Famous Weak Ramadan Hadith Beginning of Ramadan is Mercy, its Middle is Forgiveness …

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The speaker discusses the issue of "the Hadith" and how it is widely perceived as a lie. They emphasize the importance of avoiding spreading false information and warning people about potential false false affirmations. The speaker also mentions that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu's statement about the Kuruley-On-On-On-On-air may be considered authentic.

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There's a very famous Hadith that people always spread in the month of Ramadan, which is a very famous Hadith, but we have to be aware because it's not authentic. And we're going to see the people, we're going to spread it in the first 10, the second 10 And a third 10 Because this hadith divides Ramadan into three different parts. And it says in the Hadith that Allah Who Rama that the beginning of it His mercy, will also tell who monk Farah, and that the middle of it is forgiveness. One hero who excrement in Mindanao and the end of it is freedom from the fire. And the reason why this hadith is not authentic, as the scholars of Hadith mentioned, is that in the chain of narration

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itself, there's several issues from them is that one of the narrators is name is it been Zaid, even Japan. And this narrator is life as the scholars of Hadith mentioned these days is hadith is weak, therefore, we don't accept this hadith. There's another issue which is that the narrator from the Sahaba, from the Sahaba, who narrated the hadith is Sandman and Pharisee. And the one who narrated from him is say the Messiah and say their Messiah, but he didn't hear directly from Salman infatti. So there's another reason why the hadith is life and why it's not authentic. Now some people might say that you know, even so, this hadith is in for violent men in some of the scholars say maybe it's

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permissible we can spread a hadith because it's encouraging people during these different times that Ramadan. But there's another issue in the Hadith as well, which is in the meaning of the Hadith itself, because the meaning of the Hadith, and actually contradicts other Hadith which are authentic, and the authentic hadith the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam, he said the Kuru Leyland every night, there is a root apartment and now that there is people who are freed from the hellfire. So that authentic idea is telling us every night this one saying that in the last 10 So therefore, it also contradicts authentic hadith and all of Ramadan is Rama all of Ramadan has mercy and all of

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it is in a being is forgiveness and all of it is being freed Inshallah, from the hellfire. Therefore, it's very important that we focus on not spreading this hadith and that we warn others as well. So we don't spend anything that is a lie or something that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't say at all it was best Allah who was Allah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad