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Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the importance of emotional acceptance in learning and removing suffering. They explain that as an individual builds their understanding, they are able to deeply connect to people and become aware of their emotions and understand what is happening. They also mention that this is the quality of learning to become a better person.
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You know, the example The best example I can give comes from one of Aesop's Fables. And it's a very long, you know, story about a young villager who was running away from his village. And there was a lion that had been menacing the Village People. And all of the village people had decided that, you know, they're going to kill this lion because it was causing so much trouble. It was roaming, it was angry, it was just causing havoc.

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So this villager one day, he's fleeing from the village, for whatever reason, and he, he, as he's leaving, it begins to storm very badly, and he seeks refuge in a cave, he seeks refuge in a cave. And as he gets into the cave and gets comfortable, he realizes he's not alone in that cave, but rather that very same line is in the cave with him, thinking his death is imminent, he actually, you know, lights up the cave a bit to see, you know what's before him, and he sees this angry lion. But as he looks closer, he sees that the lion has a thorn in its paw.

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And so he goes up gently to it, and he pulls out the thorn. And all of a sudden, this angry lion now becomes, you know, common, and all the anger is gone. And so Aesop is using this as an example, to show us that some times the emotion that's being displayed is not the emotion that's underneath and actually being felt. So as a person builds their emotional understanding. They're able to deeply connect to people and to remove the thorns that are causing other things. Many times in our families, we hear children, they'll say things when they're in their teenage years, to their parents, I don't want to pray anymore. I'm tired of Islam or I hate you things like these very fiery

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statements. And what we have to understand is what's truly being communicated. This is emotional understanding. And this is the quality of learning to listen, which we'll talk about in our fourth third module in sha Allah to Allah

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