How to Improve Your Character In Ramadan 02

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How to Improve Your Character In Ramadan 02: What are your shortcomings?

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Salam Alaikum Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah. I want to start off by saying how the goal of this Ramadan is going to be to work on our character and to overcome our shortcomings. Now, as we're doing all our, our acts of the badass and our worship, let's focus on what is it that we can make better about ourselves, because all of us have areas that we can improve on, we all have shortcomings, we all have maybe some character flaws. And the way to recognize what those flaws are, some of us are introspective, we look within, we know what we need to work on, I know that at any given time, there are at least, you know, five or six things that I would like to improve on in

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myself. Now, there are some people that you know, you may not be as much in tune with your shortcoming. So that will be a great time to maybe refer to a friend, your spouse and reflect on what is it that they have maybe complained about in the past? Is it the fact that you're maybe not as reliable? is being trustworthy? A problem? Is it talking about others, whatever it is, you know, this is a time to be really honest with yourself with ourselves, okay? And I'm going to be doing this with you. I want to improve myself, I want to work on my character. And make this like I said, a bootcamp where we can become better because, you know, Allah is not as a need of our prayers and

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our fasting and the reading of the Quran, he has established this for us, it is for us to become better it is for us to improve. And imagine if each Ramadan, we work on certain shortcomings, we work on certain character flaws that we have. And we keep improving ourselves. Imagine how we are going to exponentially become better as as time progresses. So what I want us to do is to start off by making a making a list, okay? be very honest with yourself, what are some areas that you want to work on? I know that many of the clients that I work with, they're struggling with pride, and that pride really affects their relationships sometimes is just being really honest and trustworthy. And

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so let's be sincere. And let's write down a list. So today the focus is focus on what is it that you would like to improve on okay, because I know everyone has those lists that they want to read, they want to do the Tuttle v. And I love that I love the motivation to do that. And with that connection with Allah, we can have so much better cut in our time. So let's, let's start with with that motivation to to do the worship. But then at the same time, in sujood, every sutureless asked, Allah help me help me to improve myself, if I know what I'm working on, if I know what I need to improve, let's ask for those things. If I don't the Allah helped me to understand helped me to see in a very

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gentle way, what it is that I need to improve on. So let's focus on that, we'll make our list. And then each time, I'm going to share a short video or maybe a five minute video on some of the most common character flaws that I've seen some of the character flaws that we see in the in society that we see that a person could be so amazing, but then without one flaw, it really takes away from their adger it takes away from their personality. So we're gonna work on this together in sha Allah. And I'm really excited. I really hope that you join me on a regular basis, or during this month of Ramadan, and we keep working on ourselves. And I'd love to get your feedback. Let me know if there's

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anything in particular as far as a character flaw that you want me to, that you want me to address, because I have a list that I'd like to talk about. But if there's something in particular, let me know and I'll be happy to to share about it. I was thinking about you know, talking as far as like let's say pride, maybe as far as gossiping, maybe how to have you know, friendships sometimes we face a lot of like fake friendships and how can we be a better friend? How can we be, let's say better neighbors. So these are all the different ideas that I have and I really would love to cater it for what you are struggling with. So if there's something that you want me to address, there's

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something on your list, then let me know and I'll be happy to do thank you so much for tuning in. And I really pray that Allah put spider cat in our time and that it's two o'clock pm. Alright, so inshallah that we can have better cut in our time and that we can together start transforming ourselves and transforming our character as salaam aleikum thanks for watching.