Juz 13 Qur’an 30 for 30 Season 4 – False Idols and Emptiness

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AI: Summary © The success of Islam's use of signs of health is highlighted, along with its potential for negative health issues such as negative emotions and problems. The importance of religion and not being accountable to God is also discussed. The shaping of Islam is discussed, including the provision for risk and wealth that Allah Sub liability is taking away from individuals, and how it can be addressed through deceptive practices. The importance of finding one's strength in a chronic and productive way is emphasized, along with considering one's risk and finding one's strength in a broader lens.
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As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Everyone welcome to Quran 30 for 30 and hamdulillah Sato summer so Allah Allah Allah He Messiah behave woman, Hala Hala yesterday was a deeply heavy session which middle and hamdulillah Brahmin, you know, we talked about use of Islam and now we have with a sister Surah, who has done a lot on trauma at European and sort of what it means to keep ourselves connected to Allah Subhana Allah spiritually, emotionally, mentally. We she and sister Najwa have authored the Your Lord has not forsaken you book which you can find at our book section on the opinion website. You can go download it for free, but the 90 data and also the attaching to

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Allah series that we did about Ibraheem Alehissalaam in the hedger last year at him did a lot of learning, where she was able to really bring that unique background and hamdulillah to play here. So we're very blessed to have you once again with us. Mr. Sato. How are you? Good Good to have the lead as I can love you for having me on again.

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And so from the UN sister Sana, are you both Houstonians?

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Are you both considered Houstonians? Yes, I'm a Sony. I'm a Houston. Yes. I don't know if this study originally from Houston. I know I'm originally from New York. Yeah, so I grew up I grew up in Queens, Queens, New York and now I live in Houston. It's a it's a close second to New York.

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I'm gonna ask you both very quickly, Houston or Dallas. Oh, that person is I know that's like that's like Oh, some causal edge before for most people right? It's like a very difficult

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you know, dilemma that we have you seen chef from the master chef at that Film Fest it was like a very heated discussion about Houston versus now so what do you think in both of you just Houston or Dallas?

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Well, I live in Houston and you know my I have that I've managed to like my entire family made hedge it out here. So So I I'll say Houston for that one.

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So from below, what do you think?

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I has a bit depends on what you're talking about.

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You know, Dallas, mashallah, since I've been here, I've seen more of it. I mean, Houston is definitely the potential there the community so depends on what it is. I don't want to get my tire slashed in Dallas. Well, that Houston.

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Well, we know that traffic is worse than Houston. Right? Can we at least agree that traffic is worse than Houston? But it's the traffic because people are going to the restaurants that are in Houston, Dallas and Houston are saying, oh,

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think you're tired. Last night. You're right next to kebab Blanca, right, right.

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Yes, kebab mocha. Yes. As you can walk to restaurants and DOS.

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Walk through it. Yes, only one restaurant though.

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It's all over

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a lot of graphic and we're blessed to have you both at hamdulillah and, you know, inshallah Tallaght tonight as people are now being logged on and ready to go, this just is going to be one that really builds very naturally off of the discussion that we had yesterday with Hamlet in LA, even though nothing and I want to once again, if you haven't watched chef Madonna's part yesterday, please go back and watch I know it's a little longer than usual but it's obviously not just therapeutic but it's deeply clarifying. To have someone speak from that personal experience so shift without exactly I feel once again for joining us and everyone please do go back and watch it if you haven't

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Inshallah, and with the night out, and we can go ahead and get started now for tonight, today Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Dawa Edie, he also can be here woman law. So today in this just just 13 We get to

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Surah Ibrahim. But before sort of Ibrahim, which I know both Sr. Sada and Chef Abdullah will be speaking about with the night Anna.

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There is a Surah here that is sort of light, and sort of lard is a powerful, powerful, powerful Surah Subhanallah even the idea of a riot. When you think about lightning, or thunder, or things that are happening online. I was sharing with both chef Abdullah and sister Sato before we logged on, there was lightning in the background as I was preparing this and the draft of the prophets lie some some 100 of you somebody who's about to be handy when medica 2040 This is glorifying of Allah subhanaw taala who shows you His power through all of the signs at a consistent level. And when you look at the beginning of sorts of light, verses one through 15 So let's just I'm not going to talk

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about them in depth. I just want you to shout out to pay attention as you're doing your job reading bid the night either a versus one to 15 Alas

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Hannah Jota and a talks about the creation of the heavens in the earth, which is a very murky type of tone. But then Allah subhanaw taala talks about trees, and he talks about vegetables and he talks about fruits and he talks about the variation of their tastes. And he talks about all of these different signs from Allah subhanaw taala. That that we take for granted. So Allah azza wa jal actually starts with these things that are not quote unquote, frightening from his science, but he talks about the favours upon and he talks about the river is the enhancement that he's made to flow and all of the thermal rots. I mean, it's actually very beautiful. To let you know that that's the

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first way that you should be interacting with the signs of Allah subhanaw taala are the ones that are around you, that are just pure blessing to you that you benefit from all the time, yet you fail to thank him for and then Allah Subhana Allah to Allah brings forth the wonder of science, those that are meant to remind you of Allah subhanaw taala in a way that causes you a healthy level of fear and apprehension. And Allah azza wa jal mentions that he sends you messengers, right and he doesn't punish the people unless he sends the messengers. But the signs around us as well are forms of messengers. They're not the rustle. They're not the messengers of Allah as in the prophets of

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Allah, but they're also messengers as a half of the nodule Rahim Allah to Allah describes it to us on a consistent basis to remind us of Allah subhanaw taala and bring us back to him. And I'm going to focus on verses 14 through 16. Because it really does lay the theological foundation for what you're going to see Ibrahim alayhis salam call his people to and Ibrahim it has salaams aversion to the idols and his speaking about the worthlessness of the idols compared to the glory of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah so it's really interesting because certain is Allah azza wa jal himself telling the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam how to speak to Quraysh about their idol worship.

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And of course, even if you're not an idol worshiper, you may indeed have set up idols besides Allah subhanaw taala and the amount of trust and the symbolic sense and the amount of trust that you put in things besides Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So Allah azza wa jal says in verse 14 Here, law who doubts will help that to him alone, should all prayer should all prayer be directed? Why would you pray to anything but him Subhana Allah to Allah, so nothing without help here means the neurons your Salah, you're a bother should be directed towards him alone. One of the DNA of Jerusalem in Dooney he la yesterday wound Allah home vishay in in la cabeza de Cafe he eat Allah at the Abu Lova. Who

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wanna who will be bad Lizzy, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says, Those that you address prayers to besides Him, are altogether powerless in their response to you. And he says the example of praying to anyone but Allah subhanaw taala is like a man who stretches out his hand to the water and says to the water, while his hand is stretched out to the water come to my mouth Subhanallah but the water has no power to move itself to the mouth of that person that demands it to come to Him. You have no control over the signs around you and Allah azza wa jal is saying Go ahead and tell the water to come to you and it will not be able to the water flows by the mercy and the permission and under the

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power of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, you have no ability. So look at you, you can't even put your hand to the water, put your hand in the water and say come to my mouth. And Allah azza wa jal is saying that's the example of you when you call upon an idol, that is just as powerless as you in fact, you have you have created and molded that that idol, in accordance with your power, and that power that Allah azza wa jal has given to you. So why are you creating gods that are even less able than you are? And I'm just going to skip straight to verse 16 here. So verse 15, where Lorinser just says what Allah yesterday demand for similarity what are the Tawan will count Allah, Allah Subhana

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Allah says, that all that is in the heavens and the earth prostrate themselves to him, willingly or under compulsion? Now, what is the speaking to now obviously, there are things that refuse to bow to Allah subhanaw taala and refuse to prostrate towards him. But this is as their intimate mentioned, at the very least, you function under the physical laws that Allah Subhana Allah Allah has created for you. And so everything everything is functioning in accordance with how Allah subhanho wa Taala has fashioned it to be and Allah azza wa jal gives the example of while the La La homebuilt will do we will ask Allah Subhanallah you can't even control your shadows. That's part of the power of Allah

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subhanaw taala over you. Then Allah azza wa jal says, Put it nonribosomal It will opt say to them who is the Lord of the heavens in the earth? Put a law say to them it is Allah. Good effort to halftone min Dooney Elia Elia

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In the economy and forcing him never have you taken besides now now this is again the profit slice and I'm saying to them effort to have them have you taken operation Dooney earlier laemmli quarterly and forcing them never and whether or not what they don't have the ability to benefit or harm even themselves good Hell Yes they will. Atmel Basu does the one who sees and the one who can't see are they equal inability and hell tester with Luma to well, when nor and or night and day equal is the light and the darkness equal. And then Allah says Angelo de la he Shoraka Hello coca hopefully he photoshopped Bahal hardcore anti spam, I look at this line of argument. Okay, clearly these things

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that you've made have no power. So why are you assigning to them power and directing your worship towards them? And Allah subhanaw taala saying, is it that these things have created things that are equal to what Allah has created to where it's causing you confusion? Is it that you're attributing Hulk to them because clearly they can't benefit you now? So is this on the basis of some previous creation that they've made? That's making you think they're as able as Allah subhanaw taala? Could Allah hoo ha. And you could actually say, Well, who will wha hoo, ha ha, say rather, Allah is the Creator of all things. He is the one and he is the Compeller he's the irresistible, aha, everything

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focus is everything functions in accordance with His creation, with his loss of Hannah Jota Allah, and there is no escape from what Allah Subhana Allah has put forth as His laws in regards to the creation. And as panela just look at this, and then think about Ibrahim alayhis salam as he's calling upon his father. Just think about everything that you're going to learn about how Ibrahim or Islam calls upon his father and his people. Yeah, liberty, Lima, taboo. Nada. Yes, Mara, what are you obviously, what are you doing here? And Cassia Oh, my father, why do you worship those idols that don't see you, they don't hear you. They don't benefit you in any way whatsoever. So sort of

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what I'd really lays this powerful theological argument. And I'll just say this insha Allah as I pass it on to Chef Abdullah, which is a very important point, religion that is molded, to fit your material pursuits is going to let you down, it's going to fail you. And so in this world now that we live in of spiritual, not religious of, I'm going to believe in God to the extent that it gives me comfort, but I don't want to be accountable to that God, I just want to have another form of therapy and religion that will fail you and let you down because at the end of the day, it is accountable to you and you are not accountable to it. And that's not the way that this works. So it goes back to

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alcoholic Subhana the One who created you in the first place the original originator faulty or somehow it will audit Subhana what's out of the Originator of the heavens in the earth and with that inshallah time I'll pass it on to Chef Abdullah.

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so now salatu salam ala Rasulillah while it was about well, I checked in with that last part is like a card that I'm I hope whoever does your social media, cuts that out, send it to me and Sharla we're gonna post it for like, the whole week as well. Like that's so so important. You know, and it reminds me of a statement on one of my mentors is that we worship a lot on his terms, not on hours shouldn't be at a time of convenience. Well, I so important to talk a lot going on for that vertical offical

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what I want to speak about, particularly in the chapter you Brahim and Ibrahim is one of my favorite if not my favorite chapter, I can't recite that chapter without it just being very, very, very emotional for me because, you know, it really talks about the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the total heat of a lot. And, you know, I was asked last night, why did I come into Islam and the main reason was because of how everything is centralized around God and not around his creation. And that, that that made so much sense to me when I heard that Islam is submission and surrender to the Creator. You know, when you use the word creator, it kind of sets the tone when speaking to those

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that may not understand Islam, and those that do remind you that okay, the one that brought everything into existence and controls, it sustains it and maintains it is Allah subhanho wa Taala and there is a response that is natural from you, but you have to acknowledge it and then intensify it throughout your life with the fact that you're going to make mistakes, and the one that really pushes us to make those mistakes or to persist in those mistakes to where even to the degree to where Subhanallah we may justify those shortcomings, right? These shaytaan you know, we believe that there is shaytaan bliss being the father of them and he will constantly try to give you down and

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call you to do that which is disobedience to Allah subhana wa Tada what I love about the chapter you Brahim is a small portion there's that I want to share with you in regards to those that follow the idols and use them as they're meant to bring in they were the ones that they followed, they worship them, and those that even worship shaytaan to a degree

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That was calling against the messenger the message the messengers and the message of Islam primarily ultimately, Allah subhanaw taala says roughly in the chapter of Ibrahim, I'm going to go through verses 19 to 22. briefly last month, Allah firstly acknowledges his power. And as I mentioned, a Ha ha ha, ha ha the irresistible there will be a time when each and every single one of us will stand in front of alcohol and Hasib, the one that is irresistible, there's nowhere to turn nowhere to go. And he will hold you accountable for your deeds. But the preparation is in this life because that when that time comes, there is no turning back as Allah mentions, there will be people that want to

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go back after they see the reality of what is taking place. Allah subhanaw taala says if they're demonstrating energy, and I'm Tara and Allah, Allah sml, it will all go build. As you become more yet to be called Kenji deed. Allah says, Do you not see that Allah created the heavens and the earth in truth, where he where he, where he were he to will, he could take you away and bring a new creation? It's up to Allah subhanho wa taala. Brothers and sisters, I was just recently in Turkey, watching the aftermath of the earthquake. As soon as I went into these villages in Gaziantep, and huntleigh, you realize that Allah has ultimate control and ultimate power and he is irresistible.

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When people were pointing at their homes, they were pointing at the air because their houses were Rubble, not knowing if there will be any corpse under that. So realizing the power of Allah as a Prophet sallallahu wasallam said later, the Hebrew can lie in news is not like that what you actually see, and to drink will be how sick you see it with your senses, you feel it. So when I was there, I realized ultimately, the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala is irresistible. Then I had to look at myself, what am I doing, and that's the message that I want to receive to relate to all of you, right after this verse, Allah subhanaw taala ensures that this is not a task for him, he does

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not get tired. That's a whole the whole scene atten what I know there is no form of drowsiness, nor sleep, from the Creator of the heavens in the earth, that is something that is not part of his reality, and who he is Subhana Allah says after that one man that he can either Allah He bi z's, him replacing people on the earth and bringing up with with other forms of other people other creation, he says that is not at all difficult for Allah. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala paints a scene a gives you a scene, the actual who are the conversation or the statement of Shavon actually what is going to take place? He says well, because we did lie Jimmy and follow after all the Latina Slackbot in

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Hakuna contraband fell into Munna and laminata bilLahi min Sheikh, then all of them the people that used to worship rather than Allah or some scholars say all the forms of creation, but also they will come out of their graves, they will come out of their graves. All of them will appear exposed before Allah and the weak ones will say to the hottie ones, the ones that they used to follow and worship other than Allah subhanho wa Taala we merely followed you, will you then protect us from the Allah's chastisement had unto Munna and that mean either bIllahi min Sheikh malloon is an app for McClenney which means to be sufficient or to be rich? Will you suffice us from the punishment of Allah there

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acknowledging that the punishment of Allah is there? Then what do they say follow her that lo hudon Allahu Allah de now, they will say, Had Allah shown us the way our salvation we would surely have also got to do that shows they have no ultimate independent agency for guidance. It is ultimately an Haddie it is ultimately the one that guides Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Then they will say, so I Lena JetNet I'm so boring that Matt and I'm in my haste than they are now it is the same time in law says now it is all the same time whether we cry or suffer patiently, we have no escape. The ones that were being followed. This is what they say to their followers. We have no power, no authority, and Allah subhanaw taala says after that, the statement is shaytaan listen close. Allah says we'll call it Shavon Lemna cordial I'm in Allah. What are the commands that have the word to confer left to come? The first thing that shaytaan says is after the matter has been finally decided Satan will say surely, surely whatever Allah promised you was true. As for me, I

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went back on my promise that I made you a left to come. Well, Matt, candidly, I lay common salt on Illa and doubt to confess the Jabba tomb Lee, this is the relationship of shaytaan This is the reality of shape on when we talk about shaitan Satan, this is his occupation. This is his mission, what is he say?

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He said, I had no power over you except that I called you to my way and you responded to me for mannequin and I like him and so on and so on. means our it means authority, something that you cannot withstand. Satan says I had no power to have total authority over you. It shows that we as human beings have a responsibility

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And that ultimate responsibility is recognition of God, who he is why he matters in our life, and what should our befitting response be? Not on our terms, but on the terms of what God tells us. That's why it's important, particularly in this month of Ramadan, to read the message of Islam, particularly initially, what is God and what is our relationship with Him? And how do I live up to the knowledge of that relationship? Allah subhanaw taala continues on to say here the State Ministry THON for Allah to loony for Allah to Lu Mooney, Woolloomooloo. And full circle, do not blame me all of you blame yourselves. Then he says here, which is very interesting in the Arabic mat, and it'd be

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most really cool. And Toby must really

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he says, I disavow your former Act associated when he says so I do not. So do not blame me blame yourselves. Here i Neither can I come to you for rescue, nor can you come to mine. So here Allah says, most rarely come, most rarely come come from Surah. And so rock is like to screen and what was mentioned it's of series that the surah is like it's the author seeking severe help in a time of help to uh, you know, no one can help you. If you're in the middle of the sea, and you're calling out to a loss party, you are screaming, Satan uses this man, it'd be most really cool. I am not the one that can help you. Nor can you help me at a time of anguish to where you will literally be

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screaming and seeking help. And you can start to structure morning in public. He says a very a very I disbelieved and what you associated partners with me, and that in the LogMeIn, Allah whom I that when any Verily the oppressors are of the ones that face the painful chastisement. So here understanding as Sheikh Omar mentioned, the idol worship is something that is displeasing to Allah. And it's something that, you know, Ibrahim was calling against ultimately with his people, to his people, the statement of shaytaan should cause us to remember Subhanallah that there will be a time that Satan will say in that video, we think that really I am free for what you've done, because

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verily I fear Allah Rabbil Alameen I fear and he is the Lord of all the world's recognizing that that calls the shaytaan in this month of Ramadan and outside of it, know that it is just a call the ultimate responsibility is on us. And that is the jihad enough's where Satan may speak to us or cause our nerves to do something, try to influence it, it's important that we know that there's that whole level upwards, a little bit less, there's no power normally except the loss per dollar. But we have to turn to Him and ask Him for that strength for really, we cannot rely on ourselves. May Allah Allah make us strong and this month of Ramadan, and the month after that as well vertical off equal.

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Masha crumbles, more Hemara Islam calls the idols shaytaan right at some point, they themselves are that because he's the one behind it. Just like mafia, Sister sada please inshallah Tana, to follow exactly.

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Just like a mafia or someone else, or Sam, I was, what he was talking to you Emanuela does that one look at it for the beautiful and very, very powerful reflections for both of you. I wanted to touch on four verses from sort of Abraham, that come in succession, verses 31 through 34, that highlight the concept of risk and assign or provision. And I think it ties really beautifully into the concepts that you were both covering, because in the end it the vast message of these verses, is to understand that everything, every provision, even the ones that we don't even view as provision come from illustrata and can't come from anywhere else. So many of us define risk as money and material

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things. But it really encompasses so much more. And the way that I explain it to my kids is that it's like a treasure box that includes everything that you've been provided, and everything you need in order to benefit from that, because that provision to lead the life that you're meant to lead. So that includes health, emotional comfort, the ability to have a sense of community, a spouse, a good relationship with your parents. It also includes our connection, our ability to connect with ALLAH SubhanA data, our ability to worship LS Pat data. And so all of these four verses and sorts of Brahim really seek to realign our perspective of risk to that which is pleasing to us past data and

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it can really be beautifully transformative for us when we reflect on them in this way. And so starting with verse 31, Allah is packed out of sorts and he says, clearly I read your Latina Avenue up masala to where you want to call me madrasa Penang. Tell my believing servants to establish prayer and to spend from what We have provided for for them Simran while any attend openly and secretly, mean clearly and yet yet, yo yo, mon Levittown V well epsilon before the arrival of a day in which there will be no free

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Some porno friendships. And so all those kinds that are in this verse, first of all, he starts by addressing, not just everyone, but specifically his servants. And whenever we hear this, we pick up our ears because inshallah we pray that we are from amongst those from amongst us is believing servants. And so we live our lives thinking about risk or our provision in terms of wealth, and that we constantly need more need more and more. But here illustrata is setting the standard for the believers, that risk is not just about what we have, but what we do with it. But consider the two deeds that illustrations that I mentioned seer, he mentioned prayer, and charity. And these can

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oftentimes be very difficult for people because they feel like a sacrifice of something that you have, when you are praying, you're sacrificing your time. And when you are spending for the sake of Allah, then you are sacrificing your money or so it seems. But Allah Subhana Allah is reframing these actions, for his sake, as defining them as features of the believers, which is a status that we all strive to achieve. And so while we sometimes might feel like it's taking something away, in reality, we're actually leveling up. And it's a reminder of reframing our mindset to realize that it's not about accumulating wealth, but it's about spending in the path of Allah to be from amongst

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the believers. It's not about being a busy professional, you know, we often define success based on how busy people are and having no time available. But instead it's choosing to spend your time prioritizing what is most pleasing to us Pat data. And in this verse, let's have that a reminds us to acknowledge that these provisions come from Allah madrasa and that these are provided to us from him. And it makes it easier for us to dedicate them back to him when we realized that they were always at his disposal to begin with.

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In the next two verses, I'm not going to delve into them because of time constraints. But inshallah look at them, look at verses 32 and 33. Because all this pans out up, enumerate some beautiful examples of His provision for us, and it's beautiful to reflect on what you have at your disposal that has been provided to us by Allah Subhana Allah that we might never have considered as even a part of our provision, and that we might take for granted and are so easily dismissed. Right? So take a look at those ads and chulmleigh when you when you have the chance, but I wanted to delve into verse 34. In source of money and where Allah Subhana Allah says, What attack will mean

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CoolerMaster ultimo that and he has granted you all that you have asked him for? What endowed Dubin were endowed to now met Allah He led to Suha that if you try to count Allah's blessings, you would never be able to number them. In an insana level, no one can tell that indeed, mankind is truly unjust, an ungrateful you know, when I read this verse, the first thing that came to mind Subhanallah was a conversation that I had with a client, who wants asked me, you know, Allah says in this verse that he has given me everything that I've asked him for. But how do I reconcile that with the fact that there are a lot of things that I've asked for that I haven't been given? And you know,

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the Quran is truth? How do I reconcile this right, so we had a discussion about it. But I think it's so important to realize that the reality of this verse is that you may not have everything you want, but you are insured everything that you need. And that we will all be given what we ask of Allah Subhana Allah, if in his infinite wisdom and knowledge, it's best for us. And this can be a really hard concept to accept at times, because it requires an inherent shift in the worldview that we're fed. It requires a Quranic worldview, because we're taught to think that we know ourselves best, and that we know what's best for us. But in reality, we don't allow us to kind of assess us better than

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we know ourselves. But even more, he has knowledge of every single facet of our lives now and in the future. And the impact that every single thing we ask for will have on us now will have us in our future in this life and in our future in the Hereafter. And so, as human beings, we often think if I have this, then I'll be happy. Once I graduate, once I get into this college, I'll be happy once I once I graduate from college, once I get my job once I get married, once I have kids, I'll be happy. But Allah subhanaw taala is the only one who truly knows and when we tend to focus on what we lack, that's, that's normal for us as human beings. You know, that's that's kind of the state that's very

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normal for us to get into. But this is why as human beings we can be unjust and ungrateful. Like Allah Subhana. Allah mentions in this verse, If we're not aware of this tendency, and if we don't work on addressing it

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Now to be clear, it doesn't mean that you can't still want those things. Or that you're if you're feeling down about a dream that hasn't come to fruition, that it means that you're ungrateful, not at all. But how do we manage this dichotomy? And I wanted to leave you all with three psychological reframes to help us shift our worldview in a way that aligns with this beautiful verse. And the first one comes from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, dialectical meaning that opposites can coexist. And so I call it the this and that technique, which is ask yourself what am I desperately hoping for? And can I also accept that there is wisdom and Allah's decree for me right now, meaning I wish

00:30:41--> 00:30:56

I could find a good spouse. And I know that in his in his infinite wisdom, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah has the best plan for me, or I wish that I hadn't gotten laid off from my job. And I know that Allah subhana, Allah is Allah zapped he is the provider, and he will provide some,

00:30:57--> 00:31:18

we can all probably think of times when we wanted something, and we desperately asked for it. We didn't receive it, but it ended up being so much better for us. And so reflecting on that, to really solidify that reframe can be important. The second reframe is to acknowledge that there are a lot of things that Allah has passed that it has granted us that we so desperately prayed for.

00:31:19--> 00:31:56

But now, they're sometimes a source of stress. Sometimes the we complain about them, sometimes we feel overwhelmed by them. And you don't like the job that you prayed for. And now you have this micromanaging boss that's frustrating, are the children that you prayed for. And then you have this endless noise and laundry and sleepless nights that come with parenthood, right, or the marriage that you pray for, but it didn't turn out the way that you anticipated. So realize that we ask ALLAH SubhanA attic for a lot. And even when we receive these things, life is imperfect. And us noticing this imperfection is the default of us as human beings. But it doesn't invalidate the fact that

00:31:56--> 00:32:17

Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed countless, countless blessings upon us. And so we tend to have a lens focus on what's going wrong. But this verse is a wake up call for us to be able to appreciate what's going right, as well. And then finally, the third shift is to consider what you personally are struggling with right now.

00:32:18--> 00:32:27

And in this struggle, is it possible that this particular struggle could be a part of your risk your provision as well.

00:32:28--> 00:33:07

Finding treasure in the midst of difficulty can be really where the child who's running around and yelling and driving you nuts? How many children how many parents are struggling with a child who's nonverbal and would love to hear that sound? Right? It's not to diminish the hardship, but it's to make the hardship easier to bear. When we think about this, when we think about can my struggle be a form of risk from Alicia data? Can it be a part of my treasure chest when this struggle actually leads me to reconnect with the Quran as I searched for solace, when this struggle leads me to reconnect with Alyssa data in a way that I didn't before, when it leads me to a strength that I

00:33:07--> 00:33:31

never knew I had and I would never have had if I hadn't gone through it. And so when we create the shift, to consider our risk through a broader lens through a chronic lens, it can really help us to navigate both good and difficult times in a way that we can feel safe and cared for and loved by LS Pat data. And so we I asked Alice Pat data to make us from amongst those who are grateful and those were characterized amongst us sincere believers along with me.

00:33:33--> 00:33:45

I had a long, freaking amazing reflection Subhanallah and actually matters so much with worship, Allah was talking about some of the blessings in the midst of his greatest hardship yesterday. And I can't help just one reflection that I'll share

00:33:46--> 00:33:48

the fact that Allah azza wa jal connects,

00:33:50--> 00:34:28

that he gave you everything you asked him for what inter dinero multiply Natori so if you were to try to count the blessings from just one blessing in your life, you would not be able to enumerate them, as if to say that if someone asks Allah subhanaw taala for things in the future, but isn't always acknowledging the things that Allah has given them in the past and the presence, then of course, they're going to be disappointed and frustrated, because they're not paying attention. And so it's in the same verse so that you can't separate those two things from each other. So Pamela, was our common law fair for the powerful reflection show from the law any final thought for us?

00:34:29--> 00:35:00

Yeah, that verse he mentioned, I love that verse. I love the all those verses, I mean, you know, a couple of verses before he said was Sahara coma Sahara, like women suffer is like to subjugate something to show that he created it all for you. And then on top of that, he gives you everything and then he says, to her do a torso and the third do is try to count from added and torso really comes from Hassan. Like you tried to enumerate, you will never be able to do that. So Allah is using these two verbs to show the second one is to show that it is plenty and you would not be able to do so. And that's just so eloquently

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

had the opportunity to look up the background of those two verbs well I used to do and then you start so, to show that Subhanallah it's it's virtually impossible to count the blessings. I mean, that last month, Allah has provided us from his risk. So it just

00:35:17--> 00:35:38

becomes this facade and we don't want to hold you up. grateful for your time and grateful for your reflections and again to everyone, please check out the book we'll mention again tomorrow. Charles, Sister Najwa. Your Lord has not forsaken you as well as the attaching to Allah series on Hamlet that we did last year and then hijo which is I think, very profound reflections. Because I can little fade out we'll see you all tomorrow, cellos