The Story Of Hajar And The Water Of Zamzam

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of conversations and stories about people caught drinking water and given opportunities to work. They touch on topics such as late-aged women who were caught drinking water and given opportunities to work. The speakers discuss various topics such as a woman who killed a child and kept a film in the Valley, a family of people who were upset and complaining about their behavior, and a man who recounts his story of his father returning to his house after he left him. They all touch on topics such as finding water gaps, visiting a woman who had been visiting him regularly, and recounting stories of events such as a stroke and a knee injury.
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Not only or suffer cylinder Sleeman Kathira mama bad you know Jamar today I was actually reviewing rather sada Hain and trying to post what the hadith is going to be next inshallah so I realized something very interesting. We are 22 Hadith from finishing the other side of Hennigan

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after seven years

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22 Hadith from having the hokhmah of the other side and I'm just like Subhan Allah. Wow. I can see here that actually, I posted this a year a few years back. The first cut map was done at Valley Ranch Islamic center on Wednesday, September 9 2015.

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I wonder if we're going to finish September 9 2023. This year Laura Wilson Shanahan was letting you know that we're almost done with the driver's side and after all these years, and the Baroque of hydrogen Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala, the bulk of the Sunnah of the Prophet Salah Salem it's unparalleled, unmatched every single night you hear one of those beautiful stories and Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Allah it soothes your heart, connect you back with the prophets of Allah wa salam O Allah so keep learning Hadith in the visa lesson learn his sunnah Jamal, there is nothing that is more valuable for us in our life than living by the example of Muhammad sallahu wa salam

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Ali, and this hadith Haddad number 1867. It's a little bit long Hadith. It's a story, the story of her and her son is mine. And the discovery of zamzam. Madina, Munawwara him Allah Tala who call upon Him now bathroom. Allahu Anhu. Uma Khadija Ibrahim will be always mine will be banana is mine. We're here to there who had the water handle but he says Ibrahim Ali Salam, he brought his wife on a smile the mother of his mind and her son is mine. We're here to order while she was still nursing him. What does that mean it in math when he said that you will show us the nursing what does that mean? Exactly?

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Was the baby is very very young. That's what it means. It wasn't like walking with her. It's still in her in her arms. That means he was still an infant. That's what it means. But haha and they'll bite under the hat and focus on isms and feral muscle. He said he placed her near the Kaaba under a tree on the spot of zamzam today on the spot of Zola. He left her there. God, what is the mecca Yo Ma Aiden had always been on that day. Back in the days there were absolutely nobody there. And there was no water sources in Mecca in that valley.

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He said called for water. alguma Hoonah he left them there. His wife and her son were water and G Robin fee Tamra Mustafa and FEMA. He left her a bag of dates and a bag of water panela

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the left I will just leave some water and a bag of dates. And then he left. So Mata Ibrahim and tada Khan he gave her his bag and he starts going away for 32 So she followed them almost mine forgot at Dr. Ibrahim. I tell him what a true gonna be. Ha ha the lovely recipe I listen to illustrate what you're going leaving us like this alone. When there are nobody with us in this place. We have no company no comfort, nothing. Then she says got it. For Karla Hadelich camera. She stopped calling him and call him and he wouldn't respond to her. He keeps going

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and wouldn't respond to her. Then she said it was our ll deputy. They have caught it low law who America is that Allah's command?

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She was asking you if Rahim is this is coming from Allah azza wa jal. So he says caught and he said yes. And no narration he did not even turn his face. He answered while he's facing the other way. Why? Because Allah commands him, leave them and just go. So he didn't want to submit Allah by turning back Subhanallah so he was facing away from them and he would say yes, it's from Allah azza wa jal

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for kala kala didn't call it low Eden low the Yona Leon Allahu Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala will not go cause us to go waste is not going to leave us alone. In other narration, she said he then Allah subhana wa Taala will take care of us, He will provide for us so zoeken Allah just go.

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If that's coming from Allah just go. This is one of the examples of how this household of Ibrahim alayhis salam was really based and raised on submission to the will of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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The meaning of the slim and Islam the last panel with the meaning of being Abd Allah azza wa jal, Allah Buddha to Allah subhanaw taala to be a servant of Allah azza wa jal

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absolute submission,

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even though the circumstances were not ideal, the circumstances were dangerous circumstances don't even make any sense. How could you leave a woman and child an infant with a grab bag of water a bag of ditch and

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In a situation like that, I just say it's okay. That, technically speaking that doesn't make any sense. But she asked him Is that coming from Allah? And he said yes, she goes in the go, Allah will take care of us. No one will say that unless they have so solid belief in Allah subhana wa they have so much trust in Allah azza wa jal, an absolute vocal dependence and reliance on Allah subhanho wa taala. And that was the household of Ibrahim Ali Sara. Eventually he left call it

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a mirage that he said when he as he was going away from them when he went far away, close to 70, which means one of those hills that's right before he disappeared, he stood on that tenia on that hill, and he looked towards the Kaaba, when he started cannot see him from afar and he made his color of Ghana in the skintimate derivative you identify the desert and the vertical Mahara Robina UK masala flagella irritable Mazda, we are so committed to Marathi, Ramesh Khurana Tao was mentioned the Quran, Rahim as my Lord. I'm leaving in this dead Valley. This empty Valley, some of my offspring.

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My Lord, I'm leaving them next year household due to Sacred House, although the house was not built yet.

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But he knew that Allah will will allow them to build the house one day because my Lord I'm leaving them near your sacred house. Yeah, Allah his biggest concern was what? Yeah, Allah make them among those who will, who will fulfill your commandment and worship you and pray. That was his biggest concern that you Allah, I want them to pray to you.

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And then your Allah send to them, people who are going to be kind hearted people, like the first thing. He wanted their connection with Allah, the second in the community.

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And the third thing he said was upcoming seminar, provide them food.

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Although the logical thing is when you make such a DUA, what is the first thing you ask Allah subhanaw taala for them?

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Food and water, right? They didn't ask for this first. Why? Because he also has that trust and Torquil on Allah subhanaw taala that realized that Allah azza wa jal and he knew Allah, we're not gonna let them go away or go just to die. So he knew that Allah Subhana Allah will provide for them for sure. So he didn't, he wasn't worrying about it very much. That's what came third in his in his requests, but he wanted to be guided. I want him to have people who are like, kind hearted people, that's what they wanted for them. Then he said, Yeah, rugby, provide for them.

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Eventually, he left was almost mine, todos mine. So she started nursing this child, and drink Omada water, eating from that, from that date, until it was all gone. So she became thirsty. The Baby became thirsty. And she's looking at her son

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dying, almost you could say no harm. She was looking at him at a lab bottle. And he was basically like, this child is just very thirsty and tossing in agony. keep tossing around the left. So she couldn't look at him anymore. She could not handle that side. And she got up and she's looking around. And the nearest held to her was a sofa. So she went up to suffer.

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And then she was looking around if there is any, any, any people anybody passing by, she found no one. So she came down from a sofa until she called for hot, but I gotta do it until she came to the Valley for a thorough further area. So she held the bottom of her film.

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She hold that up a little bit. Why? Because she had to cross the Valley for Jana, Tessa, style incident manager who had Djawadi so she ran down the hill, and all the way until she went to the other side while she's holding herself a little bit. And that's why we do a sign.

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And that's what is to the green light you see in softball Marwa because once upon a time, there was a valley, the bottom of the valuable people as they go downhill. They have to rush it a little bit. So she did that. And she kept doing that seven times from an Marwa to a Safa and Marwa to a sufferer, and she find nobody until a moment she heard the voice.

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She heard the voice. So she was talking to herself. So like she was telling herself

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I mean you can imagine she's by herself alone. Why would call herself listen? Don't you do that sometimes, you know you're alone and somebody's like, Listen,

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what is this? So she started to listen to that, that voice and then call it a seminar called a smart encounter and Decker Watson fader here Bill Melaka and demo

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There's something she said to that sound because listen, I heard you. If you can help, then give me that help. And then she looked around and she found the angel Jibreel is near her son. And he was kicking the ground with his wind and had an issue with his feet. And then suddenly the water started gushing from underneath the feet of her son.

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When she saw that, she rushed down there, she starts trying to create more like a, a pool around the water to contain the water so she can fill her bag on that water. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam on a bus as a matter of fact, he says God, may Allah have mercy on Haryana if she left it, and the water kept running would have actually a gushing spring in Mecca. My running water in Makkah, but she contended water there so it became more like a water well

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so then she of course, when she when this happen, are they allowed to run our da

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and that's my practice although the prophets Allah said another webinar but who said, Rahim? Allah OMA Ismail, Allah have mercy on the mother of a smile if she left the water running, would have a water spring, and you know, running through the muck through Maccha. So she drank from that water she gave her baby. And then the angel is telling her latter half of diarrhea. Don't worry, you're not going to be Jani last year. For in her Hoonah bathe and have knee he handled well, Mr. Abu, they will be a house here will be built by this by the father of this boy. This this son of yours and his father, they will build this house. When Allahu Allahu Allahu Allah would never cause the people of

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this house to go last. And then the Prophet says I'm says the house wasn't built yet. But at least there was a rise up in the middle of that valley. Some sort of like when the water used to run in that valley, like the flash floods run and that valley would go around. and Canada erosion happens from around that tiny little hill in the middle.

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That's where the foundation of Aqaba were. So then at some point,

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a tribe from Yemen was leaving him and going up north migrating. And as they were going through the desert, they noticed birds, in this case, vultures probably hovering in the skies. And they know that when they hover the mouse there's, there's life somewhere there. And they say to themselves, like we don't even know that there was water in that valley. So where this is coming from, so they send some scouts to go these scouts they saw a lady with her baby, they were very respectful to her. And they asked her if it's okay for them to bring their families and share the water with her. She goes, Okay, you're more than welcome to come. But the water is mine.

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Like I control the water, and they agreed. So they came and they lived in that area. And they establish the settlement of Mecca.

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Rasul Allah has Allah Sam says after that, then

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libera Ismail he grew up.

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He grew up to be a man. And he married one one of the ladies. He learned the Arabic from them to Allah manava terminal.

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And he said he learned from from the best of the best. And then he made it from them. A lady when his mother on a smile passed on her past. At some point his father came visited. His father came visiting. So when he arrived to his house, he wasn't there. He asked the wife, where's your husband? She goes, You went hunting.

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He went hunting. We don't know what it is, you're gonna come back. So he asked her, how's your life? How are you guys doing? So she starts complaining. It's rough. You know? I don't know that none of you live in Washington. And she starts complaining. It's very tight and he lives life that we have. So then he told her he says when your husband comes back, give him my Salaam and let him know that he should change it. But he and Atiba is recall that wooden plank that you have on the floor, at the door entrance, basically.

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What is it? Not a doormat? Actually, it's it's the step of santolina doorstep probably. So he said, just like saying change your door doorstep.

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So when he came back, he said, Did you have any visitors because you're an old man, such as he said so and so? was well that's that was my father. And he was asking me to, to let go of you. Just go to the families and he left him. He married another woman later on. And another incident happened when he came back for his father came back. And he asked that lady was your husband, same thing. He wasn't there.

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And he asked how's your life? You know

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hamdulillah we're doing good. So what do you guys eat? We eat meat we eat. You know what we drink water. So he made dua to Allah put Baraka in their meat and their water. That's what we have the back of the water of zamzam handler on Brahman and the meat in Mecca until they were introduced to the rice after that, right. But the baraka of the food is there in Makkah. Eventually, there was a time when Ibrahim Ali Salam came back to the sun. And that's when Allah gave him the command and the order to build the cover. He said to son, says my son, I've been given an order from Allah subhana wa taala. He says, Yeah, my father, whatever commands comes to you from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada.

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I'm in, I'm with you. And they build the house of Allah subhanho wa taala. So that was a story actually, that was mentioned in this hadith al Bukhari. And there are many, many different iterations there. Also, in Al Bukhari. There was actually one of the part of the story is that he said that when they were building the Kaaba, they were making a DUA, Robina, Taka Bulman. And Agatha seoladh said from us, you hear all the Oh, you're the one who hears everything. So as they were ride, raising the foundation of the cabin all the way to the top. So he helped his father with a with a stone. And he brought that break and put it underneath his feet. So his father could have a

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step higher to add to the height of the Kaaba. And that's what we call Maqam Ibrahim. Now we see actually today in Mecca, may Allah subhanho wa Taala

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help us follow the path of Ibrahim Ali Sinha. And the House of Rahim, Allah Sinha, Lama Sunday was Selim America and Vietnam. Hamid while early he was

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the Messiah later Ebrahim earlier or him in Nikka, Hamidah, Majid will handle a lot of anatomy. And the question is

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this, this story

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kind of applies that, between the time that he dropped them off in the desert and seeing him again, after you got married. There was a large gap. We also know obviously the story of like, the sacrifice. So when did that happen? So how long the gap was from the time when he dropped him off and the desert and then he came to see him after many, many years. Because Allah subhanaw says that Bella, Bella was say, when he reached the age when he was able to walk with his dad, like being strong, young man, how old Allahu Donna wouldn't know. But he was married already. Assume he was visiting him regularly like,

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or did he wait along was he was visiting him every now and then to check on his son? I mean, he doesn't say any of that. So Allahu Donna.

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By the way, I know some husband might say you see, you see the man he has to travel to stay away from his wife. You need to be like, Hey, I will say Bill Abraham first and then we'll talk about it.