Akram Nadwi – On the essence of faith in Islam – Surah Yasin

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The title of the Quran is the source of all knowledge and the source of all knowledge, and shaping behavior is a responsibility of the individual. The title is used to express feelings and desire, but it is difficult to read and learn about the title. The importance of learning and embracing one's own language is emphasized, and progress in addressing problems and learning from experiences is emphasized. The title of "fit minor" is discussed, and the use of "anyway" in the Quran and the importance of "anyway" in the language are also emphasized.
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Vanilla below me was was Salam O Allah Rasool e Muhammad Ali he was herbies marinum about for all the biller in the shed my regime is a liar of man in Luffy see one hacky. In nacala mula mousseline Allah Sarah themost stopping 10 00 Rahim will pardon the Musa lawless alum of Himalayan rock monitor Baraka tada monophyletic Macario Hanako manaphy summer.

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So hamdulillah we should be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala that he guided us and helps us to be here to spend some time in Istanbul and also to study the Quran and the Hadith. And other important topics of Islamic Studies in sha Allah Allah.

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No doubt the Quran actually is the most important thing for Muslims, for anybody for the guidance in this world. Luckily, to the people, you know, though the people have been given fitrah right nature and the source of the knowledge in a sense that the five senses that the people have been given the mind, which can think can help them, but still, it's not easy for the people to get the guidance, because people have got desires and desires make people to deviate. Padnos disaster, very, very strong. If people are left with their own mind with their own sensor with their own knowledge, with their desires, it's very difficult for other people to be guided, consider all the generations,

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people never got the guidance without the messengers. Though if they make effort they can get something. But generally it does not happen very few people in the world who could manage at least to recognize Allah and to know that he the work to be worshiped, you know, but very, very few people generally, people go to get a guide this without Allah's help without without a messenger. So that's why Allah subhanaw taala to help people, he's sent the messages. And the most important of them is the Quran, the Quran, Allah revealed. This is the book of guidance in Islam. In the beginning, people had no book other than the Quran, even the professor lawless only know he just read the

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Quran, that was his source of knowledge, really, you know, when we study all the Hadith, if you look carefully and go deeper, you can find all the Hadith they come from the Quran. So the prophets, Allah, Allah, some understood the Koran, and some time he puts them, in his own words door said on some time, he makes explanation. Sometimes something could be written for other people. So you know, he teaches in more detail. But every Hadith goes around something from the Quran is a very deep book, really, there's nothing like that, you know, if you see the universe, which is created by Allah, so deep in the scientists all the time, the cube is discovering many, many things. For those

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who are not in that field, it is actually amazing. So I still keep discovering many things. You know, I always say that, you know, even if you take a smaller finger, the smallest finger is always bigger than the knowledge of all the people. And every reality that Allah created, it always be bigger than human knowledge, every reality, anything you take, even a small island is much bigger than human knowledge. If you put all the human knowledge together about the island, still, it will be more than the knowledge you know how much it's got, we don't know really. So very little that why you cannot make an island

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and the Quran in our Creator Quran the another attribute is the creation has so much depth to imagine how much Quran has about the latter attribute.

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It really news people who spend their life on the Quran

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but are forced to live, you know, in the beginning was the hub of their value they used to spend time on the Quran and they used to read the Quran and Ts conference that I but later on in Islam, something as you become more important, because you know, people you know, for the you know, for the state, you knew the judges, you needed an inspiration to people knew that job. So that's why those books which can help people to get the job, they became more important, the people became more interested in the check in later on rational sciences, those things which can make them more important meaning the knowledge basically became to seek the jobs or to impress people.

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And it continued at our time, foreign got very little importance, very little importance on same * Sultan inshallah bertino curar became

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people read the Quran, the payer, that why, you know, Quran became actually entertainment, so many para NTV than so many rules, most of them have been made by the people throughout the centuries. And you know, the focus became how we can make we put a note to attach to the Quran, by the voice and by dissertation, so that other people admire but the message of the Quran

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It remained hidden for a long, long time. And now people read the plant Ravi, people read the Quran. They think if they read the Quran in any of us for every single word, they get 10 reports.

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Doctor, I don't think it is right. Because reading people have misinterpreted people have misinterpreted the reading, reading never meant by the proposal alyssum reading without understanding, in every language, when you say, read, have you read, it always mean reading with understanding? If I asked you how you read poetry, or Rumi, what means doesn't mean divorce, it means the meaning into any verb if I asked you have you read a book in the grammar, meaning the reading with the understanding, to where people use the word hearing, reading, in every language, they mean hearing to understand reading to understand if your mother says to Didn't you hear me?

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What means not what's the meaning. So that is the only way to somehow Quran became a sacred book, the soul. And what's the function of the Quran in this last scene, the Prophet salla Sufi considered but the function is finished. Definitely the karate is very, very deep book really. And people tend not to get guidance without the Quran to what happens in deep regard the Fed, but not the guidance, you know, you can improve your life path to the Falcon with nothing beside, you don't get any reward. What sir can do second teaches us some rules.

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But guidance, not rules or guidance and something much more deep, much more deep. So this another problem insofar as the lack of Jews that were removed with the Jews really very similar thing.

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In Judaism, what matters is to follow the rules and laws.

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Actually, you can interpret it as you like, where they say was the God has sent a message after that, that God has no right to interpret directly what they say. You say God has no right to interpret it to us, we have to interpret.

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And if you know we can actually fix the meaning of the rules to follow that put in like that they have their festival in a pestle, pestle Passover, which means they cannot eat certain things to the law has been that you know, though that is for three food for dead, you cannot even own them cannot keep them in your house, you have to get rid of them for 340 whatever the days are, then after that you buy them again, but you cannot keep them in your house.

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Do you know what they do? Or do they don't want to get rid of anything. These are depilatory to what they will do they will ask one of the non Jewish neighbor of somebody so he can buy all those stuff 15% of the oldest stuff and you know David get the money, you know, he will give money in advance that he had bought all those things for 15% of all that when the festival is over, then they will say to that neighbor if you want to buy the rest of that, then you have to bet 100,000 pounds very huge money, nobody can pay otherwise return back our deposit in of the money they

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will return back to money and therefore they do this going our tricks are so much as in Islam also have been one of the Indian shuffle Islam. You know, Abdullah Sultan puri was shuffle Islam in the time in the reign of Akbar, the great king.

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Huge money because there's so much money, so much gift out sourced his salary, but he did not want to pay soccer, too, before the end of the year, one day before the year, they are insane. He will to give all his money or things to his wife as a gift.

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He can't pay the car. She will keep it until the end of the year, just one day before the year she would return a bike or that her husband as a gift. The nobody pays a car.

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Do you could have fekir but not the guidance. And the clinical scene many many mothers there are so many tricks people play even if people don't have tricks is still not guidance. It could be possible that people follow the 100% and they are Manasa hypocrite. It could be possible that people follow Akita 100% is still there Manasa hypocrite does not believe us.

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To be a believer to be a movement and Muslim depends on this book. guy that's the only this book disappointed not to rules and laws, very little laws. You know, just example I already explained to the people if you ask your family to be nice.

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You never got to tell them 10 party rules, what it means to be nice, everybody knows and when they don't understand you explain to them and then you know correct them sometimes some rules a little bit, but generally people know what being nice means. If you read this book that what sets us in, do good taco fiorella all the time the book teaches those which are deadly in the meaning in your nature fitrah parent does not put rules for you very little rules you know for rapid inheritance a law. For example, if you take

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The prayer Salah if you read the books or the focus today will teach you like in 100 different opinion five or six further prayers, five or six further, so many words and then so many Sooners and so many must have occurred to actually no new reader The sooner you know, in 52 to 52 soon NASA will use all those data to further virgin tsunami.

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If you read the Quran, you don't get the most important in the Quran teaches you the Sunnah is the most important that all the time keep teaching you

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all the time. But Quran never tells you how many how many words you how many soon How many.

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Just think really, because the thing is what Quran teaches if you understand that, your prayer will be right.

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But people don't want people want a list of the things to somebody gets them listed. These are the lists you just take and then you're done. You come to the hospital and you find a nurse and she asked question, ascetics. That's not a cure. You don't want to kill anything. ticks. ticking the boxes is not a reason to use single I've done five further all these wajib soon now My prayer is fine. Nothing is fine. If you do all those five then why the consumer stuff is still your friend not necessarily good to be accepted. Because that's not a prayer. The Prayer is what the Quran says process

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under the Houthi Salatin harsh on a chorus of whom we rely on 18 for us is a Yama Crusader reading the Quran if you understand this properly, and make effort to do nothing, you are predefined.

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And when you apply the dose, everybody will differ. Some people will find more when they put their hand on the chest. Some people find more when they put the hand under the navel. Some people actually find work on it when they leave the hands. people pray different they've convinced the father the Koran, they are not the same thing. They will differ some people have disrespect between two fields some people more respect some people less especially you know it will differ from the people but what I agree in the mill prayer the onu that

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that what they learn from the person or the other by the company's internal and the prayer because the so melty, the default reason is the I agree in the main thing when they apply those that then in details that differ for Apple if I ask you go and find it in a taxi for me, you know hire a taxi for me nice good. If I ask 10 people 10 people will will 10 different taxis. It will differ in many many details. But what will be Sam really it will be a good nice taxi a taxi that I will accept though in TTS 35 the same when the companies used to play in in certain details they used to differ from everybody but with those details is still what they do really is access to to us because they really

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make effort to do to do for you to do all the things that Allah was with their heart and effort. Even if they do mistake an acceptor that has been read people left on water for sure let's come out and we started ticking the boxes and we say this is the religion, the faculty of religion, same updated because religion we have got all this tension protesting, believing you are a believer. And if on the day of when you die, you should tick all the boxes and you die is valuable to know if you tick all the boxes when you die you are not delivered because belief is something different is not please don't

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be really did a crime very abundant this

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this broken people never can live a life of Eman and Islam without the Koran impossible never can really save should not the person that Natasha but without the Quran. Human human books human rights in the never can take place at the Quran impossible. Nobody can never intended to provide a substitute for the Quran never intended to serve you to read the Quran. Mark never did. Now we people think really once you ask anybody, any issue, they will say read hedaya

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if you

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inherit Suraj

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if you ask something else you really know this book. Nobody tells you read the Quran.

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Had you have you ever heard anybody saying you will not find the Quran? No none of prayer from the human works. If the Quran cannot teach you how to pray, that this is the inner guide because that is the most important permalink in the Quran. To pray and Quran cannot teach you that then this is not a book of guidance. We should learn the prayer from the Quran it is there. New thinking and why thinking about when you're thinking tissue become clear to you. You know when we spend time and then you get it. It's become very precious to you if you learn the prayer from the Quran.

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That prayer will be precious you love that really that wire right we have curriculum really people should learn the Quran first proper detail, then something maybe they don't understand this seek helper after people who are more knowledgeable but there are many mediators you cannot find the Quran to put on teaches a mean trick to this setting you know I will be first I found myself or everybody make the Quran as your main book is spent most time on the Quran because that is the focus but if I'm not another guide people who can guide if Allah cannot write, he said this book is clear and we should not kill alright orotic listening Arpita will move in belissa Nina already moving

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clear language, it does not make any sense that you may current complicated and then command to to follow the Quran. Do you think Allah revealed the Book to people like to see that our intention has been he got to make it clear that he needed human effort to tell people what he means he cannot explain what it is.

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It is very, very clear clearly, if you spent time you don't need any of this. So clearly, you can but what happens is spent time reading once military nuclear second reading more cyclical third, reading even more things will be clear. But you need to think and understand really. And that fear of Allah, df judgment all those things will make your mind correct your mind you cannot go astray you will always be interfering, that I should not misinterpret I should be followed properly. This is my guidance, it will help you but no, we don't want to sacrifice we want to seek help from any human work. So the first thing really, really esperan complex that people have made the Quran behind

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their back will live abundantly. Muslims and non Muslims both are the same thing. When a non Muslim was developer on Islam, we give him human book. We don't think really the Quran bent it and what the professor does whenever any but he wanted to teach people or

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you know, he read worries in Merida to Abuja to Abu Dhabi everybody's a scrum nothing else. No human just around under guided almost gotta become Muslim by reading the Quran that will happen, but we think what important a human worker so first thing keep in mind really that this book is very very important this is the guidance will guide this does not exist in the world except in the Quran. Simple matter. No human working guide can help guide us if you want to be guided. Dawa is

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minic guidance and not what we think guide and never miss rules and laws. This is a very bad understanding rarely do rules or laws are basically very little things they don't help guidance something that's really this your sense that you're thinking or fear that I must be on the right path like I mentioned to you when I said to you be nice.

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Be nice. This one connects you to your to your mind, your feet Robitaille what's nice with your mind will explain to you what nice and sometimes the mistake then you can correct yourself. Nice never miss four of temples, you never miss him. But people are unnecessary because they want to be lazy. So they want somebody come up with money for medical Shafi. Tell them you know, I don't know how to play nicely. Tell me what punctum is, tell me tell me if I say nobody playing don't talk to anybody, you know, don't smile, you know, don't move your hand so much and this thing and that he will say something like that. It is just a really some part of the mean, it could be possible that you do all

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that still you don't don't happen more from the heart from the mind, your mind should consider it you know that you don't speak that up I agree the professor could accept the prayer of the people who have in the mind the heart, but sometime this book, sometimes this is Salaam sometimes something else is fine. Even the professor Lawson himself in the place book and fine because here but to ask him is not to speak to somebody in the prayer invited directly this person they never consulted on anything anyway, that how to hyper release we think in the month of Ramadan, you know you have if somebody brought the fast intentially he has to pick a foreign descent that somebody does in the

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tank parcel and

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then and then what happens is he did not have any money, the prophets and gave him some dates and he said that no family poorer than my house. He said yourself. He did conniving. And now he's going to benefit from that he's got to eat all that.

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Why he accepted that? Because the purple

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does repentance. You know, this is great. This person already has got his a holla to kill myself and kill my family, the Prophet nohrian this person repented. Now this is the Foreign Secretary better, but to ask you what matters kafala not repentance.

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Do we emphasize on total matters? When you read the Quran Your mind will generally it will not the microphone it will not in mind manifest either it will be different mind your Quran will make your mind that in anybody who puts on that path we have to make it easier when you read up either what you think or this person does not say exactly what appear to hug so he must be coffee. He must be mature, he must be moved. He must be fast. That's why the major metal became appear to heavier when he read the Quran is different.

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In the day of desmet, Allah will ask at least 30 salaam What are you Santa Maria, did you ask people to worship you and your mother leaving me? He said oh my god, I never said I love that. And if he said you had known, you know, I always have been asking them to worship you alone. I never said like that. If you punish them,

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they're your sleeves you're gonna punish them and if you forgive them for in the neck until zero Hakimi you are all powerful wise You see, God the Day of Judgment of people who died with the ship is still Isa Islam is making suffer the Shah intercession if a lack of forgiveness and that's a five dimension to

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decrease sharing you sit all day long so to my career this was a it was a

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no matter can leave and no Sati will say something like that.

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way the court of law yeah a sub number Gemma aren't Appleton inositol. Is the Read Only romea era hellendoorn illa. Allah will ask him Did you say to the people are super Chanukah, Maya Kumar Li n r Pooja Ma, they said he behaved in a quintuple to who Da Da Da Da Da Da Vinci what are the madness in NA cantar Lamu ma cotulla illa amantani de la Abdullah be one of the two I will list I'll ask them what you commanded me their worship my Lord and your Lord.

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Welcome to Anam shahida, madam to him, and I was there, I would list that for a matter of frightening going to Antara tea.

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When you took me away, then you are the one with the guardian. And then he said into a big fight. And if you punish them, they're useless. You are master you can do what you like.

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And then when you're alone, for in entourage, we're happy. And if you forgive them, you are all powerful, all while he's asking about the people who worship other than Allah. This or shafa in the in social media is for the people who worship someone other than Allah. I'm not saying that this shall be accepted. Not necessarily No, but I'm telling you the way of the messengers like that. They want to include everybody, they never want to exclude anybody, they will find any excuse to make Muslim believer they do really, even if people whose hypocrisy NFR has been very very Kilian. Is there any way to make them to become part of the committee, they will do that. That how you know, if

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you read the Quran, you love everybody, you love nonbelievers, you love everybody, you water them, but when you read a column, what will happen actually, you want to sit? No, I me and my group are only to go to Paradise, and all 72 groups they are Hellfire that we teach people when you read this book, you will think really that no 7273 orders unless people altra unless people Quran and make a different mind to book of guidance. You know, you've when you receive that Academy messenger, but you can't become underfoot puran has come ready to make like for a profit and to follow the process.

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So this is either gonna give you the makeup or on your main book. If you want to guide us read the Quran or read again again, Quran if you don't know how to be retardation, many people think really, you know, Parag Khanna said that's true. But the main guy just had the Quran. It is you know, all the translation. They can't change what the * paradise Hellfire, about the messenger, you know, something will have problem with generally, chronic disease at 90% chronic teaching doesn't depend on the language, it can be any language and apparatus to any language to some bison. You know, certainly when you know Arabic, it can help you more and more. But even if you don't know Arabic is

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still around, it's the same guidance. Nothing's changing.

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Two people should really put on so I mentioned to you guidance actually in the Quran. In order for the pool if you read in sutala imraan when Allah Martha Maria Maria Salaam how to play you know what Allah said to Maria Molina meridiam tokunbo Tierra Beckett was Judy, work, Morocco.

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Omar young, stand up and you know, for your Lord with humility or distance, you know,

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This attempt to make a humble and under in front of your Lord, that the commodity but we think really there tend to defer the view of value as soon as you do then it has or not is something deep in your nature. Quranic way to run commands to something, what helps you the meaning in your fitrah your senses and your mind? If you put all that together and they become constantly I must do, you will To conclude, and you're probably fine you will do but somehow abundant, the mind abundant the fitrah abundant the senses, and then we tick the boxes. Pfeiffer then says sunan that's an unwitting robiola. No, you can not worship him without your mind. You cannot worship him unless you understand

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your fitrah you cannot worship unless you use your senses properly with how that you never can worship you ticking the boxes is not analysis. ticking The box is not Alibaba, you know, this never never can be accepted. It is your mind you must you know emphasize on that. That our karate karate effort. without effort you never can be guided. First is no effort. Somebody comes and make effort and you think now just I take it without effort. There's no guidance. No, I bought that goal.

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To this is just an beginning. I want to tell you inshallah, some more thing I'll explain later on. But that keep in mind, deep in your mind, the book of the guidance is only the Quran.

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Other things may be can be helpful for you, but they can not guide you to now the Quran in this Surah Surah. Yaseen, one thing you also find the ironically surah Allah says every single thing that he created, he created them in the Pierce, command Omen, male or female, you can see that even actually indoors which we don't know there are there you know, two things are interfere in every single creation. Same thing the Quran that appears to Surah and appear select you know, if you see Surah

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Baqarah Surah Surah

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Baqarah emphasized more as part of the Eman on Allium Ron more aspect of Islam on both to you know make something you know, a complete to some aspects of the manner in Bahasa municipium Surah Al Imran Sami. But together they make one thing that why the person you to call them Zahara, whiny to shining sutras of an apple if you read surah Tanaka suta hurry this to set an end appear. Because generally people supply the women are two types of the problem. One problem with that when they have you know, some disagreement, they start hating them too much hatred on one is that when they love them, they love them so much the default Alaska model. So sutala teaches you that when you have a

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problem with the women, don't hit them, you know, follow the rules properly. And if you want to create separation, there are right way but there's no reason to hate them. Hate read an inequity in that, right. So Tarim tells you that when you will love the women, you are not allowed to exceed the limit, that you know when the system to holla up, make her arm and disarm make her and to please them, even the professor and as much as you want to please your voice. You can see in the peer to one surah teacher in one aspect, that when you have problem with the women disagreement, don't hate them. The others who sell when you love them, don't excuse the minigun in the hatred and the lover

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in both of them. Never excuse the limit. Say proud to be fair and applause there'll be nothing worse than the peer to peer to this who receives the fatness reaction during the peer

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both actually are emphasizing the important points of the Quran and that

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Allah must be worshiped. So this main point of the Quran that people want to listen or worship Allah subhanaw taala. And the second point, that is must be done in the light of the teaching of meisinger rusada. And the third thing is people should not expect a reward in this world. That would make him proud other people when people think I must get reward in this world reward will be in the hereafter they must believe that they have genuine many trucks will have been asked in telling me I did suffer for 20 years, 30 years, how long they don't understand the old life because reward in the hereafter. Allah never promised that they would win this one. Sometimes something can happen as well but

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basically commodities like sola sola is for whole life. To soccer is also for whole life. People don't understand, for some people say problem continues for a long time. But for other people, new problems keep coming. But everybody had to do something that no single moment in your life, when you can live without the sub command or the sub will be with you until you die not only for us and me even for the profits, even the profits and until he died he had to do some

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not as well. Same problem, new problems but progress will be there for some people were probably longer for some people

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Every day new problems but possibly there Allah never made this world free of the problem. Never Never it only politician who said that you know if you vote for me there are no problem the line they know you vote for them then themselves actually problem of the whole nation. But the key problem a lot of it not like that if you if you follow a messenger you'll be free a problem. He says a loved one will test you will bring more problems. When you follow the more problems and then testing you the test server will be all life to this this book never teaches you a reward in this world. This week never teaches you glory in this world. People have made the wide Karakuri easy the

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glory will be the hereafter know when you sit in your lap

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and you're just sorry. You know the earth and you know the paradise. My righteous people who are the MS paradise Quran has come very clearly. Or the Tilak agenda to latinoamericana Quran kissing Jenna and Quranic the mission or the agenda many times to Jenna Paradise is so clear reward are in the rough in this world. Sometime in South America is easier because he does not want to believe us to be in difficulty all the time, but not reward reward will it be in the hereafter to the three main points of the Koran though head to head mistletoe head of la vida know what normally Nabu, then Allah resop is a bada only a bada never can be done with your mind a bada must be done in the light

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of the teachings of the messenger the prophets. And the third thing is it a reward will be in the Day of Judgment. If you do good good rewards if you do bad by reverse that will be the death and disability to that degree. So the father had now six burn natural gas in the differences in Surah. Fatty documents mostly are natural for Fedora. Fedora are omitted very very strong in the Quran really and

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let me explain that I will guide you to help you to understand the Quran when you read Quran surah Allah Allah said Buddha Allah Sabina, Rebecca Bella Hekmati while more or is it the Hasina wotja de la TFS and

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I wrote an article this in Arabic somebody needs to talk to people can understand silica This is very important understand what what it is how qurani really either hikmah Armada Hasina RG dal bility Teresa's, what hikmah is a common means icon, something strong 45 a common minister, that teaching which is based on the nature supported by the mind, this hikma the two together they make very strong is a clear pick a mud that teaching which is based on the fitrah supported by the mind because fit right argument really you know whenever you say something right or wrong telling me how know what makes something right or wrong. There already This is Jada this distinct in your nature

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other than when things go that that why is there amenities in the world? You don't need explanation, why? Because already your fitrah accepted, but sometimes it is corrupted, you need more explanation. Explanations basically are to raise your fitrah Do you realize that? Why We Need a mind because sometimes fitrah could be under desire. My dad will tell you know this desert not not to support a both of them make hekima most of these are the Khurana delegate hikma. Good people they always learn from the hikma

00:33:31 --> 00:33:40

then carozza Well, ma is Allah Hassan. What am I always I'm always amused when you teach people reminding them the consequences.

00:33:41 --> 00:33:56

If you don't obey our law, these are consequences in this world and hereafter. It's a secondary thing warning to messengers kind of the warden at the mall, that basically means to teach people while reminding them the consequences of tax. There actually

00:33:57 --> 00:33:58

is somebody smokes,

00:34:00 --> 00:34:39

to heck am I to tell them clearly is smoking in that way smoking, smoking. You know, people want to eat and drink and smoking nothing to do with that. If people are wise, they will actually unnecessarily use resting. Why should we smoke? Not? My body does not demand smoking is not in my favor. But most people don't listen to fetullah did not follow hikma. Very few people like bukas deca people like that. Over here, Melissa Rama prophets and messengers. Most people don't listen to hikma, what they need, I'm always I'm always I remind them consequences. Tell them if you smoke, you'll have cancer. If you submit smoke, this problem will happen to many, many consequences and

00:34:39 --> 00:35:00

many examples on history and descended then people who said that were under enormous consequences of the people early people around to people lose the people, these people that people what happened to them or what happened the day of January. The second teaching of the Quran is teaching people while through the consequences consequences historical consequence in this world in

00:35:00 --> 00:35:05

And also in the day of judgment that happened third one is very often unbelievers they make argument

00:35:07 --> 00:35:27

but they worship idol they'll say we worship because our ancestors have been doing this thing to them many many arguments Quranic way Don't Don't argue with them it is to question just ignore them Don't you know what are you ignore them but sometime around so what happens is somebody stupid will just so stupid they will keep insisting to show them their stupidity that was

00:35:28 --> 00:35:44

sudden Musa showed the stupidity of that argument and then move on Don't talk to me Don't even debate with them. So like this king said to blow him on our face, I give life and death. If I showed him how stupid he is, he did not understand it we You stupid you cannot give life and death

00:35:45 --> 00:35:53

to what he would have said to him the life and death. One of the important components are the life his son in a Sunday the one in quarterback,

00:35:54 --> 00:36:36

lead the life all together you don't know what life means really just telling me Do you have any control over the sun? Sun has been rising from the east make it rise from the West furbo hate Allah the cover. Now he made his stupid speeches that what mijita if you keep arguing and people can answer your question, then it is not. It is basically waste of time. jadibooti Asana means, you are so clever, that you can show the person that he is his stupidity and then he stops. If he continues, it means you are not clear then it is something else did not allow that workaround as Oran actually makes a mockery of unbelievers to where the Quran does Jadon. He Quranic barracks adore this test

00:36:36 --> 00:37:14

for under algumas which can show the how stupid they are. How are their How are met is so weak if you can do that, then it's fine if you cannot do that, then ignore and move on discussion after discussion actually waste of time and then everybody wants to win. That never current issue is clear to the debate that happened all the preacher during the debate it or non Islamic, like you know in London people get into in Hyde Park and debate and this and that. And they think that Christian Islam not dissing Islam, really even somebody more clever than you is that he can defeat you. Anybody can defeat the right people accept Islam, then they find someone who's better in argument

00:37:14 --> 00:37:23

they leave Islam because these arguments anybody can you know, basically rational arguments are more like physical, you know fighting

00:37:24 --> 00:38:00

like you can see in cricket, sometimes India with some type Pakistan Miss, do you think when India was in good mood right. Now, we are following Indian religion. And when Pakistan was you follow Pakistan earlier? No, somebody Kaito Malik, he was said, I want to debate you. The Malik said, If you debate to me, if I will, what will happen? He said then you follow? I'll follow you monitor if you will. He said then you follow me, Maurice, if a third person comes and he repeats, he defeats both of us. Who should we follow? Mr. Follow the third person. Malik said Dude, you know, really, the prophet brought one religion. And I can see you moving from one to the other to 13 deceptive,

00:38:00 --> 00:38:42

rational rational arguments. Basically, it only means who are more clever. This just means it can never be recovered. Unless you make your argument based on the fitrah didn't notice. No, no, really. People forget that even reason nice reasoning. Rush arguments are not the end of the matter. When you said this irrational argument, somebody can step up to the counter makes sense. If somebody says you know, a must mean see why. Because if A equals B, B equals C, A must equal C. So it's such a clever argument, yeah, equals A B, B equals c must equal C. But somebody can say, okay, that's fine. But explain to me how A equals B that to me what I'm going to do

00:38:43 --> 00:38:52

it all the thing really that equal C is a based on a equaling B, but if somebody does not believe that A equals B, then what are you going to do? Tell me?

00:38:53 --> 00:39:05

again make three sentences. Then he will come again to the first sentence how prove that one Tell me Is there any way you can prove anything? That was the difference among the philosophers is more than about human any people?

00:39:06 --> 00:39:34

They are there's no rational argument is still they don't agree. still do not follow that are convincing. Because the rational arguments, if they're not based on the fitrah they never can convince anybody. Any better chronic arguments are hikma based on the reasoning, proper reasoning, a second thing is more wiser, teaching people to the consequences and the third one is Jadon ability to sell music show the person that has to preserve

00:39:35 --> 00:39:47

and then what if you can't if you can't do that, then best thing is ignore them and move on Kabbalah practice in many many ways. Do not live with him. Don't involve with them. musar Islam is everybody all the prophets have been doing

00:39:49 --> 00:39:53

so now in Surah Fatah argument mostly is based on

00:39:54 --> 00:39:59

it from very beginning religion and the things around in Surah. Yaseen most arguments are based on the knowledge that means it

00:40:00 --> 00:40:14

The consequences that happened to the early nation and some things have come on the rise and our Center for the universe generally, this suit is most basically considered basura together, they make something one to both dice arguments are there.

00:40:16 --> 00:40:59

The suit I started with the, you know, you're seeing that these are called rueful. macatawa meaning they are, you know, in Arabic language you join the letters to make a word, but these letters they're never joined. Do you gotta join Yon as soon as you say to me cstt just know like when you write a meme ha mean danka Mohammed when you just say meme ha mean that you say Muhammad, but these letters you don't join them and if you don't say Allah to assimilate cough if you don't join them, you read all of them separately no authority means cutting in each letter independent they are not connected. So these are yacine this actually this way of expression has been normal in Arabic

00:40:59 --> 00:41:21

language. So there are important verses RFC used to use these letters. So that normal that why it was revealed the Quran no RF found something you know, unusual, nobody made any objection that you know why Koran universal, which we don't understand it a part of the knowledge they knew really, but somehow in Islam, we lost the real meaning what what meaning is there anyway, these are the names are those

00:41:23 --> 00:41:48

and sometimes there are something which has really wide left one of something because what happens is, in the past, when people started writing, in writing, how the people invented you know, writing the letters, let us use to be in the shape of something like in Chinese rhetoric, concealer can ship to some Arabic letters they used to be like, used to be in the shape of head of the cow, or something like that noon used to be in the shape of fish

00:41:49 --> 00:42:05

to some data is still remained the same same. In a ship, the noon is still felt like like a fish devices surah column is the name is noon, noon well, because in their surah, the Messenger of the fish has been measured, data can pass.

00:42:07 --> 00:42:48

So you can say noon and fish water they're doing some soup that is still we can see really the connection but anyway, not all of them are door. This is the theory of modify, that the letters there must be representing some orange shape or a meaningless term there. But we have lost many of them. We don't know really but he still has an effort to suppress some of them. So this is one of the meaning of these a little more of a Reisman better why there are so many people says you know the lucky ones yeah Julian son the no proof of that in when CRC and how you say yes in which is due every university seem to me inside we don't have any prefer that in our language our best you know

00:42:48 --> 00:43:26

what is transmitted from other people Nobody said it seems insane to you just basically you know guessing because you've seen it in the sun has got seen and yes you know garcin must be insane just to make anything but somebody can make another one you know we have seen has come is still fine. So the best thing is live video no we don't know and it does not harm because some of these things which are lacking in this university there are many many we don't understand but still we can benefit the world still we can live here still we can eat and drink no same Iran if you don't understand some part of the Quran still guidance will be there

00:43:27 --> 00:43:30

one on either hockey The wall is for a person

00:43:32 --> 00:44:02

so chronic has always been in a problem for many many people. You know what they mean? Really? The one of the good theory that came is for Amala Farah he wrote his book in Milan fiac Samuel Quran it's more book but very good. No, it explains properly the castle in the Quran with the like chasm of earlier people are people used to use Assam for the meaning of his dish hard to read the person means this thing witness this thing to fall asleep in that insaan at

00:44:04 --> 00:44:37

that time witnesses that the mankind already has been loser look in history of the mankind in time you know for our own Harmon our own people of New to time is a witness are so tiny that the mind can or will have been loser except people who have got these qualities of currency What will my my entrepreneur on Matera imagine by the pen and whatever they write with the pen both of them witness that you are not a mad person or upset the Muhammad is a mad person haoran said if you know reading or writing

00:44:38 --> 00:44:59

you will know really this book never can come from MIT person to pen and water and by the pen both of witnessing the Muhammad can not be a mad mad person can never kind of read Quran. It impossible. He cannot have a revelation like that it never can happen something like that. So this actually the meaning of Assam in the Quran. Like what Tina was a to explain so much.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:44

What to say to Miss carozza oxen beyond milk Yama, wala oxen, Moby nacinda. Wilma, the one of the arguments in the Quran for the Day of Judgment is lava, La Silla Rama. What happens is when you do a crime or sin, you feel guilty. Why do you feel guilt? Even if you go first time you do it and nobody sees when you do crime, why you feel the guilt? Why something uneasy in your heart. The reason is because your nature knows one day you will be judged. The scale to this a chronic argument that lasts a little bit you have nosler one, that is the proof, the day of judgment will come inside that he knew nature is there that you will be judged. The same way. You know, we're here to read the

00:45:44 --> 00:46:01

Quran. This is the Quranic argument, no proof for what comes later to croscill ineta lamella mousseline certainly you are no the messengers. What is the proof proof is this what I'm hacking for are Hakimi the proof that you are the messenger.

00:46:02 --> 00:46:18

What Hakeem is, I mentioned, Hakeem is a tribute of Allah himself in the Quran, to Allah some other happy news, whatever he said, or whatever it does, it is so strong and so you know, no mind and no nature, nobody can, you know, go against it.

00:46:19 --> 00:46:43

So, you know, so the hacking activity of Allah satola Hakeem autographed this book as well, whatever this book to really just go and think that what you know, he says, that our mindset must be anyway, the book says that Allah is the one who did all the favor. Thank you. That really nature said when you people do favor to you, thank them, doesn't mind also say you need to thank you.

00:46:44 --> 00:47:04

So much favor, worshipping minds, you know, for ourselves, you know, don't cheat. Be honest, Don't lie. Be good fear Allah, all those in the Quran Titian, Luca really just sit does what nature said. And that what he might say, to any that no single dish in the Quran, which was

00:47:05 --> 00:47:11

that no single thing in the mind, mind and fitara both support every single thing the Quran,

00:47:12 --> 00:47:52

book being like that is the proof that you must meet with the messenger, because no human can like their human book will be this way. You know, don't cheat a British, but you can cheat, cheat Nana British for that another human, you know, that goes for the British people, but the loss for non British, the loss for Turkish people, either the loss for non Turkish people, the love for my family, the loss for other families, but for us and don't achieve it, then don't do it against anybody. Don't lie, Don't lie. But for our teacher, it is so consistent and worth it based on fitrah meaning in mind, when a mind says something that is fine, but otherwise you're differentiating

00:47:52 --> 00:48:25

between the people and the base of the race and the color altos does not exist in this book. This book actually is a bit over the book is based on the fedora and darkness that what Allah put on hockey, that what it makes very clear, it never can be from human being human. Never can be like that human a book always have some deficiency. The human teaching always must be limited must be you if somebody is a prophet in Macau, he cannot think about holding versus he could just think about American interest but his teaching never confined to Makkah his teachings refer

00:48:32 --> 00:48:33

to other sources and

00:48:34 --> 00:48:35

so on.

00:48:37 --> 00:48:39

Yes, please the only one

00:48:42 --> 00:49:21

yeah, that's the same thing like coffee only you know, this one in top noon of coffee. Ah yeah, I decided alternatively, what if law means more than one rep Lama had me repeated? You know, how mean or how God Jehovah mean they have gotten the same message consider similar to the Quran about you know, very, very similar instrument in the message do you know something can find really, but Rama you can not make any equilibria in any of those ideas, which actually are you know, which comprehensive which never know how exception is not meaning there's something deeper, which you don't find the people can discover something but still there will be problem when you start if Lamb

00:49:21 --> 00:49:23

has this thing that people can say but you know, that

00:49:24 --> 00:49:27

does not fit there, or will happen except

00:49:28 --> 00:49:41

the best thing is really that you know, no doubt that people should make effort. But even if you don't know the meaning, is still what we know is more than enough, really. So people should make effort for those who wish they easily can understand the Quran.

00:49:43 --> 00:50:00

But it's certainly one that people say are seen as the name of the Prophet doesn't have to be there. no proof even Okay, yes, he knows the nurse or the professor Listen, and this actually has nothing to do. No. Arosa never called the prophet or how you're seen abraca de Kumara focus Manali. Nobody ever call the Prophet

00:50:00 --> 00:50:22

Have you ever seen it or actually will do worse? The core Makita? Is Thomasina Dyneema profit never happening in a no, no ha This is very Natalia su parcel Allah Silla, nothing and nobody called him yet the highest people call him Muhammad. people calling me mathematically named Kim, you know that Mustafa has been come, but nobody ever called him to hayase this name never had been used.

00:50:23 --> 00:51:00

Yeah, I know what feta means really, in order to really no doubt with so many discussion argument actually, at the end of the day, most of them actually make it so difficult that they nobody knows anything. If you read the philosophers, they have their own way, but Parliament have their own way. mousseline actually, you know, keep our money and people like that it has so much discussion, so much contradiction to invert the say, in the time you had written in a very long, long thing about fitrah and opposing all these people, you know, finding weakness in their argument, the nearly 100 projects we are transferred of all of them in for my book, I still did not publish. And then more of

00:51:00 --> 00:51:42

our items he wrote on Twitter as well. But I found it to be more of a Rhian mala are in technology are very similar. domata for is much more clear, actually much better explain what fitrah actually meant, isn't like, what our life created, it has got its own nature like plants, to plants have in nature, meaning by fitrah they need water, some air some light, to purify, understand how much light they need, how much water if you take, if you give them that they will be good. So people love like, you know, some animals, some animals eat meat, some intimacy, or some something grand green, something like that is the fifth route, you understand the fitrah and you treat them like that, too,

00:51:42 --> 00:51:42

they will live

00:51:44 --> 00:52:24

the same human being they have got the fitrah there are certain things they really needed that part of fitrah if you do do you do that, then they will come up with one of our ISIS fidra not only in our demands, actually when you fulfill the demand, it becomes hypee and when you don't fulfill the mark in cause upset typesetting that the people really understand the fitrah properly, they can see the most important thing the fitrah is that anybody who has a favor, it was to bouting Chakra The first thing really that fasting comes in the fetal like you know people are born so much abundance or that you know, favor from the Lord or even them subsequent favor for the Lord to foster what used

00:52:24 --> 00:52:45

to come for news to come from Mt to thank Allah that way the first thing in the Quran Allah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen to that fitrah. So, you can say Phaedra I basically is this what is the built in in the people about the good and by it, but it is not by see it is actually more active Phaedra is a demanding

00:52:46 --> 00:53:29

by demands and if demand fulfilled, then it comes happy that I can see when a child is born to a mother gets milk you can cut this Phaedra Phaedra news of the milk the milk of the mother that way become happy otherwise have no reason to be happy. You know, if you give a stone will go to happy something else you can change the fitrah no Phaedra is to get the milk there was a person that told that no you are in the fifth row because he wanted milk to milk the fitter and fitter if people sit together they can they can understand it. I always said to people for example, you know, when you are hungry, just think really what am I fit right? Now you feel you need something what Phaedra says

00:53:29 --> 00:53:36

to you Phaedra will tell you that you know you knew something which can give you energy and give you help.

00:53:38 --> 00:54:18

And if people do that, it will help you give the food which gave me know if food comes and didn't know energy. It was not like food for thought I will not be happy. If you give a food get some energy, but actually across the health. Fifth, I will be upset you need to have better support energy unhealthy. Eating too much fitrah will feel the burden of eating the food which actually is more than energy fitara will be a burden but fitrah can be corrupted by culture, popular culture like when a poor hungry Indian people they think being hungry means your sub kebab samosa biryani, you told that we're not Phaedra Phaedra never said it just the people have developed this to fit

00:54:18 --> 00:54:55

right just food in simple food that made the most people deaf. They don't understand what fitrah means. They actually corrupt animals and plants don't have culture to their right. fitrah human being can make culture that can corrupted to weaken debt, why too difficult for the poor to understand? Well, if you read the Quran, the best way to understand if you tried read Ibrahim story. He's the man of the fetal. And actually Ron wants to tell you not only but even all the universes, like Ibrahim did, amazingly, really around said that, you know people say Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that God samovar with

00:54:56 --> 00:54:59

the Haven go to break down and Arthur is going to

00:55:00 --> 00:55:17

Split and mounted pieces, people sort of Merkerson exactly what Abraham does. What all does nature do? Everything the Abrahamic fit if you want to understand fitrah and mind the best stories are in the Quran isn't pivotal but it might sound that way. Carranza tilaka Jonah, we give you our as our ultimate

00:55:18 --> 00:55:21

new dogma document he knew how to sit in and unless

00:55:22 --> 00:55:34

we gave him even you know in childhood rashidun the child who knows the fitrah understand the mind process, mind and fit our work together. They make Rashid and they make your Hakeem

00:55:35 --> 00:55:49

when you were in or something, first thing, philosophers and political limit they make fitrah a mystery is not a mystery. It is a very, very everybody can know their own fitrah nothing. It is something very, very clear but people don't make effort.

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