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Imam Zaid Shakir discusses a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) narrated by Abu Thar (RA), be mindful of Allah, a good action clears a misdeed, and treat people with good character.

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Due to law the Lord of all the worlds, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and one of his most

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seminal Hadith,

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qualified by what's referred to as jameela Kalam the ability to speak volumes with few words. He says a lavalier was seldom as related by a bizarre and mu Adam, the javelin rhodiola and Houma Tyler. Kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a tequila, tequila heythe Americans, when they say you can have an attempt who here Holly can say, Hello Can Hudson. So this idea is related by Abby, door and modern the devil on the authority of the Messenger of Allah. May the blessings and peace of peace and blessing of Allah be upon them that he said, Be mindful of the law wherever you are, and follow up any mislead you might do with a good deed, which will wipe it out and treat the

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people on the basis of good character. This Hadees summarizes our religion, because our religion involves three spheres of activity, our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with the with the people with other than ourselves. So concerning the relationship or the last kind of attalla he says it tequila, tequila hates Americans Be mindful of the law. Wherever you are, or in whatever situation you find yourself in. Some people they interact with the loss of Hannah what Allah as if a law

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isn't present in the nightclub, or as if Allah tala is in presence in the privacy of their homes. This as if Allah subhanho wa Taala is present when they're with this person who's a very pious person and encourages them to good and good speech, but not present when they're with that person who's a very

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intemperate, devout person who encourages them to to, to lewdness, and and decency. Because when they're with the pious people, they're pious. And when we're there with the lewd and indecent people, they're lewd and indecent. When they're in the privacy of their home and no one's around. They're in decent when they're out among the people and putting up a front than the very pious, a lot of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam is reminding us that tequila hatefulness Be mindful of the law wherever you are.

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What the when, when people are around those who have filled some people rather, when they're around people who they're who are familiar with them, and they have a reputation without doing with those people. They're very pious. Oh, that's the shame.

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But when they're away from those people, and the people don't know them, they they as they say they go buck wild.

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This is one of the reasons that one of our ancient

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wise people said a surfer who use Pharaoh and o'clock he rejected that travel reveals the character of men.

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As Seth Alou use few and aha can reject travel reveals the character of men. Because we impose people gone to a strange place no one knows them, and they're not going to be there long there'll be there and then they're leaving. And so some people in that situation that's Oh, well, I'll never see these people again. I'm going to just have a party

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they'll never see me again. And the people back there who think I'm all this in that they don't know what I'm doing over here.

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Along those

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along those in the mercy of Allah tells us that tequila hateful Americans Be mindful of a law Yani mindful of His commandments and prohibitions. wherever you are. If you're in travel or you're at your home, if you're inside of the house, or you're out in public, if you're with the pious people, are you with the indecent people? If you're within decent people, your job is to run remind them of the right. A tequila, why are you talking like that? You don't need to use that language to make your point. You know, you shouldn't be talking about other people's business. Why are you slandering that brother or sister? Why are you revealing their secrets? Why are you drinking this? Why is

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smoking that you know, it's Haram, as opposed to past me some a tequila hyphema quote, be mindful below well

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You are we're at Seattle Hudson tempo. So those are the responsibilities we have in terms of fulfilling the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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When they say you tell us an attempt, and then they mislead you do follow it up with a good deed being weightier, we'll wipe it out. The misdeed is one against us the good deed is 10 in our favor 70 in our favor 700 in our favor, many times over and beyond that, so it's weightier. 700 is weightier than one so when we slip into a misdeed, we should follow it up immediately with a good deed. And some of our scholars they say you should try to go back to the spot you did the misdeed.

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So if you're not so long over upside the head, on this particular block, go back to that block after you grow up and get some sense and make some dika go back then say subhana wa wilhem do the lab learn Hello Allah Allahu Akbar, Allah Hello La quwata illa Billah why because Yama, Yama when that spot delivers up his news

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is going to say on such a such day, they knock someone upside their head and they took their wallet was all go so going to say on such and such day. They came back here and they said Subhana Allah will hamdulillah lenham Allah Allahu Akbar. Hola Hola. Hola.

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Yo moves to have the full hourglass bhairahawa when the earth delivers her news, every spot that we visited on this earth is going to testify for us or against us.

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So we should make sure that when it testifies against us is also going to testify for us with some theory or something weightier than what we've done.

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And say Suhana law well hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Allahu Akbar La hawla wala quwata illa Billah along with repentance for that is far weightier than any misdeed we might have done in that spot. So we should be people of repentance. A lot of Tyler invites all of us

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not to lie, Jeremy and you had nezu to Illinois, and you had next to Jimmy and now I look on

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turn to a law all of you all together. And repentance. All of us should be constantly in repentance. The prophets on the low end it was send them he said, Well, law has stopped the law. Well to relay he said in a Mara philleo okemah call Solo Solo and he would sell him I swear by law, I turned to align repentance and seek His forgiveness. I seek the forgiveness of a law and turned in repentance 70 times every day, and 70 who not specifying 6970 but indicating a lot that you turn to a lot of repentance a lot and he sought his forgiveness a lot. And that's not because he had a lot of sins to repent for. He had mistakes in judgment. They weren't even sins, but it's the teach us that if he

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the best of all creation, creditor hulking lead, who leave me some of the low on a was sending could return to a line we could turn to a line repentance constantly and seek the forgiveness of Allah constantly. What should we be doing?

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Our township be moist with seeking the repentance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And again, as he says, solo and he will send them we're at BST yet and has an attendant who had follow up any misty with a good deed being weightier will wipe it out.

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will wipe it out. And this is one of the meanings of the saying of Allah subhanho wa Taala in his work well, that tester will have sent it to let's say, yeah, it Farben that he asked him fader lady Bana Cobain, Eduardo Tonka and know what you mean. That good and evil not equal. One way they're not equal good wipes out equal. What we say here tell has an attempt to have good wipes out evil. That's one of the ways they're not equal. Good is weightier in this scale than evil. And I say that too, as we mentioned and has an heir to good

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be Ashley um, Sally has multiplied 710 times over

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the last seven years there 700 times

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xover illa Dothan kathira many times over and beyond that was ceja wader and the SE yet the misdeed is one was weightier 707,000 7 million a lot and other thing kathira b rahmatullah wa fadli. The Merc based on the mercy and the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He can give us 7 million hasin that for that one good deed, if he so chooses, but the misdeed is only one.

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And that's one way they're not equal. They're not equal in terms of their effect on people. We do an evil deed to people and it affects their hearts one way they might hate us, when formerly they loved us, and that one Miss D just hit the heart, their heart so hard that they couldn't get over. It was the good deed. The good deed opens up people's hearts, opens up the channels of love. It opens up the channels the avenues of respect.

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Emily Massoud rhodiola, when he mentioned something you've probably heard before,

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along with Soto Rasulullah jurulatih jubilating kulu Allah, Allah be men escena la her human hearts of men naturally disposed to love those who do good to them.

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So again, we should be people of goodness.

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We should be people of goodness. People are worried about Oh, Islamophobia, Islamophobia, what are we doing, by way of good to the people?

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We have all these hurricanes when Hurricane Katrina

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so the first of these recent once in every 500 year hurricanes that come twice a year now.

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When Katrina came through Louise, Louisiana, Mississippi area, Islamic Relief was there helping the people in Cajun country.

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The backwoods

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people who are hoping all they listen to is Fox News. So you know what their attitude towards Islam was.

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Born they came there after the hurricane to give him bringing food to the people bringing water to the people in FEMA wasn't even there.

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Only people in some of these areas was Islamic Relief. One of the men got the Islamic Relief logo, the masjid with the two tall minarets. Personally, I think they should shorten the minarets a little, but it put the logo on the side of his pickup truck.

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He probably had a gun rack in the back with a shotgun

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might had a confederate flag on the front license plate, but at an Islamic Relief logo on the side of his truck. And some of his neighbors said take take that off. That's from the Muslims. That's what he probably said.

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The man said no.

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And then the man came back he said I'll give you $300 to take it off. This was related to me. And you know people are poor they were just devastated by the hurricane $300 is a lot of money in those parts. But the mess are never taken off. He said these people were here with no one else was here and they were doing good.

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And that's the power of good

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It's far ability here as sin respond to good with that which is best fatal, fatal for either lady vena cava baignoire della Can anyone you come in, and you unexpectedly either This is called either either Fuji air, the either that introduces an unexpected consequence. And unexpectedly, you see the one between whom you and he that was emnity become as it was an intimate friend, as it wore because there are new friends that the value and honey was there from the beginning. This fan came on later after you did the good to him or to her. And that should be our business. We're about the business of arguing and disputing. We're about the business of condemning. We're about the business of of

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pointing out everything that's wrong with everything.

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But we should be about the business of doing good to people. That's what's going to affect the hearts. That's what's going to change their minds about Islam. That's what's going to give them hope. That's what's going to let them know that they're valued as a human being. And so they don't have to project all of this negativity. That's why

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The life is qualified by out onto others be there Muslim, African American or poor people or whoever.

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And not not the under not because I'm making this up. This is what our Lord is telling us. And this is tried and tested throughout history. How many of us converted are converted to Islam?

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How much of that was based on doctrine? And how much was that based on a Muslim coming into our life and treating us like a respectable decent human being, and taking care and explaining things does, and letting us know they got our back?

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I guarantee is more that than doctrine.

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Someone came and explained, or I've seen the light.

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Many people already believed in God, that belief was adulterated in many instances by Trinity or something, but the belief in God was there.

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The belief in God was there. You give me the hardest dog, I guarantee you he went to Sunday school when he was little.

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He knows the 10 commandments. He knows Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife. He knows the 10 commandments. So the ethical foundation is already there. It's there wasn't introducing anything new to most of us. But it was introducing a new way to interact with people, a new way to interact with ourselves and a new way to interact with the Lord we already acknowledged.

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So we have to be about the work of treating people good.

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How many we know our sister, sister Alice,

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25 years over the rainbow wreck in East Oakland, feeding people. Anyone familiar with her? You know how much the people love her.

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She might have never explained to them a single verse in Quran but they love her as a Muslim. And they love this lamb. And they love Muslims, because she's been feeding them for 25 years. And probably some families for now, two or three generations fed the grandmother, the mother and the little daughter.

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And some of us have seen that. We've seen that love.

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Wow. And which leads us to the final one. Well, Holly, can NASA be Hoboken Hudson, treat people on the basis of good character. Be honest with people, be fair with people be just with people, share with people sell compassion for people, Be courageous in defending people.

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Holly can nurse be who can happen.

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This is this is this is this is the key.

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So these three realms,

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observing the rights owed to a law observing the rights owed to ourselves, so we don't meet a lot either. We're burdened with a mountain of sin, but we've wiped those sins out with repentance.

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And we made a law we haven't

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shut down the header, the header,

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the header, that having struck this one, and insulted that one and taking the the wealth of the other one. But we made a law having treated people good.

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And those who treat people good. Allah will greet them with good seller. Salam Conan morogoro salam and call them a robber Rahim. Peace, a greeting from a merciful Lord.

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You've been You've done well, you've done good in the earth. So we have to look beyond this earth. We've been indoctrinated, generally speaking,

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and to a worldview. That's exactly that a worldview.

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So Marxism is a worldview. I'm not making any value judgment on it. You make your own judgment. But it's a view of life that doesn't transcend this physical world.

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So when Marx talks about the struggle between the slaves and the serf the owners and the slaves and the Lords and the serfs and the the capitalists and the proletariat, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, that's all this world. It does is transcend this world. There is no nationalist ideology that transcend this world. There is no democratic socialist or otherwise socialist ideology that transcends this world. They're all worldviews.

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Muslim has an otherworldly view

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our view of existence is not confined to this world. And when we take on this world, and that's the only focus of our worldview, all of our struggles become zero sum struggles, because they're the all or nothing, do or die. Because if we don't get in this world if we're trapped to a worldview we're not going to get it

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we don't get justice in this world there's no justice.

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If we don't get our fair share what we deem should be our fair share of the spoils of the economic spoils of society then there's no equity

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if we don't get this that or the other, then we're not getting it. But the lever understands we might get in in this world but a lot my testers by denying it to us, but we'll definitely get it in there accurate because we have an otherworldly view. Our existence is not confined to this worldview.

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And this is what we need to be telling our people Yes, good if we get it now, but if we don't get it now, it's gonna be really really really really really good when we finally get it. Because our Lord has prepared for us we might get something beautiful, lovely and good in this world. But in that other world, Abdullah only a bad his soil Rahim. mela, I know Nora at weather, weather lagoon Semyon weather Potter, Allah can be Bashar, Allah has prepared for his righteous servants, that which no eye has ever be held that which no ear has ever heard that which has never been imagined by any human heart, then Hila

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then a lot.

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So what do we want?

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Each and every one of us? That's a question. What do we want? Now saying well, then I'm not saying we stopped struggling. We stopped working. A lot tells us in the crunk kulu kulu, Amina

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shuhada, and the left be upright for justice. Witnesses to a lot. We struggle we work we understand the nature of the world is that every struggle doesn't culminate in victory.

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every battle isn't one.

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Sometimes we lose sometimes we win. Isn't that the way it was with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. They wanted better. The last that Oh, they lost that first that who named and then in the end, they had the victory at home name. Sometimes it was mixed up a little there's nuance.

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That's the nature of the world brothers and sisters. And we have to understand that then we understand when we lose when we when we don't say yeah, we did it.

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When the last minute in the Lair Hill azizul Hakeem, we say a lot did it. Well. hamdulillah and if we lose, we say we don't say the enemies wilded us we say a lot did it Alhamdulillah

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and Allah sometimes the test was a victory is greater than the test of defeat.

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Because the victory can make us arrogant and the victory can make us complacent and the victory can make us stop struggling. And the enemy is keep is going 24 seven, waiting for the next encounter and we're complacent martial law, we routed them, we routed them, we didn't do anything and then bam.

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This is the world this is not gender.

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But for those who don't believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala they try to make this gender they try to make this paradise they present utopian views for to do look delude ourselves with this is not just an agenda, his agenda and the earth is the earth and all says about the earth at dounia sugeno movement where genepool katheer

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journey is gender tool movement. What do you know?

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At dunya agenda tool Cathy will well agenda tele how

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the world is the agenda of the one who doesn't believe in the era and they have no share of gender kulu how they had a stock for life as well as stock for Lucha de welcome on the set in Minneapolis talk through law

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Satan morsani Sayidina Muhammad wa ala early he was talking to you I sent him his name in case you're in the law a woman

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who you saw lunarlon ad? Yeah.

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He was sending me

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a law that he was selling with Erica lesedi. No, have you been over it are you Nina Mohamed le he was thought he was sending them. Brothers and sisters that may be mentioned here the last time we get caught by here a couple of weeks ago, or maybe in another venue

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that no one will ever enter Paradise because they secured all of their rights.

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No one will ever enter Paradise because they secured all the rights owed to them.

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The enter Paradise because they fulfilled all of their responsibilities to others. The responsibility to Allah subhanho wa Taala the responsibility to their soul, the responsibility to their fellow creatures. That's the key to gender.

00:26:21--> 00:26:27

And I swear do I say that I say that because again, this world wants us to take take take take take take

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what's owed to me what's owed to me.

00:26:33--> 00:26:36

We need to think about what we owe to others.

00:26:38--> 00:26:41

At one time, it was inspiring, right when

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the president of this country was being sworn in.

00:26:47--> 00:26:58

And paraphrasing Aristotle, he said Ask not what your country can do for you rather ask what you can do for your country. And people are inspired.

00:26:59--> 00:27:03

Now someone might say he's encouraging people to

00:27:04--> 00:27:06

aid in their own oppression.

00:27:07--> 00:27:15

Do things for others. What about me? We live in the me generation. Right?

00:27:17--> 00:27:19

We live in the me generation.

00:27:21--> 00:27:43

We live in the generation that is obsessed with securing their rights. There's nothing wrong with securing your rights. But when it becomes in a set obsession that needs the violating the right the rights of others, when it becomes an obsession that makes us oblivious to our responsibilities to others. That's a problem.

00:27:45--> 00:27:46

That's the problem.

00:27:48--> 00:28:25

No law help us to be balanced people. Right? We're a balanced nation. I'm Martin lasota. So part of that balance is the balance between securing our rights and fulfilling our responsibilities and not over tipping one way or the other is to be balanced and allow give us balanced mela make us balanced. mela give us understanding and May Allah bless us to be understood when you read Do you read the level be higher on effect COVID deem the one Allah wants good forgives him or her a sound understanding of the religion?

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The similar Mahima hamdulillah rumble alameen wa Salatu was Sarah Merci. Merci de se Dena Mohammed was early he was starting to sanitize the McCarthy era