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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the term "agi" in English, stating that it refers to a group of genes that are known for being associated with a certain behavior. They also mention the use of "shayateen," which refers to people who have bad genes and are not going to harm their health. The speaker suggests that people should not be freaked out with these genes.
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First thing is gins are not bad. No Jews are bad. Yes, that's a misconception number one so SAS first thing a lot of things that a lot of people think oh my god, ginger, when they hear the word gin, they associated with the evil. What is a gin I guess for our viewers that are unfamiliar. So a gin gin the word gin has been mentioned in the Quran. They are species Allah created that are in the unseen world from our eyes. They see us but we don't see them. And they've been here on the earth longer than us. Right? And they're all around us. They're around wherever they are. But there's two categories, primarily two categories. They are the are other genes who are believers in who are more

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known, and they've been even mentioned in surah, Jin 72nd chapter of the Quran and then they are the jinn who are the rebellious jinn. So they have now they're not in the in they're not in the obedience of Allah, their disobedience. So they are known as shayateen. They are jinns the other name is shayateen or shaytaan, or devils that's that's the word we give to them. Right? So that mischievous, that the same thing is amongst humans. Humans also categorized into categories. You are good humans, you gotta humans with evil intent. And the surah NAS captures it by saying menial Giannetti one NASA shaitan Olivia, your Sufis, lewdness. Allah says Meena Jin naughty oneness, he

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exists or she exists from amongst the jinn and from amongst humankind. Okay, so both are there okay, that's the primary thing. Next thing is look if I've got a good gene now, would I want to get rid of a good chain? Why why would why would I get rid of good gene if a good gin is around? Is there somewhere hamdulillah there believer, they're not going to harm me. In fact, they'll probably be good in the presence of probably going to be good because they're going to be reading Quran, there'll be doing their own salah, there'll be so certain Muslim homes, they have good genes. Those good genes never bother you. In fact, their presence in your house is probably going to ward off the

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bad genes from coming in. Right so people people shouldn't be freaked out with with ginger because there are some good genes that we have around us.