Abdulfattah Adeyemi – The wisdom about how Marriage works

Abdulfattah Adeyemi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of marriage in society and how it is a journey that requires self awareness and guidance. They stress the need for women to be aware of their worth and offer counseling to help them achieve their goals. The speaker also mentions other organizations that offer counseling and that they are constantly being asked about their work.
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The wisdom about how marriage works, you can go to school, you can have PhD,

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you have to understand how a marriage, marriage doesn't work like a company, you don't run a marriage as if it's a slave and master relationship. Everybody has their own rule. I always mentioned this is like the two wheels of the bicycle, one in the front one behind. The one in the front is one that's direct, and the one behind what has attached to the pedal, which of them is more important.

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Which again, is the man which of them is the woman.

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The one in the front? Is the man. The one behind is the woman. Which of them is more important? No one.

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What if the one in the back stops pedaling?

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What's going to happen? no movement, what did one different stops giving direction, what happens?

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That'd be movement, by the way, going to the beach.

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What if one is rolling faster than the other what happens? If you don't understand our look, we have to synchronize and work together to make this bicycle of marriage to work, there will be on the spot. You can have it although

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you can get it all. You have to manage some aspects and accept some aspects. Because marriage sometimes is manage.

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You have to look at the good side. And maybe you close your eyes or the other side. If it's not too, too crucial, not too important.

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Don't say peacock think.

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Peacock does this think

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peacocks don't think you can be as beautiful as that as he be able to think you can have it all.

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You can have it all. In Nightingale may be very small. But look at the sound that comes out of it.

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What sound does a giraffe make?

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Does it talk

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just grown to speak. If it were the size of the neck that makes somebody to speak should be the loudest animal on earth.

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But you can't possibly have such a big neck as he be able to speak.

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You can never have it on in life. You have some parts, or you may lack some part. But be careful. You must understand who you are. And be as sincere as you can in everything that you do. sincerity and piety. They now come on top. It is easy to teach somebody how to perform ablution but you may not be able to teach somebody how to have piety. It's a journey that you have to make by yourself. And you have to recognize who you are and know who the other person is. If not, you will just be a crocodile that thinks is a lizard.

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dummy you mess up you mess up yourself. We are Kokoda that is meant for delivers. Now you are behaving like a like a lizard that wants to climb the wall can the crocodile climb the wall?

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You just be making a fool of yourself because you don't know your worth. You don't know yourself. If a worm, what are you doing in the plate of spaghetti?

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You have to understand that that is not a place for you. Spaghetti may look like you but that is no way you should go. If you go there, something's wrong with your head. And then we begin to show you that a snake is not the same thing as an earthworm to begin to let you understand that the will is not the same thing as a catfish. And then you get to understand how life works. Generally, counseling is very, very important. We assume that we know it all. And unfortunately marriage is one institution you enter into. And you get certificate on the day of resumption. What do you know, there are many more things that we need to know. We should try our best to learn with whatever

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opportunity we've gotten for ourselves. By no means one of such organizations. Women in power also offer counseling. So many other organizations are Dr. Medina Sahni. I don't think she's a she also does something like that. There are so many organizations mica they have people do that. If you go to NASA and Saladin, all of those other organizations, they have one form or the other better, who is actually just an organization that does only that don't do another thing apart from that every day. That's what we do. And we create a wall avail ourselves and see how we can benefit from it. There are many other people that surrounds by know who they are medical doctors, there are health

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doctors, and then there are scholars that are sheiks who will tell you what she says about what and what and what. And then we have psychologists also who that lose you

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tell you exactly who you are. May Allah make it easy for us and forgive our sins, we increase our knowledge and they increase us in wisdom. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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