4 Facts about recovery from any addiction #03

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In today's video, I'm going to discuss four facts about recovery from any addiction.

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What we call a multi modal approach is necessary for people to recover from their addictions.

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In order to conquer your compulsion, you will need to consider more than one strategy.

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The four facts that we will address in this video are essential for your recovery. Of course, in addition to any other strategy that you may use to serve you in this journey,

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they are known as critical alignment model recovery program.

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You may learn more about it in the description below this video, I'll leave a link in case you'd like to enroll.

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Fact number one

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it is a known fact that environments breed actions

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which means the more you design your environments to allow specific actions, the sooner you'll get the life you want.

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We refer to this phase as environmental invasion

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you must clean up your surroundings to make them conducive to sobriety, faith based activities and productivity.

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Environments are places you often visit including online sites, people you frequently meet and objects that you always use.

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Fact number two structure

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based on the environment you've created, you will need to structure your life accordingly.

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You must create lists of do's and don'ts to protect your environment

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like what

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not using internet devices after a particular time.

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Not using internet devices in bedrooms

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not hanging out with the wrong crowds

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and increasing your acts of worship.

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Fact number three implementation

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based on the lists you have created, it is now time to implement your strategy.

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Please bear in mind that implementation is the hardest step in recovery.

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That's why you will always need to remember the following.

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Ignoring the pain associated with good actions, because all good actions require effort and even though effort may seem unpleasant, yet it is very essential.

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Keep your eye on the why keep a massive vision in mind. So you may always push your limits and stick to your plans.

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Got distractions from your life. Follow the one thing rule that is concentrate on one action at a time and remove anything else that may distract you from reaching your goals.

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Fact number four people

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finally, having people in your life who are aware of your condition is important.

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And sadly, this is the step that most addicts skip in recovery.

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And I know the shame of telling others is understandable.

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But once again, without someone to support and help you you will always return to your cycle and stay there forever.

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So now the time has come for you to take action