Yasmin Mogahed – Patience encompasses the ability to mourn while maintaining a broader perspective.

Yasmin Mogahed
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the painful experiences of a deceased family, including the loss of one of their children and the painful split of their eyes. They also mention a quote from the Prophet about the eyes shattering and the heart feeling grief. The speaker is not able to explain the specific reasons behind these sentences but provides examples and insights.
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And I can tell you right now that you will not be able to heal properly if you suppress the grief.

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And I'll tell you why. I'm going to give you another proof from the Sunnah. And then I'm going to tell you something that is an analogy to kind of explain, explain this. This point, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went through a lot of grief, he lost every single one of his children except one in his lifetime. This is a lot of grief. We can't even imagine losing one child, he lost every single one except for one of his children. And after the loss of his son, we are told that he says this famous narration he says that the eyes shed tears. So that's step one. He says, the eyes shed tears. Then he says, and the heart feels grief. Step two.

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And then he says, but the tongue does not utter except what is pleasing to Allah. Step three. And then he says, that you will be missed. He says that, that that separation is painful, but looking at how he is defining somebody, and he's doing something even deeper. He's giving us a prescription for grief.

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