Should I make up missed Ramadan fasts before fasting the six days of Shawwal or vice versa

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The speaker discusses the importance of fasting during the month of Chawan, as it is a volatile time and often difficult to make up during that time. He suggests that some people may do the makeup first and then do the chawan later, but warns that it is not a permanent fix. The speaker also mentions that some people may not have the time to finish the makeup and may just do it later on in the day.

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Once the woman sees the blood the fasting is not valid that day and she makes it up When does she make it up? This question always comes up and when we come to Chawan the month after Ramadan the same question is going to come and is going to say should I do my six days of Chawan and then do my Ramadan? The makeup of Ramadan should I do my makeup of Ramadan first and then make up Chawan this always comes up when should we do it? There is many opinions there is not a one single opinion I put you the hadith of a Seder Aisha where she used to say

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I sometimes I could not make it up so I delay my making excuse me making up my fasting till Shabbat so all the way till be before the next Ramadan should I make my shot my show well first and then do my Ramadan also different opinion scholars will teach you Ramadan making up is an obligation to show while fasting is a voluntary always obligation came first so you should make it up. You should make up your your fasting that you missed in Ramadan, then you fast for Shaohua some scholars will tell you Look at the beauty This is different opinions are beautiful. No one is more right than the other. That's a choice. Some scholars will teach us and they say no. The first thing in show while

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the month after Ramadan is a specific time. It's six days has to be in that month. So if she has to make up let's say a woman, her period is 10 days, does her makeup 610 days and then she makes up that six days that's 16 days that may put some difficulty and burden on the woman. So let her do the six days of Chawan because this is a specific time and then she can make it up later. What I tell the woman if you can do it both. If you can, with no real hardship on you or your family do may do the makeup first. And then do the chawan if you cannot then do the Shaohua and in sha Allah Allah will make it easy for you to do the makeup later on in the day.