Yahya Ibrahim – Hajj Mabrur – 01 Practical Hajj training seminar

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses upcoming tours in Barcelona, emphasizing the importance of healthy living, small small steps, and finding opportunities for growth and sharing experiences. They also discuss the importance of carrying items and not bringing expensive items, including hatch bags and waterproofed clothing. The importance of proper foot gear, dehydration, and proper nutrition for walking and speaking with family is emphasized. The speaker also provides a recap of their week, emphasizing the importance of staying ahead of the clock and not missing visits to Delica.
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They come by.

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And hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah lahardee. Early he was he was sending? What about now it's good to kind of see everyone I know, we've been texting on our whatsapp group every so often. There haven't been as many questions come through. And that's usually because in the beginning, we are kind of overwhelmed. I'm going to hunch

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and I'm going to visit the house of Omar, I'm going to visit the Medina of the NaVi Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. And there's moments of great anticipation and happiness for it. And there's always this reservation about what should I do? What should I ask for? Is it going to go as smoothly as I want? I know some of you have been to Hajj before.

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How many have been to Rome, Rome before, just by show of hands. All right, and hamdulillah How many have performed Hajj before.

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Okay, so at Hamdulillah, we have three seasoned and experienced guides with me. So I'm gonna throw everything on them in shot law, they're gonna have to do a lot of the heavy.

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You got to help.

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And the reason I say that today is always your own. The first hide, it's very personal. It's like it's very inner. But the second and third and fourth hug man, give us many more is something where for opportunities to serve others, and those of us that haven't done a lot for the last four or five years, I go to 100 $100 every year, every year as

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you look for greater opportunities, wider opportunities, not just the group that I lead, but wider opportunities to be in the systems of others, you begin to think about Hajj as being something that is beyond what it is that you want, or what it is that Allah is asking of you but to facilitate the needs of others. And the time that we're going to spend today, we're going to end in about 45 minutes, and then we're going to break for salado, we'll have a little bit of food. And then we'll come back and do discussion.

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A lot for those of you who want to save time, I want the time that we have together to be very real and very practical to be something that is about the things that are essential for you before you depart Australia. So I'm not going to talk about tawaf. Now you're going to do kalon, but that's something that I'll talk to you about in Medina everyday. in Medina, I'm going to meet with you in sha Allah after breakfast. And after all, those of you who aren't asleep, or those of you who wish to attend, so after every fetch breakfast, when every when everyone is kind of getting settled in, we'll have an hour training session where you can ask questions, you can talk about things, we could

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share common experiences. And after every hour sort of prayer, right, after all sort of prayer, we'll come back from them and give them the prophets I send them. And we'll sit in the courtyard, near the magic of the prophets, I send them and we'll have our class. And there will be other people who come in and join us. And there will be other sort of sessions where I'm not going to lead, it'll be like, yes, a party will lead it or not, so a man will lead it. So all of us is a network, we kind of assist each other in that cause insha Allah, and that's part of the Hajj experience that I want to give you that maybe other people aren't able to facilitate in sha Allah, it we want it to be

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something that is wide Ricci, and I want it to be something in sha Allah that you enjoy. Now, our sister does not look at it. She's giving you an itinerary day by day kind of breakdown of what kind of happens in the day when we leave, what happens in the airports, those are things that are operational and logistics. So one of the first things that I want to say to you is

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I will only answer questions that relate to the religious

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jurisprudence aspects of the tour. I have absolutely no knowledge about ticketing, baggage, or buses, or facilities, or even the hotels. Those aren't things that are part of my involvement. My only involvement is your spiritual guidance and answering the questions that you that you get the best, most accepted mob rule that you have been intending on insha Allah, that's the hope that's the aim of my service you you'll hear a little bit later from sister Rosie sister Aida and the others from the masotti team, who will talk to you about some of the other things that they can answer and speak on. And you'll notice even in the whatsapp group, that there's two groups. There's one where

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it's, I kind of lead the discussion in the questions that I'm very firm. Please don't put anything unless it's related to questions or something related to the head and anything operation

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Anything about seat assignments, baggage and all of that in sha Allah is in the operations whatsapp group. I wasn't even part of the whatsapp group until you

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did you see when they added me? Yeah has just been added. Right? That's when I joined operations because that's entirely their domain. That's something that In short, live requested that they take very good care of. First thing I'm going to begin with is shopping. Essentially, we're going to have you're talking about shopping. Yes. The Essentials of habit. Now, do you see how I'm dressed today? This is how much clothing it really I thought you should be like Duba. And Mashallah, like, I'm mama and so on. Even this is a little bit of a stretch, even this little bit of said, you do have a baseball hat to keep the sun out. Now, last year in head, the temperature was 45 degrees.

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Because you're there in August, right, so it's 45 degrees, it's a dry heat Alhamdulillah out of the gets a bit human out of it gets a little bit humid. But generally speaking, you're looking at 40 to 45 degree heat. And you're looking at walking through that, a good four to five kilometers, a good four to five kilometers. So when I put on the group yesterday, make sure that you start getting your fitness up, you start walking a little bit, that is something that is necessary for those of us who can take those journeys, you'll purchase a wheelchair and all of us will take turns and chop them up pushing you along. That's part of the beauty of the hedge and there'll be people outside your group,

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do you see someone struggling to push a Let me take you a little bit because you're all going the same way anyway, you're all going to the cabinet. You're all walking the same way. Everyone's going to help everyone, someone's bags a little bit too heavy, you're gonna carry it a little bit. Please don't make your bag heavy.

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We'll get to that. All right. So on this table, and at lunch inshallah I want you to walk by and I want you to see my Hodge kit. So literally when I leave her

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This is my hatch bag. I know I fly the link for the CMYK color colors. I'm a bit you know, whatever. But this is my cosmetic. It's literally a backpack but it's a good backpack. And it's got wide straps, they don't dig in my shoulder. It's got

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a belt at the back so I can secure it at the back in my back so it's not waiting around. And I tied up really high. So it's not hunching my shoulder. And it's something that has enough pockets. And you can see I have my little hooks, there's always three or four of these hooks on it. I'll talk to you about why these hooks are important. Aside from this,

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when I'm not carrying gear, and I'm not gonna I'm not going to auto file where I'm going to need to spend the night this is either this bank

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or one of these bags, supplies. Now you're going to say what do you put in this bag? Well, you're not going to have your passport. Once we land your passports are going to be taken by the government the authorities there you don't have to worry about your passport, but you will have money and believe it or not May Allah subhana wa tada open the hearts of those whose hearts have darkened there are people who literally go to Hajj for nothing else than fact.

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And there are people who target Australians.

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Americans people who are speaking English for no other reason than they know that they probably are carrying US dollars and so on. And you want to keep your property in front of you. You don't want this back behind you. Because interlock there will be maybe 2030 hands touching you there's a

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young an old Indonesian woman is holding on for dear life she's holding on to you and you bang okay in sha Allah, I'll take you there, right? There's people all over you. So the moment you have your property in front of you,

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property in front of you, you can get this still online. It's about seven days delivery on eBay about $20 it's not expensive, and you can go to Anaconda. You can go to Kmart and you can find something similar. If you keep in front of you. If not one of these rebels forte is sufficient. What you're going to have inside it are your keys, your mobile phone,

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your small little prayer mat because you will be forced to pray often on the street. Something as simple as this is an enormous benefit. And it's a little prayer mat that you'll purchase in Medina. You don't have to worry about purchasing here and where am I going to find it.

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I'll talk to you about where to get everything as you go home today I've taken a picture of everything that I bought in which store that I bought it and how much it costs. Only two stores Kmart and Kohl's, right like you can go to carousel shopping center right after here. Everything that I have there Kmart and Kohl's and you're good to go inshallah. So the first two essentials are what you put things in, you want a small bag that you can keep in front of you, either in front of you on your hip, or in front of you on your chest. If you're an instagramer and you know you want to share the whole hygiene, you know makes it nice and easy for your phone. If you're a person who's

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worried about carrying you know, your wife has said she made the mistake of bringing gold with her which naughty naughty sisters. Please don't bring gold you buy gold in Medina you don't bring gold to Medina right. Your husband will start sweating now, by gold. There's a whole street called the street of gold right? Literally. The brother is already sweating, sweating, sweating. All right. So don't take bangles, don't take expensive things with you don't take expensive watches with you don't take extra luxurious things in chama so this and these are essential either one or both. I usually tend to bring both because sometimes you get annoyed at one of them sometimes you want to change up

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if you're wearing a jukebox. You might want to have one of these if you're wearing you know a shirt like this this kind of fits under and you're good for the prayer and shot love.

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An absolute necessity and I know Matsuri provides one.

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This is my heavy duty one. And you can go to rebel sport it's about $20 you can get an Adidas or an Under Armour one. It's about $21 and basically it's a drawstring bag. When you arrive at the bottom you cannot leave your shoes and when I walked to the bottom, I'm literally wearing my Nikes these are these will be in trouble on my head. Right? You want us that are quick slip on and off that they have laces and you want to be able to just slip them on slip them off. They have a mesh the breathable, you don't have to get Nikes you don't have to get Reebok you can get whatever from Kmart, but you need good sneakers something that you can walk distances from okay. It's not the

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slippers that are

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it's not a slipper kind of condition. You don't want to be wearing thongs and other things most of the time. Once you get there, you want to be able to put them somewhere and be able to draw them and I'll show you

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on show line everyone's ready for that then is a lot.

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So you want your shoes to be there. And it's a simple draw and clothes and insula you can play with them on you have all your gear all your belongings with you, you're able to purchase things and put them inside this is and it's it's something that makes your head worthwhile. I know even from some of the people who've gone to HUD before I I have brothers in law, who've gone ahead and they didn't have one of these two, they forgot to bring it on the day and they put the shoes somewhere and you come back and all the places in the harem look the same you're praying like you thought it's there but somebody else has picked them up because they look similar, or it's a different size. And all of

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a sudden they have to walk until they get to the market without shoes and blisters and their feet get burned and so on. Save yourself the heartache make sure you have a nice one of these water bottle will fit in it. Your dehydration tubes will fit in it duct tape will fit in it essentially which I will talk about shortly inshallah drawstring bag good quality one, I don't have to worry, we'll provide one. Now.

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Most of the time the questions that you're going to ask about Hajj relate to Iran. And you're only going to be in a prom for morale for maybe about six, seven hours, eight hours when we get initially in Topeka. And we're going to do our mo it's going to be six, seven hours. I'm talking about bus time and getting to the huddle room and doing our own run. Right. And then you're out of it from then you're backing shoes, you're backing shirts and pins, then 100 begins literally a total of maybe two days, two and a half days that you're in a home. So when you look at the 2125 days, you're only looking about two or three days where you're in the State of Iraq. So don't make your purchases

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just about Iran. Make whatever you're carrying about things that extend by and that's why I said linen kind of cotton shirts, loose pants with pockets that have you know buttons

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Good socks and for the sisters socks that have their little ribbon you know the ones that you get with a little bit of Rubber Soul, you can get an enclosed picture of it for you, there are $8 a pair, you can put those socks on in shuttle. An alternative for that are these I know guys have stayed in hotels and you can purchase these as well. When I enter the hotel, I normally will put on a pair of slippers. And the reason for that isn't because the home isn't clean, it's because the ground is marble. And when you're walking on marble,

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five to six kilometers to make the walk on the inside on the outside circuit is about 5.6 kilometers. So to make one pole to make the seven circuits in the inside, it's nearly seven kilometers and I can tell you in hajj most of the time you're not going to be able to make it downstairs into the area and probably would prefer to do it upstairs. Because there isn't the crush you're going to finish upstairs quicker than you will finish downstairs. right you're going to finish upstairs quicker than you finish downstairs and we'll talk about that. So slippers like this something that you use just for the hot on that are inside your bag, where you get out of your

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shoes, put those on put these in here and those slippers you only wear them they're clean, there's no net jossa it is something that you'll see all the security forces, all the police officers, all the moms that need the prayers do the same thing in sha Allah. Don't feel shy about that.

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Now, one of our brothers as I was coming in, he showed me a pair of thongs he said Are these okay for children. Now there are two styles that I will recommend for you for home.

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The first is this and I do recommend that you get a good pair. These are actually a gift that I'm giving to a brother. I couldn't find my size in them but it was in his size. He's joining us from Melbourne. It's a brother named Rick, you meet him in shot law in Medina or maybe in Dubai, on the connection to Medina. So you want something like that will attach in the back. And the prophets I send them when he limited the attire of shoes for men. What he said was Don't let it cover your ankle bone. So anything that isn't covering your ankle bone and the top of your foot. So where this area is open and where your ankles are open is acceptable. You'll notice that there's a lot of

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people who wear the $2 thongs you know the $2 free ones, please please don't do that. The heat of the ground is going to penetrate through them. It's going to melt them very quickly. It's going to give you blisters, it's going to be uncomfortable. Get yourself a nice pair of lace up thongs you can get here's the other option. I just bought these actually today I went into Kmart right before coming. These were in Kmart for $7.

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All right now they're not as fancy as the Nike ones. These are the ones that I usually wear. These are hush puppies, they're

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all all attached together. They're not leather, you don't want something leathery because your feet you're going to be making will do and so on. You want something that's waterproof, and you want something that will last your journey inshallah. And once you're in the state of a firearm, you're going to be wearing these quite often running down to the masjid and so on. So this these are acceptable, these are acceptable, it doesn't cover your ankle bone, it is something that is acceptable. And the sooner you don't have to get those you know those heavy IANA ones or the one that had the little little straps in the long run, they will be something that will be will not be

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comfortable for. Another essential item

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for your electrical needs

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are these two types of plugs. Now they use European plugs and British plugs in the united in Saudi Arabia, you want to purchase one of each of them were Australian plug concrete in and so on. It's enough in Sharla for one room and I normally have with my little bag is normally have one of these powerbanks power boards.

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And one of these plugs will fit on it and then three or four of us who are sharing the room or whatever it may be, are able to access the same, but get your own one in shot Amina. There's only one plug for the tenant. And we'll run one line for the sisters from it and we'll run one line for the brothers and we have to alternate or we lose light and we lose electricity. So there will be a regime of when you can charge your phone and so on. Now that brings me to this next item. All of you are quite familiar with power banks. You want one that's relatively stable

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That has more than one connection. I'm currently running two phones off at the moment.

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It is something that will make your life much easier. And that way you can charge that overnight when everyone is sleeping and they don't need their phones. And that way you have juice and power for the rest of the day in sha Allah do invest in a good one. You can get them from office works and so on. Now, the question

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is, we can't use anything with soap with scent with smell.

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What's that all about? And that's actually the major misconception, what the prophets of the law and he was, Selim said was that when you're in a state of Islam, you should not perfume yourself.

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Now that's very different than coming in contact with something that has a scent. And people misunderstand that. So I've even had one brother say, Are we allowed to eat oranges?

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I said yes. Why? He goes, because it smells like orange.

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I said, of course, it smells like orange, but you're not taking the orange to perfume yourself with the scent of orange. So here are some of the important options and once again, I said I'll send you says messages, goat's milk, so it's hygenic it's $1 60 and Kohl's and it says, um, no sulfates, no parabens, fragrance free vitamin E for sensitive skin color. 60 All right. One, this is the only one that I know that is fragrance. We can get these in Kohl's for $2 a pack it'll tell you antibacterial hand wipes you want this? Every time you go out to eat, it's better than the squirty thing. Do your hands then do the table before you eat, save yourself get five or six of these pockets. A lot of

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people that get sick from the food isn't the food that's a problem is that they're opening a door handle and they have something that's contaminated them and before they eat before they drink, they haven't given themselves a good wash or a good hand clean.

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alcohol or just that's actually what this is right? I recommend in your carry on bag as you're walking that thing that's in front of you. You have one of these. You have a couple of the alcohol wipes in case you get a little cut or an injury on your foot as you're walking. Something happens just give yourself a good clean. It has a smell of alcohol but it's not a perfume that is being added at the back. Some of our sisters

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I was actually gifted this maybe on Thursday, and some of the sisters here in Perth they've started they've been tested before and they know kind of the concerns that people have. And they said Jeff, we you know we wanted to give you this gift and I actually invited them I said look I'm doing this hedge seminar comm so there they have deodorant, which is a scent free coconut oil, shea butter, I haven't used it. But as another option also in Kohl's for $3 unscented.

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That's for men, there's a women's one as well unscented. Don't go to Ermera smelling funky, don't go to Hajj and saying oh no, we're not allowed to use any deodorant. No, use deodorant, please use deodorant, but use one that is unscented inshallah, you're gonna say oh, I need something for my hair and something that

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that I can shampoo with and a conditioner. Now the sister does our mama hair. This is sunflower oil. It's a body extract, bodywash sunflower oil, oat extract, and they have a shampoo, which is vegan and unscented with oat extract and Aloe Vera. They also have for lips and hydration and things like that. Other nice products.

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There's many

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of us who get airsick but if you kind of get airsick you're also going to get busted.

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And I can tell you the bus journey that's going to go from Medina to Mecca, which is normally about four and a half hours, five hours will probably take about eight to 12 hours. And the reason so you're sitting on a bus for like eight to 12 hours.

00:24:19 --> 00:24:37

In last year. I didn't go to Medina first for HUD, we went from Jeddah airport to Mecca. That was six hours it's only an hour and a half normally drive right if you take a cab, but you can't take account because they have to stop you check passports, give the passports into the station, everyone they count everyone on the bus.

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It's a very controlled process. So if you get airsick if you will get Busic. If I can ask you to purchase yourself anti nausea pills Quels or something of that nature, go to a pharmacist. Tell them a little bit about your medical history. say Listen, I normally get sick, what's the best thing to take?

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There's also natural products that you can take, you want to have little tissue packs other than the wet wipes also in that little pocket of yours. And now I want to talk to you about something very serious, which is dehydration. Now in my group last year, we haven't allowed to have anyone get sick. But in previous years, I have had people get sick. And I have had people who almost missed out because they were violently sick. They weren't drinking enough. And because some of us were not used to kind of the toilet situations in places like Mena and nada, and so on. You look at the line up and you'll say, Oh, just go another time, but there's no other time. And if you're only going to the

00:25:42 --> 00:26:03

restroom, when you need to go, you're going to find yourself in trouble. And you're going to give yourself a urinary tract infection, you're going to get to say, and it's going to become a problem. What you need to do is anytime you see a toilet, that's relatively clean, you've got your antibacterial, you get about a bottle of detail.

00:26:04 --> 00:26:26

And you just spray a little bit, you hose it down, and you go in and you relieve yourself and if you don't need to relieve yourself, because you don't know when the next opportunity it is an act of self preservation. But most important, I want all of you to have your own supply of gastral light. Now, guys, prolite it's just a it's from Kmart, once our Kohl's once again.

00:26:27 --> 00:27:10

It's a little tablet, you drop it in your bottle Zamzam, you fill up them then you put one of these in them them It tastes like raspberries or something and replenishes some of the salts that you've lost from the sweating that you become accustomed to. You've been sweating so much, you don't know that you're dehydrating. And if you wait until you feel kind of dizzy, it's already too late, then I have to organize someone to take you to a hospital give you an IV and then it becomes a problem not just for yourself but the rest of the group. So I asked you in chat law for each and every one of you, you need to have three of these bottles in this is 20 tablets, you're going to be taking two a

00:27:10 --> 00:27:16

day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon as we're walking along. Another good option

00:27:17 --> 00:28:00

is this GPU hydration drink tablets, they don't have caffeine that doesn't have caffeine. You want something that doesn't have caffeine because if you have caffeine then you find that your sleep is irregular you want to be able to sleep well. And I've taken pictures of this as well. This was $5 at rebel sport. It's something that runners use. If you don't want to drink it, they have choose and it's like a lolly and as you're walking along on our way from Mecca from Amina to was Delhi fell on your way from Delhi for two minutes or four minutes to jamara you want to to two or three of those and have lots of water in Sharla. Alright, so these are essentials they are as important as the home

00:28:00 --> 00:28:01

you wear.

00:28:03 --> 00:28:15

Now I hope I'm being clear with that the the gaastra light and these kind of products is as important as the Flm you're wearing as important as the shoes on your feet. inshallah.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:19

Now, a sensitive topic for men

00:28:20 --> 00:28:44

is chafing. Now many of us martial law were accustomed to wearing pants were wearing under jocks were wearing underwear in Hurghada rubbing your hands together for about 30 seconds. I can feel the heat forces that you get a huge feeling of discovery. So Vaseline everyone please have your own cup. No one wants to share with you this.

00:28:45 --> 00:29:05

No one wants to share this with you. Because it's a very limited supply. There's certain things that will sell out in Mecca before you get there. One, dehydration. All of that is sold that the because the pharmacy can't restock it. And people get sick and people need it. So this sells out. This sells out.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:12

antibacterial wipes sells out. Those are things that you want to carry with you in general.

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say brother Yeah, what's his hook? What's going on?

00:29:20 --> 00:29:23

Well, what's happening in Mina

00:29:25 --> 00:29:29

in arafa, and we're unites between autofit and

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none of the bathroom doors have hooks.

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And when you take off your restaurant to have a shower, when you're going to the bathroom, there's nowhere for you sister to put your scarf. There's nowhere brother for you to hang up your thing. This is $3 from the red dot. You can buy this one from Kmart three pack for $3. Right? You will forget it on one of the doors so don't just come with one because I'm not going to give you

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Mind, I'm just telling you, everyone starts looking at me like, Oh, is that a high? Like, that's my hope. You see it says, Yeah, it's not mine. I know, it's Hi, Jackie, and I want to be generous. But you've proven that you're a forgetful person. So if I give you this, it's gone. Right? And this is a lifesaver, this is very important, along with this, is

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this hook.

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Now, when we go to Mina, I will not allow you, and you're gonna say probably Hi, that's very harsh.

00:30:38 --> 00:30:48

Well, it's, it's reality, I will not allow you to bring any Rolly bags or any carry things. Because in the end, you're going to ask me,

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I've done this show a few times, I've seen movie till the end, right? And I know you're going to be one of those sweets as soon as it please, brother, can I please, I need extra and I'm gonna say sister know

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that. And we're in head. Don't make me have to argue with you, please. So you're going to need one of these bags. And one of the reasons I asked you to buy this, this is in Kmart, you get a set of two for $2. Right? It's a quick release. In beta.

00:31:22 --> 00:32:05

There's no space, like the room that we're in the place you pray in the place you sleep, and the place you eat is the same room. It's literally a room this big, and they're going to draw a tent between it sisters are going to be on that side brothers are going to be on this side. And there's going to be these little couches that fold up into chairs. And that's your life for three days. So where do you put your eggs? Well, I don't want your bag all over the place. And what you do is you blink the bag above your sleeping place. All right. So all of you need to have a clear your clicking bag. makes things easy. You can also add things to it your hat, your water bottle, whatever it is,

00:32:05 --> 00:32:11

it's something that is a lifesaver myself as well. One of the reasons that I have it on the side there

00:32:12 --> 00:32:13

is one I want to bring my

00:32:15 --> 00:32:35

when I've been walking for a little bit of time, and I want to bring my bag together. And I want to release a little bit of tension from my shoulder is that I can click it on this side as well. And therefore it makes it really firm here. All right. So there's multiple multiple uses for this. About three years ago.

00:32:36 --> 00:32:38

I arrived in Medina

00:32:40 --> 00:32:59

and my bag was chewed. So what does that mean brother? The machine chewed my bag. So I always carry duct tape. And it's about $2 Please buy it in that same year as well. I twisted my ankle as we were walking

00:33:01 --> 00:33:17

duct tape. If you can't fix it with duct tape, the problem can't be fixed. Duct Tape fixes the world right? I have an engineer here who tell me yes duct tape is for everything. air conditioning system not working. Duct tape.

00:33:19 --> 00:33:26

We need to know where where is the place where we don't want any shoes to nobody brings NASA duct tape. Right.

00:33:27 --> 00:33:49

I always bring duct tape your bag ripped the strap broke. Make a new strap. Duct tape right? The world runs on duct tape we just didn't know. Okay, this is a life saving essential insha Allah Get yourself a pack of duct tape and pour it later

00:33:50 --> 00:33:53

Hmm. It for snoring

00:33:55 --> 00:33:55

is ready to go

00:33:59 --> 00:34:05

for snoring as well talking about snoring eyepieces for some of you

00:34:07 --> 00:34:22

ear earplugs are important and now I'm the grand champion in sleeping in was delicate Mashallah I don't know if any of you will be able to do it. I'm out like that three seconds you'll be talking I say in sha Allah will talk to you in five years and I want it

00:34:23 --> 00:34:42

I'm very good with my sleep Mashallah noise not on the grand champion everyone in hajj. They like Pamela Shaka, how did you do that? With the rocks under your eyes. I haven't done that. That's just how I am. Some people they need this there will be light it'll be as bright as this in the area we're sleeping in was deliever.

00:34:43 --> 00:34:49

If you need darkness, you need one of these if you need quiet ring for yourself earpieces

00:34:50 --> 00:35:00

as important as your dehydration. As important as duct tape, as unscented soap antibacterial

00:35:00 --> 00:35:01


00:35:02 --> 00:35:50

This is I think $9 it is 50 Plus, last four hours get the sport one which lasts even if you're sweating because you will be sweating. Go for this particular one it says right on it at sweat resistant. Water resistant. Is fragrance free sunscreen, right no century. If you can't find this particular one I've taken a photo of this I've taken photos of the other one. Anyone that they tell you you can use on babies is usually good as well. Because it won't have any of the fragrances and things baby skin is something that is normally the best place you want to shop for this stuff will be in the baby aisle anyway in Sharla sunscreen doesn't have to be fake get something with a high

00:35:51 --> 00:36:10

SPF we will be walking in the sun. When we throw Jamal rod is at right after look like you're going to be walking at 10am by the time we take the two hours to get there, meaning the sun is right above you and it will be hot, it will be hot and there's nothing wrong with putting the sunscreen.

00:36:11 --> 00:36:39

I bake I cake myself with it. I put a good amount of it and then come to me that I'm not itchy or burned or flaky after when many other people are. So if you see who's this white guy with all the white on him, that's me. It's just unready for the wall. inshallah, another thing that might be worth your while, especially for those of us who are not used to the heat.

00:36:40 --> 00:36:46

And as you fly into Mecca, most of you are going to get swollen feet as you fly in

00:36:47 --> 00:36:50

from the plane trip, you know your veins and so on.

00:36:51 --> 00:37:35

These are seven $8 from red dots, I have a better pair because I travel a lot so I have a really nice pair that I bought at the hospital. But these are miracle socks, they soothe tired achy legs and feet. So we're in Medina and you've been wanting you know, some kind of law the heat swells you up, put these on before you go to sleep. You say Oh brother socks in the heat, yes. Put them on release that water retention, get your blood flowing back to where it should be. These are important important important important in sha Allah for those of you who don't travel regularly or you have a problem with your feet swelling, okay? Very important because if you're free to out, it's

00:37:35 --> 00:37:41

uncomfortable in your shoes, and it's uncomfortable walking the distances that we will be walking.

00:37:42 --> 00:37:43


00:37:46 --> 00:37:47

the last days

00:37:48 --> 00:38:32

and I spoke about you know, getting quells and things for on the plane, grab yourself a couple of these vomit bags that for free on the airline. If you feel sick in a bus, always have that at the ready in shot lock. Get yourself a small sewing kit. Especially for the sisters, you'd be surprised how many sisters as they're walking someone steps on their I buy or as they're going up the escalator and gets caught and all of a sudden there's a large risk. And if you have that in your thing, it's something safety pins, a little bit of thread. It's something that is very, very important in Sharla for you savlon antibacterial.

00:38:33 --> 00:38:37

And for our brothers, you know how I spoke about the chafing.

00:38:38 --> 00:39:09

Eventually, you're going to get some kind of fungus or you know it just because of the sweat and the heat and so on. Get yourself antifungal cream. For brothers and sisters in law. It will release any itching. So if you get sunburned, you can put it if you've gotten an abrasion or a cut, you can put it and i don't know i think it's called antifungal antifungal cream at a pharmacy in Sharla. Now for your medicines.

00:39:10 --> 00:39:59

Any of us who are taking medicines, I want you to understand that your prescriptions will not be a value over there except to see just the name of the drug you need. But if you are going there and you're on prescription medicine, get a two month supply because you're going to lose some of it. Don't put it all in one bag. None of that should be put in one bag, because as my bag got chewed up in Medina, six out of every 50 to 100 passengers lose their bag entirely. Because it's very busy. There's 300,000 people landing every day. 300,000 people, most of them have one, two bags, that's nearly half a million bags that are being processed. You could be that one

00:40:00 --> 00:40:23

That bag doesn't make it. And even if they find out where it is, they're not going to deliver it to you in Medina and Mecca, it's not deliverable. It's not the priority that they had, during the time of Hajj, I've actually received my bag back home in Perth, not over there after 20 days over there, they said, Oh, we'll send it to you in Perth, it'll be easier. Right, it's just where they're going to find you in a minute.

00:40:24 --> 00:41:02

So don't put all your medicines, don't put your asthma puffer, don't put your insulin all in one bag, get it two months supply, tell your doctor I'm going to hydrate needed two months supply, purchase the medicines that are needed. divide them up into three lots one that you keep with you on board, one that you put in one bag, one that you put in another bag. And a lot of that is due diligence. And it's something that is important. headphones, if you like listening to the Koran, if you want to listen to do if you if it's something that helps you, when you speak with your family on the phone, there's going to be so many other people around you, you're not going to be able to use

00:41:02 --> 00:41:06

speakers and it's tough to hear headphones are really nice item

00:41:08 --> 00:41:08


00:41:10 --> 00:41:25

Don't buy or bring any chocolates, it's gonna melt. And if you get stuff, this is a peanut kind of thing. It has sugar, you can get the protein ones without.

00:41:27 --> 00:41:54

Without chocolate. Without things that will melt. I kind of like the taste of these. So I actually bring 10 boxes of these. So about 50 of these. And I'll probably eat two or three on the walk. Because you need energy and you want good energy. You don't want to take excessive sugars or chocolates or lollies or things like that. So a protein shake and other things like that are really really nice. I also bought

00:41:56 --> 00:42:37

I didn't bring it today, but I took a photo of it day to read makes that you can add if you didn't want to get this kind of nutritional thing. So those are the essentials that you need to purchase in the coming days in law. priority is going to be your foot gear, get used to walking them if you have sneakers that are really comfortable. Now, don't worry about the color, don't worry about the shape, as long as you're comfortable in them. Those are the ones you want to bring. Number two, you want to bring something that is going to be four add on that is comfortable that you can wear and be comfortable with it. And number three, you want to ensure your dehydration, nutrition and extra

00:42:37 --> 00:42:45

things like pokes, and things like that are things that you purchase all send pictures of each of them before the end of the day to you insha Allah.

00:42:46 --> 00:43:00

Now, what I'm going to do, because I'm going to end It's one o'clock, we're going to do our prayer soon, I have sent this as a PDF to our WhatsApp. You can have a card copy from it now, I also made a copy of

00:43:02 --> 00:43:26

the aroma and the HUD one page summary, you want to memorize the steps in future. So this is something you want to read and kind of get the hang of. I mean, when I say steps, it doesn't have to be critical, but you want to know the steps of so to make it easy for you. And we're going to end with this in chapter one. I want you to put your hand out in front of you.

00:43:27 --> 00:43:27

Trust me.

00:43:29 --> 00:43:33

Hi, just ready right now. All right, hi, just right in front of you.

00:43:34 --> 00:43:44

This day is the shortest day it's the thumb. It's important, but it's not as important this day is the day before out of that it's the day we go.

00:43:46 --> 00:43:58

We're going to arrive to Mina on this day. Right? And that's when we're first going to get to our tent, and you're going to see the place and there's going to be a little bit of shock and be like oh my god,

00:43:59 --> 00:44:23

the bathroom. It's just a hole in the floor. And the same place that you go to the bathroom. There's a spout above it. That's where we shower. Oh my goodness, they don't have any hooks on the door and hamdulillah she told us to bionx you remember this day you'll smile to yourself when you see the bathroom. Alright, so put that in. That's the first thing. Then I want you to make your Shahada. This is the most important thing if

00:44:25 --> 00:44:28

this is the day of therapy, it's the day of

00:44:29 --> 00:45:00

the day of offer the day before he everyone here is going to be fasting. Everyone here is going to be hoping to be where you are in sha Allah next year. Everyone will have that jealous heart they have faith to be blessed enough to be in a place where they can make their conviction and Shahada to Allah subhanaw taala This is the most important day of all the prophets I send them said and had your Oliver if you're there on

00:45:00 --> 00:45:11

That day before the sun sets at the time, the sunset, you have your house. Everything else we can fix. Oh, brother. Yeah, I got my period. Oh, brother. Yeah, I didn't do this. Oh, brother. Yeah.

00:45:12 --> 00:45:14

Were you there and had

00:45:16 --> 00:45:21

we'll fix it, there's ways to fix it, there's 50 to fix it, don't worry, don't panic.

00:45:22 --> 00:45:27

All right, we put that down. Now we have three more days. These are the three days of meaning.

00:45:29 --> 00:45:45

When we wake up in was that from autopot we're gonna go to sleep in was Delica after method of prayer, we're not going to pray in October, we're going to go to a place called moose Delica a lot orders this a number and he says for either of our two men are affecting the guru line.

00:45:46 --> 00:46:22

When you have finished your day of alpha, remember Allah greatly go to unmesh en la muchisimas de Lima, and we're going to spend the night there, we're gonna take a bus there, it's about seven kilometers. In Sharla, we're one of the first groups to reach out. And when we get there, I'm going to be a drill sergeant, brothers mark the territory sisters in the middle, you're not going to be with my wife. No, no, there's no white brother, sisters in the middle, because there's going to be the owner of Mohammed walking through. And unless we secure our place, they're going to any gap, they're going to cross right right over you, you're gonna have people hitting you in the head every

00:46:22 --> 00:46:34

couple of minutes. So you want everyone to be together in a corner away from the bathrooms high up from the slope where the water doesn't descend on us. And I'll take care of you in short love, but you have to listen.

00:46:35 --> 00:46:43

It's very frantic and was delicate as soon as we get there. So that's this valley of news danika, then we're gonna wake up prefetching.

00:46:44 --> 00:47:26

And after, just before the sun rises, everyone's gonna start moving, we're gonna wait a little. And I know the sooner of the prophets I send them is that we move very early. But we're gonna wait a little bit until the sun is about the just where the mount once I see it above the mountain, I'll start to move you'll see everyone around us has left. And then I want you to take a look at Medallia and what our Alma has done to it. All the garbage left all the you know, and this is where that came from the Australians and the Canadians and the Americans, you'll find that the cleanest of cams are those who came from countries like Africa, from China, from Bangladesh. There, their camps are much

00:47:26 --> 00:48:04

cleaner than what we've been reading, you know, everyone tells you don't throw garbage on the street. What you see in those camps is what you don't see in other places. And then we're going to start walking out on this third day. It's called the Elmo na The day of sacrifice. Now this is going to be the busiest day for us where there's so much stuff that we're going to do, we're going to walk from with deadly fat to Jamaat and my intention in sha Allah with you is that we're not going to stop at our tented meaning we're going to go all the way. And we're going to go all the way to jemalloc. Because if we stop, we'll probably be held until the sun rises higher and when we get

00:48:04 --> 00:48:47

hotter and hotter, but that will depend on what my other friends and other groups are on the phone with me telling me the conditions on it. There might be jams there might be security, some people might have felt fall in it, we'll play it by ear, it might be that we're forced back to our tent, by our intention, go all the way to Jamaat throw our job Malati insha Allah just after there's a while after the time of salado Look, it's by that time that our Google Hangout, our full ban would have been done. And it's at that time we've walked. And we've stone Jamaat off, and our slaughter has been done, we're going to cut our hair and we can remove, so we're going to go into our hotelling as

00:48:47 --> 00:49:30

easy Yeah. And the reason we have as easy as the first place to stop is because it makes that process which is the most difficult day easy. Other people have to go all the way to Mecca, and it's a dip, I don't care if you're in the Hilton, it's tough to get to Mecca on that day. After all that energy you've expended and was deliever. And out of all these things that you've done. So we'll have a shower, change our clothes, cut our hair, and shot a lot, we will try to make an effort to go down to do our full off. But that will depend on the crowds, your safety is my number one priority, your safety is the most important thing. And if we hear that there's people who haven't arrived there,

00:49:30 --> 00:49:59

we're gonna go, if it's still busy, we might delay it and we can make for a while and we'll follow up the next day or even the day after that. Okay. That's the second day, what we have to do is return back to Munich. So the water that minute hour, 20 minutes, and we have to spend the majority of the 90 minutes for every night you don't spend a minute you have to offer a blood sacrifice to charity, to make an expiation of the scenes that have missing me

00:50:00 --> 00:50:22

So we don't want that to happen in gentleman. So we're gonna go back two minutes, spend the night, the next morning, a little bit after federal walkout. We'll go through our generosity. And we'll spend all day in as a year old in Harlem. And then at night, we'll go back to midnight. And that will be the last time where a minute when we walk out, we will walk out with our bag and cha and your hedges done.

00:50:24 --> 00:50:35

Insha Allah will be done. It'll be done on October, but you will be completely done in chatbot by the day, five days, every time you look at your hand, you're going to remember what's the first day

00:50:36 --> 00:50:39

we get two minute shock.

00:50:40 --> 00:50:51

Thumb is your day of shock. Oh my Allah, but you're in a prom, so you can't say anything bad to me. Oh Allah Allah, what is this? Then the next morning we take a bus to

00:50:52 --> 00:51:27

out of the Shahada. We go to sleep in the valley Ugh, was that effect we wake up the biggest day as long as day the longest day look at my long finger. The Longest Day is is the day of Nah, we're gonna do our slaughter will be done for us. We're gonna walk to jamara for the first time. And we're going to throw the seven jamara and in the big one only. And we're going to do our rituals go to Aziza take off our clothes, have a nice shower, have a nice feed, and then shuttle over to Mecca for the local

00:51:28 --> 00:52:12

father if we're able to do it in shot lon depending on the circumstances. And then we go back to Mina The next day, the same next day, the same last day in chocolate bar. And we are back in Azizi for two days. And then we go to Mecca mokona. Then you have a nice hotel. And you're going to say Oh wow. And hungry. I finished the hatch. And now I have Jelena because it will feel like Jim will lie. And it's one of the reasons that we elected to do Medina first and to continue in that sense in ChildLine. All right, so let's break for I've gone over five minutes a little bit past one, let's break for those of you who want to make although you can make well we'll pay I would love for a

00:52:12 --> 00:52:25

prayer in sha Allah and then we'll have a little bit of food and then I will take some of your questions and answers inshallah. Okay, a lot better if you come some kind of a long time decrescendo and that kind of stuff real quick today was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

00:52:28 --> 00:52:29

I believe so.

00:52:33 --> 00:52:34


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