The Quran and Debate

Akram Nadwi


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The speaker discusses the importance of clarity in opinion when discussing a topic, and how it can be difficult to get a clear answer. They also mention the need for people to learn about Islam and encourage others to do so. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being good believers and not debate often to avoid unnecessary debate.

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thingie the debate and discussion or argument a different matter. But if somebody really wants to have a question, and he wants to know the answer, there's different matter. And you know, doubting, if you somebody asked a question you can make what it really said to the person, which means you don't have any value for what he asked me to nobody will do like that, you know, when Allah subhanaw taala wanted to create other, he mentioned to the angels, and there has genuine question, they asked this question and also how to answer the question. You know, and sometimes people ask question for the sake of question to debate and argue there are the ninja hidden, designated just from them

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muscle Islam, if you don't keep asking such a question, he kept turning him off running away. So, understand that there are questions where people really do love your message, but now they have some genuine question, which can cannot not very clear to the mind to the ask you do it is your duty to make it clear properly, you know, nicely is when I take this ticket now, no, this person does not want to NASA he just want to debate and discussion The longer the shuttle calcutt then then it comes to I enjoy it too. We never said that you know you cannot answer the question you cannot you know you cannot help people to understand or to to clear their mind that's very important. And another

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thing whereas the first dogma tumor, first dogma tumor, don't think so that is coming from headache. The second is that actually I've tried to say that people should learn Arabic language for under right right away, you know how the words are moving. So that means that to declare the truth properly, or to pronounce the truth properly? Don't no doubt when people declare something for now something it could become some time can cost you a headache, the headache can come from from declaration not a declaration from the headache, not another way no this actually this how to no doubt faster music, declare the truth of music, don't hesitate say properly clearly, you know that

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why am I saying that no clarity, if your message does not need any proof, if message is very clear, it is surface proof. If people don't put the message clearly, they need proof, the professor lesson on many many hobbies, but he does so clearly he never put any argument nothing the aerocity So, clearly, that clarity or the method itself actually proofing yourself to first understand the way to quality to Allah to his Avada and again nature is there. But sometimes some people's nature is not so clear to they need your help help them if they ask just general question help them but as soon as you realize it, no, they just want you know, unnecessary debate and argument then change the subject

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or leave the person for the time being because you know that shutdown will come and settle more more property. You know, if you look at some people have sent to me some you know, some videos on YouTube. They debated between the holidays and 100 people in Pakistan, and between the Deobandi and barelvi. One hour is just wasted in a very bad in abusing each other. Laos is in hate Islam. When you see the whole debate, you hate Islam but cut when debate comes, you want to win. Unless that never like that. And when people say there was a Pura vida de Lune him humbleth eosin two people think to Mr. arguement No, it does not mean that it may simply meaning is it that door things in the

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past the nature of the people raised him, bring them out the meaning like for example, two brothers are fighting to their brothers to one way to seco fight is so prior to you give lecture on the Brotherhood on a friendship and you know how the fighting is very bad, did not go to work. The Dasani come to the your brothers were fighting this sometimes actually have more effective than all every single thing that what da da da centura nice building that argument which is touching the nature of the people, somebody does not listen to his mother, the daughter come in or people must listen to another elder people and this and that a big No, just say She's your mother. Don't listen

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to her. This worry, you need to take the nature of the people. And actually the love of Allah subhanaw taala and people's desire to surrender to Him for submission to Alibaba that much, much deeper. So anyway, my thinking this matter that you know, very clear from the Quran as soon as possible Allah seminars on history of Islam, that Muslims knew really, to work hard on themselves. We need to be good believers, we need to be good worshipper. And he will sit here your worship and then affect people. But once you leave that aspect, you're concentrating on the debate and argument because of winning basically, and it's very, very, very, very bad. Really. So and the sooner the

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better messenger profits or profits and I'm never going to debate very rarely, under debate really just answer some question. So when when the time can can answer the question if you know that people want to learn, but don't debate the debate actually always creates enmity and hatred.