Akram Nadwi – Calling to Islam

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of letting people know they are not believers and that their intentions are to make message clear. They stress that believers should be aware of the option to become a proper Islamist and that their success in obtaining Islam should be measured in the context of their actions. The speaker also mentions that believers should be given the option to become a proper Islamist by preaching.
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There are people who are not believers. It is obligatory, but does not mean your Java will make everybody believe us to understand properly if there's anybody unbeliever on the face of that, too obligatory, a pass to do the hour. And we should actually should have you know, this intention that the person will listen to me. But it never necessarily mean that people will listen to you not listening, which could be ugly, best messengers Come on the face of the earth you don't listen to the Prophet masilela who can you better than him, but he won't and caribou Talib, who was so nice to him so near to Him, did not listen to him. So as long as there any any believer on the face of that,

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the other and calling him to Islam is obligatory but our does not necessarily mean that people will accept Islam though your intention should be to make it clear by not selling it but what you need really is to make the message clear to every day you must make message clear in the day of the image nobody can say oh my lord, I didn't know I didn't understand so just become a proper but who doesn't know you know establish it just by preaching once you know it should be again again malaccan well Islam day and night you know in a private privately and public all the time keep wanting people to hijack It is not easy thing. Many people think that religious you say a speech and no, that's

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enough. No, you have to meet the people. You have to invite them you have to feed them you have to work hard to them you have to be kind to them nice to them. That way the verses which are revealed among them karma most command about the prayer and being kind to the people kindness to the people actually very good step to make people's heart No soft to you. And and understand anyway, simple summary of the whole material is wrong. Is there any unbeliever on the face of the earth, the other two strand over liquid obliquity and the believers and it will you make the other your effort should be that the person will listen to you and will accept Islam. But it is not necessary that humility

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can be reversed not necessary your refreshable under fully for properly seriously, but not necessarily it only in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala because he said in the culatta huduma Dr. Wallach in Allah de Manya

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