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An Excerpt from the Lecture, ‘The Father of the Flame: A Tafsir of Surat 111 – Lahab’

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim.

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This is important because what actually happened, they were the whole of the police approached the chief of maharsha, who have a body. And they said to him, Look, stop your son from saying what he says, overpower them spoke to the Prophet, some of the lahardee some Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told him, that uncle, as is reported, if they were to place, the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand,

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and burden me with these two bodies, and then say to me, that under the torture and the weight of these two bodies, I should leave my call to Allah, I will still not.

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So I will probably realizing the conviction, and the firmness and the steadfastness of his nephew said to him, all my son, do what you have.

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No one will harm. That meant the protection of his uncle, he was already protected. But despite telling him that I won't assist his uncuttable pipe said to him, no matter what you do, you have our protection.

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Since the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was from the clan of Bangladesh, he had no brothers, no sisters, and no father.

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But he had the protection of his uncle who was the chief of the whole clan. That meant that even though the others didn't believe in Him, including parliament, and the children of a party, with the exception of say, the manual of the law, one of the early stage, everyone stood by the member of their family.

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So, in fact, that we learn from the narrations that over time, his his cousins, some of them who were pagans, would still defend the profits of the largest house.

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So when the party was approached, and I will tell him then said, Look, I refuse to stop him, let him continue to do what he does. They repeatedly approachable, darlin. And then finally, in the 47th, year of hijra, sorry, in the fourth 70 of the profits of the license life, and the seventh year have profited, they approach the whole party again with an ultimatum. And they said to him, we want you to either stop Mohammed, or we want you to renounce your protection. Because you can't have both. You can't say that you won't stop. And at the same time, say to us that he has my protection, so that he can do what he wants, continue to insult our gods. Otherwise, if we attack him, then you

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will defend him, and we will have to face you, we can't do we can't have both. So we give you an ultimatum. You either stop Mohammed once and for all, or your announces protection, and then leave him to us and hand him over to us so that we deal with him.

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And if you choose not, if you decide not to hand him over, or stop him, then we the whole of Quraysh will make an enemy of the whole of another hash.

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So that's what they did.

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam refused to desist from his call on Pilate continued with the protection of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And because of Abu Talib, the whole clan of Balu Hashem remained with him in protecting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when the Quran announced their boycotts, they said, no one in Mecca

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will trade with the claim of Hashem that we will not intermarry. We will not protect them, we will not trade with them, we will not exchange gifts with them, we will not help or support them, we will not even provide food and drink for

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they will be ostracized they will be excommunicated isolate. They are not office.

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We won't even speak. They actually and the clams got together. And they ratified this and created a document which they hung in the gap.

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As a sacred notes, and the boycotts of boo Hashem began. It wasn't as it wasn't a small affair. We learn that during that time.

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Despite the whales and the cries of children, food would be restricted from reaching brainwashing. And all of them Hershey came together in the small ravine or valley of barley was in the valley, but just a ravine of barley, where his house was, that whole area became a refugee ground, a refugee camp for the whole of blue Hashem, some of them to quench their thirst and to satiate themselves, or to protect themselves from the pains and the pleasures of hunger. They will actually chew on leather

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and this

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continued for over two years, almost three years

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when I will partly realize that my clan has been boycotted. He made an announcement he made an appeal to the other clans as would normally happen. So, who did he appeal to fast? Well, this was a clan of Hashem, the descendants of Hashem. So he appealed to the brothers of Hashem either descendants of the brothers of Hashem. So Hashem his brothers were nofal. And, of course, they had all died long ago, but he appealed to their clans and their descendants. So he appealed to nofal saying, look, you are the

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You are the descendants of my grandfather of my grandfather's brother. So supporters and join us.

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He approached nofal, the founder of nofal, the clan of nofal. Again, despite being mostly pagan, they sided with Balu harsh,

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but the other two clans of the brothers, boo Polly, sorry, not enough have been joined little Hashim nofal, and the clan of additions refused, and they sided with everyone else. But the important thing is, in all of these clans, the whole plan stuck together.

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At that time, the only two clans to remain together, were the kind of believer in the clan of Hashem. In all of that, you won't believe what I'm all

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about being a family member, being a brother of

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being one of the claims of blue hash, being a senior to the extent that when Abu Talib died a few years later, who took over the leadership of the crown of Hashem, none other than himself in that environment in that climates, Abu lahab, publicly walks out of blue Hershey and joined by new additions and the rest of the brush.

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And he actually went over to them and said, I boycott Mohammed and my whole clan. And he actually went to the extent of saying, by doing so, by abandoning my clan, and joining the rest of the Federation, have I not this day, defended and supported the goddesses Latin Rosa. And they said, Yes, she have. And he was honored by the rest of the branch for dishonouring the prophets in law and he was, he was honored and elevated because he made an enemy of the prophets and the law and he continued to do so. Amazingly.

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Most of the crime and crime of many of the crime of passion was still pagans, but because of that Qin clan and blood, they still supported the profits in the law. It was not in his beliefs, but at least they protected.