The difference between an easy and difficult life

Abu Bakr Zoud


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Last Georgia Lee says woman yes tequila. Yes. Jana whom in an MRI you saw that the one who fees Allah. And what does it mean to fear Allah simple. It means to do what Allah commanded and to keep away from what Allah prohibited. So whoever does that, or mania tequila, what's the result? Allah azza wa jal promises. Yo Xiao la home in a movie you saw Alonzo jello will make his family his affairs all his affairs user. easy and simple. Like what? Isn't that what we all want? We want our financial matters to the easy. Our family matters to the easy. Our work matters to the easy here there's the solution when you tequila with no pay Mohammed Allah He said and the opposite is true.

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The one who does not fear Allah, the One who ignores Allah's commands, and the one who ignores the prohibitions of Allah, then Allah zosen will make his matters and affairs difficult. That's the understanding of the air that if you do not adhere to Allah to the fear of Allah, then your fears and your matters will be made difficult on our holo and our port, the 11 layer