Patience buys you time

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Slavery does not mean that you do solve your problem did not mean that sub sub directly to Southern Southern basically means to get the time. You can think about the medical board, have somebody come angry that they don't think some are actually what server does fastest server does is it gives you enough time to think and to make your plan to make a strategy to basically to think what should be your next move to Southern very, very important to solve your problem. The IVR not I guess sorry, the problem. If you have a family problem, you should be solved. But first thing is don't be angry, don't be annoyed, sit properly with calmness and think that this is the problem affecting the

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family, what will be the solution right? Don't be angry. If you can't find out as somebody else. There follow that solution without any emotion, you will see the success but the problem is when you don't have any thinking no ask, just do behave whatever comes to your mind this is losing the patient it is going to harm family more than in a benefit anybody just you do whatever you can come that man and girl and all thinking of crying and shouting and insulting people and fighting and this and that is not is this inadequate to help anybody to try to understand we are not a solution as a problem people should have solved the problem. You know whatever like usual Islam when he was thrown

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in the village You know, he did whatever when somebody dropped the bucket what he did is he was sitting like that level of technique. No, he sat in the bucket whatever he could do he did whatever the reason he asked this person that you want to release it mentioned my networking use but you fast these patients suffer. When you do suffer. Your mind works nicely. Properly no anger nothing you don't lose your temper. Then you when you use your mind without anger then how mine was properly most people don't think they just behaved very badly at night people to murder people are very prone to anger like madness, to think properly. Calm down, learn under sorry Apollo suberb will help you

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and do the best he can do we've got but also certainly ask Allah to help you draw. Very important do actually the one which could help everybody