith of MATA they've been very solid, most of the motorcycle caught into the

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desert glow head on shift. That's all for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it next week. Because I've located and shift for your time and Zach Lowe here and everyone for joining and we'll be back next week Thursday at 6pm

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with a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh