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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The history and significance of the peace treaty of Abia, which refers to the peace treaty of Islam as a victory, is discussed. The peace treaty is viewed as a victory in the six year after hijirates and the use of cream sauce to mark animals. The speakers explore various political and cultural events, including the return of the Email, the arrival of new immigrants, and the return of the Email. They also discuss the history and significance of peace treaty, including its significance in ending warfare and the use of cream sauce to make peace. The segment highlights the importance of peace in achieving peace goals, the success of peace talks, and the rise of women in politics.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Medina Viva La Mulana Viva la Vida. de la Cava kitabi washery acaba de Shariati Ahmad favela umina shaytani, r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in

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Medina Sorocaba, hola Zim.

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My dear respected elders and brothers in the ayah, which I've recited Allah subhanahu wa taala has referred to a great victory.

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And it would come as a surprise to many people. This particular victory that Allah tala refers to in this higher end in this verse is not a victory in terms of a warfare in terms of a conquering another land or conquering and other people. But it refers to the peace treaty of Arabia, Allah tala ne Amman ko a Fatah Korea. Yeah Allah Tanaka, m napco Azim Fatah dia, de Caen Kwanzaa pata Fatah wa Junko for me. Allah talana Fatah ko a mantis kissa Taka ko aman Jota hood abma Allah tala wasco Fatah Korea, Allah tala has referred to the peace treaty of Arabia as a victory. Let us in today's talk very briefly speak about how the peace treaty of Abia came about. Why does Allah tala refers to

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it as a victory in the six year after hijiri after nebia Karim sauce lamb had repulsed the Allied forces in 100 Nivea Creme De La La La Silla. At that time, Muslims were gaining strength. It was not as if Muslims were entirely weak. Maybe a cream sauce lamb sees a dream, which he relates to the Sahaba that oh my Sahaba I saw a dream. I'm making tawaf of the Kaaba and Baitullah. Now, bear in mind that the people of Makkah grew up, revering and loving, Kaaba and vitola so when they heard this three minutes at Yarra school, we haven't also seen mockup was such a great period of time. Let us all go from raw, maybe a cream sauce from a partner coquito of karate, to Allah Macao musalman tr

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hoga Kumara Kenya so let me a cream sauce never seen the enthusiasm also got ready. And then maybe I saw some after getting ready 1400 sahaabah that we saw some joint what nice awesome. Let me a cream sauce from took animals to sacrifice and to cut in the harem and he marked them. That time you could mark any animals that could say that these are animals which are only going to be slaughtered in the harm. So he took those animals to see and show the people of Makkah hamler icarian aim silfra for Nokia, nokia nokia so let me record himself slim when at a particular place maybe a cream sauce lamb nice awesome stop there. Send one of the Sahaba Quinn find out what do the people of Makkah know

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Amara Karnataka so that person went and he came back and he said that the people of makan take YAHWAH co Amara adakah Nokia each other they will not allow you to come a camera. So the via cream sauce takes an unusual route and comes to the well of good Abia. If anyone goes between Jetta and maca, there is a bridge which has a Quran who davia is just right near there. So basically nebbia cream sauce alum was 12 kilometres away from Makkah and then the via curry sauce from stood there and nebbia cream sauce Kamal as he was trying to move it towards Makkah he did not move in any other direction the camera was put it moved. So we put in Medina Sharif Navistar slums camel known as push

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was started moving moving Nivea cream sauce and then realize cage Amina hortica his son, he still you can be Batman, Johanna Barnett, aka Mr. Muslim then realized that this dream I'm not going to fulfill it now is going to be fulfilled afterwards and then the resources instead, my camel is not stubborn. Normally they said the camel is gone stubborn. There was a particular way that sometimes the chemistry just stopped. My cabin is not conservative. The force allows for the prevented abraha from going to Makkah has prevented this camel from going to Makkah. And then we saw some certain amazing thing. He said that I want to make a peace with the people of Makkah whatever they put on

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the table, I'm going to accept it. A man shoutout Joby rocky Amen, Kalia. Yeah, yes to lucky Yes, right here. memasukkan Roma, then the via cream sauce.

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Send various people one that is awesome send fresh, been omiya from the Hosea tribe, then the leader of the Maasai tribe Patel in waratah. He also went and he said, Nobody saw Selim has come home. His animals has been marked. He's got no armaments. He wants to

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allow him to make comrades if we can make it now the people of Croatia in a quandary Firstly, they allowed Muslims to come in the people of Arabia would have said that Muslims and Quraysh at war, and if they allowed and they made override means they overcame the Qureshi made ombre. On the other hand, they always used to pride themselves. We are custodians of the cover, we never prevent anyone from coming to formula. So they were in this quandary.

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We saw some cases, on the other hand, focusing on a cottage or cabin, so they had these two called countries and amongst them they started arguing and Jocelyn came forward. How can we stop him? Then maybe a cream sauce and ask Omar Omar go and give them the message that we have come for Amara and if they want to make peace, this is my conditions let us have peace for a long period of time we see his hostility no more warfare. So whom are the autosave jasola If you insist I will go but this is a diplomatic tasks and I am by nature aggressive. No don't send me send someone who is more diplomatic by nature. And another aspect is I have no family members who smother the ultra newest family

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members serviceman himself himself man of mine was a very ideal person to go because most man was generous even before Islam. Everyone knows money, honey, man the generous was sorry. And they said, hottie Asahi caribou Mina, la vaca boo meanness. A generous person is close to Allah and close to people to stick to Taiwan. Or logo semicolon. They save before maka before even before Islam. The mothers of Makkah they used to love the babies to sleep Laurie detectible choco mapset nap Dr. carto jitna koresh was one and he said

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we love you as much Oh my baby go in sleep. I love you as much as Krishna was man. That was awesome man. So smart when there and he came to me saw Sam's message, this is what is going to happen. So then, then the people of Makkah started thinking and he told us man, you make Cobra we love you was one of the ultimate said I can make omura without

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the subotic amongst them. They told me how fortunate he is. He will be making O'Mara so let me sell some said. I don't think was man will make me. I don't think he'll make. He said No I'll never be able to make.

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Then Then they take they detained him. The news came to the people of Makkah. That was mondovi Ultron, who has been assassinated he has been killed. Mr. Aslam said our avenge the death of money. And then he called people around a tree acacia tree and he took a pledge from them a pledge that we will die for Islam.

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Islam Kalia maringa. Now we saw some took a pledge. The first one to put the place for sin and in Addy, Selma minocqua took the pledge three times. And when Nevis Aslam came to us, man, he took his left hand and he put upon his right hand and said, this is a pledge of postman and he also pledges upon this particular treaty upon this pledge known as beta one, the pledge they earn the pleasure of Almighty Allah Subhana

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Allah Allah has made mention of the Holy Quran, the father of Viola Guan el Mina is the Oba Rio Nakata Sha. Allah is pleased with the believers then they pledge allegiance upon the resources of under three enemies awesome told him you are the best people of humanity. This awesome told him you are the best. Anyone who pledge on beta at one, definitely Genesis.

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In the people of Makkah came to hear this. They were slightly perturbed. So they send one or two delegations. One of the delegation they sent was the bash, try not to bash were people of Africa that was stationed in Makkah, there was a presence of Africans, people of Africa in Makkah, prior to Islam. The leader of them was a harsh, harsh wind and Jocelyn toller. The Sahaba put the Qurbani animals in front that animals that we have bought to slaughter in the harem put it in front, because they

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had a lot of love for sacrificing animals. So when he came in, he saw that these animals are marked to be cut in the Harmon. He went back to the people of Africa, how can you stop a person who has come from Russia? It was a bush who then carried the resources

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We cannot stop people who have come from camera that then the question to people for in fact they send three they first sent for what we must photocopy Masuda sometimes. He used to be the diplomatic ambassador. So he came in he saw and he came to negotiate and he came to find out that we have come for peace. I have come for peace. I want to make peace with you people and then grew up in Massoud. He saw the Sahaba had many incidents about that and how Robin Massoud was, but Robin was good went to went tell the people of Macau people of Makkah. I have seen I've been envoy to the Persian Roman Empire. I have seen how they dealt with the leaders. I have never seen any people more devoted in

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love the leader the way the companions love Nivea cream sauce when he says something people rush towards him when he makes wuzhou they don't allow the water to go down on the ground they take the water and rub it on them. I IPC to make peace with this man. Because even if you fight with him, that person will not they will they will die to death and meet him or you might even if you PTP them they will take 10s and hundreds of use for them make peace with this man then they send one on one person because men have the resource to them was not they don't like him too much. Doesn't say this person I don't seem to like him he's not trustworthy. And it so happened that in the darkness of the

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night we tried to attack the Muslims Muslims repelled him Muslims got home here Come with me sauce them forget them. So go back to Makkah, then they call a sense to help in America. And the word Suhail comes from the word Sal and whenever we source from source to help in our coming, that the coloration now sent to sign and to make and to talk negotiate peace among Cuba, Chica, so nobody saw sunset Casa Hallo Casa de la comida Morocco. Allah has made your face easy. The word Suhail means Sol. Sol means easy. So when we saw some to glare tidings from the person whom they had sent, then they started talking. And Sahaba was surprised that every aspect that they put forward, maybe a

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cream sauce them accepted. Even those things that are Sahaba felt that How could you be so slim except this? It seems so against Muslims, but nobody's allowed us to them had a strategic vision. I want peace. I want to achieve peace. And I will tell you why Mr. Slim wanted to achieve that peace. So they put forward things themselves and said I accepted. One of the things you will not perform amavasya this was very difficult for the Sava muraki, hotmail ramky hotmail mocassin Bara kilometer kfs lemma or centrata mahakam Morocco pacella j go back without performing ombre, very difficult upon the Sava. Now there has become very difficulty that those Muslims who are persecuted by the

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Quraysh if they come to Medina and without the permission of the guardian or the parent or the tribe, Muslim or send him back.

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But if a Muslim goes to to Medina, they don't have to Muslim go to Makkah they don't have to send him back. The peace treaty must be 14 years. Any one of the different types from the adjoining tribes can join on behalf of the two principal partners, the Croatian the Muslims. So these are some of the aspects. I look at how Allah tala works ajeeb Suhail bin amor son possible about general who was a Muslim, he was a Muslim, and, and while he was a Muslim, he was persecuted by his father. He was kept in captivity and he was tied in chains. And somehow when his father was negotiating a piece of wood, gentle, manages to free himself and comes to the place where they are about to sign the

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treaty. And he is in jail. People see him as oppressed, and he cries out for Muslims helped me from my oppression. The Muslims, the people of Makkah, have not allowed me to come and accept Islam freely. I want to join you people. Come allow me to join you people. And we saw some tears his father, you are making the peace treaty, make an exception your son wants to come with us, allow him to come. He said no, he can come. They say the peace treaty is not signed. He said if the peace treaty is not saying I won't sign it.

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Nobody saw some tales about gender abou general mix up and go back to Makkah about gender Mr. Some says loud in front of the Sahaba agenda next summer. I want this strategic aspect with regard to peace go back to mechanics or how this is an amazing aspect. Sometimes you look at the greatness of cinema and the tolerance, the strategic vision, the leadership, when you want something and you've got a strategic objective in mind, then sometimes if there are one or two things doesn't allow you to be waylaid in terms of achieving your strategic objective. In fact, Maria LaDonna was so furious. He took Abu jandal as he was taking himself which I'm not going to go but I took him with his sword

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Right next to about gender thinking or about gender might get angry and take out the sword and kill his father. But gender was not

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and then when they were writing the treaty now look at the composure and the and how nobody saw syllable how do we a cream sauce from stolons there's one aspect was Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem swear grammar said we do not believe in this will

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change the words. So he said this week Allah then they said this is a treaty between Muhammad Rasul Allah Almighty Allah and the Polish and suape in our city if we believe in you as a prophet of Almighty Allah will ever know fight with you. We don't believe in you as a prophet of Almighty Allah and Allah who was writing the treaty, oh Arlene scratch it out.

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As you said you're a student I can do anything but I can scratch out this word. How to scratch out Muhammad Rasulullah How do I scratch out Rasulullah Nabi saw some said I will do so. Although I do not know how to read and write that is awesome. It's a miracle to get praise any puppet out and said right Mohammed bin Abdullah don't write Muhammad Rasulullah.

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Now this is what people normally say that peace is not an objective of Islam. Look at the sacrifice Nevis went for in terms of what he was trying to achieve. Then we saw slim the peace treaty is thrown up and then when the peace treaty is thrown up, let me occurrence Aslam tell the Sahaba Oh my Sahaba Tico to a haram because part of it you can go into Cobra go into court and the Sava cram, reluctant to move maybe the cream sauce them is disappointed and he comes into the tent and he comes in who Mr. Massey seemed disappointed. Oprah Almighty Allah Why are you disappointed? Normally I tell my Sahaba one thing they hasten to carry out your I'm telling them take out the shape of your

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head. They're not doing it. Nobody saw so look at the wisdom of a muscle man. You're a soldier. They're not doing it out of defiance. They are doing it because they are disappointed. You go in the middle you cut off your hair, everyone will follow suit. What beautiful advice from a woman. Normally we can get very beautiful advice from a woman Also, if you want to listen, you don't want to listen to another thing. So anyway, this particular aspect, the they never saw sort of went into the middle and never saw slim cut off. And they all followed suit, then leukemia rasulillah I do not the truth is not upon truth. I do not upon Huck. Are we not upon truth? Didn't you tell us that we

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are going to make Yes, all of these things and that Allah will grant us tomorrow will happen maybe not this year, in the following year some other time. Then why must we accept these these clauses which are against us we are prepared to fight. Oh man, this is what has come from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. In today's was the then Allah Allah revealed in Africa Allah.

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Allah tala. When Nevis Aslam is this Hyatt is broad and we saw some called a Sahaba said Allah tala has revealed Allah has given us a great victory. Now, let us look very briefly at why this was such a great victory. Our allamah have made mentioned amongst their wisdom was previously due to conflict and hostility. The people of Makkah did not see Islam for what it was

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in conflict and hostility. No one sees the beauty of your argument.

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To learn

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to take away that aspect of hostility and conflict, then perhaps people will see the truth. So number one thing to take away the tension and conflict for people to be able to see the beauty of Islam. So let me record himself when he was still there for me that sacrifices previously there was mutual tension tension groups when they were not purposely they were not doing and they were not prepared to listen to Islam. Now because of no tension, no conflict. People of Macau going to Medina, they were coming here there was interaction people were listening to the Quran, people were seeing, but yeah,

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but look at the life is such a beautiful life. And look at our life, our life is full of even Sahaba Come on the other hand, they were those type of people that they will living manifestations of the Quran, they will live in manifestations of the Sharia. So when they practice Islam, the practicing of Islam captured the hearts of

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Nobody was put on a stand for Islam.

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So many people accepted Islam in two years after Arabia two years after

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that did not accept Islam in the preceding 18 years of Islamic history though salmonella muscleman. When

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it allowed me to see people regard the port of Makkah as a great victory. we regard the Treaty of Arabia as a victory, which is a victory is three brothers in peace you can achieve that which you cannot achieve.

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warfare and hostility. You can win over the hearts of people in warfare you can perhaps a few people, but you can win over the hearts. Sometimes if you are forceful, you might win over someone in terms of arguments, but you will never win these hearts hearts are only worn by luck and conduct. During while reading this, I was reading one one of the highlights a fuller man he was a very remarkable scholar from India and he saying I was traveled by train from Delhi to Hyderabad, which

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we passed by NACA NACA is the center of Hindu Hindu power. So he said, two, very prominent into person pay me the first class cabin. And there was a girl at the age of 18, who was supposed to travel on the way she was supposed to everyone the way he said, there were two or three other people who were there, you know, Hindu families, but as they were going an 18 year old traveling alone in India, with his reputation of harassment against girls and humans. He said, Manasa we have left our daughter in your hands. What am I said I was surprised. There were other Hindu families they and they said manana we have left our daughter in your hands. And what I said then afterward, she

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started asking me so a deep questions that even Muslims don't know that detail with regard to Islamic theology and jurisprudence. And, and he when she left, she left and she came to a destination, she told her family we have come to pick up this is my father, he's in fact more respectable than my father. This is,

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so this man is more respectable to me, then my father. Now this particular aspect comes about because and this peace treaty calls it so many people accepted Islam, because now then, of course, another aspect is many other political aspects or the other enemies of Islam, they all became, they became on the wayside, the Jews of Haifa, and all the others the Christians of nature, and because the principal people, and another aspect is that through the means of peace, for the first time, maybe a cream sauce could concentrate elsewhere. Up till now, warfare and hostility had prevented prevented the Muslims from thinking beyond hostility beyond war, beyond the the hostility and the

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warfare with polish. Now there was peace with regard to the Quraysh. And after that particular piece, and we could write letters to the things and then also wrote to the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, the beast Aslam dealt with the treachery of the Jews of Hiva, the Christians of Niger. And all of that happened because there was a degree of peace. What I'm saying is, there are times when of course, we can never say that jihad is not part of Islam, it is part of Islam, wherever reject Jihad to be part of Islamic, Muslim, but also there are other times when you look at how Nivea cream sauce strove for peace, because he realized that peace is the objective and peace is the norm. Peace

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should be the norm. And in peace, you can be able to achieve that which you cannot achieve in warfare hostility, how look at how love is awesome, what the compromises sin for five different people, then midsummer when someone came with chains on him, and the Muslims were inflamed and aroused with regard to what they were seeing in the results of knew that in this these benefits, so May Allah subhanho wa Taala also give us that advantage we just have our turn that apparently disadvantages three to hood Apia is within aspirants. Each and every one of us has got that advantage. What is it advantage? The Islamic in the Islamic way of life? Brothers wherever you are,

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go and spread that Islamic way of life. So how about took that and made an apparently disadvantage pretty into one into one of Sula into one of victory. We also got that same way of life and say much luck. We can also do likewise was Rhoda Juana

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