My reasons for teaching Sahih al-Bukhari at ASI

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The reason I've chosen OSI Bukhari is because that no doubt really the most authentic work on our heart is the book has got two important distinction. One is, it is the most authentic work our second theory ohare max effort to prove that the most authentic Heart Is there enough for our religion, our truest terashima Bob through the chapter headings and discussion and argument this has been agreed by all the experts out there and that actually my focus is that when I teach this work I compare the Hadith and and Buhari and these are not with other books like Muslim and Timothy unless I

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missed out some others on it, what the reason so what are the problems with Asana? Asana is and what is a beauty of the Synod is chosen by Buhari and something I've heard from Allah himself to the DOE Hadees which have got some problems there, how he looks at those problems, how sorts them to Hebrew with Mahabharata, and you know, some other tech support is not to make very clear, so, the book really the Creator, but a problem has been in December, India as a country or the book has been not taught to corrupt the angle of Sambo Hari himself with it, what he wants to prove. So, what I am making effort to look at every single chapter in a hadith and why he has chosen particularly not and

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if there is a problem, how it solved the problem. And also a discussion intelligible have worked on the path and all the major things for which Labour Party is well known in my knowledge that no single human I work with is so professional, what we need to do is to make effort to understand, you know, what Mr. Bahari has done, he has set certain criteria to include any hobbies in his book and when the Hadees fulfills all those conditions or criteria, then he included this in his book any holidays missing anything, we check the Nordic countries condition, then he will not include the holidays in the book. In this matter, he never never miss a compromise. Sometimes he can see very

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clearly that Mr. mahama has certain opinion and there are Hadith who support his opinion, but does not include because the Hadith does not fulfill His condition is very strict and he never never lazy meaning this from beginning to the end of the book is always very consistent. And if people learn this book properly, it really will make them to think properly understand properly and the scholarship will be more more professional. That is one of my effort is to teach this word from the angle from Buhari and to teach you either one of the most important and professional work of scholarship you know for for all the centuries.