Yaser Birjas – Asr Khatirah – Asking For Increase In Knowledge

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The importance of knowing and practicing Prophet Muhammad's teachings is highlighted in the recitation of his statement, as well as in a doctor's recitation about a patient. The recitation of a statement about a patient is considered the most fruitful thing for the speaker, while the recitation of a doctor's statement about a patient is considered the most fruitful. The speakers emphasize the need for more knowledge and ownership of intellectual property to benefit others, as well as the significance of "medicals in our age."
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In a color hill before it is probably being conveyed to you walk or rot visit near Alma and say, Yeah, Mohammed, my Lord, Increase me in knowledge. This ayah or this dua in particular is very unique dua who knows why.

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It's very unique draft for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And why is that the most unique dua for the prophets Allah to Allah or ceremony.

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The only thing, the only thing in Quran where Allah subhanaw taala asked the Prophet salallahu salam to ask to increase him from

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he never asked him to ask increase in provision or ask for more of the dunya or live longer or have this or have that never asked him to ask for anything for more than what he has been given. Except for knowledge. The only thing that Allah asked the prophets Allah set him to ask for more of is knowledge. I don't know how many of us actually do that.

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We probably ask Allah for everything to increase your everything God Allah, Allah this your Allah this, but how often do we ask Allah to increase us in knowledge? That's very important message over here. Why? Because the prophets Allah Allah wa salam O Allah, was also reported in Surah al Qiyamah

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Akkad Allah with the water colada led to Herod villi Sana Colita djellaba in Nadi Niger manga Khurana further Corona Alpha Tobia Khurana Thelma and Elena via the prophets of Assam was so eager, was so eager to memorize the message and learn the message as Jabril was convenient to the prophets of Allah Salam. So while Gibreel is still reciting to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the father was will want to repeat with him that Allah subhanho wa Taala intervened and told Mohamed Salah Semcon LA to her it be Santa Clarita German easy. Wait, don't move your tongue yet. Don't move your tongue with the Quran because you're rushing right now. In Allah Anna, Gemma Khurana, don't worry about it.

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We have Allah Subhan says I vowed to protect this book. And I vow to collect that book for you. So you're going to read it is going to be collected for you. Further Quran Alpha Khurana once we decide that for you, which is the recitation of Gibreel wants to pre decide that for you fat Khurana follow his citation. So in Allah in Abuja, Anna and then we will explain it to you. So ALLAH SubhanA wa has promised a Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he will read the Quran to him, he will help him return that in his heart to memorize it, and he will explain it to him so you'll be able to convey that to the world to the world afterwards. Similarly here as Allah subhana wa Tada. So if Allah had medical

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and Allah azza wa jal is to have the medical help, and Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet Muhammad Salah Sam, don't ask for anything more than knowledge. And that is again a very profound message to all of us as human. If you ask Allah subhanaw taala to increase you in anything you can. But if there is anything that is worth asking for more of will be knowledge. Why is that? Why would you ask Allah for more knowledge as actually is the most fruitful thing for you? Probably why?

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It brings you closer to Allah subhanaw taala How is that though?

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Hashem then he says Subhana Allah to Allah he says call a call Hello Mr. Willard Indiana Munna Allah dinero. Are they equal those who know those who know not? And he said Subhan Allah to Allah inaction Allah Hammond anybody know Allah ma, that those who truly fear Allah subhana wa the manga servants are those who have the knowledge. So the more you have the knowledge, the closer you get to Allah subhanho wa Taala the higher you increase your your kin and your certainty of ALLAH SubhanA wa Eman Allah azza wa jal and as a result, ALLAH SubhanA wa raised you in high ranks in genetic videos Allah Allah, Yahweh Allah Allah Deena mo naman Comala denodo Elma de Raja, Allah will raise among those of

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you who have the faith and the knowledge to higher ranks in dunya under alpha. So that's why Coco Quran visit near Alma, also in matters of dunya, Gemma and matters of Estonia, in past century, and this century is known for what what is the most powerful thing people possess in this life right now.

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Information knowledge, the more you know, the more access you have to that knowledge, the product, the better you will be. And that's why everybody is fighting for more inventions, more knowledge, which is why they have the patent. Like if I learn something, I have the right to ownership for it, and you want to use it, you pay money for it, right? Because you know it's powerful, has a great value on it. The value can be millions and billions of dollars Subhanallah just the information that you have the knowledge that you've learned about this issue. And the more you know, the more powerful you become, which is why intelligence is a big deal in our time. If you have the knowledge

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of everything, you will be able to manipulate situations

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Do stuff and create events and advance in technology and so many things Subhanallah that is in matters of dunya just in matters of the dunya. So therefore, what Kurup visit near Alma, now primarily the ayah speaks about the knowledge that is related to Allah subhana wa elymus, Shariah and Medina, it doesn't mean you're not ask ALLAH SubhanA to increase in a knowledge of the dunya as well to as long as you wisely for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala You're doing good. But if you if you increase the knowledge, and that knowledge doesn't become beneficial, that's the problem becomes problematic, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he didn't want he wasn't just asking for

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l know he says Allahumma Carlos Panama prophesized them says llamas, okay, elmen Nafisa? Yeah Allah I asked you for beneficial knowledge. So you might be learning something for years, but absolutely have no use to it in the dunya and the ACA along Stan there'll be use of time on life and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to circle Allahumma alumni and Fana one fan of him alum Tina was it not? Alma Yeah, Allah alumni and Fana teach us that which is beneficial to us give us the knowledge is beneficial to us. One foreigner Bhima Alam tena and make us benefit from what we've learned what we learned.

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So what we learned make it beneficial to us and guide us to that which is most beneficial to us to follow was IDNA anma. And increase us in knowledge and that is interpretation of this idea. And as the as we see it in this hadith May Allah subhana wa Tada and kiss it knowledge a little bit. So let's make this draft together in sha Allah azza wa jal rugby, Zinni Elma rugby, Zeleny, Elma rugby. Zinni, Elma Robbie is rally Saturday.

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was certainly Emery

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will echo that and mainly sunny you have cocoa county

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Rob be heavily Mila dunk Asuka Walia wa jal Hora B

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are the Robina Tina Mila dunka Rama wha Hey, Lana min Emelina. Russia the rugby at the filming. Model color silk was originally Maharaja sadock why John Lee Melaleuca soltana and Nazira Allahumma. Hammadi comm Rob Bayani Savera Allahumma Amin Zak Monica. Today inshallah we'll be reciting from

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