Does Allah exist The answer will shock you

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farlam and no Hola, Ilaha illa Allah in this verse, Allah says, No and understand that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah or throughout time, there have always been people who denied the existence of a supreme being.

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And they've denied the existence of Allah the bar Kota Allah.

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So during the time of Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah lay a group of agnostics came to debate with him. And their argument was that there is no sign of existence of Allah in the universe. There is no God in this world.

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So Imam Abu Hanifa initially ignored them. And he said to them,

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I'm busy contemplating on a very complex issue.

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So they asked him, what could you be thinking about? He says, I've been told, is a ship in the middle of the ocean, in stormy waters, extremely turbulent. And the ship has got a lot of goods on it. It's laden with goods, and there's no captain on the ship. And the ship is able to navigate perfectly well through the stormy waters and through the strong currents, and it will make its way to the shore.

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So those agnostic said, Only a man without brains would say something like this. So Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah they said, Subhan Allah. Imagine a ship cannot steer on its own. And you expect this entire universe to function on its own without the maker without a creator? How foolish Are you? They realize their mistake. And they brought a man on the hands of Imam Abu Hanifa RAM to Lolly, and they said La Ilaha illa Allah We bear witness that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah