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The transcript describes the interviewer and his hesitation to say his name, which affects his reputation and integrity. The interviewer also talks about how people value their ability to prove they are strong and strong in public, as well as their history of hesitation to say their name. Jesus had encouraged people to strive for the right way to achieve their goals, but they were unable to achieve it.

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You may know about yellow enamel prabodani You filmer Jamil kabiri was famous on Nafi we sent him Hasson I sent him the ID or the Allahu Anhu. Or the HEMA said all that, isn't it the collection of emammal Torani has Margem is in the collection of 11 outdoorsman is Muslim, and has a an acceptable chain of narration. And its Rage was bade have seen even at

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level one they've never seen the grandson of the Prophet either your side was only has a couple of Hadith that are actually narrated by him he doesn't have a lot neither does his older brother hasn't neither, but the few that they do or any that are authentic, at least are always worth kind of mentioning in this one here is the 10 is attached to the theme of halogen. So I'm gonna I'm going to read it to you for quite a while you don't even know the use of Allah Allah He early he was setting them up for Karla ya rasool Allah in numerology lonja burnin in your life.

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Man came to the Prophet he has talked to us and said oil so Allah I am weak, and I am not rave. I am either weak, I'm neither strong nor courageous. I'm just I'm a weak person. And I'm scared, I'm a coward. I'm not good anymore. I don't like it. When you take me to, I need the You talk a lot about the need to go to battle and the combat is not me. I'm not helpful in these situations. But I'm neither strong, nor am I courageous and brave. And the beauty of you know, we can move on this part of that the beauty of it is actually how Satan unforeseen did not

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use his name. He said Joe Rajan, even though he most likely knows who this person was. But because this person came in, says something very negative about himself.

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He refused to actually say his name. And that is the job of the grandson of the Prophet out of your saw to it. So I will learn from his grandfather, not to use his name, because that's going to you know, they'll never you can never shake that off. Now you came and said that, so he didn't tell us who he was. And we don't know we have no idea. And it was very blunt and people I guess another piece that I think worth maybe noting here is that people were comfortable coming and saying that to him out of twisted, and there's another part that I think is very underrated or not notice, people felt very comfortable coming up to him out of your sight to somebody saying something as ridiculous

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as what you just heard. Yeah, as known culturally, as Donald Smith, you wouldn't saying that is like suicide, it's social suicide, you don't come and say that you say that that sticks with you forever. No one will ever let that go that you said that about yourself. So socially for them to come and say that to somebody else publicly is just unheard of. And it's not appropriate. Regardless, if we were hit a friend, a family member or our hobby, but the wheat from the from the middle of nowhere, it doesn't make a difference. Because what they value they value their integrity, their nobility, and specifically their reputation. And when it came about their reputation, what they valued were the

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opposite of those two things. They valued their ability to prove that they were courageous that they were strong, you're gonna come in and say if you're a poor financial, he's not a big deal. That was not something that they bragged about. But if you were stingy, that was something that was a problem. Like if you're poor, no problem, but if you're stingy, and you're not selling your belief, that's a huge problem. Yeah, you can be sure no problem but if you're in you can be not powerful. But if you're if you're if you're a coward, you're not really just tiny, that's a problem. So so they had things that they would that they would, they would not come in admit. So for him to come to

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the provider, you're sort of admitted as a as an ally and both weak and a coward like I am not good and these things

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have a testament to value. So it was Bacala Halima LRG, heard in LA Chaka Tuffy, Alhaji come with me to a jihad to a form of striving, there is no Shoka fee Shoka as in a thorn, or use the word choke for as a fork, but really is a thorn mean, there's no pinch to it. There is no there's no pain in it. There's no fear of death,

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what we're doing, and why that is show at the cooloola comm. So if you're on file and the Sahaba, when they went for the caravan during the time of Buddle, they were hoping that it was one of two things. Either they got the caravan or they would be in combat with Quraysh. And they were hoping that they will get the one that doesn't have Ashoka doesn't have a thorn in it, which is the caravan No, no war, right. So the provider you saw this time is telling him Hello metallurgy and come with me. And this was right before this. This is right when he announced he's going for hydrogen is awesome. And the one time that he did and this man just by No it's a coincidence by my seat of Allah

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sama came and said this words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam because he had I think you saw those I mean, Kurdish people, obviously at the end of his life before he passed away, he really did encourage heavenly people just continue to form jihad, knowing that that was going to be needed that once he passed away out of your side there's a lot of the combat form of it was going to be needed a lot and it was for a number of generations a couple of decades after he died and as I said, I'm it was completely needed. They didn't do it, then none of us did. None of this would be here like it was needed to defend was needed to maintain was needed to spread. So he had encouraged it a lot. And

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this gentleman basically listened to it and said I'm not good at this. And I don't know

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If I can do it, the Prophet alayhi wa sallam said, Hello metallurgy had come to meet with me to a form of striving that does not have death associated with it. There is no fear of death associated with obviously you can die anytime there's any perform any pointed out hedge hedge, in his essence is a form of jihad, which is what the theme of this absurd hedge actually talks about the hedge itself. And he talks heavily about the concept of yeah, that's, and I do, there's a I've done sort of summaries I've summarized before and explained it a lot and not to go into too much detail. But the last is what he Luffy How could you heard that was the last verse and so you need to strive for

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the sake of Allah. The way Allah deserves to be strived for, not the way you want to but how he deserves to be strive for Subhana wa Tada. So the concept of so high Jihad are two, there's the synonymous in many ways. You and I may not ever be in sha Allah will never be in combat. See, I mean, oh, you never You never asked for it. But the form of of jihad that you can perform in your life that is meaningful, that is physical is, is to go and strive and you'll be dressed in a certain way you'll be standing outside in the sun for a certain amount of time. You have to you have to be show patience, you have to show kindness and tenderness and perseverance and ease and you have to

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open your arteries as you cannot get through those four or five days without losing your mind. Because you're surrounded by millions of people. And if you're surrounded by 10 people, it's hard to get out of an elevator. If you're surrounded by three or 4 million people then obviously trying to fit into small places is very difficult. So it is a form of hedge. There's no show coffee, you're not going you're not pulling a sword and fighting. But you're definitely proving your ability to strive for the sake of Allah and maintain your ethics for the sake of Allah. And I think it's a beautiful Hadith because this person came in admitted something to the Prophet Allah you saw this,

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I'm sure he gave him an alternative. Give an alternative. It didn't it didn't chastise him for what he said. It didn't told him put him down. It gave him an alternative something he can do that can make up for the fact that he's not able to perform the jihad that he's supposed to perform. Yahweh emammal Toblerone. You feel much of a community well even about the results he must have never he becomes a nephew. He started hustling and hustling Ali Ali Allahu Anhu mopod geologie Don't even maybe you saw Allah Allah you early. He was selling them call you Allah in the LA Zoo in Japan and we're in the LA Yves Klein alley here. Salatu was Salam. Salam ALA, as you heard in the Ashoka fee,

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he had sort of Rasulullah sallallahu and it's it sounds like we should know Allah in Africa to really go somewhere else and we're having a

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lot of trouble figuring out