The Glorious Names of Allah Names of presence Al-Hay Al-Qayyoum (The Alive and Self-sustainer)

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The transcript describes the various names and positions for Islam, including WhatsApp, Al Facebook, and the Greatest name of Islam. The concept of life is the ability to not acknowledge or acknowledge blessings and that everyone can respond to things and environments. The concept of "slack" is discussed, which is the movement that brings people to the point that they are the ones who can respond to things and environments. The discussion also touches on the concept of "medicals," which can be used to respond to things and environments.

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Early he was so happy he urged me no but

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it's Mala Hill Hale a Yom Smola and how you are you

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and this is two names that

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I'm going to talk about together because the second one only comes with the first one

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how you using the Quran five times in the US in the Quran three times and the three times a Yom is in the Quran, it's always affiliated or associated with some Allah who hates talking about them together makes make sense. Hey, is the is the is the alive? Or is the all living? Or is the grantor of life?

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All are appropriate. And maybe before I do that the

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goes back a little bit.

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So this is the fourth category

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or know which category No, no, this is the fifth I think I use

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fifth. So I skipped the fourth we'll come back to it at the end of the month because it's more appropriate towards last year. So the fifth category, the attributes of presence,

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the names of Allah subhanaw taala that point out, he was president subhanho wa Taala in which way he is present shadow shadow some of these names you'll find them in more than one category because depending on how we explain them, they'll have different mean slightly different meanings. Depending on what angle you want to look at the name The name can have more than one meaning so some of them are repeated in different categories. But we're gonna talk about the the names have pointed out his presence supine or without.

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And how are you um, I think is probably one of the most relevant ones.

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And but you will miss a self subsisting or the self sustaining call and BFC Subhana was the one that takes care of his own life. We don't have that our lives we don't grant them to ourselves and then we don't actually sustain our own lives.

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Maybe you don't take away your own life by doing something that you shouldn't do. Maybe you help keep it moving forward by nurturing yourself with food.

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But when we talk about subsisting your own life,

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you don't really control the biology of your body. You don't control the adherence of your spirit to your to your body. So you can't call it we can't call ourselves self subsisting beings. But Allah subhanaw taala would hate us the our living is the alive and a human he has any self subsisting Subhana wa Tada. Then some scholars actually look at this name and believe that Islam Allah had album is the is the Greatest Name of Allah subhanho wa taala. Of course, there is no consensus on that name, but Heyoka Yom is one of the

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very well known contenders for that.

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For that position, he says to find out what's in the most famous and the greatest,

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within the most have Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah who will hate you as a young lad who sinner to Allah subhanaw taala is the one and only and he is the alive and he's a self self subsisting

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from he has not taken by

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fatigue, nor does he sleep.

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When the price value salatu salam in the famous Hadith spoke to Tobin Cobb, and he said my ultimate agent for Quran Quran was the greatest in the Quran and Satan it will be who was probably the, the most knowledgeable of the Sahaba in terms of the verses of the Quran, he suggested and he said, Allahu Allah, Allah in the Quran, how you are you are called out of your Salah to a certain Lea nickel and I Belmondo meaning May Allah subhanaw taala grant you happiness and in satisfaction with the amount of knowledge that he has granted you Oh, boom did which is his name. It'll be Allahu Anhu because he got it right.

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Because the first insulins not gonna go to see, it's a verse that is very descriptive of Allah subhanaw taala probably no other verse in the Quran is even remotely close in terms of how much how well and how profound is it describes Allah subhanaw taala the next again, the closest contender is Surah teleclass Balu Allahu Ahad Allahu Samad

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if you take the beginning of Sudan Ron Elif meme, Allahu Allah, Hola. Hola. Hola. Who will hate you or you necessarily Calcaterra will help me most of the day.

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If I did again, Pa why not? You will do a little high yield or you rocker, the hub and hammer la volna. And all of the faces on the Day of Judgment will be in a position of complete submission to the high into the upper Yun subhanho wa Taala and those who carry

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oppression will be in a very difficult situation. He says I don't know what Kal el Havilah de la jolla Muto said be handy and depend upon the alive, the one that never dies

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and exalt Him and praise Him

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Who will hire you? The ILA, who? By the rue meclizine Allahu Deen Alhamdulillah

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I mean he is the Is he alive is all living. So call upon him and supplicate him

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with full sincerity and say Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen the Prophet alayhi wa salatu salam in his in his Hadith

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he will say it's tough you know after salah, Hadith and intellection and on top Ronnie Stubblefield Allah Allah Allah, Allah de la ilaha IL, who will hail for you to LA and he would say saying that after Salah three times kala goofier than boohoo in fell Romanism your your deeds will be forgiven even if you ran away on the day of battle.

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And the reason scholars point out is because the additional piece is la isla will hate you will pay you are you are you living the self subsisting beautiful dog that he would make out of your Serratos we will say

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Allahumma like slumped

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Do you I submit what I meant and you I believe while you get our Kelton upon you I depend what alayka an evident to you I repent. We're bigger haul cement. And through you. I make enemies or or make animosities, where you like a hawk comes into you I take all of my issues all of my disputes.

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Allah Who in the zoo is that eager

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to build loony? Oh Allah, I seek refuge in you there is no god but you that you ever allow me to go astray and tell Hey, you let the law

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will you know will ensue your mood tune, you are the alive the one that will never die. And human beings in June they all die.

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There is absolutely no blessing that is even remotely close to the importance and the significance of life. Life is the ultimate blessing.

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Right after that is guidance. And those are the two blessings that are talked about the most by far in the Quran. You take the blessings, those two are talked about the most the most frequent ones that come up. But the most important about is the concept of life of just being alive. To the point where Cofer itself became,

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became Cofer, because it was in opposition to the blessing of life, right?

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Go for is for you is to cover something. That's why

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villages are called cover. Because soil that covers things they look at is just a lot of land. So the concept of coverage to cover something up.

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And the context of a blessing instead of acknowledging it and being grateful for it. It's being covered up. It's being like it's not there. So regular blessings, that's fine. But then if you take the ultimate blessing, which is life, and you cover that one up, meaning you refuse to acknowledge that Allah subhanaw taala created you meaning you refuse to acknowledge his existence altogether, that's before. You don't believe in God altogether. So the concept of gopher in its essence is just refusing to acknowledge blessings. But if you take it to the ultimate blessing, which is life, it is this opportunity that were given here on earth, then it turns into gopher in disbelief and Allah

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subhanaw taala. So that's how that's how the correlation actually works. Because this whole opera, this whole experience would not exist without life. Life is what this is what we're experiencing right now, this short period of time that we're here, with, through which were able to contemplate and reflect and make choices. Either taking except guidance or not, it's life. So this is seen as the most beautiful of all of all blessings. We didn't always have it though it's always not always something that we had, either in sunny him in a dairy, Lamia, Coonan, Che Guevara, my time has come came on the human being when he was nothing to be mentioned, meaning he wasn't a concept yet, if you

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said the word insane, that wouldn't mean anything. There's no meaning to it, because there's nothing that is an insane yet, and there's no reference to what that word actually means to begin with. And it's interesting that he explains it that way. Subhanallah Wattana, because what he's trying to say there's a lot of things that make when they said chi and Madura there are many things now that are not concepts that are meaningful, you throw the word and we don't know what it means, but it has meaning to Allah subhanho wa taala. And creations that are living elsewhere, or something that we know is very limited. We only have references and we only have meanings to words that have

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have applications in the world that we live in. If you throw it a word that I don't understand the meaning of that I sit there I don't know what to say you have to explain. You have to explain to me what you're talking about. So the word in the sun there was a time when it didn't mean anything. It was just a sound, a sound that had no was not attached to a concept.

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We live in a time that we never existed before. And obviously there's a time we're going to exist again good Illuminati. whatever word you who rob Baker, ghulja ecom everyone on it on the earth fun funny finding me. It's finite, it's finite, they everything will end nothing, nothing continues except the Face of your Lord subhanho wa Taala Kulu che in Harlequin in

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everything will will die everything will cease to exist except it's based upon the loss upon what I'm going to do and I've seen the opportunity three times in the Quran

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called Luna I've seen the EPA to emoting Thumbelina, every every soul will will taste death and then you will all return to us on the Day of Judgment when he speaks about the the those who are claimed to be Godzilla DNA their own immune Dooney la de la laguna che and Romeo lacuna Anwar to the way you hear Omega Sharona a urine are you guys doing their whatever it is, you're calling upon aside from Allah, it's dead. They have no license. And they don't even know when they're going to be resurrected yet they have no understanding of of any of it to them, this is completely

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uncharted territory. He is in how you subhanho wa Taala and he is more human motor. He is the all living he is the alive soprano Tada and he is the one who who grants life to that which doesn't have

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a woman can meet and hear you know what I didn't know I let her know what I am, she behaves in C, come on my fellow who have your vote on it, they used to be hydrogen minim.

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He gives an examples of Hana without Sortland. It was the one which whom is dead. And here he's not referring, and he started with this. He's not referring to biological death. Because when Allah subhanaw taala talks about that he's not in life, he is not restricting it to biological death and life he is talking about an aspect of life that is probably just as important if not more important, which is the life of the Spirit, which is the life of the soul

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rule as enough's. Because if they're not alive, or at least not in the form that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada wants them to be, then breathing. And consuming. Energy is not that impressive.

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We have that in common with almost every other living thing on the planet. Every

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mono celled organism does that consumes energy and consumes oxygen and it's not that complicated after you kind of get the basic idea of it. That Allah subhanaw taala he talks about life he's not just talking about that life as important as that piece is because once it's over, it's over. You don't get another chance you don't come back again to try to try one more time. You don't respond somewhere it just it's over. It's done. It's one shot.

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But Allah subhanaw taala say I granted you this life, grant yourself the next step of life make sure that you are actually take on yours be able to benefit from actually living and this is what he explained here about mankind I made the one that is or the similar the one who was dead

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women kind of made them and then we granted them leave. But you know what I'm getting them a late where they can use to walk amongst people. Come on method who feels lumati Is that similar to someone who exists in the dark laser behind him and I will never get out of the dark. They'll never be out of the dark. Is that similar to someone who was dead granted life through the light that Allah subhanaw taala bestowed upon them and they walk in they have clarity, Allah and Allah your yield or law by the MOT her

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or W en la como de la

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Hadid this comes right after me neither Latina M and Tasha Appaloosa homeotic Rila has the time not come for the believers for their hearts to find that closeness? Honey with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada who sure right after LM will know that Allah subhanaw taala grants life to dead Earth. When earth when there's nothing when it's just a dead piece of land, Allah Allah grants it life, little bit of water, a little bit of sun and there's life and just like He grants life to Earth, he'll grant life to a dead heart as well. subhanho wa taala, both literally and figuratively, both literally and figuratively. The concept of a resurrection exists and life being granted to something that is dead,

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so intriguing to the human being, even though we see it all the time. Even though it's something that continuously happens. We just haven't seen it on a human being so it makes it a little bit difficult, but everything else seems to be

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that's how the the the soil of the earth works. It dies and then it's resurrected again and it comes back and then it dies and it comes back again. And it's that process of dying and

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Going back again and dying and coming back again that actually allows the world to exist in the form that it does.

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The oil that exists in the world is just billions of years worth of bark and and live substances being compounded within the layers of the earth for a very long time producing energy.

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Ibrahim it is shared with us that

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curiosity with color Ibrahim rhombi areni kafer to heal moto

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Ibrahim said Oh my Lord show me how is it that you resurrect the dead? Oh when I'm talking he's asked him why are you not a believer? Bla bla bla Of course I am. When I can lay up on my knuckle be but I need my heart. There's something in it in terms of I don't understand how it's the how that he was interested in not the not to if he wasn't questioning if Allah subhanaw taala can do it. His question is how does this happen? How does life How do you give like go to the bottom you know, at first all the Hoonah ileka Don't matter Allah Allah Cooley jobelan

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de la guess I take for a couple of birds and slaughter them and cut them up and make them into groups and put them on the top of mountains and they go stand far away and call upon them to come to you and I'll send them to you. And you watch them come back again. Well I live in Allah Aziz and Hakeem I know that Allah is the unfathomable and the all wise

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but this concept of resurrection your continual higher meanings May at where your credit union may eater you know hey you while you're here, or la vida moutier He's the one who were to extract death out of life and life out of death and grants that which is that land that is dead life again? Yeah, you will Latina men who study will Allah him, Warrior was truly either the Lima you ye

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are those who believe respond to Allah and His Prophet when they call upon you, for you to do something that will grant you life, you know, your yikun

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He's using the terms of hydrotalcite here extremely clearly, we're alive, obviously. But no, no, there's a different level of there's different ways to live, even even in our daily conversations.

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When we talked about people, not everyone is experiencing life in the same way that everyone enjoys or, or lives life

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equal to others.

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There are people who are alive and they're functional, and they're getting out of life, but they, what they find to be enjoyable, that they're learning and they're, and they're working. And they're building relationships. And there are people who are struggling. People who don't have that people who are lonely people who can't say who are addicted to substances, people who don't have proper relationships in their lives, people who are living, they're alive, yes, they are breathing, and they continue to breathe in their heart, their organs are functioning, but is that are they alive? Are they actually are they actually alive? When Allah Subhan Allah talks about the Quran, leaving

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the euro, mankind higher, the Quran was censored that it may grant warning to those who are alive, like who actually have a flutter stand, who can comprehend these things. Because sometimes you may be alive, but you just don't. You're in a position where it's being being dead as the same. It's not that different. Because true life is the life of the roar. Just like if you starve your body to starve your body, it will die. If you starve the road will die to maybe your body continues to function along. But your role in that is that actual life is this person actually live. And this is what he's talking about here. Subhana wa Tada. It's all throughout the Quran, this concept. There's

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there's different degrees of being alive. So what exactly are you doing? Allah, Allah granted you the first one, you have that one? Do you have the next level, you understand what the next level is? To be? To have that understanding of Allah subhanaw taala, to have meaning to your life, for there to be meaning and purpose for the life that you live? Because you're only here for a couple of laps around the sun when they're done. That's it, you move on. So what was the life about? Is there a purpose for it? He's someone who lives life with a purpose with a goal, very different than someone who was who doesn't. The degree of fulfillment is different. The way that they see their time is

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very different. The way that they utilize that time is very different. And that's that's what he teaches here as opposed to what's on it's all throughout the Quran.

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And it's for sure worthy of taking when he talks about asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, I'm gonna have the higher to dunya in whatever we're in doubt, here, Roger, that he'll hire one.

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He says, All in all in this life that you're living, is hired to dunya is live

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is low, there's a lot of fun and game and, and it's time that is spent doing things that Yeah. But truly we're in the dark indeed the hereafter let heal higher one higher one today. In modern terminology, there'll be an animal is how we translate it, but that's not what it means in Arabic. You know, anything that is the Elif noon to

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you, you hype, your hype, the meaning of it,

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to make the meaning much more any understand you make it something that is that is you can experience so for example, if you're off leash is, is thirst outshine is someone who's very thirsty, who's experiencing the concept of thirst. So that's where my name comes from. I didn't is prosperity. So I did not hypothetically expect to be someone who was prosperous, but that's the meaning of it. You shall know liquid equilibrium means means says, I don't know what I get out of this one. But that's that's the meaning of it. So when you say Hi, Ellen HYAH is life. And Helen is true life, his actual life meaning life, in every aspect of the word, and fulfilling every aspect of

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what this word means. And the hereafter is where you truly live, you understand what life actually means you take upon you, you are granted the full full access to what life actually is, you're alive right now you have limited access to what that means. It's not the premium prescription yet, you're still standard, just getting the basic of the basic life. True Life comes later, where you are able to experience aspects of life of being alive, that you weren't able to experience here. That's the high low and that's where you really, really live.

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When he talks about genuine whether you're either below it's the same thing, like I moved to hear what I hear you in Japan, people neither die, nor they nor do they live. But they're alive. Yes, but not Not really. Yes, they are alive but but not really. If you understand what he's trying to explain some pilots that are thrown to Quran ly moved to vendetta who join them Elia moved to fee while I had malaria, will you go to Geneva? Neither will you will you find desks? So it's over, nor will you find a life that is worth living? I want to point out the ethics that is attached to this at the end just because I think it's worth Yanyan the ethic that is attached to it that is an

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Islamic principle that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says, he says about it. liquidly deen and Hola. Hola. Hola. Islam, every faith will have its core ethic and Islam. This is his core ethic. And his core, I think it was called the higher

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and higher up before you understand how you assign a word to its meaning. Just if you're following along with me, it comes from the same route again, same roots again. And here is the pinnacle. If the Elif noon hypes the meaning of it in terms of experience, the Elif Hamza makes it the pinnacle of whatever that is, whatever the concept is, you're just giving it the highest level of that experience. And there's just, that's just how

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I need the Arabic language works. And I, I'm not gonna spend too much time with the derivatives. But that's the derivative when you add that towards the end of it. So, so higher life, higher means that is the that is the epitome that's the epitome of life, and higher.

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So what we always do, explain it and translate it to to modesty, right? Which is not a it's not a bad concept. But I want you to understand where this why modesty how modesty found its way into the meaning of this word. So you understand what this word actually comes from. Haya is the epitome of being alive. Hyah really, in his essence, his sensitivity is sensitivity to surroundings and to positions and situations and circumstances. Someone that is dead,

00:23:58--> 00:24:36

is not sensitive at all, you can poke them as much as you want, you can hit him with a hammer, you can roll it doesn't matter, they will not respond, they won't respond in any form because they're dead. The way that we know that someone's alive is that they are able to respond to pain, very pain, stimulus or to joy. But if they can't respond to neither pain nor joy, that means they're dead, they're not there. So HYAH is sensitivity, the ability to sense change, and respond to it. So if you talk about the epitome of that concept, which is what life is because that's how we how do you differentiate life? Is that is that the ability to respond to things and if you don't feel, then you

00:24:36--> 00:24:55

can't risk you don't respond, then you're not really we don't, we don't know if we can call this alive or not. And that's something that biologists talk about all the time. When they when they discuss viruses and they discuss other organisms, they're not sure if they can call them alive because of that lack of the ability to do such as biology biological functions.

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

So if we differentiate in that way, and being alive is

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that sensitivity that allows you to respond to surroundings and the epitome of that would be that the highest degree of being sensitive. So if you're sensitive to your surroundings, a part a part of that will be noticing how you present yourself how you dress. And you're sensitive to the fact that is this how Allah are gonna wants me to present myself to people, and am I presenting myself to my society in a way that is within my society, my societies and communities best interest, so we got modesty out of higher that way. But really what it is, is just a height, sensitivity to where you are higher is when you're,

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you're very aware of people around you, and how they feel and what they're going through, and how you're affecting them. And whether they're affecting you or not. And what you're doing is in within their best interest is it harming them isn't benefiting them. That's what higher is, is that as a very high sensitivity of knowing how your how your life is impacting the lives of people around you, even down to the detail. That's what higher is it's a beautiful Hello, it's a beautiful it's Sherman to middle Eman. It's a part of iman it when the email and build what we're going to do and we're gonna we're gonna sugar

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in the

00:26:19--> 00:26:54

email to political hierarchy, you're about to meet him and he says there are many branches of email and the highest law it Allah the lowest removing garbage off the road or people are walking and then he points out higher. As if this is like a very special one. If you have this one, you'll have a lot. You have the ability to always to have that hypersensitivity, with people with the world regarding Allah subhanaw taala his observation of you and your relationship with people I think it's a beautiful concept. Because Is he is he He is the Living here's the easier life and He granted your higher he gave you life. Now take it to the level where you will have higher or you have true life

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where you are sensitive and you're actually living in your observing everything around you and you're caring about how you're impacting it in your life, how do we live with the name of Allah subhanaw taala how you are you know, we're on Grant life. You can not in the in the literal term, but in the figurative term either by if you're a physician, then that's what you do. And you should be very, very happy with that because it's a noble cause and you're granting life. If not, then through your wealth and through your support and through your aid. It helps us stay in life by making sure that people who are alive today can actually live life

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to live they may be alive but they require help to actually live appropriately and then practice higher in your life. And that's the idea. The ultimate example or the ultimate use of being a being alive. I hope that was a benefit to you said hi Claudia ham Dixon. Hola Hola. illa Anta stuff we'll go to was that Allah who was telling them about like, I don't know. You know, have you been able to muddy the water early. He was so happy his main so