Akram Nadwi – The truth about women in Islam

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The importance of understanding the culture of Pakistan is emphasized, along with the need to push for more publicity and evidence to support men and women. The "upid hole" in Islam is discussed as a way to lead to corruption, and the importance of learning from the Quran and reading the Quran for guidance is emphasized. The negative impact of the past and the need for reform are also discussed. The importance of protecting women and men in their lives is emphasized, along with the importance of learning from the Quran and reading the Quran for guidance. The company is investing heavily in the future and focused on growing and diversifying its revenue streams. The importance of understanding the concept of profitability and margin is emphasized, along with the need for a better understanding of the company's capital structure and debt maturity profile.
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oil me was Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool e Muhammad Ali he was herb hidden even I'm about for all the below him in a fire Raheem Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Wilma Philip to Jin our insight Dahlia Abu Bakar at awada

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sutopo hora. Allah The Hala Kakuma nutsy wa Haider wahala amin has Rowbotham in Houma yarn tefera, manisa Nakata, Allah what needed to be aged and been put a lot.

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So my dear brother sisters, inshallah, I'm going to teach him about the women

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who are companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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among his wife, his daughters, family members and other companies, I really want you know, these are things that people understand they properly reason is because misunderstanding about the women is really very common.

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And that I like to

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do, I will teach men, of course, about the women around them. But all these biographies I have done in detail in my books, to not necessarily I'm going to finish all that in three days. But I want really to emphasize on some more important points, which I've learned from those biographies, to those points, if you can take it will help you to understand the women and understand the teachings of the professor, listen, but the object isn't the Quran, the professional about the women, to the people can learn them properly, and the mistakes will not be repeated.

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So before that, I'll start two points, which can help you to understand really, one thing either I'd always have been I've seen real not only about women, in many, many cases, very quickly, the culture, the desire, they take the place of guidance. Allah says something messenger says something, but your culture has something else. So culture gets a preference, or somehow you put the culture in the in basically in it, you make a religious life on the white people treat women in Pakistan, there's no my daughter, she cannot marry who she was. She had to marry who I want. And then they make arguments because I father, she has listened to me. This argument people very often make

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something her husband will say, you can't come to the class, you can't go to the masjid because I'm a husband, you have to listen to me. So this thing he's saying out of a culture, but he makes religious, too very often what happens is in you know, people what they do, they get something from the desire they get from the culture, from the tradition, they make it religious, they make it Islamic. So this how teachers become corrupted, then people think this must be strong, because people use those terminology. This is actually not only corrupted our understanding about the women, it corrupted, actually military, the religion, I give just one example to kind of understand how

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corruption can come.

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When people got in Islam is schools, like Hanafi school molecules, school shaeffer is good, humble is good, so many schools enough data, I Srimati. So many schools, that is cool, because they're belonging

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that gets priority, then if Quran and Hadith go, they're gonna start teaching. They don't care too much, really, they just want to go for their own school and Quran. So now we've interpreted in the light of the school. And sometimes they make such a silly statement, which anybody can see it is wrong. But because there's so much deep in that culture, they accept very quickly to a good example, one of the major Hanafi sources are doodle matar under committee under the rather methodical hashtag now add

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in that it is written when they mentioned the virtual hub a funny photo from loudhailer to remember honey fight the best family and all those teeth, okay, that we don't discuss unnecessarily. Do I think there are many, many folks like him, but okay, if you said his best puppy, then after that, they say that he's a teaching so we'll continue until the ref tiama. In that book written, and even Isa Li Salaam, will give fatawa a guide to Abu hanifa opinion.

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The now just think and this accepted, okay, you must have heard many hundreds of people are saying same thing, or you say some will come and He will judge a guy 200 feet matter

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why people accept his opinion. The reason is because I'm hanafy I love to hear something like that, too. I never think I've never raised any question. If you just stop little bit faster, you should ask Really? What is the evidence in the future too? How can you know I would you know, if somebody has a note, you know, a size number give them the second this degree Abu hanifa not a prophet.

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To he had to do is to have but he said it's not me the Prophet not only probably the messenger is chosen, he's among the five top messengers. You know, Roger mursaleen knew how this live rahimullah Salaam Moosa Isa Muhammad, the five most important prophets and messengers, his top of them. Do you really think it makes any

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This is good follow up with hanifa, Abu hanifa, moustache guru, mistaking him to how anybody can accept this thing. And then still acting. When you say something about a prophet, don't you think the responsibility? Don't you think you need an argument proper that is proper, without any argument, evidence, just you keep saying this thing and people repeat it.

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I'm not saying that they do intentionally, they just forget, you know, because they love. They love their mother so much to dissertations, because part of their mind. They keep repeating kind of serially how in the religion even Islam is the language I take it a safe religion protected, you know, it's not abrogated, it will continue until the death tiama did no profit after the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Even in Islam, you can see how the teachings are corrupted not by common people, by the scholars, the people I'm referring to they are not common people. There are all of my there are people who are ideas in society, they are the one who followed by the people. People like

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that they say, when are Isa Islam will come He will judge a guy to Hanafi madhhab which does not have any sense. Still, it is popular, why?

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The thing really, to something being popular among Walmart does not necessarily mean to be right. To keep in mind that very easily people's a desire, we push the culture if people saw addition, you know, these things can become part of the religion. And people can attest certain things around data, you seems like to be religious, to this keep happening to this one important problem in every region, and also in Islam. Be anything that people say Islamic, not necessarily Islamic, even Adorama said Islam is still not Islamic. Because no Allah is protected. Only the Prophet Muhammad says of his prophet he's hot among a year after Prophet Muhammad Allah Allah Salaam, a very early

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needs to explain to you his teaching. When I say something like that, what is my argument? If they don't present their argument? You are not obliged to accept it? Is it clear? When a prophet Muhammad says something? You must listen to him? When anybody else after him said him say something? You must you have every right to ask him question? What is the argument? What is the evenness? And if you don't ask you will be wrong. If you follow people blindly, you will be wrong. And this how often lies and corruption is press in the society because people don't question you. When on a Saturday used to see something even the women used to question him and he's to correct him himself. Because

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everybody used to question this is important is a collateral buddy to first degree corruption is a very common, not only am I the common people, even among the all ama ama discuss even the top people who wrote those books, which are authority they they have this this corruption. Second thing either guidance is the Quran asuna in Islam very quickly, that things have taken the place of guidance, people found found substitute for the rasuna to Oran people don't read a corner to get guidance. People don't really sooner to get guidance, people really destined for something else a guy does actually the teachings have their own olema if they want to learn the prayer, they study the fear

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Caffe Abu hanifa moloko Shafi didn't ever study haoran to learn the clear, they never study haoran to understand the hygiene, and understand the fast You know, if they want to learn about about fasting, they got the books written by their own alma urara sooner I will know function in the society. And give another example from the same book for

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him now within it now within said, if somebody had learned that those surah, which can he read them in the in the prayer, he learned as well 10 2030 surah, which he can do in the in the prayer, and he had not era in Africa, which he needs to know in the prayer in the fasting in the zaka.

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Now he wants to know what to do next. He know the effect, which can help him to be good Muslim, and he knows enough Koran, which can he read in the prayer? Now he wants to learn more? What should he do? Should he learn more? And more or more?

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Now he's asking this question to me. If somebody asked this question that after learning essential fact as people say I don't think the right word many people essential and after reading essential Quran is that part that you need to use in the prayer after that one if you want to continue more? What should history in the fifth or the Koran Tell me what he will say?

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What should I study?

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Quran but what if now he said he said back to Allah mobile can filter for blood augment the aluma are on learning remaining is a better more virtuous than learning remaining. purani

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Why? Because

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Fifth people need all the time. On Iran, there are so many hobbies anyway to why everybody needs to know that hold on

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to what you understood from that is in their mind Araneta guidance or unworldly buka ritual, memorize, read and get a reward that no function of the current life fair credit function or the no function to why you need to learn more foreign if you'd like 1015 so that's gonna

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tell me if the society does not know the Quran. And the Quran has no importance, how guidance will come.

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If they are influenced by the culture, they have any rank teaching who's going to correct or under control correct. I am not saying mistake only happened but the women mistake happened in every aspect. Women are one example where people corrupted the teaching about the women. Now when you ask people why you teach this about the women, what reference will be a reference will be ghazali says this fact he said that he said a reference will never be the Quran soon. Reference come from this factory third party, our mothers, our school, our elders there. Because these people are teaching are never tested in the light of the classroom. If this happens, then how correction can come

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on even if you make good argument is still people are not really reluctant, okay to accept it. And that has been under met I want to say first thing just keep in mind, the one thing is that desire, culture tradition, then they can corrupt the religion, part of the Legion artists region and that keeps happening all the time. Second thing is that people can find stuff substituted for the guidance.

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They're not necessarily going to refer to Toronto to refer to something like these two mistakes did not only happen Islam in the case of the women, they happen in many many things. To many that people think Islamic, they are not Islamic, because they're based on certain culture, some tradition, something non Islamic, and they become part of Islam. I've received a few men in the field that not from Quran Sunnah, they have come from outside to this, because so deep in the mind of the people to keep these two things in mind.

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Now, next thing is

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if we want to correct the

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station, if we want to make reform, what is the will? with Apple, I have been making effort for a long time to correct the people's mind about women. I think I'm so successful to what the problem is why people refer does not happen properly. When you see on the other hand, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he started before,

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it was much more difficult because that those days, many, many Arab tribes they used to bury their daughters alive.

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Remember, much humiliated, dishonored, no respect for the women.

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By Still, he spent 23 years and he left behind people where women have the same respect as the men were women teach the Quran as the men teach were women t The sooner either men or women give fatwa the men prefer women basically participate in every aspect of society like the men. He did, why he was so successful, though the society that he got was worse about the women, that our society towards the reason that the person was so successful, what exactly happened?

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Can we think what what why he was so successful and we are not successful? what the reason is?

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What what could be the reason?

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The one thing comes to my mind, really, the reasoning is that he made a very, very clear distinction distinction. As a parent taught him Allah taught him, he made it very clear when revelation came to him. He made very clear to the people until now what you have been doing what you have been saying it all Jamelia,

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throw it out.

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Start the life, everything freshly about every single matter. Don't worry what you do in the past, or

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now new to start from the fresh.

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So basically, people whatever people hired, if they don't have revelation, they don't follow that. They said, No, let's see what the prophet said God that was just you know, that's not right. He made a distinction between two periods, whatever people did, and said before Islam, it all Jamelia Hillier means basically things which have no argument ignorance is to purity in the wrong things. They are around finishing now justice is coming now new things can we get rid of all that finishing? Basically, he was able to make a barrier between these two life the life before revelation and the life after revelation he made very clear to people that have no way to reconcile or to adjust.

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People do not think oh, I'm alright in arise family. That what we do with the women and a prophet says this led to

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Make some compromises cuz you know I'm Muslim and awesome Arashi this never happened the third or that we did it all get rid of that. Now what it says that what means we have to take nothing for

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nothing nothing from the time of diarrhea or the teeth but before Islam they got rid of that not only about women about every single thing to whenever a new question comes in, they don't want to find solution from their earlier life No, they will have come to the prophet and ask him what we need to do.

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They don't think on the ship country because they know they have this guy he disconnected them from the past made very clear disconnection. He said all Jaya helliya finished you have to start from the fresh we are not able to do this basically that's that I have been asking to order my India like I gave the speech that one a major profit the reform is actually for us that we are not able to disconnect from the past. We are aware that if the first thing would want to want to accept new thing anyway new teaching and if we are convinced we always find a way how to reconcile between this new teaching and obtain our old practice. If this continues, then the reform is impossible.

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If I said to you women need to be respected. Do you say okay that's fine yeah, you know to just very nicely but we do it also respect and then you will put like that a few few things around that. It looks like something happening. This will never change the life of the women. This we will never make the people to come back to the corner soon if you are at a studio to reconcile to make a piece to accept jelenia and Islam both or to make error and guidance to be mixed in this basically guidance to never accept a piece with error. If you mix it in because era darkness and light they are never never reconciled. If you want to miss darkness with the with the light it old darkness is

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a clear Bala and Buddha they never can be together. Islam and yahaya they have no peace, either Jerry Lee Oh Salaam and Allah smartass about himself, Alanna Shaka Alisha, everybody else can accept partnership, but not me. I don't accept this never happen this what we need to learn really the way should be okay, what can I teach about the women? I don't want to make more general if we really are sincere.

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to respect the women, and if you are sincere to give them what they have right not to not that are bigger we exactly to return back to them. What what do you what do you write in a Koran soon if we are really sincere, the only way to get rid of our practices and our teachings and start looking freshly in the Quran sooner and just accept it and don't make any reconsolidation. And any adjustment. If you do this thing, then you're teaching about the women with the spirit. But if people don't do this thing, they just want to you know, continue recalculation very quickly those tjahaja will become dominant. And if somebody comes in with like, omega zero Latella,

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you know, he is sincere, but he was not able to change the structure to our hypersphere

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powerful person, good intention. For two years and few months he ruled he reformed everything. But as soon as he died, all that came back Why? Because the structure of the state what not change, it is still remember pneumonia is just him corrupt people, they're waiting for him to die when he died, they can check it and determine

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profit never did like that. qualify Russia never do like that. But

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you know, this man in that period. And I also know he can't he couldn't do because the source problem, too. He did the best for his time. But he was not able to make sure it he will continue while 101 he will always have been to make sure that a party he takes a policy which can continue that why he was what not really just to have pious people know people who can be trusted. Basically he wanted the policy to continue after the life that his cancer has been the Romulus cancer has been to to correct the problem. He his intention was not to make this disc to continue intention. Mr. Cut there's so much around, let me correct it. Let me fix it to he did no doubt his most successful

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person in that bit to purify the society from the wrong tools. But as soon as he dies, then it comes back exactly as was before

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with the people Maja gotten more and more props happened

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in our time really it could be possible sometimes a reformer comes and he really correct something.

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But what will happen is because he's so powerful to make these corrections you know, get accept acceptance in

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wider society. But if he's not able to change the whole structure, when he died, things will come back again the same way. What What I mean by structure is this clear distinction between God and Islam that needs to be done properly if people want to have any reform, about the women in the minds of Muslims and their culture and the society, the only way to make it really a distinction between jahai Yeah, and between Islam, between the era and between the guidance between light and between darkness, we should make very clear instruction, this is one thing we need to do properly is it catergory

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if it is not enough, really, that people say okay, for that, we did not give the women proper right to marry now, we are going to give them this not enough, because this visitor can because it just basically means waiting for a time then to come back again. These few are just add,

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maintenance intention, my my, you know, I sincerely I want really deep will follow up on sooner, my deeper thinking really, at all policies of adjustment. The never never can be helpful. If you want to adjust, if you want to reconcile, if you want to make everybody happy, this will never work. And the conditions are the women will remain identical. It will never never change. It will be the only basically, because you've got pressure from outside. Do you want to get rid of the pressure for the time because the feminism there are the whole world against Muslims in this matter to now you want to get you know, pressure out and then things will be missed wherever you find easily is that you do

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the same policy, because you are not sincere. So this should not happen. The companies were sincere. They got rid of Julia, they started afresh life. So when I'm going to teach you about what the Prophet did about the women, first thing really you people learn from me is this, that there is a war between jelenia and between Islam.

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It's not a simple matter between you know, some injustice to the women, and we want to fix it. It is basically Jay Hillier has been basically dominant in a Muslim society. We want to make clearly very clear that this is Jerry and this Islam we want to get rid of for every single matter. We want argument for a simple matter, ever. Nothing we got to accept unless you've been proven. We'll be saying whatever people teach about the women, even if there's something you would like women like don't accept no bearing from Quran Sunnah we want to become solidified. We want to obey Him. We don't want to be anybody even if it is good for us. We don't want to accept something good or bad.

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We want to obey Allah His Messenger simple matter. Whenever somebody teaches you something. First thing is ask the person evidence from the Quran. So not his understanding what Allah said, what the professor proper simple matter. If this becomes insistent everywhere, then more likely some reform happened on a structure will emerge that in the future, always refreshing to be the current sooner. But as long as we keep mixing between culture and between fecund between Islam between rasuna things that will never change, it will be very superficial. But real change never never happened, which we never can get back to the society of Medina. Now, this is one thing I wanted to make very clear to

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audio from mine.

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Second thing I want to make real easy, that

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truth of the matter URIs are designed precisely India as well, that there has been no single culture, no single civilization, no single tradition, which ever has been fair to the women. It never happened, you're going to speak. There never has been any civilization, which gave the women their rights. It never no single no single nation can claim in the history that the game of women their lives, neither Greeks, neither Jews, neither Christian, neither Muslims in the most part of their history, nobody can claim no nation can claim that the gave the women that proper right? Actually, nobody can claim that they understood the women. Actually nobody can claim they made

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effort to understand the women. This never happened. Whatever actually people upset for the women when they had been forced. But they never made proper conscious effort to understand the women to understand that India needs to look at the matters from their angle. This did not happen.

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So disagree what we need to understand really, an Iran has corrected this from very beginning. Oran makes very clear that Allah is the man who created the men and he is the one who created the women. Both actually had the same creator. And both have been a creator for the same purpose. men had been created to worship Allah and women have been great worshipping.

00:24:43 --> 00:24:59

On both of them when they're good did they get get the same reward and when they do sin, they get the same punishment. You took Parana method very clear. They have same creator same purpose. You know def same Aqua water, same father and same mother. Every

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Human beings come from the same father, same mother, you know to all human beings we men are human. Women are human. Women are isolates of Allah. Either men are slaves of Allah. Women have a bada right away by the eyes much idaman and Alibaba never can happen without knowledge. Neither father men now therefore nobody can worship the Lord. without notice. You've taught for email, you don't need to know that you need thinking. But for the salon Alibaba, you need evidence is alarming. Your submission. Eunice Come on, you people men need to know. And women need to know this too. So this I think, actually Allah corrected on the processing side, and I measured to how he emphasized this

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So Second thing, I think people never made effort to understand the women to basically beginning of understanding it to understand that men and women both have the same creator. Both have same per se function. Both I've got, you know, same father, same mother, both are absolutely exactly same human being in this matter. There's no difference between men and women, after truth of the matter is, in some sense, women have got some more preferences, and that poorer reminds that you because women are mothers, men never can be mothers and motherhood be the greatest virtue, Allah mission, the connected that the only reason why you allow married women are meant different, that no other in

00:26:26 --> 00:26:52

other words should be just just one thing, why we need two genders. The only reason Allah made differences because he wanted to make some, some of them are the mothers motherhood is the only reason that most of us just think that women can do in our time, because women have been treated so badly in women even feel shame to be mothers, because it is such a humiliating thing, whatever virtue has now become defunct. And that's why for Mr. Moody, successful,

00:26:53 --> 00:27:15

feminist movement to become more powerful, you know what will happen soon people will feel shame to be mothers. And women will not like to be mothers. And this goes, it's not going to harm. You know, it's something small, it is good to have the whole religion in Oran best virtue for the women to be mother motherhood, motherhood. Why? Just think really what hyperscale

00:27:16 --> 00:27:20

when a child in the womb of the mother,

00:27:21 --> 00:27:49

she is experiencing him or her the child every single moment for nine months, sleep asleep, he walks she used she drinks. She does anything work all the time she's experiencing this experience of a new coming person has nobody except the Creator. He is the one who is with the new one all the time. He's the one who making it all. Next to him his mother.

00:27:50 --> 00:28:32

Father is not all the time. Next to next one. Luckily, in this matter, only the women or nine months every single moment. Not only that the suffering. Miss is a Christian does that life does change at the bar Cletus changes them, does life become something else. This change, nobody can experience. Basically, men never understand really what it means to have a child. They never understand Same way, as women understand that why in those days, when we may have difficulty, may are not able to appreciate properly. They don't understand really, that women are their future. If women don't do this to the future of humanity, we'll finish it because we must sacrifice the future women, our

00:28:32 --> 00:29:09

future humanity and that way and that's what chose me America wanted human generation to continue to fight the future humid women. And actually very clearly human man really, I'll tell you how to mind if anything happened for that. But if a snake comes out here, tell me what will happen. All the men will say to the women, you leave the room and it will take care of that you will do any war happened entity people always say protect women first. And then men say we will do everything why they do Tiger because the men know deeply that women are the future. They need to be protected future belongs to them. They're going to be mothers, future generation comes from them. You know, if we

00:29:09 --> 00:29:24

sacrifice some of us dies, doesn't matter, but we must be saved because they are the future. Is it clear? This role of the women actually the missing for our might this is the very very near to basically to in what Allah Mata like you know here

00:29:25 --> 00:29:26

you know next to him

00:29:27 --> 00:29:34

you know parent and actually sometimes the mother only, but you know just as illustrata hamara tomu quran

00:29:35 --> 00:29:59

quran, the mother actually carried the child in in such difficulty and hardship. And not only that we after nine months still hardship is still actually the child remains a part of the woman. Silly as in sleeping in the work all the time. She She can sacrifice every single thing for the sake of the child. Parent father doesn't do father actually feels disturbed when the child is struggling the night on Mother's Day. Enjoy

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When they collide, they wake up and they do everything they love that but father's not love because they think it is so disturbing and this thing and that thing that people get they don't have the same attachment this favor of the women should be lovely. We must agreement being future the humanity women are mothers of the human people. It should be appreciated it really big a big virtue. If you have noble people we should be grateful to them. We should not be mean didn't mean this other character to undermine the women women have the greatest favor upon the people because unless chosen them for this purpose to play this role that they are the future of the humanity is a great

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Okay, next thing I want to express a few points if you write inshallah, it will help some of these technologies.

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You can take electron shala Okay, let's do that. The professor was not like a philosopher mealtime consumed many of these things that you find the Quran Sunnah many good teachings.

00:31:04 --> 00:31:46

It is. Also you can find teaching for many philosophers. Now for feminist movement, very often same semantics with a similar to the Quran soon, the same thing. But the difference is, people say things deeply speak so loudly. But the neighbor had a very clear plan and clear strategy, how to implement that in the neighborhood, they can shout and distinct at that time protesting and after some time, they make matters even worse, they never had any clear plan. The way of and that's not that this word is if you believe in something, then it's applied that systematically properly move from one point to other preferable if you really believe that my son had to be adopted,

00:31:47 --> 00:32:25

then make a plan, which school is going to be then after that is good Secondary School, which college, make a plan properly, and then work in that direction, you know, with proper strategic, one inshallah, he'll become a doctor that hawala has made the world a lot of ways not desire and wishes, in order to desire something, it will happen, I want my son to become doctor. And that's all. And the case of doctors are very important, and society needs them and I'll make all smokers, but I never do anything, the skiffs shouting my house, to my wife, that university must be doctor we need doctors and distinguish that every time come to the house, make biggest peace, nothing will happen.

00:32:25 --> 00:32:53

All the speeches will be ugly, nothing that there are many many people that say something, but this is a no doctors, many people we know the wish their sons becoming engineers and destined nothing happens. Many people desire their children go to the UK to Oxford was to Cambridge st but nothing happened. Because it is not what you say it then once you believe that you need to make a right plan and a proper strategy how to move from one point to another point, if you do this thing, then one day you will be successful.

00:32:54 --> 00:32:59

The Professor danis alum with a structure for not omotola he had a proper plan.

00:33:00 --> 00:33:40

He now he does not only teach people writing about the women he implemented. He knows really the only ways to correct people's mind. First thing to do have respect for the women then give the women same opportunity like men to they can study they can learn they can worship the Lord as men do. They can teach they can be able to can question they can you know they can do jihad, anything men do provide the same opportunity for the women actually he did more for the women. You can men generally used to learn from him in the mosque, or in public gathering. Women used to attend that those marketing and public gathering but women are so used were able to come to his house anytime. And

00:33:40 --> 00:33:55

women for women he also made special special sessions to where they can if they have shyness to ask question public to they can come and have question in his private space more, no more lonely well, men are there, he made a far more opportunity for the women.

00:33:56 --> 00:34:06

And he did not miss any opportunity to correct any misunderstanding of the women to once he was sitting, one of the companies came and sat next to him.

00:34:07 --> 00:34:17

His daughter came and said, and he made this company medicine daughter to sit underground. Then his son came running and the company took the son and put him on.

00:34:18 --> 00:34:58

The Prophet noticed that when the daughter came, you made her to sit in the ground. And when your son came, you took him in the arm. People like me will ignore this thing. But now the Prophet because he had a plan, he wants to fix a problem. And he wants to cure everything properly on his mind. He's not a politician, politician. People only do things that will dictate to affect their vote vote that they are more serious by turn effect don't don't don't get the profit not politician. He is sincerely slay a farmer he wants to do exactly what Allah commanded. He said to the man Hello sir waiter by nahama Why did you treat your daughter and son equally? Why make this distinction

00:35:00 --> 00:35:16

The professor used to go to the mosque, carrying his grandson Hassan Hussein, on his shoulder near the player. City Hassan is sitting on his shoulder who said, and when he goes inside that he will hold him and put him on the ground. And inside the when he gets up again, he

00:35:17 --> 00:35:20

puts him back on the shoulder and leaves the whole player like that.

00:35:21 --> 00:35:50

GSM he did with his granddaughter, Oh, mama, he took carrier some time, exactly. Same thing, never made distinction between grandson or granddaughter, when in any of these matters, he never made any distinction. He did the same thing for both of them for the teachings for explanation, when men asked question, he answered them, when women asked question, he answered them, when he needed to a lot of men, he did this when he wanted to hurt women, he did the same thing.

00:35:52 --> 00:35:58

And more than that, really, when he was dying, he said to the inner people take care of the women.

00:35:59 --> 00:36:05

He said to one of Addison hope Baba Elysium, in dunya, comunism women have been made beloved to me.

00:36:07 --> 00:36:30

This actually what hurts me mostly, that we, you know, claim that we love the Prophet. And we had regular Well, in all this in the middle to nab in Pakistan, and you know, Birmingham and all these cities happened is such a big procession. And everybody claimed that you know, profit and we love him until people say, wah, wah, and all these speeches, when nothing happened relatively what they do really appreciate was the ability to pay people to AutoSum.

00:36:31 --> 00:36:48

But the professor lesson in history is in our lives. People say, well, one in the definition, the serious matter to him or the teacher system, but when he said, I love the women, people could see in his life, when people say we love the Prophet, but we don't love the word the Prophet loved. He loved the women, he respected them. Do we love the women?

00:36:49 --> 00:37:28

Truth really, we hear the women. It is so obvious, you know, you have no idea we went to Ecuador understand this thing, but I know the I've seen a specific experience. I've seen the early writing the word written by Halima. It is so insulting. If you read them, women will hit all among how all the mercury say about the women, to or insult, hatred, and bigger people, turban and all these big olema what they say about the women is so insulting, you cannot imagine and after that women become a bad thing about about Muslims and Islam. They have right we are the one who of course, this by the prophets is what either the women have been very beloved to me, he loves them, respect them, he

00:37:28 --> 00:37:30

travels a women with images.

00:37:31 --> 00:38:05

And as with a lot of set to the companions, you know, about the women the prophets or something if I say you accuse me accused Miss, you will think I know I've loved him so much. The Prophet said when you're traveling, he said to the caterpillar, prevalent the very faster but you know women out there will say why women are coming anyway, we are going for jihad. But no, he encouraged Mr. reform bill. He sought for the glass missing, he he did not discourage them. He wants to encourage them, they want to offer just fine but he referred respect them be slow, don't be so fast to it can hurt them, too, they can also travel with you.

00:38:06 --> 00:38:46

His way is not only to teach people that women can come outside women can come to the prep, he also makes every effort they do this to encourage them. He only does not say that women can explain the most he really makes every effort to they can come any difficulty he removes if we're going to complain to him that men in was push up push them in on that alligator the most. He will say to the men, okay, you stay until women have lifted to then encourage the normal woman can say I can't come to the most because they're meant to show he said no men have to stay. Then after again men complain now the sole men is still his promise him then he made one special godfather women that mostly only

00:38:46 --> 00:38:46

women can enter

00:38:48 --> 00:38:56

it. Another thing he did was he actually makes every effort that is applied properly, to encourage other women and encourage everybody else to do the same thing.

00:38:57 --> 00:39:11

That I practice that the professor Latham he applied all these good teachers into the life made sure that before he died, everything, but this application was done were in the city or the private Medina. This was not done anywhere else.

00:39:12 --> 00:39:18

That one problem Islam happened very early. The problem was that Islam expanded very quickly.

00:39:19 --> 00:39:51

Expansion of Islam happened very, very fast. And it's such a fast decrease never happened to anything before that conquest of Iraq, Syria, Iran. And then after this miracle spent all these countries have been within less than 100 years, Muslims got the biggest Empire, you know, is expanding from France, to India to China, you know, or Central Asia less than 100 years. You got such a vast, you know, area and imaginable. And in those days where no mobile phones and look, first communication, you know, just imagine really

00:39:52 --> 00:39:59

Do you understand what the problem now will happen if you have such a huge empire and now you have to run the Empire. The professor lesson

00:40:00 --> 00:40:04

I spent at least 23 years with these companies

00:40:05 --> 00:40:21

to make a good society. First in Makkah then saiping moved to Medina and 10 more years to mature to 13 years and 10 years Medina just one is more society focus on that too when he left the basically all the T's have been applied and implemented properly.

00:40:22 --> 00:40:34

Now we got after he did 100 city like that Kufa basara Baghdad there must be a him Salah you know, Shiraz, you know, 160 like that.

00:40:35 --> 00:40:40

Don't we need in each city to spend 23 years to make sure that our design applied?

00:40:42 --> 00:40:54

We knew, but we didn't do the test because we could not transfer or transmit, what prof prefers practice to this city. What have you happened

00:40:55 --> 00:41:16

with we only been able to take the Quran, the Quran went everywhere, no doubt this matter, Moses, it actually did best effort to when the conquered cities could just have Quran everywhere. They got access to everywhere. We also were able to teach people in his alibi that to everyone that will teach you how to play how to fast how to play the card.

00:41:17 --> 00:41:59

Everywhere you can find learner and make sure that you learn it people university that teach you how to teach even the family system, how to marry all those things, we made sure this moves. But the thing is so solid structure where, you know, many, many nodes with the profit actually left behind Medina, those are norms that when people left Medina, they did not make effort to take all those notes into the new cities. They never made any systematic effort that they make every city to become like Medina. in Medina, they used to see that women go outside they do business they command good they forbid the evil the Quran, so they can very proudly witness women go to the most idiotic often

00:41:59 --> 00:42:41

the most they do all those things. When they found you know Kufa and busca de newcities they were not able to even to all this this new lung effect because those who started already had had had women and the utero trade of certain way when they became Muslim they are fear Allah but it's still in many part of their culture tradition is still remain they don't have anybody like proc mon bazooka to refine every single thing. That why magic is to say, a man of Medina is a puja. Because it is a city where the Prophet made sure that everything is done a guy to Quran asuna to that he left this soon now what not transferred to Kufa nada to Basra maybe some part but not every single

00:42:41 --> 00:43:05

thing. This actually what happens people missing the one thing whenever people say a hanifa says something my shafali says something or humble says something or somebody else says something you know your questions should be next to that really what they say does it I agree you know with the practice of the Prophet Medina not

00:43:06 --> 00:43:24

did a property like that. I was teaching last week here that many people say women should stay at home permanently beautiful, nice. Stay at home. Don't go outside. The next question should come to your mind. When this verse was revealed. in Medina did the Prophet asked women to stay at home

00:43:25 --> 00:43:26

it ever happened?

00:43:27 --> 00:43:42

Do we really change anything after this was nothing desert is empty, they still doing business is still far, far more is still good to go. What is still the go to jack is still the travel everywhere they do even the prophet to take them around. They still do the same thing.

00:43:43 --> 00:44:23

If you understand this thing, Medina meaning basically I have been seeing distance to it because something new really do I want to repeat this. Enough Quran and Sunnah are teaching the prompts a lot of cillum their demo time meaning with how they are a proper reference. If you don't know what they refer to meaning is really kind of if you just want to understand the origin. From the language point of view, you will do mistake you are now gonna miss this thing or it could be a car note that the possibility you know all these things to Miss luminist at home, you can make argument for that. But this argument is independent of the application. Oran endeavor should be taken independent of

00:44:23 --> 00:44:25

the application how it was applied.

00:44:26 --> 00:45:00

The profit sooner it application, Amara Medina is an application to Oran needs what application or without its application does not have settled meaning an orally settled book, when we take out the urara from the sooner it becomes unsettled. And this book is not unsettled. Anybody can come and fix meaning it has settled it booster rune it means it is a book it is settled properly what it means it is known properly to settle it not actually that you know it has it this part doesn't know the meaning of the very

00:45:00 --> 00:45:11

Much settled there where the Prophet came as a teacher, you need to know that settled meaning if you don't allow that settled, meaning that a Quranic every language had left, when I said to you, this,

00:45:13 --> 00:45:54

you know, I said to this, all of you know, I refer to this book, next time when you teach it somewhere else that chef Param said this, or you don't provide the reference, nobody will know what this means, you can dismiss anything. This is just what it has no meaning, unless you know what it points to, if I said this, all of you know what I mean? Those who are not here, they will lick I know, if you tell them that there was a book on the table and check pointed to the book, this book, then the no mean if you will need to teach people this underdog teacher references. The meaning of this will be corrupted. Some people said dismiss the word surprise dismissal in a table. This

00:45:54 --> 00:46:11

autonomy is like Mr. Rogers, he always keeps saying that this will have 10 minutes or 20 minutes or 15 minutes. And if I said to Razi, your book has 1020 minutes he will be mad that you think I cannot write properly. To do take a look and write a book properly is when he said get our movie, lesson out of the movie, how can we 1020 minutes

00:46:12 --> 00:46:24

if I said something or you tell me or share you said this but is utterly meaningless? I leave the class I think it is because the material useless. Allah reveals the book you know what revelation means? Tell me the revelation and

00:46:25 --> 00:46:35

revealing in Revelation never means secret. The revelation mystery language what are the best why they're not meant to keep secret? Why does not emit use coded word

00:46:36 --> 00:47:18

to reveal to make it known and Arosa bill Hassan in Arabi Moby in Korea Arabic language al Qaeda bill Moby in a book which makes everything clear. In that book you don't notice clear the reason is because the data from the reference that a problem you don't know the reference, that what must be happening to I'm trying to say, you don't want to listen when people say of Quran says this, ask them then what is the reference? If it when I said this, did prophet understood like that? Did he like that? Cut the profit in the best person to follow the Quran to understand the Quran? The way in companies are the best people to accept it. What is that what Medina did? Next question. Our best

00:47:18 --> 00:47:56

should be Medina, the peoples are nothing to Konami and say that we must restart home. Okay, it is possible to be radically positive. But if this possibility supported by Professor understanding his practice, no, then it's not meaning then you can mentor me. And that is that what am I saying that all of us a very commodified lacuna, 1020 minutes, it could have 10 or 20 possible ways, but the way the Prophet understood and the way the craft acted, that actually fixes the meaning that what I mean by Khurana being a settled book, it is not a book actually just moving around and you can make any meaning. It's not a book of thoughts and ideas that people think it is book really settled. That why

00:47:56 --> 00:48:36

messenger came messenger did not come to be clear postmaster delivered the Quran every house, then you will know how to understand a lot of postmaster he's a teacher. He teaches you what it means. He acted upon that he implements that data by comparison ever made distinction between foreign and between his thing because what he said is current and what Koran said what he said both are same thing for us is teaching us something different, but for them to same thing. Is it great already. This is the first of many basically is a reference of any Teaching of Foreign a reference after he Buhari Sahih Muslim, the Society of Medina that society never never has been copied. I'll tell you

00:48:36 --> 00:48:44

truth really. Most lips ex Muslim transmitted all the Hadees and the Quran Muslims were never able to transmit it Medina society

00:48:46 --> 00:48:56

and the only way for us to understand the Quran soon is to make effort to dig going deep in Sierra books and her this book to find out about every matter how well the Medina society

00:48:57 --> 00:49:11

when you learn a prayer in the in the jury it's not enough really then see when the Prophet used to pray in his most What did you do when you learn about this and find out when he did what he did?

00:49:12 --> 00:49:39

For every single when you learn about marriage? People say no I father Mike and force my daughter to anything anybody to marry. The thing really is didn't the similar case arise in Medina, a woman talk to the person Laura Solomon she said My father has forced me to marry someone who I don't like the professor fathers have no right to force their daughters who they want to marry the marriage is canceled. You see. Now this will if you know this one that no father can make argument.

00:49:40 --> 00:49:59

You have reference that I've tried to say take Medina society I the reference for the meaning of the Quran and Sunnah. Otherwise anybody writes a book books are unclear because what second you have many many meaning instruction, HR is not there. mozarella not that what you prefer to reference must be provided. If a reference is not there.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:34

Then people have misunderstanding and Medina society that the reference for every teaching at the Quran and every teaching at the Prophet loves music, everybody, if people say women must cover their face, ask them did we type in Medina simple matter did prophet impose on the women they should cover their face? If people say to women must stay at home, ask them to profit if if people say women are not allowed to learn the enough move to the men that are in this country, you know leave India if you say India is very backward, I'm talking about the western country in this country

00:50:35 --> 00:50:46

nearly 20 years back when I wrote it you know, I started my work some of my alma friends have said, but why you are concerned for a woman to learn and study aren't done enough. Men are a minimum of

00:50:47 --> 00:51:25

this argument to work in Medina did the professor to the women why you are learning we have got an opposite de Kumara Farrukh with Manali, they are enough why I said is to learn, deselect them, encourage them to whenever people make any argument, simple question, did the Prophet understand like that? Did he do that in Medina, take a Medina society at the time of the Prophet every time, or the time the Prophet I had your reference is you will be safe. To this next thing I wanted to teach you a lesson I taught you so many important points. The first thing how corruption happened the religion that I taught you, you know properly or psychotic, why the Prophet was successful and why

00:51:25 --> 00:52:06

we are not successful because he made Korea clear distinction between God and Islam. And we are not able to do this. We are want to mix between God Islam both what to carry them together when they will never succeed anyway, if this attitude remains, we will never never succeed. And next thing I said the prophets Allah taught very, very sincerely that to respect the women. And that respect was very clear from his attitude, how he respected women he had to set up the women women are beloved to me and in his journey in traveling everywhere. He really showed that respect for the women that we don't have or don't have respect for and not only when I tell you truth really Muslim societies

00:52:06 --> 00:52:22

younger do not rest of the women too simple metrotile everywhere you go Muslims lead other people maybe they also notice that by not talking about other people we our last religion, which will be best Many don't want the rest of the women but the Prophet restricted

00:52:23 --> 00:52:31

to that actually we need to learn from you he respected the women and he loved the women once he saw the women coming from a wedding party happy

00:52:33 --> 00:52:56

hour time will say Oh see women are smiling and happy how it's possible put them no they must have just put the put them in a profit because overwhelmingly he's merely under the law said he was so happy he's the one love your be my witness. I loved him when he saw the winner is smiling happy and nice brought in the wedding party. He was happy to see that my woman we met really about this position he wanted it because

00:52:57 --> 00:53:39

we don't want to see women happy then we want every reason really to make them upset to say something that we do all the time. You know that like some women in India they married non Muslims to some some more moderate article where the saying you know don't listen these women gather our attention because women are harder the shutdown you know, high levels of maternal and women are harder the shuttle Ola Murat not everybody else. What are what are they? These women don't care about them? They are harshita this language do you they say or chat Auntie holla to I said to them, the negotiator if you're harder to share target the

00:53:41 --> 00:53:41


00:53:44 --> 00:54:23

is what people see. Did you see this in the Quran soon that we manage data unnecessarily problem that we need to fix properly. So Al Hamdulillah I think if you have taken listing a note properly, then teach them because I have so much time teaching them to you know putting people to learn really, you know, my my specialist he never had been a woman I really specialize in Howdy. It was just by chance that I do some research now people can expect a woman to I'm not expected the women and adored what to carry on toasting. But do I want to you know, these people distinct but if other people also can do the same thing? Much better than I can see my time otherwise a very, very No, no.

00:54:23 --> 00:54:59

In India, nearly every city is asking me to come there. Because now more and more people think this and water are empty is the same way you come by I don't think I have time because I've got other things to do. And also in Europe, many, many, many plus in Europe, people asking me to come I really don't think I can go over your time. My best thing if people learn from me, and then the deception and that's the next point I want to make or the profit The next point actually want to make it that you understand how the property used to teach people in our time when you see teaching. People have got this towards either people or teacher and students.

00:55:01 --> 00:55:04

This relation of people have got shaped and molded disciple.

00:55:06 --> 00:55:14

What disciple is tell me disciples simply when you met somebody disciple initiating in a sissala or theory of Sufi, you know what really happens

00:55:15 --> 00:55:26

then the teacher only gets authority for the students are discipled in certain things this what you need to do disciples are never independent to make their own preparation

00:55:27 --> 00:55:59

they will only ask those questions which are related to them they are not asking they basically have to make sure they follow their master as best as possible it could be password they don't understand because saying in the Sufism is not working joke it is I I released so far a long time to people should not think I'm a guest so on my test teacher was safe the self in India everybody Sufi to AI or tradition Toma I myself Achilles Baya with a shave, the people should not think I'm just you know negative about Sufi, but this deep interval first Sufi will say

00:56:00 --> 00:56:04

Merida Basha que nos tierra natuna

00:56:05 --> 00:56:09

a disciple is the one who never ask his master why and how

00:56:11 --> 00:56:14

he just do what Master says this or he never can say how and why.

00:56:16 --> 00:56:42

If he asked how and why we did not decide, but then they punish you until not long process so how to punish people, any disciplinary to have been big punishment, those punishments you cannot believe really what happens. Sometime one of the sufficient disciple is biggest story in Indian salsa return. One of the master he punishes is this is a student anniversa noble family, that he had to clean the toilets of all the people in the kind of power for a long time.

00:56:44 --> 00:57:20

And then after that, not only did the woman who used to throw the in order outside, he asked that deliberately fall down on this mind toward that fall upon him, see what happens. So many punishing, but then after that they do things to one teaching that disciple is the someone who never can ask and how never that device in Sufi that is not important. What the sources? What a productive what master does, what a master does. And what said that enough, you don't need to understand, you don't need to have explanation. It's never if you ask him that it is problem that means you have not learned properly. He's a clutter very

00:57:21 --> 00:58:02

similarly, well people teach and they make a student's relations become a hierarchy between teacher and student to when I'm teaching you generally what happens isn't even so much respect for me and this thing and then it Your mind is very clear that you know Shankara must have good argument. Maybe I did not ask him. But if he said it must be right to that what many people repeat from the teacher, not that they understood properly, because they have so many respect for him to something they understand, but that our teachers are very, very good in exploit. They know now my students say they respect me. Now even I can make those statements for which I don't have proper medical, I know

00:58:02 --> 00:58:40

they're not what question that how random which is a part of the teachings that for something unique in beginning you give a garment properly to date, I get your test. Then after that in between I put those information for which I don't have any argument and you accept them as truth like do documents and then they become part of your culture your mind and you will never give up them even if people say you know your teacher mistake is a no no, you are who you are. My teacher had more knowledge than you Abu hanifa knows more than they knew who you are. You're likeable hanifa You certainly nobody can say I'm likeable hanifa then this of course, is it clear that what happens generally date

00:58:40 --> 00:59:07

is the never never Islamic Islam never had this relation between chef and disciple this non Islamic nun appealed it a fully responsible for all the mistake is alarm does not have the relation between the teacher and the students that shagger that Islam does not have the concept of powdered sugar, or starch and sugar is a Persian word is not Arabic. There are no studies dealing with the no sugar saga, the word has come from God for apologists in this relation between Chaga

00:59:08 --> 00:59:20

saga and a star Mr. Teacher must and you have shaped and disciple married, married and married the disciple and check the master. This relation does not exist in Islam to make sure

00:59:22 --> 00:59:40

there's a noise to net ship and that no relation between does something similar to student or teacher does not exist in Islam. Something similar to the master and disciple never never exists in this region. Then what you have gotten to this religion has got only one term companionship.

00:59:41 --> 00:59:44

People were companions of the Prophet, you know our companion

00:59:45 --> 00:59:47

next to each other together.

00:59:48 --> 00:59:50

What companies Miss equality,

00:59:51 --> 00:59:59

you're next to the profit. You need to not only you need to follow the profit. You also have every right to understand how he thinks it

01:00:01 --> 01:00:25

You have every right to understand explanation for every single thing and that they did. Some are quicker like oxidic He knows everything very quickly. But some are not quicker to then they ask the komagata but they don't do big without knowing to lock in offer Debbie Yeah, the professor's have made a treaty, which was not very good treaty. It I took most losses because the power treaty was if any

01:00:27 --> 01:00:31

buddy this mucker and accept Islam, then he had to return back to Medina.

01:00:32 --> 01:01:14

If anybody leaves Medina to become powerful, then mactan people will not return him by humiliation. The Prophet accepted. Then Omar said no to humiliation, he come to because they kick up the property he asked question until it becomes clear, but for our workers are very clear. He directly got to be needed both people like Luca, Deacon Omar, some people are quick to understand that's fun, but those were not quick to understand, they must make effort like tomorrow to understand if they are taking without understanding they are wrong. Is it clear that no harm to be so good to understand quickly, but it is bad really not to understand what it is very bad over never did this Boomer understood

01:01:15 --> 01:01:15

that he did.

01:01:17 --> 01:01:27

The professor lawless alum you know encourage people to love him almost to the parcel Allah Silla, wallaga messenger, you are more beloved to me, you know, then anything extra myself

01:01:29 --> 01:02:06

Professor no matter how the body nor your mind, until I become more of a to then yourself, then this sentence is practice mind he thought and immediately kilka very clear to him, he said Alana or now Prophet, you are more beloved to me than even myself. You see, then he thinking understanding to this relation of companionship basically not only to follow it really to understand to have same knowledge and then after to follow knowingly you know or more properly to profit training, people in understanding in thinking reasoning if proper explanation invites you to ask

01:02:08 --> 01:02:28

like you know, the person is asking many question that you know, you say this the Quran says this almost alum ask many questions or teach inshallah, I am going to teach the Bible says these women will come whenever they do not understand. They did not accept because he's a prophet. He they know his writing, but they want also to know what explanation

01:02:29 --> 01:02:42

is it good enough? Since planation, does not mean no respect, try to understand you know, when you ask this question, you know, what, simply Miss simply means if I'm the right person to take over mighty stone understood what I taught, but he did not understand my reasoning. So he must understand the reason this good.

01:02:43 --> 01:03:19

Asking if connection does not mean you're challenging me, it does not mean really, it just wants to know that I am lower than you I or my mind does not work in your way. Just explain. But explanation. There were two professors that never had been threatened by students by these people. That why relation is not actually this part needs to be spent a little bit more inshallah that is now after the after the break. And meanwhile, I sought all distances. If you have any question, please. I am the one who teaching don't accept anything unless you understand. You should apply to me as well. Don't accept it. Never, never go to me. those points which you do not understand the livery if you

01:03:19 --> 01:03:34

understood them, then accept any if you do not understand, you have every right to come to me again and ask my explanation. Because even if profit had no right to post, who am I? to name it? I'd not allow anybody to teach. What I teach if they didn't understand

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is clear.

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