Akram Nadwi – Wisdom vs. wishful thinking

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing the consequence of actions and how they can be avoided. The speakers mention a person named Hassan and a man named Natsu Ha ha, who is critical of actions and forgive them. The group believes that people should choose between good and bad actions and that consequences should be determined based on the one's chosen action.
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So mandanna nafsa, who was merely my about in mode? What are the zoomin? Attica? Natsu Ha ha, what a man now money wise person is one, Ghana and after who not done I miss Hassan, the one who always makes himself accountable think really that when I do something, I'll be accountable, always very critical himself. And then he was, you know, Father, hereafter father and stupid personnel are those people who just father does that make the father does that they do whatever they desire, and then they think and luck and forgive them they make all wishes, it is stupidity Allah subhanaw taala has emerged the word you have to have certain action and their consequences are not consequences will

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follow that adaption. You do bad action Are you expected consequence will be good. It never happens unless Hata has given the people choice of the action. But you don't have power to choose the consequences. You can choose between good action or bad action. But once you do good action, that consequence will be good. If you do bad action, the consequence will burn, you do bad action and they will then want to determine the consequence scenario. And once you do the bad action, the consequence must be bad. So this should be very clear that people only have choice of action. But people don't have a choice to determine the consequence of the action that now you're in 100 Plus or

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