Abu Hanifa and his knowledge of hadith

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Six people they're called muda a hadith medalla Hadith is those people on whom a very high this depends. You can't find a hadith without these people. There must have been this not they are the many people in Hadith narration six people everybody basically every how this goes I you know with one of them throw one of them one thing I'll tell you since I'm happy to watch out for one if I have to tell any very often people say I will hanifa did not know many Hadith

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the truth really is he knew God among all the six people. I will hanifa God highly for five Abu hanifa not from sorry, he learned from under dinner. He learned from other he learned from Busan enough I'm the only person he missed his yahaya in the Makati. I did not find any Hidalgo hanifa for them yet maybe Kathy you

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are RP lock using while Malik who nobody appeared, Malik ml all these six people only narrate it for free.

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Even if not I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna do that when you looked at Mark mitre Malik saw him and people have asked that. How did you miss Ahmed? Ahmed Naka, you went for the height you went for Roma, you could learn from him. If you did not go to bus run Kufa, we can understand, but you miss somebody in hija in Makkah, tamale said, Yeah, I want to learn from him. But I saw him teaching Hadith, what is standing for general to realize that Allah said, I knew that I had so much respect for the hobby, too. I did not like to take it while Sunday. Now you are taking it from me while standing. So you see, I'm teaching you how to use it while extending 30 an hour but a molecule that

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is good enough like that he regretted he should have not any